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JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice

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[Editor's Note: This is a very convincing article and contains many elements that ring true, however, its ultimate conclusion that the mother of Jon Benet killed her little girl is 100% wrong. The mother was a victim of mind control, but she didn't kill Jon Benet. Jon Benet was murdered in a satanic ritual performed on Christmas eve called "the last Christmas tree bulb." The murderer was male and likely someone very high up in the Illuminati hierarchy here in America. The father was far more guilty of willful involvement, than was the mother. The father was a banker and the price you pay for entree onto the higher rungs of the satanic Illuminati cult ladder is to sacrifice your first born child in a satanic ritual. And that's exactly what he did. This is the standard practice when inside the Illuminati club. He was likely sexually abusing the girl and farming her out to his Illuminated pals prior to her death, as her autopsy revealed chronic tears and scaring in both the vaginal and anal areas. This too is standard operating procedures for Illuminati families. ..Ken Adachi]

Publication date unknown, likely Fall 2006

JonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice (Fall 2006)

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JonBenet RamseyJonBenet Ramsey Murder: Satanic Ritual Sacrifice I was living just a few miles away from the Ramsey's on 12/26/1996, and read all the newspaper accounts, watched all the TV interviews and specials as well as reading the Medical Examiner's report, Police pads (investigative reports), depositions, visiting the scene and so fourth. I also interviewed people associated with the Ramsey's personally and professionally and had met Patsy Ramsey on several different occasions. The Ramseys killed their daughter - if they did not do so directly, they know who did and witnessed the crime.

Here are several incontrovertible facts from THAT date as I, and many, many others observed them and as reported by the Boulder and Denver newspapers, CNN and the Denver Television & Radio stations:

(1) There had been a snowfall of app. 2" the night of JonBenet's murder - there were NO FOOTPRINTS or tracks of ANY kind in the snow when the Boulder Police arrived, something later confirmed by both the Police, neighbors and Detectives arriving early on the scene.

There was NO intruder that night, that individual, or individuals, were already in the house, something the Ramsey's were well aware of:

(A) The John Mark Karr (note the use of three names) 'confession' is false, a hoax. He was in Alabama with his second wife and children on the night of JonBenet's murder. In fact, both of Karr's ex-wives have stated that he was always home at Christmas, never gone. JonBenet was not drugged the day of her murder and was not in school that day. Her death was not an 'accident' - it was a horribly brutal, planned murder. The 'powers that be' are so eager to convict someone, anyone to point the finger of blame away from the real perpetrators of this heinous crime, (especially someone whom has previously had 'relationships' inside FBI Div.#5 from which the plot to murder JonBenet originated and whom had fled Colorado after hearing elements of this plot), that they wined and dined him with the BEST of food and drink to ensure he would stick to his fairytale and not deviate! He is yet another in a very long line of 'patsies', no pun intended. He has wanted to be 'famous', or infamous, his entire life, just as Ted Bundy did, and now has finally succeeded. The timing of his arrest and 'confession' is extremely suspect, yet one more diversion. In fact, the JonBenet Ramsey arrest was orchestrated as the Bush-Blair London terrorism ruse collapsed for lack of evidence for just that purpose - to divert attention.

(B) The Photos of the Ramsey's house and surrounding grounds used in the recent CourtTV, MSNBC and A&E specials were taken two days after the murder, not on the morning of the 26th as they attempted to portray. Snowfall is typically gone completely within three days, in the Denver/Metro area.

(C) No burglaries or 'Peeping Tom's were reported to the Boulder Police prior to JonBenet's murder.

(2) There was NO sign of a break in of ANY type - all doors and windows had been locked and none of the (windows) were cracked or broken out and no door, window or grate had been forced. This was confirmed by the Ramsey's, the Police, the FBI and other Investigators first on the scene. The alarm system had NOT been activated ("tripped").

Four people were known to be in the house that night, JonBenet, her nine-year-old brother Burke, and their parents. (There has since been speculation, and evidence - the 911 call, a pubic hair found in JonBenet's blanket, DNA under her fingernails and a drop of fluid on her stomach - indicating the presence of an additional adult, or adults, a White male who entered the house the previous evening before the snowfall):

(A) John Ramsey waited seven months to tell the police that he spent time in the basement at sometime around 10:00 a.m. that morning. Why? Ramsey would later tell Det. Arndt that he found a broken window in the basement train room during his morning visit even though initial investigation by the Boulder Police revealed NO SUCH broken window. It is thought that at the time of his 'visit', Ramsey broke, or cracked the window himself. The size of this break, however, was such that it would allow, perhaps, someone the size of JonBenet to gain entrance to the basement, but certainly NOT an adult male.

There was NO shoe-scuff mark on the wall on the morning of Dec. 26th - a suitcase was NOT positioned under the window - a grate had NOT been forced (open) and NO leaves or shrubbery in the window-well or the surrounding ground had been disturbed. These were later staged by the Ramsey's in an attempt to 'sell' the Police, reporters and the world on the 'intruder', the 'lone-nut' theory.

(3) Melody Stanton, one of the Ramsey's neighbors (living less than 100 feet away), awoke abruptly from a deep sleep - the prior stillness of the Boulder night has been pierced by the harrowing scream of a child (for her brother Burke, now 12, to save her from being killed, experts say. When a child is attacked by a parent, she has to turn to an ally she can trust. And we know JonBenét was close to Burke and trusted him. Patsy has told police that JonBenét had a habit of going into her brother's room during the night, but according to the book Perfect Murder, Perfect Town, Burke admitted that he pretended to be asleep that morning about the time his mother called 911). She assumed it was somewhere between midnight and 2:00 a.m., but didn't look at the alarm clock. The scream lasted three to five seconds (it was a little girl screaming," recalls Stanton, 52. It was the longest, most horrible scream I have ever heard in my entire life. It sent shivers down my spine. I could tell the sound was coming from the Ramsey house and I knew instantly it had to be their little girl, JonBenét". The next morning, while police still thought the 6-year-old beauty queen had been kidnapped, Stanton told them about the heart-rending cry that rang through the Ramsey house and stopped as abruptly as it started. (Melody momentarily had at the time wondered what to do, but thought that surely the parents would hear and come to the child’s rescue. Although still bothered by the scream and the thought that a child had been injured, she stayed awake and listened for any other noises for five to ten minutes, but heard absolutely nothing after that - no cars, no voices, no footsteps, so she eventually went back to sleep). This time has since been corroborated as the app. time of the skull fracture suffered by JonBenet, a skull fracture so severe that it would have ended the little girl's life had she not been strangled. Three neighbors have gone on-record giving depositions of hearing this scream at app. midnight. The Ramsey's have always claimed they heard no such (scream). How could this possibly be?

