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James W. Black, Free Energy Researcher & Whistle Blower,
Murdered on August 1, 2003

From: Bob C. <>
August 10, 2005

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From: Bob C. <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 10:55 AM
Subject: second anniversary of the murder of James W. Black...

The following was posted by me recently (August 1, 2005) on the MSN Group "Behind The Veil" Paranormal Discussion Board


Two years ago today James W. Black was murdered by the "Cabal", or "Shadow Government", or "Industrial-Military Complex" - a powerful, wealthy rogue group of evil individuals spanning and working within the governments and industries of several countries, whose goal and purpose is power and control, and who suppress the release of advanced technology for the betterment of mankind.

They fairly regularly murder those, such as whistle-blower James Black, who represent a threat to them.

James Black was murdered because he was loudly whistle-blowing, and suing the governments of Canada and the United States for suppressing and stealing the anti-gravity research of scientist John Hutchison.

According to a psychic (remote viewer, and former government psi-attacker) who was forced to work for the the Cabal as a teenager, and who is now working to expose the Cabal (and is therefore himself now in danger), John Hutchison is now himself a target of the Cabal for elimination. (John has been recently been informed of this.)

Quoting from a very recent personal email from this psychic to me:

"I am very sorry concerning James, and I just sent Richard an email (about 1 week ago) concerning a vision I got regarding the imminent danger of an attempt on the life of the anti-gravity scientist you mentioned. Email Richard for more info, as I believe that John Hutchison is in danger and has been officially marked for elimination.

I have read and known about Mr. Black's murder before, and can tell you a few things from my 10 years being used by the Cabal at threat of death of family and friends. A sq (subcutaneous) Potassium Chloride injection is indeed one of two weapons of choice for a physical hit. The other is Carbon Monoxide poisoning. As for Cabal psi-attacks, aneurysms and massive strokes are their preferred way of getting rid of a potential target.

I will be glad to review your information and the website and get back to you with any information that I can expand on. As a former Intelligence/Security Operative (and remote viewer/sensor and psi-attacker) for them, who knows their ways better than anyone, and who narrowly escaped, it is my mission to expose them and their tactics. Another person, a Mr. Rodney Stich, former FAA investigator and whistle-blower, is going thru the same problems right now. Check out if you would like to see some very eerily similar stuff to your late friend's issues. I will be back in touch soon if that is OK with you."

Another very renowned, long-time researcher friend of mine, who was working with James Black, had all of the lug-nuts on the front left wheel of his pickup truck backed 3/4 of the way out, as an attempt to murder him within the past year. He was lucky. The truck handled funny as he drove his son to school on a fast-moving 2-lane road, so he inspected and corrected it before the wheel came off!

Upon hearing about this experience, here is the personal email to me from yet another very well known researcher and whistle-blower in another part of the country:

"Interesting they did the same thing to me a few years ago, lost the left front tire on the highway. Luckily I kept it under control. My left front tire passed me, the car stayed up for a little while then the rotor dug a groove into the pavement sparks flying. It did a lot of damage to the front end of the truck and prior to that they stripped my bank account. I was broke and had no vehicle. Real nice people serving America. I know there was karmic consequences, just wish I was around to see them.

I was almost run off the road soon after and found the driver upside down out in the fields around the next turn. They cut one of my brake lines too. Just taught me to pay closer attention. They unscrewed my lug nuts on several more occasions but I listened to my intuition and checked the tires before leaving. I told Steve about this and now I am sure he is a believer. They did the same to the MUFON group in Portland Oregon. The left front tire lug nut routine is the standard warning. Be well and check your tires and your brakes."

This is no joke. It is very real. (Do a Google search, if you need to know more about these guys!)

Some of you are afraid. You have told me so. That is understandable. You must go with what your own heart tells you to do!

However, if some of you have extrasensory and psychic abilities, and want to help fight and expose and stop the Cabal, please do the following:

Look, using your mind's eye. You will find and see the evil.

