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Prof. James Duane Explains Why You Should NEVER Talk to Police Without an Attorney

From Ken Adachi, Editor
December 1, 2009

Prof. James Duane Explains Why You Should NEVER Talk to Police Without an Attorney (Dec. 1, 2009)

I was researching information about a community resource group in Berkeley called The Long Haul, Inc., who had their building busted into and 14 computers, computer files, hard drives, etc removed in a raid by FBI agents and University of California police last year under the pretense of a supposed "threat" sent via e-mail to someone in the UC school system involved in animal experimentation. The computers at The Long Haul are set up for public access and usage, similar to a library or internet cafe.

I won't review the story of the raid and the subsequent lawsuit to be filed by The Long Haul against the FBI and UC police, but rather explain that I came across the name of Harvard College, magna cum laude, and Harvard Law School, cum laude graduate, Professor James Duane (Regent Law) and the exceptional 28 minute video clip linked below in which Professor Duane explains WHY you should NEVER, EVER, EVER say ANYTHING to the police without an attorney present. This caution especially applies to people who are 100% confidant that they are innocent of any wrongdoing in anything and have absolutely nothing to "worry about" by talking to the police.

The police, in case you didn't know, generally stopped being "public servants" a long, long time ago. They are mostly in the business of "revenue collection" for the CORPORATIONS that they work for (The City of So & So). When it comes to criminal investigations, they are involved in a chess game, working in league with district attorneys and prosecutors, called "Gotcha." The people that are caught in "Gotcha" enter a prison system that MAKES MONEY off of the prisoners which they incarcerate. If you aren't sent to prison, but get away with paying a fine, that money again winds up in the city (or state) corporate coffers AND in the Judge's pocket (CAFRs)

The police are not your friends, although they are TRAINED to act friendly to get you to talk to them. They are your adversaries. They are working on behalf of the city CORPORATION that bears their name and not for you, regardless of whether the persecutor calls their side "the people" when they go to court.

If you are faced with a potential criminal inquiry by police, and you feel compelled to talk, then you should NEVER make STATEMENTS. If you phase your communication as a QUESTION, then they cannot use this as a STATEMENT against you at a later date. The best policy is to not say anything whatsoever and mention the 5th amendment of the US Constitution as your justification. Ignore whatever they say back to you. Remember, their goal is to get you to talk. Don't oblige them.

Professor James Duane presents "Just a Friendly Reminder"

Ken Adachi

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