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By Ken Adachi <Editor>

Update, Oct. 19, 2008

The information posted below is over a year old, so it may not hold much interest for you. At the time I stated this blog, I was hoping to provide a page where I could jot down odd thoughts and daily observations without taking the time to write a complete article. The first entry is at the bottom of the page and the most recent is at the top. I'm going to try and pick up where I left off last year and post a thought or two daily, as many items that come across the news are fleeting and unless noted, are lost in the daily onslaught of new developments.

May 5, 2007

I heard a segment on NPR (National Propaganda Radio) this morning covering the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the first English settlement in America at Jamestown, Virginia   Of course, the segment linked the Queen's visit to Virginia ("which was planned months before the tragedy in Blacksburg two weeks ago") to comments about the Blacksburg executions and how sad it was that this terrible "loss" reminded the Queen of the need to address those steps "necessary" to insure the "safety of civilized societies". Any idea what she might be hinting at?

The irony of the NPR reporter's comment about the Queen's visit to Jamestown having been "planned months before" the Blacksburg shootings becomes much more relevant when you've read Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories. In the chapter in which she recounts her experiences with Ronald Reagan, there is a section devoted to her trip to England with Reagan (somewhere in the 1980's) in which she was present during a meeting between Reagan and the Queen. It was not an official meeting held at Buckingham palace with reporters in tow. It was a clandestine meeting that took place at a private home (if I recall correctly). The Queen was planning out the life of a person who would be born of Reagan's seed and Brice's egg. This would be a 'special' person who would serve a 'special purpose' in life. Brice recounts during that trip that she had a fetus removed from her uterus by a medical team while still aboard the specially outfitted jet that she was flown to England on, while the jet was parked in a cordoned off area of the tarmac. In fact, Brice dedicates her Thanks book to the memory of that unborn child whom she never got to see or hold in her arms. It was a heart wrenching thing to read. I can't imagine how terrible it was for a mother to have experienced it.

A second irony has to do with the words of Fritz Springmeier spoken at his 1998 presentation at the Granada Forum on the Illuminati and Mind Control. He repeatedly remarked that the 'kingpins' of the Illuminati "wear the best masks" and that the "very top" of the Illuminati wear "the greatest masks of all". He was talking about the Royal Family of England. If there ever was a group of people who display the outward appearance of gentility, civility, nobility, sophistication and grace, it has to be the House of Windsor. The last person on earth who you would suspect was involved in the highest planning echelons of the NWO to reduce the world's population to 500 million and to enslave the balance of humanity into a mind controlled, one world government feudal state, it would be that kindly-looking, grandmother figure who will wear a gaily colored cotton dress while attending the pleasantries surrounding the Kentucky Derby this weekend. If you are a person who thinks that the Queen of England couldn't possibly know what would take place in Blacksburg, Virginia two weeks ago, before it actually took place, then you would be a person who was unaware of the realities of this world.

The Los Angeles police department has within its ranks, sub-human goons who make the Brown Shirts of Hitler's ear look like nice guys. On May 1, a percentage of those uniformed goons brutalized and attacked innocent men, women, children and news reporters at the 'immigrants rights' rally held in MacArthur Park. As you may know, I'm thoroughly against illegal Mexican aliens demanding "rights" from American lawmakers which they don't possess, but I'm equally against seeing anyone who is demonstrating peacefully and without provocation to be suddenly attacked by LA police goons because a very small number of those demonstrators may have engaged in some minor act of defiance against a couple of cops.

While the hispanic mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa, attended to the NWO's free trade business in Central America, he told the leader of the goon squad, LA Police Chief William Bratton, to remain at home and monitor the situation. The Chief monitored the situation very well. His mouth always monitors these incidents of police brutality against innocent people by declaring his intention to "study" the matter and "to look" into it. A "study" will soon follow to add to all of the other "studies" that Chief Bratton has conducted in the past to address other, continuing incidents of police brutality with the outcome always being the same: no change whatsoever in personnel, tactics, or guidelines. No one gets fired. No one gets indicted and no one loses pay. In fact, nothing changes. There are, however, plenty of words to be heard from Chief.Bratton who was endorsed by 13 members of a 15 member LA council committee who were deciding on the merits of Chief Bratton's performance in renewing his contract with the city. That announcement of his endorsement by an overwhelming majority of the recommending committee came on the same evening news program (May 1) that showed us the videos of the LA cops shooting (rubber bullets) and clubbing innocent people in MacArthur Park. Two or three lawsuits have already been initiated against the police department by some of the rally victims. Those lawsuits will be quietly settled out of court, at the sole expense of Los Angeles city taxpayers. No cops will be indicted or removed, or even censored. Nothing will change, except Chief Bratton will continue his weekly chats with NPR and other propaganda outlets to assure us that his efforts to make the LA police department "the finest in the nation", will more forward with certainly and determination.