James Black was a very good personal friend of mine, as well as a business associate. I knew him very well. He was a lover of life. He had a great sense of humor. He was a genuine humanitarian. He was a dedicated hard-worker. He was absolutely fearless!

He was also a musician, a great pianist! I have a CD which was sent to me by James Black's father after James' death. One Sunday afternoon, many years ago, James was playing the piano. Unbeknownst to James, his father turned on the tape recorder - James did not know he was being recorded. He was quite a virtuoso. If you are a psychic who wants to help, email me your snail-mail address and I will snail-mail you a copy of this CD, free of charge. (I will keep your snail-mail address secret.) If you listen to it, you will be able to get into James' space and, you will enjoy some really fine piano music!

Best wishes,


p.s. The following is "A Small Tribute to James W. Black", which was written approximately one year ago:

A Small Tribute to James W. Black ..


The one year anniversary of the passing of James W. Black will be upon us on August 1, 2004, and this email is being sent to commemorate him in a small way, and to notify you of his passing.

You are receiving this email probably because a year ago you were receiving a lot of lengthy emails from James Black, or from Genesis 888, discussing his lawsuits against the governments of Canada and the United States, with regards to the theft and suppression of the anti-gravity experiments of scientist John Hutchison, among other things. Are you at all curious as to why you have been no longer receiving these voluminous emails? You are no longer receiving these emails because James Black is no longer with us; he passed away on August 1, 2003. He was found on his bed in his apartment, and the autopsy says it was a natural death, "possible heart attack". At the time of his death, he was 51 years old (born November 25, 1951), in perfect health, and had never had any heart problems.

It is my belief that James Black was assassinated because he was a "whistle-blower"


From his obituary notice,

"With profound regret we announce the passing of James, beloved brother and son. A gifted pianist, he will be remembered not only for his intensely creative intellect, but also for his deep sense of spirituality and for his kindness and humanity."

I have been a close friend and associate of James for more than a quarter of a century, and I would like to add that he had a consistently good disposition, a great sense of humor, a love for adventure, and he was absolutely fearless. His love and compassion for mankind can be gathered from the following quotes from a personal email which I received from James, shortly before his death, and saved:

"I do not let the past interfere with co-operative projects and programs to benefit the world's future, our environment, people in all countries and our world's living ecology. I am willing to work with anyone who works on humanitarian, energy-related and commercial projects."

"I am humanitarian and this defines the realms in which I can operate that are acceptable to all decent people in all countries. I also am willing to learn about the cultures of others and to treat others who are decent, decently, as human beings."

Here are a couple of other quotes from James Black which show his true sense of love and compassion for mankind:

"All of us and our true supporters were patriotic with a universal, humanitarian perspective, supporting decency, human rights, dignity, liberty and the right of each and every decent individual to engage in the pursuit of happiness and this included all people from all nations, cultures, races and religions, so long as one does not harm others"

"It is my belief that there are honorable men and women in the military services and intelligence communities of all countries of our world. No one country, culture or race can ever be blamed for the greed, corruption and for the evils of our world. I have always believed in and still continue to believe in co-operative, peaceful programs to establish harmony, friendships, understanding and peace among and between all of the countries, nations, races, peoples, religions and cultures of our world. These will not ever be accomplished by harming the decent and the innocent in any country of our world!"

James W. Black was a noble man, a man with vision, and a man with a sincere compassion for mankind. He was an professional entrepreneur, a hard worker, a promoter, an excellent communicator, and a solicitor, from which he made a meager living throughout his life. He was an extrovert, very intelligent, and extremely likable. James was loved and much respected by his many friends, but he also had enemies.


When I first heard of the death of James Black, the first thought that entered my mind was that - because of his work, the business he was in, his associates, his battles with the establishment, and his "whistle-blowing" - he had been murdered by professional "hit men".

I searched for and found two amateur psychics, whom I did not know, and who did not know James Black, who were willing to do a free, no-charge "reading" on James and his death. The readings were done independently of each other, and at different times. Because the readings done for me by these two strangers were uncompensated, there would be no reason for them to "string me along" for financial gain. The results were nothing short of astounding!