(4) Officer Barry Harkopp interviewed next door neighbors and reported that Scott Gibbons saw strange lights and movements coming from the kitchen area around midnight; neighbor Melody Stanton awoke her husband (around midnight) after hearing a scream, and he stated he heard “the sound of metal clashing against cement.” The Ramsey's say they heard none of this.

(5) The ransom note was an 82% match to Patsy Ramsey's handwriting according to the CBI and handwriting experts contacted to examine the note.

Patsy stated that it was written on the same kind of paper that she had in the kitchen. She also stated, at a later date, that the handwriting did not look like the handwriting of their maid, Linda Hoffmann. Detectives found an entire draft of the ransom note in the home, and the legal pad on which the final ransom had been written, along with Patsy Ramsey handwriting samples similar to the style on the note. In fact, an investigator of the ransom note testing states, "Out of the 74 names submitted for testing, Patsy's handwriting was the only one that set off alarm bells":

(A) In 1997, the Boulder PD contacted Dale Yeager and Denise Knoke at Seraph, Inc. in Berwyn, Pennsylvania a security consulting firm summarized in sales brochures as "an International company [with] extensive sources throughout Europe, South America, the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Africa. Our associates are investigative professionals and former intelligence officers" and asked them to submit an analysis of the ransom note.

Yeager and Knoke claimed, without hesitation, that Patsy Ramsey was the author, joining the chorus of police and tabloid reporters who kept at the parents, and reported that Psalm 118:27b, interpreted as the source of the $118,000 ransom demand, "Decorate the festival with leafy boughs and bind the sacrifices to be offered with thick cords to the horns of the altar" is commonly cited by "white supremacists," who "use the redemption and sacrifice ideas to form a justification for killings."

Despite the neo-Nazi nuance, Yeager and Knoke were positively certain that JonBenet's mother forged the kidnap letter. "Our conclusion," Yeager offered, "is that you are investigating a child's murder with ritualistic overtones. Strangulation and sexual assault are most commonly seen in sadomasochism between heterosexual and homosexual adults.

On February 27, 2000, Yeager explained to a CBS 2 News reporter, "What we believe was happening in Patsy's mind was that her daughter was loosing control, becoming a wild rebel. She felt (her daughter) was becoming evil." Why, one must ask would a lovely, 6 year old child be deemed as becoming evil?

Was it because of the ritual, sexual abuse being perpetrated upon her - was it because of the child-porn ring being run out of Denver in which child 'Models' were being used for sexual favors and of which Jonbenet was one of those 'Models' or is it that Patsy simply could not stand the competition - on the stage and at home and therefore she (JonBenet) must be sacrificed for her (Patsy's) 'sins'?

(6) The ransom note contained a demand for $118,000 - the exact amount of John Ramsey's bonus that year. The ONLY people with knowledge of this amount were the Ramsey's and the Payroll department manager of John's Boulder company:

(A) Why was a ransom note written and left in the house when JonBenet was not kidnapped?

(B) Not a single fingerprint was discovered on the so-called ransom note Patsy says she found at the murder scene, something that has puzzled all the investigators because by her own account in a taped deposition with the Boulder Police she states that a few seconds after she began reading the chilling note spread out on a staircase, indicating she had picked it up, she ran screaming upstairs to tell her husband John about it. "For the grand jurors, the too-clean note meant another puzzle -- did Patsy wear gloves if and when she wrote the note?" disclosed a source close to the case.

(C) A "practice" ransom note was discovered, on the same legal paper as the final note. A practice note would not be carried to the premises, so that means both notes were written there, at the crime scene, meaning that the "kidnapping" tale was a last- minute created fantasy, likely to cover up an "accidental" slaying.

(D) Nedra, Patsy's mother, stated that the handwriting on the ransom note looked like Patsy's.

(E) Patsy Ramsey mentioned to the police that the Ransom note was written by a woman.

(7) The 911 call made by Patsy Ramsey is contrived and had obviously been practiced previous to the call being placed. The emotional depth and content in particular is extremely contrived, staged, not-real in the context of a childs murder, but rather in that of someone who has realized they've done something terrible that can't be 'taken back' or undone, and are about to be caught.

(8) The crime scene was intentionally (allowed) to be contaminated by the Boulder Police department. Literally more than a dozen people, including the Ramsey's neighbors and friends were allowed in the house and permitted to go anywhere they chose.

(9) After the Police arrived, John Ramsey went directly to the location of JonBenet's body (without searching in any other location). The only way this is possible is if he already had knowledge of it's (location). He was then allowed to remove the tape from the mouth of the child, untie her hands and move the body (up) to the first floor, again completely contaminating the crime scene. It was later reported by the Police that his crying, while bent over his dead daughter's body, appeared contrived, and there were no tears.

The Ramsey's friend, Fleet, diagramed the position of the body in the wine cellar. This positioning was inconsistent with John’s description when he found JonBenet. "What was interesting was when Ramsey brought the body upstairs he never cried. But when he laid her down, he started to moan, while peering around to see who was looking at him." Patsy then collapsed on top of JonBenét and began praying to Jesus. The net affect of their actions was to hinder the investigation by further contaminating the crime scene. John Ramsey then left his beautiful, dead daughter lying alone under a Christmas tree. He didn't even see her safely to the morgue. She would make that trip alone.