(maybe more later)

April 27, 2007
I started this page with the intention of keeping a brief log of daily thoughts and observations that I didn't have the time to develop into stand-alone essays. Apparently, I can't find the time for even that, so I'll just have to jot down a few thoughts here and there,. as time permits, and make the best of it.

A couple of days ago, I heard Bill Moyers being interviewed by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! He was doing a promo for his latest 'documentary' on public television about the role of mainstream news media to 'sell' the 911 story about Saddam being a part of Al Queda and getting us into the War in Iraq under false pretenses, etc. I saw a portion of that show. In the radio interview with Amy, Bill was going on and on about people like him and Amy Goodman were doing the yeoman's work of 'alternative' media and dong the job that the mainstream ought to be doing. . Sounds good, but it's not reality.

As much as I find Bill Moyers likable, he's a 'limited hangout' reporter-as is Amy Goodman, and a host of other people who have national media prominence and pretend to be the 'cutting edge' of truth telling, while really limiting the narrative to the excuses that the Illuminati would prefer the readers of alternative media to believe:: incompetence, poor judgment, cozy, first name relationships with the White House, unwillingness to ask the 'hard' questions, etc., etc.

The White House had tried to sell a similar lie about the negligence of the CIA to provide accurate information about the role of Iraq and Al-Queda, etc., when the facts speak to the opposite. Read the news archives of what the CIA was actually reporting prior to the Iraq invasion and the CIA is repeatedly saying that there is NO evidence of Iraq complicity in 911. Every person connected with the Executive Branch of the United States government will always spin a yarn that are exactly 180 degree opposite of the truth. It's amazing, really, how consistently; they reverse every morsel of truth into 180 degree distortion and falsification.

The only guy who seems to have the story straight is Alex Jones. Everyone else who pretends to be the Real Deal in Reportage, the fearless reporter seeking the Truth No Matter the Consequences, is actually a variation of the Bill Moyers/Amy Goodman model.

Devvy Kidd -of all people- debunked the article that I sent to Jeff Rense on April 18 concerning the Virginia Tech shootings of April 16. My article was a reminder that Cho-along with every other school shooter going back to the days of Charles Whitman at the University of Texas-was a MIND CONTROLLED assassin who was programmed to carry out those shootings in order to advance the Illuminati's gun control agenda. .I'll have much to say about Ms Kidd in the near future. I received a long e-mail about 3 months ago from an astute reader who made a convincing case that Devvy was a 'limited hangout' type of reporter as mentioned above. He had obviously read her material in much greater depth than myself. I had accepted her superficial appearance of pro-constitution muckraker at face value. We shall devote the attention that her duplicitous role deserves and reveal her for the gatekeeper that she is. Stay tuned.

I'll add more later...


Februry 24, 2007
Today was free of chemtrail spraying. What a joy to see the sky deep blue and the sun shining through so brightly (and whiter) than it used to; even from a few years ago (how many other people have noticed this?). Since the Winter of 1997/98, I've been paying attention to the sky because of chemtrail spraying and I've noticed a perceptible increase in the whiteness of the sun's rays.

Is it due to changes in the atmospheric envelope of the earth itself or does it have something to do with the purported frequency increase of the earth and our solar system?  I don't know the answer, but I suspect it has more to do with the latter. I've noticed in the very well written articles on the Global Warming Hoax penned by Paul Watson of, that he mentions the sun has increased its warming effect on every planet in our solar system, not just the earth. So the combination of man-made weather manipulation from HAARP (drought 'production", intensified hurricanes, and on-the-spot Killer tornadoes being their specialty) and the almost unknown Extraterrestrial (Darksiders) technology installed under the North and South Poles, along with a sun that's putting out more energy of a higher vibrational order, planetary warming is not a difficult call to make. Let's just be careful to not confuse the utterly bogus nonsense being promoted by Illuminati front man Al Gore and his army of well funded climatological "experts" from the REAL reasons for planetary warming. And certainly don't buy into the "solutions" (soon to be formalized by Queen Pelosi in the House) to fix the problem-just more Big Brother hegemony over your life, liberty, and pocketbook.

A quick thought concerning the death of Anna Nicole Smith.
The first question to ponder whenever we are presented with a mysterious death is always Who benefits?

