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Is the Defeatist, Doom & Gloom Miasma That Dominates Jeff Rense's Web Site Causing Him to Lose Readers?

From Ken Adachi, Editor
August 22, 2012

Is the Defeatist, Doom & Gloom Miasma That Dominates Jeff Rense's Web Site Causing Him to Lose Readers? (August 22, 2012)

I thought I'd take a look at the Alexa web ranking for Jeff Rense's web site today and see how he's doing since he deicded to make an ass of himself last February by going toe to toe in a war of words with a heavy weight like Henry Makow. For regular readers who pay close attention, you may recall that I posted a short, editorial opinion on February 24, 2012 titled: The Battle Between Jeff Rense & Henry Makow and Its Predictable Outcome (no longer online) that predicted that Jeff Rense's standing among internet readers would lose in such a confrontation.

Jeff, however, became so incensed by my temerity for suggesting such a thing, that he engaged (as in pay a retainer fee) his attack dog legal firm (Fox) in Los Angeles to send me an e-mail and threaten me with a "libel" lawsuit if I didn't take it down. I wrote about it here:

Jeff Rense Threatens Ken Adachi with Libel Lawsuit Over Commentary on Makow v. Rense Controversy (April 20, 2012)

Jeff's 7th wife (or 9th, I'm not sure), Melinda Kellogg, has a blog (Update Aug. 25, 2012-both blogs now taken offline; a new development and a significant story in itself. Will post more when possible) and

that includes many embarrasing revelations about Jeff that would never have gone public had it not been for Jeff's decision to try and get Henry Makow to knuckle under to him (Jeff didn't like that Henry had posted Jim Stone's article about Fukushima being a sabotage job, instead of the "hydrogen gas explosion" cover story and the "total reactor meltdown" nonsense that he was promoting at his web site with anti-nuclear energy proponents Yoichi Shitmatsu, Arnie Gundersen, Leuren Moret et. al. Although Jeff denies that he was trying to influence Henry, Henry says the opposite: that Jeff was threatening to cut the cord with him if Henry didn't yank the Stone article-which is exactly what happened, of course).

Anyway, here's the latest Alexa traffic graph ranking comparing and I placed a black arrow when the controversy between Jeff and Henry first erupted in early February of 2012. You can see that they both got a big uptick in hits in February, but in the months to follow, while Henry's web site has remained fairly consistent in attendance, Jeff 's web site attendance has taken a decided slide southward. Jeff's Daily Reach percentage ranking went from 0.042% in early February to about 0.024% today. That's almost a 200% loss in Daily Reach ranking in the space of 7 months--exactly what I had predicted might happen in my "libelous" article posted on February 24, 2012. versus Alexa traffic graph, Aug. 22, 2012

Jeff isn't necessarily losing readers because they're going over to Henry Makow, but I think the war with Henry (and its subsequent fallout) has played a role in getting people to focus on the never ending Doom & Gloom, The Sky is Falling, "It's All Over But the Crying," pessimism (and defeatism) that seems to pervade like a dark and brooding cloud. I was really annoyed by Jeff's promotion of Dr Henry Niman with his exaggerated and bloated hype about the 'great dangers' presented by the dreaded Swine/Bird flu 'pandemic' of 2009 and how we all better get our Swine flu vaccine before it's "too late" etc. Listening to Niman made my blood boil and to hear Jeff talk to him like he was another Albert Schweitzer really got me going.

The Fukushima radiation psyops, in full and constant play since 3/11, is another hallmark of and clearly demonstrates a willingness on Jeff's part to accept whatever malarkey that Gundersen, or Shitmatsu, or Moret throw at him and run with it as if it were fact. He obviously has never checked or verified anything that they have written or told him, because if he did, he would have discovered - as I and many others did - that most of their dire statements about the radiation from Fukushima were fabrications or gross exaggeration of the facts.

Fuuny how those impulsive temper tantrums can sometimes come back to bite you -- and in a bigger way than you might have imagined at the time. We'll have to take another look at Jeff's ranking in another 6 or 7 months and see if the trend continues. Who knows? The day may come when Hnery Makow pulls ahead of Jeff Rense in Daily Reach and then,

Who will have the Last Laugh?

Ken Adachi

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