Psychic #1:

" for your friend, James, what came in a quick, hazy glimpse was a forearm...inside view, just below the elbow crease...possibly a right arm. There is a tiny pin-prick type red mark that may be either something related to a blood test prior to his death (possible check-up/examination) or it may have been an injection of some type. It's impossible for me to tell at this time,given the quickness of the image. I'm not sure what this means...but, this term also came in...potassium chloride."

(I subsequently did a Google search on "potassium chloride" and came up with:

"{an injection of} potassium chloride is given at a lethal dose in order to interrupt the electrical signaling essential to heart function. This induces cardiac arrest."

Further investigation came up with the following from a court case:

"In February, Halifax Provincial Court Judge Hughes Randall dismissed murder charges against Morrison, ruling that there was insufficient evidence to show that her alleged euthanasia attempt actually caused Mill's death. Crown attorney Craig Boterrill argued that Randall's set a 'very bad precedent'. Moreover, Boterrill said that Randall's decision was faulty since part of his decision was based on a coroner's report which indicated that the suspected killing agent administered to patient Mills, potassium chloride, could not be found in his blood stream. Boterrill pointed out that potassium chloride is never found in the bodies of murder victims, it is 'the perfect instrument to commit the perfect murder', he said."

I later asked if Psychic #1 had any prior knowledge of potassium chloride. Psychic #1 responded:

"I was not aware of what potassium chloride was or what it did."

Psychic #2:

(note: The reading of Psychic #2 was done after the reading of Psychic #1, with no knowledge of the reading of Psychic #1.

Psychic #2 does not give much credence to "conspiracy theories. Psychic #2 told me:

"Now, I am not a person who gives much credit to conspiracy theories in general, however...I do feel there is some government or large entity (company) that has something to do with this. This has a very x-file feeling to it."

"I do not feel that (James Black's) passing was a natural occurrence, and that there is much more to this than meets the eye. I do feel that there is a big corporation or like government group that was watching him for some time. They had been taping and listening as well. I do need to tell you that there is also a connection to, like, an eastern European, or south African guttural language, that I also feel is connected to this - it's a guttural type of dialect - so Russian...south African, that type of language. I will also tell you that the way James passes was through something that was actually taken in through the skin. I get the distinct feeling of something being absorbed - sounds strange, I know, but that is what I feel. I also feel like someone else was, like, being kept informed by James about things...can't get the name, like hank...Hans...there is a H name attached to this. I know this is going to sound corny, but I feel like he was about to release something, or was to talk about something that he had found, and that this was not allowed to happen. I also need to tell you that I know that you think there is a government connection to this, and there is. But there is also, like, a big company - like a petro chem company, attached here as well. This is all to do with his work.

The investigation into his death was slipshod, to say the least, and something has gone missing from the investigation, or wasn't done. Like, there should have been photos, or something, that was never done, otherwise you would see the bruises. He had bruising around his arms and on the side of his neck. These are details that wouldn't have seemed too suspicious. ...and, I don't know what 1973, like the year 1973, means, but he gives me the number 1973. And, do you know the name TAN? He is saying "tan". I also need to tell you that his passing was actually painless and fast; he crossed very quickly. I feel there is something strange about how he was found, not what you would expect. He keeps showing me a ring, like a ring with what looks like a stone center, it looks like. And, I also feel like something was removed from his inside pocket, like a jacket pocket. There really is a mystery about this. ... Okay, let me say he has made the transition. There is a real mystery around his death, but he seems to think the truth is already known, just can't be proved. ... and, let me also tell you that this was, like, a professional thing, done by people who knew what they were doing."

* * * * * * *

Do you believe in psychics? You are invited to draw your own conclusions!

A friend of James W. Black

You are hereby authorized to forward, post, and distribute this message in its entirely.

Do not edit or use partial quotes.


For more information on James W. Black and his projects with scientist John Hutchison, please go to the following website:

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