(10) Three voices were distinctly heard on the 911 call - John's, Patsy's and a third, and unknown male. This was confirmed by the 911 dispatcher and the Police. The unknown male was heard speaking during the call. When questioned about this, the Ramsey's become extremely evasive and refused to answer anymore questions (audio enhancement of the 911 call revealed the Ramsey's stating "we're not speaking to you" to someone in their house).

Evidence has emerged that not only points to this person as a possible murderer of JonBenet, while her parents looked on, but to having made a 'snuff' film of the hideous event, as well. There have always been rumors of this film in the porn 'underground', uncovered during the investigation, but never fully substantiated.

(11) The ME's examine reveled that there was scaring on JonBenet's uterus that could only have come from ongoing sexual molestation/abuse. Blue FIBERS were found in the vagina that did not match anything in the house. There were CELLULOSE Particles in the vagina as well, possibly from a paint brush handle.

The coroner, Dr. John Meyer, found evidence of sexual assault from the previous night: a small abrasion and small amounts of blood in both her underwear and vagina. Three medical experts consulting for the police say that the injuries were also consistent with prior sexual abuse.

A black light helped reveal that her body had been wiped clean but that a residue of blood was left on her thighs. Dr. Robert Kirschner of the University of Chicago's pathology department went even further, pointing out that her vaginal opening was twice the normal size for six-year-olds.

He stated, "The genital injuries indicate penetration, not only (previously) by a penis, but by another instrument and are evidence of molestation that night as well as previous molestation. If she had been taken to a hospital emergency room, and doctors had seen the genital evidence, her father would have been arrested." There was also blood and urine stains on JonBenét's underpants, a cleaned-up crime scene and body, and evidence that the child had been "re-dressed" after the murders, with the cords around her neck and wrist loose as though it was staged.

It may be a good time to stand back and state what is rather apparent: either the Ramsey's were the killers or assisted in the murder, or they have been the victims of some rather hi-tech silent midgets with no footprints.

John Ramsey's daughter (from his first marriage), Elizabeth, had uncovered several vivid memories of Satanic, ritual sexual abuse after a failed suicide attempt (during the ensuing therapy sessions) in which her Father apparently played a major role in the rituals. Within several months of uncovering the memories and going 'public' with them (talking to friends and family members) she was dead - killed in a 'freak' car accident the manner in which has never been fully resolved to investigators satisfaction.

(12) JonBenet had expressed discomfort to her mother Patsy Ramsey concerning her 'private place' about two months before her death. Beginning app. two weeks before her murder, JonBenet began to talk - talk about scary people in long, black robes who gathered around her and stuck 'things' into her private place - things that hurt her. She also spoke vaguely of darkness around her and the possible use of candles.

Several of the Ramsey's friends, friends from their Church, the Whites and the Fernies as well as others, heard this along with several of her teachers and questioned her about it. After JonBenet's murder they went to the Police with the information but apparently due to the DA, nothing ever came of it. The friends from the Church abruptly ended their relationship(s) with the Ramsey's and several of them openly stated they thought them guilty of murdering their daughter:

(A) Patsy Ramsey subsequently attended her 25th high school reunion in West Virginia, and her old schoolmates all shunned her.

(B) Both Denver and Boulder, Colorado, are major Satanic centers whose activities have, at various times been under investigation by Jefferson and Denver county authorities as well as the FBI and others. A witness of these activities came fourth and gave testimony of two crack babies that were first taken from their parents and given to foster parents.

Later they were taken from the foster parents by Denver SOCIAL SERVICES after the husband was murdered in very strange circumstances and were given to a single woman who had turned up out of nowhere after the murder and offered to be a nanny to the children. The witness claims watching the ritual sacrifice of both babies, twins, on Halloween, in a sequestered area in the Mountains outside of Boulder with the Ramsey's, the Ramsey's close, wealthy friend and associate (her controller), DA Alex Hunter, Lt. Governor Gail Shoettler, Lou Smith and several others 'very high up' in Colorado politics, linked directly to the Governor's office, being present.

The Satanic ring centered in Denver connects into Boulder and Sedalia, Colorado as well as other communities such as Sedona, Ariz., Omaha Neb. and many others. The coroner and investigator, Dr Cyril Wecht, says that the evidence proves that her death happened during sexual abuse by her parents, John and Patsy Ramsey.

JonBenet was murdered on Christmas Eve and Josef Mengele created a sacrificial ritual for this date called "The Last Bulb of the Christmas Tree". Mengele's pseudonym, Greenbaum, means green tree and relates to the Cabalistic Tree of Life.

A Brotherhood term for the devil is JonBet and the coincidence is so amazing that, given the other circumstances, I cannot believe this was NOT the true inspiration for her name. The Witness also claims that she's been the victim of a child-sex ring whose participants included this wealthy friend of the Ramsey family.

Yes, THAT Ramsey family. She had been victimized since early childhood, she said, by a subculture, including members of her own family, that used children for sex.

One of the men who had participated in the abuse was this friend of the Ramsey's, and she has documentation proving at least her family's connection to this individual.

She has sent one man previously involved in her abuse to prison for rape (when she was seventeen years old, she had persuaded the police in the small southern California town where she lived to charge a man named Mackie Boykin with sexual assault.

Boykin, along with the Ramsey's friend, had choked her using cords, scarves and ropes to make her body simulate orgasm while other men had sex with her. Boykin had pleaded guilty and been sent to prison, the 'family friend' having fled the area). The witness says she is frightened for her life, having been threatened several times via anonymous phone calls. She had recently been beaten and sexually assaulted by members of her extended family, and they'd warned her about keeping her mouth shut.

They were trying to pressure her into coming back to Colorado with one of the men she said had been her childhood tormentor, who was connected to and closely associated with the Ramsey's. He had been calling her himself, ever since Attorney Lee Hill's television interview regarding the Ramsey deposition, to check on her. She had become afraid she might be abducted, or murdered. Hill contacted law-enforcement friends in the Los Angeles area, where the witness claimed much of the abuse had happened, and was currently living to try to get them to initiate a case and provide her with some protection. However, he ran out of time.

