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Go Tell it on the Mountain, Israel did 9/11

By Les Visible
September 10. 2012

Go Tell it on the Mountain, Israel did 9/11 by Les Visible (Sep. 10, 2012)

Smoking Mirrors – September 10, 2012
Yes,  9/11 is the Litmus test. If you fail it, you are dumber than a chicken, with a heart to match. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11! ISRAEL DID 9/11!!! (9/11 is tomorrow). That is the result of this sad and twisted affair, brought to you by the people who invented Homeland Insecurity and the TSA. The result is special treatment for The Monsters of the Middle East. They have created a police state in your country, people:

The horrible behavior of the domestic police, they are behind it.

The wars all over the place and the callous and brutal murders of millions, they are behind them.

The avalanche of lies in the media, they are behind them.

The disgusting state of the culture and the abysmal soundtrack and odious and profane entertainments, they are behind them.

The endless mentions of themselves in nearly every movie that comes around, they are behind that.

The pornography empires, the rulership of the alternative sexual machine, the organ harvesting racket, the sex slave trade and God knows what ancillary evils without number, they are behind them, or deep to their eyebrows into them.

The genetic modification of food, they are behind it.

The corruption of the political realm and the perversion of the judicial system, they are behind it.

If you are unaware of this, you fail the intelligence litmus test, you fail as a human being, you fail the test of life. Mr. Apocalypse is on your doorstep and the walking stick will not be tapping. What is the meaning of the riddle of the present state of the human heart and mind? Surely it appears that there is no real response across the mass of the population but, that is just the lack of reportage on the part of the dual national owned media. A revolution of both action and consciousness is brewing under the radar. It’s coming because of push and shove. The time comes when push and shove result in that being pushed and shoved, coming up against an unmovable wall. We are talking about monsters. We are talking about brutal, psychopathic monsters, beyond actual description.

Words fall short of the ability to define them and they have been doing this for a long, long time. The time of their ruinous fall and pending judgment has come. They are dark and dreadful monsters. There is no form of life or anti-life on the planet like them.Israel did 9/11, with the assistance of corrupt politicians and intelligence operative; Satanists all.

In times of material darkness, when the fascination with material culture is at its zenith, those who are servants of the force that rules the deepest unpleasantness of that zone, become preeminent. These are the times when those who serve the dark lord, come out of the foliage and the woodwork and declare themselves. These are also the times, when those who have been predators and parasites upon the human fortunes and spirit come out of the foliage and woodwork and brag about their exclusivity and chosen status, which they conferred upon themselves. They are chosen by no righteous entity but by the dark lord, whose legitimate children they are.

It is unfortunate that such a high percentage of the human race, refuses to look directly at what is right in front of them. It is as if they know what is happening, but recognizing it would require them to do and say something about it and do something about it and they don’t want to jeopardize the good life that is disappearing in front of their eyes. They want what is being taken from them from the people they are too repressed, too cowardly, too self involved and too blind to call attention to, so it will come to their attention by increasingly stronger messages, moving from a shaking hand upon the shoulder to a two by four.

There is no escaping being brought into awareness of the selfish nature of the collective push for acquisition and the pervasive indifference to the lives and welfare of others. What this kind of collective, shared awareness, does to the state of the culture is that it destroys it. It informs Nature of the condition and Nature responds to correct it by any means necessary. At first these are gentler promptings. These promptings get ever more dramatic because Nature is being threatened by vile acts on the part of those raping and plundering her for gain and… along with that, there are certain elements who threaten her from within, by giving in to the reverse Kundalini drive that operates counter to the transitioning force of the new age of Aquarius, whose trademark is universal brotherhood.

Due to the intense undertow of material nature, humanity is being sucked down into depravity because the giving in to appetite and cheap sensations, magnetizes one into cooperation with this process. Those with deeper interests and possessing of the archetypal qualities that make us human and eventually, more than human, are endowed with a connection to another magnetism . It is always the case that those positioned in this way are few in number and would remain so, were it not for Mr. Apocalypse who is not going to take “No” for an answer. You change willingly, or you will be forced to change regardless. This, by the way, is how it is anyway.When one reaches the point where further change is no longer possible, death comes knocking. If a person were capable of continuous change then death would not have to come knocking and we have all heard the tales of Babaji and the Comte de St. Germaine, Appolonius of Tyana and others. The truth about many things is obscured from the mortal eye by the very reason for that state. This is why the temporary and the trivial have such a powerful sway over the collective.

Those engaged in manipulating information, what books are published, what music we get to listen to, do it for a reason. That reason is profit and control. Fear of death and the attendant mystery, is one of the most powerful forces on Earth and it is directly used to keep us enslaved to an illusion because there is a great deal more to life than what we are given to believe.You might ask why those oppressing us, are unaware of certain truths about what exist as mysteries for the general population. They are not unaware but this is not the time and place to go into that. The important point, is that we are seemingly trapped in a downward spiral and far too many people do not care and far too many people are unaware. This shows you what is going on and how far and wide the corruption goes.

