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Joel Osteen, the White 'Green Power' Preacher with the Toothy Smile

Editor's Note: The Protestant 'evangelical movement' has always been saddled with a certain percentage of hucksters and con artists who use the stage (or in earlier times the revival tent) -and the Bible- as a tool to separate gullible people from their money. I recall seeing on TV and hearing on the radio, colorful black preachers during the 1970s and 80s, typically with a raspy 'James Brown' style voice, exhort their congregations to give outrageous sums of money to them, so in turn God would shower the gifter with even greater riches. These guys often called this type of  'selfless' giving "green power" And there is some truth in that sentiment because the Law of Attraction and the Law of Giving are always at work-whether they serve a con artist or a sincere individual.

Joel Osteen comes across in a similar vein, but his pitch is more sophisticated and geared towards a white audience. The writer below characterizes Joel as more of a 'motivational speaker' rather than a speaker emphasizing the spiritual lessons taught by Jesus Christ. That's a polite way of putting it, but I think his concern should run much deeper than that. Joel is yet another one of those 'wolves in sheep clothing' that sincere Christians need to wake up and recognize as the enemy within. Joel uses the 'God wants you to be successful' greed angle to pull in more believers to his 'rich is good, but richer is even better' selling theme. He's certainly "poisoning minds", but he's also desecrating the very message of Jesus and the purpose of Bible study. Christ message was one of compassion, forgiveness, and brotherly love. Enriching oneself is not a spiritual goal. In fact, it used to be considered a vice.

To the extent that Joel Osteen promotes, aids or enables the British Israel scheme which is promoted 24 hours a day at the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) operated by Jan and Paul Crouch, along with his TBN cohorts like Benny Hinn, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, or the 'wildman' from Ohio, Rod Parsley, then he will always remain for me far more destructive to the soul-life of his audience than a mere 'green power' preacher. ...Ken Adachi

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by Michael Spencer
August 29, 2007

Joel Osteen, the White 'Green Power' Preacher with the Toothy Smile (Nov. 4, 2007)

Dear CBD,

Joel Osteen book coverI just received your September-October 2007 catalog, and on the front cover, top of the first column, is the new book by Joel Osteen, Become a Better You. Forty percent off. You obviously want a lot of people to buy it.

On your web site, you feature Mr. Osteen’s new book with a video, an endorsement from Osteen himself and the following endorsement from you.

"How often have you said to yourself “I can do better” and yet, for some reason you never seem to achieve the “better”. Instead you settle for what you have and refuse to let go of the disappointments and failures that seem to plague you. Well Joel Osteen is here to help. In his much anticipated book Become a Better You he reminds us that God does not want us to settle. His plan is to have us continually rise to new levels even if we are thriving and enjoying life. Using 7 simple keys, devotions and personal testimonies, Joel will show you how to discover your unique purpose and destiny so you can leave a lasting impression on generations to come."

I wonder if you have noticed that Mr. Osteen is not a teacher of the Gospel of Jesus, but a motivational speaker and the primary promoter of the American prosperity Gospel that is poisoning millions of minds all over the world?

Why is Mr. Osteen pre-featured on your front page? Why is his book highlighted? Is it because Mr. Osteen’s power to create sales is the “golden goose” in publishing and you are going to ride his sales as far as possible? I can’t believe it’s because, as a business serving Christians, you actually believe that what’s best for us is the teaching of Mr. Osteen, who has said that the cross of Jesus and the historic orthodox Christian message are of no interest to him. .

Michael Spencer

Excerpt taken from Dear CBD: Why the endorsement of Joel Osteen?, written by Michael Spencer on Wednesday, 29 Aug 2007.


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