On the Saturday of President's day weekend, the woman's therapist called Hill from her mobile telephone. She had the witness in her car and they were on the run. "We think we're being followed," the therapist said. The Witness had left everything -- her apartment, her clothes, her belongings, even her car, so that anyone stalking her wouldn't know that she was escaping. They were on their way to an airport four hours away so that the witness wouldn't be spotted leaving Los Angeles. She was coming to Colorado. Alone. NEITHER of the women have been seen since. These disappearances and her testimony was subsequently dis-regarded by authorities and DA Alex Hunter along with the depositions by Ramsey family friends, Church-goers and teachers regarding JonBenet's statements prior to her murder.

(C) It is clear from the statements of both Detective Colson and Char Blazer that the Boulder authorities were very interested in a connection between the death of Jonbenet Ramsey and what appears astonishingly to be organized pedophilia on a national level, perhaps with a criminal Government license.

(13) The William Morris Agency has close ties to NBC News. This Agency is responsible for placing the likes of stooges Tom Brokow and Brian Williams at NBC News. It was NBC which broke the current JonBenet Ramsey story.

The William Morris Agency also represents up and coming child models and had solicited a contract from the Ramsey’s for the 'services' of JonBenet. It should also be noted that in early 1996 the Denver Police had been investigating a Denver Child-Porno Protection ring linked to and run by none other than the Wm. Morris Agency and FBI Div. #5 (FBI Special/Black Ops).

John Ramsey ran a company called Access Graphics with offices in the Philippines, Amsterdam, Holland and Denver, Colorado. Access Graphics did business with the Wm. Morris Agency and had service contracts directly with what is commonly known as Iran Contra. Access Graphics major bank accounts were parked at the noted Iran Contra money-laundry Silverado Savings and Loan and administered by none other than Director of Silverado, Neil Bush, George W. Bush's brother. Ramsey was also on a list of witnesses never subpoenaed by former Iran Contra Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh. It can now be reported that Ramsey had either knowingly, or unknowingly, pimped his daughter out as a prostitute to the Wm. Morris Agency who were taking these child 'Models' and using them to provide sexual services for pedophile's in Government, Industry and so on in addition to their Modeling shows (shows often displayed in video footage in the many news specials on JonBenet's murder).

John Ramsey must stay silent given his position as a Bush-Clinton crime syndicate asset or risk having the truth come out about this entire, horrid affair. Something he has done quite well up to this juncture.

(14) Search warrants also turned up nude photos of the Ramsey children - and not baby pictures.

(15) In the three years prior to her death, Jonbenet made 33 trips to the pediatrician, diagnosis was "yeast infections". Yeast infections for a child of four to six years old? I've been told that is not possible.

(16) It is impossible to navigate the Ramsey's home in the dark without prior knowledge of it's layout due to it's complicated, unusual four-story design and odd placement of light switches. An intruder could not have done so without making undue noise and awakening the Ramseys.

(17) The supposed 'intruder' shoe print on the floor of the wine cellar in soft, white, dirt like substance turned out to be the delineation of a shoe print with a clear impression of the words "HI TEC". This is known to be a common police footwear product line, and police personnel had been in this room after the discovery of the body and before the crime scene processing and was eventually identified as the shoe print of one of the Boulder Police. A second shoe impression was also found in the white powdery substance. Although not as visible as the “HI-TEC” shoe impression, it was a distinctly different print and eventually was determined to be John Ramsey's.

(18) The Ramsey's ex-housekeeper, Linda Hoffmann-Pugh, testified to the Boulder County Grand Jury that Patsy killed her daughter.

(19) John Ramsey left the house during the very first part of the investigation - presumably to get a paper.

(20) One of John Ramsey’s first acts was to call his lawyer - not the act of an innocent man. Detective Linda Arndt, the only police Detective on the scene in the hours prior to the discovery of the body at 1:05 p.m., remembers Mr. Ramsey’s demeanor when he initially greeted her as not distraught nor even upset, but cordial. Arndt says that the Ramsey's did not spend those morning hours in each other’s company, but that Patsy stayed in the sunroom with friends and John stayed mostly in his den, and read his mail in the kitchen. Very, very unusual behavior for a couple who have just experienced the murder of a child. Typically, they cling desperately to each other.

The Ramsey's (behavior) exhibited some element of blame, condemnation, as if accusing each other of knowing of the crime beforehand and doing nothing to ultimately stop it. Thirty-seven minutes after finding JonBenet's body, a detective overheard John Ramsey talking by phone to his pilot and arranging a trip to Atlanta that evening for himself, his wife and son. Det. Sgt. Larry Mason told him, “You can’t leave". He seemed surprised.

(21) There is a considerable amount of trace & DNA evidence linking Patsy directly to the murder of JonBenet, contrary to the lie that was circulated beginning in 2005 - that DNA had exonerated the Ramsey's.

(22) Ainswoth's report noting duct tape in the basement closely matching duct tape used during the strangulation (JonBenet's mouth was taped).

(23) Pam Griffin states that Patsy admitted writing the practice note "for an innocent purpose". An innocent purpose???? No one does such a thing unless they intend to carry out a crime of this nature.

(24) Round marks, consistent with shape of cigarette, found on JonBenet's neck and jaw appeared to have been caused by a stun gun. The Ramsey's had a stun gun.

(25) The Colorado Bureau of Investigation analyzed and confirmed that the wooden stick used with the ligature rope in the garrote for the strangulation is, in fact, the paint brush handle from the broken paint brush from the painting supply tray owned by Patsy Ramsey, a critical second piece of weapon evidence that came from within the house. It was also noted that a portion of the paint brush handle, appearing to be from the top, is unaccounted for. No fingerprints were ever found on any portion of the paintbrush:

(A) Prosecutors in Boulder, Colo., presented to the grand jury shocking evidence that they feel shows the rope used to strangle JonBenét was purchased by her mom Patsy. A sales slip indicates that Patsy bought a thin nylon rope at Boulder's McGuckin hardware store. Patsy paid for this rope with an American Express card. The sales slip doesn't name the items, but it shows a $2.29 purchase rung up in the section of the store that sold nylon ropes. The price of a nylon rope at the time -- $2.29. Realizing they were on to something explosive, authorities bought up all the 100-foot packs of quarter inch Stansport nylon utility rope sold at McGuckin's. They compared the McGuckin ropes with the one used on JonBenét and it matched. Tests run by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation convinced the police they had the right rope. This was vital evidence since investigators never found the remainder of the murder rope in the Ramsey home.