The war upon those seeking global change also continues, as in the case of Paul Wellstone and the recent Israeli assassination attempt on General Dempsey. Israeli death squads permeate the war zones, spurring on the conflicts. Chabah houses around the world are dens of intrigue, plotting terror actions, against the nations in which they are extant, as in Mumbai. All these things are made possible by the control of the money flow. Amschel Rothschild admitted this and Madame Rothschild was clear about it when she said, “If my sons did not want war, there would be no war”. Why are they engaged in this? They do it for profit and control. They do it for the one who sits at the empty chair at their dinner table. We are all inspired by something. Some of us are inspired by the light and some of us are inspired by the darkness and some of us are inspired by Trivial Pursuit and our appetites. The dumbest and most depraved among us eat. The highest and most sublime among us eat, so, it is the quality of our appetites that determines the quality of our life and destiny. It all comes down to perspective and intention. It is what makes us what we are. Two men, two women, are standing side by side in a park, in a line, somewhere, somehow, for whatever the reason. They can look so similar but, there can be a world of difference between them and a great and impassible distance between the world where they wind up, in the aftermath of all the things they thought and said and did.

Everything in life precipitates downward. It is just like the rain that falls. And how does the rain get to where it can fall? The sun sucks it up into the sky.There are realities hidden in plain site everywhere but our eyes are not upon them. Our thoughts move downward into speech and then outward into action. The secret of a successful life, is found in the ability to control the gateway of the mind. It is here where those resident in the darkness of the inner planes, ply their trade, seducing the common mind into all manner of things they would not do otherwise. If you can drive the elements of telepathic invasion from your mind, you can empty your mind and it can be stilled and something else can enter into it.This is also the primary action that makes possible the completion of the alchemical marriage. The Kundalini rises up into the bridal chamber of of the Sahasrara and then you are complete. It is our sense of incompleteness that sources all our longings and sufferings. It’s hard work to make it. It takes everything. We don’t want to go through the trouble, so we go through all the other trouble. It makes no sense and that is why this world is an insane asylum where the attendants and the doctors are sicker than the patients they attend to; a word to the wise for the wise among us.

Les Visible


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Subject: respone to Les Visible
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Thu, September 13, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

"Yes, 9/11 is the Litmus test. If you fail it, you are dumber than a chicken, with a heart to match. Israel did 9/11. Israel did 9/11! ISRAEL DID 9/11!!!"-

right- and I invented the wheel and shot Kennedy from under Jackie's skirt-

sorry, but Les Visible fails the litmus test-

the machinations behind 9/11 are just as deep a rabbit hole as the Kennedy assasination-

you know yourself that nothing, absolutely NOTHING is the way it appears on the surface (start with all the publicity about the "dancing Israelis" in New Jersey)-

and you know yourself that it's always the wrong person who is immediately nailed to a cross-

am certainly no fan of Zionist IsraHELL, God only knows- BUT:

just for starters one needs to read Dr. Judy Wood's "Where Did the Towers Go?" and then afterward decide if the State of IsraHELL was solely behind it-

Les Visible means well but he doesn't always do his homework before he vents-

he might want to start with Dr. Wood's research and then we'll see in which direction he'll rant, rave and blame-

if he's read the book and still blames IsraHELL he's been smoking too much weed and has subsequently peed on the litmus paper-


Larry in Germany


Hi Larry,

You missed the point of the article entirely. The Zionists who have infiltrated into every strata of American society that exerts any influence or authority over American citizens (Federal, state, municipal government, the Pentagon, intelligence agencies, police, the movie industry, television, academia, media, etc) and the Zionists who run the government of Israel are the reason that 911 took place. Without the Zionist infilTraitors, their scheming, their planning, and the corrupt minions in our government who do their bidding, there would have been no "terrorist attack" on 911. Nor would there had been the 1993 WTC bombing, nor the Oklahoma City bombing, nor any of the other staged "terrorists" attacks that have taken place around the world, going back to the Lod airport massacre and the "Red Brigade" nonsense that killed Aldo Moro in the 1970s (on Kissinger's orders-you do know Kissinger is a Zionist, right?) . Zionists are at the top of the NWO planning and coordination pyramid for all staged 'terrorists' events worldwide.

Sure, we all know about the Nazi arm of the Illuminati, but they are not independent of the Zionists; they work with and FOR them. Hitler was funded into power and the German armament industry was built up in the 1930s with funding from Zionist bankers and Wall Street funders. The Zionists worked hat in glove with the Nazis to keep the non-Zionist, sacrificial Jews in Europe so they could be murdered in the death camps and create the pretext for "Never Again" and the propaganda steamroller to use THEIR Rockefeller-created UN to create the state of Israel by simultaneously disenfranchising the state of Palestine and authorized its annexation and takeover by the Zionist planners.

Yes, we already know that it was the corrupt and Zionist owned minions like Rudy Giuliani, the Pentagon, NORAD, intelligence agencies, etc. who played their role to neutralize America's air defense system on 911; to install the explosives in the Twin towers; to oversee the demolition clean up (and destruction of evidence of sabotage); etc., etc. We got all that. But the international Zionists and Zionists who control Israel are the drivers behind the agenda. That's what you're missing.

Dr. Judy Wood may have published the 2011 book that explained the role of the ultra secret molecular disintegration machine used to turn the steel framework and cement of the Twin Towers into a fine dust and caused those buildings to come down at free fall speed, but she didn't break the story and doesn't deserve credit for breaking the story. Artie Wheeler broke the story in 2005 with his self published book and DVD and it is he who deserves the credit and recognition for that spectacular discovery; despite whatever other merits the Wood book may possess.

I posted an e-mail exchange with Steve Campbell and some of his readers in May of 2011, shortly after Judy came out with her book. I defended her against debunkers, but I also defended Artie Wheeler as the guy who deserves the credit for FIRST exposing to the public what is the central thesis of Judy's book.

Regards, Ken


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