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The Few, The Proud, The Psychotic

{Editor's Note: Update-September 21, 2005. I'm adding a few lines to these introductory comments for the sake of current military service people or their families or friends who might read this and misconstrue my thoughts as a blanket condemnation of anyone who might be serving in the Marine Corps or any other branch of the US military.

I spent four years in the military as an enlisted man in the early 1960's during the buildup phase of the Vietnam War. Due to the nature of my job, I was often liaisoned with personnel from other branches of the US military and became very familiar with the day to day world of enlisted men, warrant officers, and lower level commissioned officers of Army, Navy, and Air Force. I got along well with people in the military and seriously considered re-upping, but ultimately decided that I wanted to get back into civilian life and explore new things. The camaraderie of military life and the excitement of living in foreign lands are powerful incentives to remain in the military as a career.

At the time, we were engaged in a war, but I thought we were in Vietnam for all the right reasons, as did everyone else with whom I worked. It wasn't even discussed; it was understood. We were the Good Guys helping the beleaguered South Vietnamese people resist the yoke of oppression and enslavement coming from the North Vietnamese communists. Of course, I didn't realize that my perception of our Good Guy role was formed for me through the careful application of propaganda coming from both mainstream media (E.g. Time or Newsweek magazine) and the military itself (E.g. Stars & Stripes). We were shown films from time to time in which people like Dean Rusk (Sec. of State at the time) explained the "domino theory" of Southeast Asia ('if Vietnam fell to the communists, then all surrounding countries will fall in a domino fashion'.) etc.

I didn't know about the CIA-sponsored assassination program called Operation Phoenix or the CIA's drug running or any of the other ugly 'operations' taking place in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, or Thailand using special forces divisions of the Army, Navy, or Air Force, along with federal agents and their contractors where scores of Asian people-mostly innocent- were being slaughtered or scarred for life as a 'by-product' of these operations. Innocent civilians were no longer people, they became 'collateral damage'. The military, like the CIA, operates in complete secrecy and a strict 'need-to-know' basis.

Today's enlisted personnel or lower level officers are no more privy to the dark side of military operations than I was. You are trained to do a job and the 'excellence' of your job performance is what becomes uppermost in your mind as a way of feeling fulfilled and satisfied about yourself. They planned it that way. They don't want you looking at the naked truth of the effect that your "job" may be having on ordinary human beings. You are a very small nut or bolt in a huge Killing Machine and you are never shown the perspective of those who are on the receiving end of that Killing Machine. Those who are on the receiving end are always referred to as 'the enemy'.

Today's military has grossly devolved from what it was in my day. The fascist element is far more transparent today and the amalgamation of US military personnel with 'private' security contractors, as seen in Iraq, is making it obvious to even the densest jar head that the US military is no longer in the business of 'securing the peace' or 'winning freedom' for oppressed people. Today, the US military is doing most of the oppressing against sovereign people in their own country. We are now invaders, not defenders. Of course, you are subjected to rivers of propaganda to convince you otherwise.

If you are foolish enough to volunteer for Special Forces, then you will be trained to kill, up close, without compunction, without hesitation, and on cue. You will also be subjected to covert mind control technologies which will affect you for the remainder of your life. They do not tell you, nor do they ask you for your permission to be programmed. You gave them permission when you "volunteered". The programming is done electronically. Sometimes drugs are also involved to put you under programming. They can take you while you are sleeping, program you, and put you back in bed and you won't know a thing about it.

I don't assign blame to lower level service personnel who find themselves in the military today. Enlisted ranks are mostly poor people who usually have not gone beyond high school in education. They are looking for a pay check, job security, medical benefits, specialized training, and perhaps the excitement of foreign lands. Some join because they come from military family backgrounds or they feel a need to serve their country. I felt that obligation and desire to get involved when I joined the service. If I knew then what I know now, I never would have joined. On the other hand, if our country was GENUINELY threatened, as was the case with World War II, AND if the US military was in the business, once again, of DEFENDING liberty, and our country, and our people, then I probably would join, assuming that we get rid of the satanic infiltrators at the highest echelons of military command.

Here are my original comments as posted in April of 2005:

I'm disgusted with what the American military has devolved into thanks to the satanic infiltrators who have been maneuvered into positions of command within all branches of the military. Today, American military fighters are no longer known as defenders (not real defenders) of freedom, but rather are now members of a Killing Machine consisting of former human beings who are converted into Nazi robots by the use of highly developed brainwashing techniques. There was a time when I was proud to be in the military because the average rank and file U.S. military member of an earlier day still consisted of a human being who knew right from wrong, believed in fair play, and was dedicated to the principles of humane treatment. That's not the case today.

There is no act of cruelty, inhumanemess, mistreatment, excessive force, torture, murder, defamation, deceit, 'false flag' sabotage, or atrocities committed against innocent civilians that is beyond the pale for today's 'Semper Fi' or 'All You Can Be' pawns in the game. Fortunately, there is a growing body of American servicemen (not reported in the mainstream media) who are rebelling against the Nazification process and their numbers are growing, however, it will take a wholesale refusal to participate in inhumane conduct by active military personnel and their families before this evil will end. The German soldier of World War II would never entertain the notion of defying orders, no matter how cruel, how immoral, or how insane they might be. Americans, raised in a tradition of democracy, Constitutional liberties, and individualism might prove less willing to be used for atrocities by corporate empire builders, but whether they have what it takes to stand up to the intimidation and coercion remains to be seen.

Don't allow your children or loved ones to be hoodwinked by phony recruitment psycho-garbage. Stay out of the military at all costs...Ken]
April 20, 2005

Photo and quote from:

Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba

"Prisoners are tortuted at Gitmo. Sensory deprivation goggles, headphones, breathing restriction, hands bound and cuffed, kneeling for hours while American psycho "guards" abuse them. This is disgusting. "


Excerpt from

The Battle for Your Mind
by Dick Sutphen

The US Marines as a Brainwashing Cult

"Before I go on, let's go back to the six tip-offs to conversion. I want to mention the United States Government and military boot camp. The Marine Corps talks about breaking men down before "rebuilding" them as new men--as marines! Well, that is exactly what they do, the same way a cult breaks its people down and rebuilds them as happy flower sellers on your local street corner. Every one of the six conversion techniques are used in boot camp. Considering the needs of the military, I'm not making a judgement as to whether that is good or bad. IT IS A fact that the men are effectively brainwashed. Those who won't submit must be discharged or spend much of their time in the brig. "

[ I, Ken Adachi:, however, am making a definitive and crystal clear judgement about the propriety of this evil policy: there is no legitimate need by any government to brainwash their military servicemen into compliance with inhumane and reprehensible conduct. None. The ultimate purpose of the Illuminated satanic traitors in tuning the Ameircan soldier into a monster is to create world-wide hatred against him which will ultimately lead to his destruction. Destroying the US military is simply another facet of the overall Illuminati agenda to destroy America. ]


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