(B) JonBenét had been gagged by duct tape so they asked Patsy's art teacher if Patsy ever used that kind of tape. During a formal police interview months earlier, Patsy had denied ever buying duct tape, and authorities were frustrated because they never found a roll of duct tape at her house. However, during the investigation of Patsy's McGuckin hardware store purchases, they hit pay dirt. They found she had in fact made a purchase for $1.99 in the section where duct tape was on sale, for that very price. The duct tape used on JonBenét was a very rare black type -- the same kind on sale at McGuckin's. The manufacturer revealed that type made up a mere 2 percent of all its duct tape. Experts determined it had been manufactured in November 1996 -- only a few weeks before the child's grisly death. Four fibers on the duct tape have been linked to the red and black jacket that Patsy wore the night before.

When Patsy greeted officers at 6 a.m. she was wearing the same jacket she had just worn to the Christmas party. Patsy maintains that she dressed that morning prior to finding out that JonBenet was missing. However, Patsy was fully dressed including face make-up when she met the police after the 911 call in the same clothes she wore to the White's Christmas Dinner the night before strongly indicating she never went to bed the previous night. Why would she lie about that?

(26) Judith Phillips, took some of the most poignant pictures of JonBenét. She believes the case against the Ramsey's has been delayed by politics and DA Alex Hunter and wants the Colorado Governor to appoint an independent prosecutor.

Scott Gibbons, neighbor, who had also heard the horrible scream somewhere around midnight has made the same claim concerning playing politics and obstruction by the Boulder County DA. He says it was an inside job. This was not a random killing. There is no way parents could possibly sleep through a scream such as he heard, and the murder of their child. "Despite all the talk of an intruder in the district, I was never afraid for my own kids. You can put all the 'spin' on it you want, but if an 'intruder' came into my home, and a scream of that nature was heard by several of the neighbors, I'm responsible for the death of my child. Period".

(27) Early in the investigation, sources say detectives probed John Ramsey's many visits to Amsterdam, Child-Porn capital of the world, suspecting a link between child porn and JonBenét's murder. Child Porn was found on several computers in Ramsey's business. In fact, a large amount of kiddie porn had been downloaded on Access Graphics computers.

An article detailing this by The GLOBE noted that AG did a lot of work in Amsterdam's red light district. This article pointed to a direct link between Access Graphics and kiddie porn. So far, neither John Ramsey or Lockheed Martin have sued. In fact, they have not even bothered to comment, which is odd, considering the disturbing claims that the article made.

(28) On Dec. 27, 1996 Patsy Ramsey, exhausted and lying down, reached up and touched the face of a friend, Pam Griffin, the woman who had made JonBenet’s pageant costumes. Griffin thought Patsy was delirious when she asked, “Couldn't’t you fix this for me?” as though a sewing machine could bring back her daughter. She then remembers Patsy saying, “We didn't mean for this to happen” and Griffin got the definite feeling that in her weakened condition, Patsy had revealed that she knew who the killer was.

(29) As a six-year-old beauty queen, JonBenet was publicly sexualized by her parents, dressed provocatively, and coached to saunter like a seductress. This is a blatant indication of sexual abuse perpetrated upon the child.

(30) At one juncture in the investigation, the Ramsey's were ready to 'cut a deal' and plead guilty to a lesser charge of Manslaughter. Several sources claim that Patsy Ramsey may admit killing her 6-year-old daughter -- but plead temporary insanity. Insiders close to the case told GLOBE, and several local Newspapers that John Ramsey is trying to strike a deal with prosecutors (also confirmed by FBI Agents working the case) for his testimony, and Ramsey lawyers are planning to have the couple surrender and avoid the embarrassment and media glare of an arrest.

"The idea is that the Ramsey's don't want to be seen as 'common criminals' and forced to parade around in handcuffs," reveals a source. "Their attorneys could seek to bring them in at an agreed time and place, formally charge them and allow them to immediately make bail." S

Sources told reporters that the new Ramsey legal strategy was concocted after the couple's attorneys told the former Miss West Virginia and her computer tycoon hubby that they could be indicted by the Boulder grand jury. The Ramsey's have been "under an umbrella of suspicion" since JonBenét's strangled and beaten body was discovered by her dad in the basement of the Ramsey's' $1.3 million Boulder mansion on Dec. 26, 1996.

According to these same sources, Patsy may be ready to confess to the killing, but will blame the violent act on temporary insanity triggered by the treatments she received during her battle against ovarian cancer. "Her lawyers might say that because of her cancer a few years ago and all the drugs she'd been taking, her thinking was altered to an insane state," former Denver Chief Prosecutor Craig Silverman told GLOBE. "They could claim she was hallucinating or in a dream state at the time of the attack, and that Patsy hit JonBenét while imagining that the child was some kind of threat. There could even be a scenario where Patsy started seeing her 6-year-old daughter as an adult and a pretty rival for the affections of her husband John. And what was quite clear from both her actions and words is that she could not stand the competition, at home or on the stage".

Reporters learned from sources that one of Patsy's top advisers, Colorado law Prof. Patrick Furman, may have threatened to resign but is still part of the team. Sources believe he may have disagreed with the insanity strategy. "There has been speculation that Pat Furman wanted to disassociate himself from an insanity defense," say sources. But that very tactic might allow Patsy to beat a murder rap and let John escape prosecution, insiders confide. He could claim that Patsy, being deranged, never admitted the crime to him -- so he was never part of a cover-up. We also have learned that John is trying to cut a deal of his own. He may offer to testify as to Patsy's state of mind in exchange for a promise from prosecutors that they won't charge him at all, says a source:

(A) How big is Haddon, Morgan & Foreman, the law firm representing the Ramseys? As Denver Post columnist Chuck Green put it, "Take a look at their offices here in Denver. Then take a walk over to the Governor's Mansion a few blocks away and tell me which is bigger, and I'll tell you which one is more powerful."

