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IRS Evades Tax Law Liability Question at Press Conference

April 2, 2005

Dated 9-27-03

Tell IRS To “Drop Dead”
Lemons’ Response Last Straw

Watch as IRS Commissioner Everson & Officials
Evade & Obfuscate the Truth

For many months, Americans caught up in resisting the IRS’s income tax fraud have contacted WTP [We The People] for direct legal assistance and advice. As you know, WTP’s primary mission is education and facilitating citizen vigilance and activism. It does not include providing specific, individual assistance on tax or legal matters. However, after last Tuesday’s “Enforcement, rather than Answers” insulting retort from IRS’ Terry Lemons to David Cay Johnston of the New York Times, WTP is now offering advice worthy to be followed by all People contacted by the IRS or their state tax collector, looking for money directly or indirectly related to Subtitle A or C of the Internal Revenue Code.

Below is a memorandum from Bob Schulz that is now being sent to anyone who contacts WTP for such help. It announces that WTP Congress has just released a (template) letter that can be sent to the IRS and/or State tax collectors in response to their attempts to unlawfully enforce the income tax code.

We urge everyone to carefully examine and appropriately use the draft letter and its three attachments:

1) a Memorandum of Law regarding the Right to Petition;
2) a re-structured, comprehensive set of legal Facts & Beliefs ; and
3) a further statement of legal facts addressing the vital issue of IRS’ lack of federal legal jurisdiction to enforce the tax upon ordinary Americans.

Please also take time to view the video of last week’s IRS press event announcing the collusion of the federal government with the states to more effectively “enforce” the law. Please note the opening remarks where IRS officials tout the importance of “educating” Americans about the tax laws so they pay what they properly owe and to maintain Americans’ “faith” in the tax system. Of particular interest is the New York Times’ unambiguous questioning of IRS Commissioner Mark Everson. (This question is asked at approximately 16 minutes into the broadcast)

David Cay Johnston of the Times asked the first question at the event: "Mark, there are a group of people standing outside [referring to WTP demonstrators] who assert that they are no longer required to pay taxes and that you will not answer their petition to the government as to whether they’re required to pay taxes. Are they required to pay taxes and what do you say to them?”

A clearly evasive response is provided by both him and IRS’s Small Business/Self-Employed Division Commissioner Dale Hart who stepped in as the Commissioner’s response meandered:

Mark Everson, (quote)

"I’ve been paying my taxes ever since I had my first job. I think it’s a fundamental construct of our nation that those of us who expect and demand the services from our government that the government provides, be they the protection of our country through the military or be they the education of our children or be they the protection of our environment, that we must pay for those services. So yes, I think there is a fundamental obligation and that it’s an understood and well accepted one." (End quote)

The Times’ Johnston, "Let me modify the question here, the fundamental assertion being made here is that there’s no law that requires you to pay taxes, that people are tricked into paying taxes. So the question they keep asking is what law requires them to pay taxes"?

Dale Hart interrupts saying (quote)

"Let me help here Dave -- [she takes the microphone] as you know there are any number of court cases that have asserted our right to levy taxes. And I would recommend that anybody who has any questions about whether or not they should be paying taxes to go to and take a look at the issues that we have there that respond to phony tax schemes advising people that they don’t have an obligation to pay taxes. So there’s a lot of information out there and a lot of information on our web site that should assist anybody that has any question about the legality of taxes. And there’s (sic) plenty of court cases to support our right to assert and levy taxes under title 26.”

So once more -- before representatives of the dominant media and before a nationwide, taxpayer funded, Internet broadcast, the IRS failed to take a golden opportunity to simply, and authoritatively answer any of our questions, or state the legal citation imposing the income tax upon average Americans.

Adding insult to injury, and making matters worse for the government, Johnston’s NYT article the next day quoted a response he received (off camera) from Terry Lemons, a senior IRS spokesman. Johnston asked Lemons why the IRS is not answering our questions. According to Johnston, Lemons said the government is answering our Petition through “enforcement actions.”

To this we unequivocally state again, “No Answers, NO Taxes.”


We The People Congress, Inc.

2458 Ridge Road, Queensbury, NY 12804
Telephone: (518) 656-3578 Fax: (518) 656-9724



This memo is being sent to any and all individuals who have approached us for advice because they have been contacted by the IRS or their state tax collector, looking for money directly or indirectly related to Subtitle A or C of the Internal Revenue Code.

We are not in business to provide such advice but, as long as people are asking us for advice, I feel compelled to tell them what I would do if I were in their shoes, knowing what I now know.

My advice to you is to carefully study the contents of our model “Drop Dead” letter and its attachments. We call it by that name because it reminds us of the infamous New York Daily News “DROP DEAD” headline, on October 30, 1975, quoting an answer by President Ford to a letter by Mayor Beame who was demanding more tax money.

If you are convinced of the accuracy of the contents of the letter and the attachments and if you are willing to stand up to the government in defense of your Creator-endowed, individual, unalienable Rights, and if you are convinced of the accuracy of the contents, then edit the letter and the attachments to fit your circumstances and beliefs and send the letter with its attachments to any and all IRS and/or the state tax collectors that have contacted you. Then, send it again and again to whoever is badgering you, at any and every stage of the proceedings against you. Give a copy to the IRS or State Revenue Agent. Give a copy to the Grand Jury, if any. Give a copy to the DOJ or state prosecutor. Give a copy, if necessary, to the Judge and Jury.

Stay on message. Keep repeating your message contained in your letter and its attachments, which simply put, is that you will be retaining your money until the government honestly answers the questions presented in the Petition for Redress and disproves the facts as you understand and have presented them; that is, unless the government proves otherwise, you believe the income tax is fraudulent in its origin and illegal in its operation and enforcement and you do not wish to volunteer to pay the tax.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with these bullies and their tyrannical behavior. Either they answer our Petitions or they don’t get another nickel.

The government is saying, “ENFORCEMENT, NOT ANSWERS.”

In defense of ordered Liberty our response must be, “NO ANSWERS, NO TAXES.”

Click here to watch the video of the IRS Federal/State "Abusive Avoidance" media event.

Click here to for the letter to send to the IRS.

Click here to for the Memorandum of Law on the Right to Petition. (pdf)

Click here to for the restructured Facts & Beliefs supporting non-payment of income taxes. (.pdf)

Click here to for updated research on the lack of federal jurisdiction to impose the tax inside the 50 states. (.pdf)

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