Among the firm's clients are Gary Hart, Governor Roy Romer, former Governor Richard Lamm, and Hunter S. Thompson.

Alex Hunter, Boulder's district attorney, is a political ally of the firm, which may explain why rather than investigating the Ramseys, the D.A.'s office has often seemed more like collaborating with them, sharing evidence with the legal team of the unindicted and uncharged Ramsey's.

Thanks to arrangements made by their lawyers, the Ramseys were provided with copies of their original statements and police reports if they would agree to talk with the police, something normally never done. The Hunter office has taken as plausible the "lone nut intruder" theory first promoted by the Ramsey's, who have pointed the finger of suspicion at any person close to them that seemed to doubt their ridiculous tale.

By April 1997, the Boulder police decided they could no longer trust the D.A.'s office, and stopped sharing information. Soon after, their computer system, as well as that of the BCI, was hacked into and evidence 'wiped', or destroyed. Physical evidence has also disappeared from the BCI, indicating an obvious cover-up. Evidence should never 'disappear'.

There was fluid found on and near JonBenét's body. Rather than be checked immediately for DNA, it was held, and then later sent to Cellmark Laboratories, the wonderful lab whose supposed impeccable DNA testing "proved" that O. J. Simpson was the real killer. There is no disputing that biological material had been recovered from the JonBenét crime scene, yet soon it was reported that no semen had been found, which is untrue. You would think that by now those fabulous sleuths at Cellmark would've uncovered something, semen or not, but so far it has been nil.

Cellmark, of course, is located in Maryland, right near the Pentagon and the heart of the Military Industrial Komplex.

(B) "It is my belief the district attorney's office has effectively crippled this case," Det. Thomas wrote in his letter to Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner. "The time for intervention is now." Thomas asked that an independent prosecutor be appointed to take over the case.

Thomas's allegations included the following:
• The district attorney dismissed evidence collected by detectives, as well as opinions offered by national experts, including the FBI.
• Search warrants were denied for "elementary investigative efforts," such as attempts to obtain telephone and credit card records.
• Prosecutors shared physical evidence and reports with lawyers for John and Patsy Ramsey, the parents of the slain girl.
• Evidence remained in a laboratory untested as detectives and prosecutors grappled with how to proceed in the case.
• The District Attorney's office did not clear innocent people, but pursued them with "shameless tactics."

(31) John Ramsey says that he had carried a sleeping JonBenet from the car straight to her bed that night. The coroner found something in her stomach “which may represent fragment of pineapple.”

The party she attended that night had served no pineapple, but police found a bowl of pineapple on the Ramsey’s dinning room table. Both John and Patsy deny feeding pineapple to JonBenet that night, claiming to not even recognize the spoon (in the pineapple). Both Patsy's and Burke's fingerprints were found on the spoon and bowl.

(32) The murderer draped one of JonBenet’s blankets around her body. That blanket held a pubic hair not linked to any family member. Unidentifiable DNA material was beneath her fingernails. An unidentifiable palm print of unknown age was on the wine cellar door. The panties on her body were too large for JonBenet and contained a stain that DNA could not link to any house member.

Upon viewing the body, Patsy exclaimed that she had never before seen the underwear on her daughter’s corpse. Detectives later found out that Patsy had recently purchased that pair of underwear at Bloomingdale's in New York for her 12-year-old niece, but that JonBenet begged to have it kept for her, so Patsy did so.

Prior to the murder, even friends of the family knew of this underwear story. If Patsy did recognize the distinctive underwear, and was lying, then she was trying to point the police to the exculpatory evidence, which she knew had been planted.

(33) The Ramsey's, beginning the second day following the murder, refused to cooperate with the Police, not even consenting to and undergoing interviews until four months later. (Should a 'regular' person with a 'regular' financial situation such as myself attempt such a maneuver, they would have jailed me long before the four months had passed).

The Ramseys refused to voluntarily turn over their telephone records.

John Ramsey telephoned Attorney Bynum first.

The Ramsey's refused lie detector tests for months after the murder, when they finally did take them, they were completely staged and controlled, the questions carefully scripted. John said he was insulted with the request and Patsy agreed.

Patsy Ramsey refused to make her medical records available..... Attorneys were provided for the extended family before they could be questioned by authorities.... Patsy Ramsey denied the amount of time required for pageant preparation.....?

John Ramsey appeared much more angry and upset over the allegation of sexual abuse than the actual murder and loss of his daughter..... John Ramsey stated that he was not angry over the murder of his daughter, but he wanted to know "why"? Patsy Ramsey made the public statement that there are two people who know who did this, the one who did it and the person they confided in?

Was Bynum the person "they" confided in? The only statement regarding the punishment for the murderer made by John Andrew Ramsey, the one word, "Forgiveness".... The only real tears we have seen from Patsy Ramsey to the present was when she spoke of the Death Penalty for the murderer.... Pam, Patsy's sister, stated that she knows who murdered JonBenet but has not discussed this with Patsy (Pam lives in Georgia).... Patsy's father left Boulder earlier than planned on a "stand by" airline ticket.... Patsy Ramsey requested a Psalm, Psalm 57, be read at the funeral, a request for protection.... Whose protection?..JonBenet's, an innocent six year old, or one whose black veiled gaze pondered a tiny casket draped with white blooms of purity. These are not the actions of innocent people.

(34) Ex-Ramsey friends urged the Governor to appoint a Special Prosecutor. Fleet and Priscilla White, former friends of the Ramseys, released a 14-page letter addressed to the people of Colorado on August 19, 1998, asking that they demand that Governor Romer appoint a special prosecutor in the Ramsey investigation.

Fleet accompanied John Ramsey to the basement on December 26, 1996, when Ramsey found JonBenét's body. In December 1997, the Whites asked Romer to appoint a special prosecutor. He declined. In January 1998, the Whites wrote a letter to the Boulder Camera repeating the request. The first two requests received little publicity.

The Whites' August 19 letter to the people of Colorado, which was publicized nationally, followed Governor Romer's refusal to appoint a special prosecutor in response to ex-detective Steve Thomas's letter of August 6.

The letter accused the district attorney and others associated with the case of purposely delaying and obstructing the Grand Jury in the Ramsey investigation in order to dead-end the issue. The letter also focused on what the White's claimed to be questionable political connections and conflicts of interest between and among many of the players in the Ramsey investigation.

The Whites wrote a fourth letter on August 24 which raised questions about Lt. Governor Gail Shoettler's relationship with the Ramseys. Her husband, Donald Stevens, is a long-time friend and fraternity brother of John Ramsey from Michigan State University. Stevens made several phone calls to the Ramseys following the murder. Judith Phillips, a former photographer for the Ramsey family, also wrote a letter to Romer praising the actions of Thomas and the Whites and asking that the district attorney be removed from the case. Romer repeatedly declined to act.

(35) Kevin McNeill, 28, died August 18, 1998 in an Amsterdam hospital from injuries suffered in an accident with a taxi on August 7th. He was the City spokesman in Boulder for seven years until he left in April, 1997 to become director of communications and community outreach for the Gill Foundation, a Colorado Springs-based organization that gives grants and gifts to primarily gay and lesbian causes across the country.

McNeill gained national prominence when he adroitly fielded questions about the JonBenét Ramsey case in the first few months after the murder. He also openly and often expressed sever doubts about the Ramsey's innocence as well as criticizing the Boulder County DA, excusing him ostensibly of obstruction of justice. His death has been reported by many who had witnessed the accident as a 'hit' - his vehicle having been forced head-on into a taxi, a classic MI6 tactic.

(36) The profile of JonBenet Ramsey's killer developed during the investigation is as follows;
...A white female
...Age 35-45 years
...Single or divorced
...Average or slightly above average intellectually.
...A loner and acted alone in murder
...Sexually she would most likely be aggressive and willing to try anything ...with many others of like mind (fit Patsy well, considering the nature of her past sexual abuse).
...Aggressive and controlling with masculine demeanor.
...Overconfident with an air of superiority.
...Neatly groomed, slightly overweight with hair short or frequently tied up.
...High birth order with several siblings; highly educated parents.
...History of bi-polar disorder or other mental illness.
...Works as a paralegal, in security field or as a Police Officer.
...Drawn to excitement-oriented or thrill seeker hobbies, including books and movies (It's been reported by several close to them that the Ramsey's were often purveyors of pornography).
...Appears cooperative with the Ramsey family or authorities investigating the case
...Has experienced stress or crisis in job or relationship, and may have been seen expressing anger prior to murder.
...Has a well established history of drug abuse, used alcohol and/or drugs before and during the murder with increased use afterwards (fits Patsy perfectly concerning the drug use).
...Stays in touch with investigation.

(37) Psychological profiles of Patsy Ramsey's mindset before and after the murder of JonBenet have indicated that she was heavily influenced by the charismatic theological subculture that she had embraced during her bout with cancer.

Psalm 118 is a Biblical chapter that is used quite often in the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement.

This subculture of the Christian Religion has many unwritten fundamentals that they adhere to, and quite frankly, is much more about entertainment than true Christianity, true spirituality. One area in which they divert from main stream Christian theology is in the area of Biblical interpretation.

Because of their extreme emphasis on spiritual gifts, they tend to have a more flexible view of interpretation compared to the more scholarly approach taken by their fellow Christians in main steam denominations.

Rather than believing the scriptures to be the word and will of God being presented to all believers, they take a more mystical approach by viewing the scriptures as a prophetic tool used by God to speak to individual believers. This flexible attitude leads to extraordinarily diverse views theologically as well as individual interpretation and quite often to practices more closely aligned with Occultic (practices) than anything resembling Christianity.

In simplistic terms he or she can do as they choose providing it fits their particular 'interpretation' of scripture. This NOT true Christianity. We believe that Patsy Ramsey took this approach from the Osteen, Hickey and Barnhill books that she was introduced to during her illness.

Several words and phrases that appear in the ransom note also appear together and with great frequency in these books and in the Charismatic subculture.

The following list explains their importance in this case:

1. CORDS OR BINDINGS - Binding is a significant word used frequently in the Charismatic subculture. It stems from the belief that Satan/evil does not operate without Gods permission. This tenant of theology requires that individual believers verbally "bind" Satan's power over their lives through prayer, verbal affirmations to other believers during worship and in some cases through the ceremonial tying of physical cords or ropes around themselves or others. It is probable that the tying of JonBenet's body with cords was linked to Patsy's view of JonBenet's death, whether accidental or deliberate, as a para-redemptive sacrifice similar to the request by God to Abraham regarding his son.

2. S.B.T.C. - In this Charismatic subculture, acronyms are quite common and used frequently as teaching tools and on banners [In church icons]. S.B.T.C. is a well-used acronym that represents the words "SAVED BY THE CROSS". In our extensive database of terroristic groups, we find no use of this phrase with White Supremacy or International Organizations. The author of the ransom note uses this acronym along with the word "victory". The word "victory" is used in this subculture as a verb. It is seen as the result of actions taken by believers to bind and overcome Satan's power primarily in the areas of physical health.

3. SACRIFICE - The concept of sacrifice is prominent in all Christian theology most clearly in the idea of Jesus being sacrificed on the cross for the remission of the world's sins. In Charismatic theology sacrifice is connected to chastisement.

The idea that believers must sacrifice to be truly repentant is emphasized heavily (and this would have been considered by Patsy as the ultimate 'sacrifice').

Charismatic theology holds that true confession involves sacrificial action by the believer. This sacrificial action is usually benign such as asking forgiveness from a person you have offended, but not always. Violent 'sacrifices' in order to atone for past sins have occurred within this movement since it's beginning.

Conclusion: Patsy Ramsey is a delusional sociopath. Based on our experience with religious sociopaths, we believe that she saw JonBenet's death as a sacrifice for 'sins' she had committed, 'sins' committed because of her.

Obviously Psalm 118 does not ask for human sacrifice but in her delusional mindset she interpreted Verse 27 as a request by God for a para-redemptive act.

You are investigating a child's murder with ritualistic overtones. Mrs. Ramsey's motives and post incident actions cannot be understood with rational thought. This crime was committed by a delusional individual who has convinced herself of her own innocence.

Sociopaths always view their violent actions as justified. When a divine intervention is added to this justification pathology, you have a highly volatile individual.

We do not believe, as has been theorized that this murder was the result of sexual assault, those having occurred repeatedly, previously. The autopsy report concerning the vaginal trauma clearly supports that. There is no evidence in pedophile research of strangulation as a means of sexual gratification for a child molester.

Strangulation and sexual assault are most commonly seen in sadomasochism between heterosexual and homosexual adults. Or by late adolescent and young adult males during masturbation.

(38) Both Patsy and her sister were CIA sex slaves, 'turned over' to the (CIA) by their Father and programmed via a major trauma-based mind-control program known as MKultra.
MK Ultra programmed multiples are often used as assassins, information carriers or 'mules', sex slaves or to perform various other tasks for the Illuminati.

Many children are programmed to serve as sex slaves for pedophile politicians and heads of State (Johnny Gosch, Alex Constantine, Cathy O'Brien whose claims include, and many state verified, that George Bush Sr. molested her and her daughter while strung out on heroin - curiously, Bush Sr. was a regular at many of Larry King's, the International Banker, parties in Franklin, and that she was gang-banged by the Bennett Brothers, William, 'finger-wagging Book of Virtues' writer and former commander of our phony drug war, Dick Cheny, Hillary Clinton and Robert Bird - Patsy and sister Pam were certainly two of these 'slaves', servicing many politicians and high-ranking industrialists, in constant demand because of their beauty, re-programmed several years after they each won their respective pageants to 'forget the whole thing', something their behavior latter on in life clearly shows they did not.

John was known to have had quite a few 'affairs' while married to Patsy, who also had many sexual 'suitors' on the side, both male and female. Their marriage was an arraigned one, and distant) as the JonBenet Ramsey investigative team was well aware of, the case including aspects of possible mind-control and cult activity.

The name "JonBenet" is very similar to an Illuminati term for the Devil - "Jonbet".

Both Patsy and her younger sister Pam were crowned Miss West Virginia - 1977 and 1980.

Due to Patsy's programmed, controlled manner, famed-sportswriter and 1977 Miss America judge Frank Deford wrote in his notes that Patsy was "a little automaton - on automatic pilot."

The same was later said of her sister Pam's performance. JonBenét was particularly noted for her ability to freeze all motion and hold a pose, an incredible feat considering she was only six years old.

It is commonplace for the Illuminati/CIA to create mother/daughter mind-controlled teams of sex slaves for the purpose of entrapping public figures and thereafter holding them hostage.

Patsy Ramsey exhibited symptoms of alter/multiple personality switching during media interviews on more than one occasion. It is more than possible that Mrs. Ramsey and her daughter were both mind-controlled sex slaves. If you examine family photographs around 1993 JonBenet is clearly programmed, under mind-control - her eyes are glassy and her body limp.

If this is truly so, Mrs. Ramsey's front alter/multiple genuinely would have no knowledge of the crime allowing her to plead her case of innocence.

However, the 'back' alter/multiple certainly knows of the hideous murder and the violation of all that is Mother - something revealed often in this personality switching during press conferences, her weight and general appearance, her cancer, the dis-ingenious and oddity often displayed during interviews and the obvious lies reflected in her eyes. Her statement of "only God knows and he's not telling" was very revealing.

(A) CIA 'sponsored' patsies, or stooges always use all three of their names. I.E. James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, Osama Bin Laden (one of the few still alive) and so on. The reason for this is simple - 3x6x9 - the numerology of the Illuminati, the New World Order, Satan.

The CIA is the largest Satanic cult in the world - they also run the biggest pedophile ring known to exist and are the biggest drug dealers (in the world along with George Bush Sr. and Richard Armitage). (FBI and ATF patsies use only two of their names). These individuals are known as 'Manchurian Candidates' and have been programmed under MKultra. There were 149 sub-projects listed under the umbrella of MKULTRA.

Project MONARCH has not been officially identified by any Government documentation as one of the corresponding sub-projects, but is used rather, as a descriptive "catch phrase" by survivors, therapists, and possible "insiders".

MONARCH may in fact, have culminated from MKSEARCH sub-projects such as operation SPELLBINDER, which was used to create "sleeper" assassins (I.E. "Manchurian Candidates") who could be activated upon receiving a key word or phrase while in a post-hypnotic trance. Operation OFTEN, a study which attempted to harness the power of occultic forces was possibly one of several cover programs used to hide the insidious reality of Project MONARCH.

John Mark Karr is one of these 'Candidates', who has been 'activated' via a key word or phrase by a handler - most likely a CIA agent in Thailand.

John Ramsey had close ties (with the CIA) through his lucrative Military contracts, and his wife and her family. The timing of this 'activation' is such as to divert attention away from the recent failed, staged 'terrorist' attack by Bush and Blair in London, Patsy Ramsey's death, Karr himself and other factors.

The CIA, and their handlers/controllers, have obviously decided it is time for this hideous crime to 'go away' so that one of their own, one of the 'elitists' can be rescued and restored to good standing and former glory.

How evil, how despicable is it that something such as this should be orchestrated, such perverse and insidious lies told, to cover-up the murder of an innocent, beautiful child who had harmed no one?


The Beatles, Societal Decay, & Jon Bennet (August 16, 2006)



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