First, her young adult son, the person who would normally inherit her estate upon her demise, unexpectedly dies of a "drug overdose" we are told. Then, the mother herself, Anna Nicole, suddenly and unexpectedly dies of--what? Well, we haven't been told yet, but the heavy promotion by tabloid TV of the "drug" angle is very high indeed. Add on top of that, the TV interviews with her former 'close personal friend' who said "I knew this was coming", and we have a police folder that is soon going to be  stamped in bright red letters: "Case Closed".

Now we also have the BIZARRE scene of the husband of Zsa Zsa Gabor (of all people!) who comes out of the woodwork to lay claim to being the father of the small baby, Danielynn, who Anna Nicole only recently gave birth to (surely to replace her dead son Daniel as inheritor of her estate), along with live-in lawyer Howard K Stern, and a man named Birkland, and the much despised mother of Anna Nicole.

So why do so many people want to become legal guardian of this baby?

Simply because Anna Nicole had been married some years ago to a very wealthy and older man from whom she rightly and legally inherited a HUGE FORTUNE upon his death. However, the family of that same man did not want Anna Nicole to get a dime of their father's money and have been spending a lot of money over the years on lawyers to cut her out of the father's will-but her claim was airtight. She was the lawful wife of the man at the time of his death and her claim to his estate was rock solid. Given enough time, Anna Nicole would have collected the money. It was just a MATTER OF TIME.

But time has now run out for Anna Nicole, her son Daniel, and only the new baby remains as the next of kin-and inheritor of Anna Nicole's estate; an estate that one day may include a few hundred million dollars-unless that baby also were to unexpectedly die as well in the coming years. I think you can see where my suspicions lay here.

Another dark suspicion that has occurred to me has to do with the lawyer Howard K Stern. He's been living with Nicole for some years and has been at the helm of her legal representation to recover the money from her deceased wealthy husband. But what if he was a plant all along? He's on the inside supposedly overseeing the recovery of her money, but maybe his job was to monitor the situation from the inside and just spin his legal wheels until something 'unfortunate' happened to Anna Nicole and her adult son, as the years rolled by. It would 'fit' the Machiavellian markers in this drama very well, wouldn't it?

Birkland, on the other hand, strikes me as a more sincere individual. In fact, he might turn out to be the real father. Karma has a way of leveling out the score when you are being done in by hidden players.

Just a thought.


Take a look at this great gallery of "unusual" cloud formations. It includes many UFO cloudships, Sylphs, and a host of remarkable 'theater' in the sky. (Thanks to Erica)


Got some great pictures from EJ that he took of chemtrails and some Sylph activity, along with a Black beam photo taken on the same day as our intrepid Black Beam reporter, David.

Here's the e-mail from EJ:

Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007
From: EJ Doyle <>
Subject: Yahoo Only??


Thanks for the great website.

While a recent sky watcher I have been quite active with my chem-chats to others and my photo taking starting on Oct 28th in Hollywood. I've been in contact with Rosalind of Skywatch and some other folk in LA.

The slide shows look their best in Adobe Reader with Full Screen and Actual Size chosen in the menu bar View options.

The Happy Birthday pdf was a San Diego show sent to Keith Obermann. Our Hood was done for my neighbors in Hollywood before I moved down here to SD. to David was the pdf I sent to David



1. Happy Birthday 2 .pdf  (1929.15 KB Download)
2. Our Hood.pdf (559.79 KB Download)
3. to David (DR).pdf  (438.74 KB Download
4. xmas day photo-2.jpg image/jpeg 863.66 KB Download


February 13, 2007
Unfortunately, I'm not posting notes to this page on a daily basis, as I I had hoped to, but I'll try to post more often as I hear and see things in the news everyday that I would like to comment on.

Yesterday and the day before yesterday were chemtrail free with very deep blue skies and thick, very white cumulus clouds. We had a very heavy rain during the night two days ago following a heavy day of chemtrail spraying. I saw quite a few Sylphs out fighting the toxic soup that day and I have to think that they played a role in bringing on the heavy rainfall at night which at least washed the toxins into the ground. Stop the Press....Something unusual just happened .....

After just typing the above words at 12:30 pm, I stepped into the kitchen to get a hot drink and while getting it, I suddenly heard a spattering sound on the patio. What? I'm thinking. I look out the window and I see that's it's suddenly RAINING on the patio! Mind you, I was seeing blue skies, white clouds, and sunshine from the room where I have the computer and I was doing the typing. I grabbed my camera and ran outside (yes I got wet). Unbelievable! There's a single, large, thick, heavy cumulonimbus cloud centered over our house and all around us it's partly cloudy, blue skies, and sunny (I'll post the photos on another page).

Mama Mia, this is the third time that something like this has happened to me. A couple of years ago, I was typing up comments about Sylphs on a Sunday morning when I had to go to the supermarket to pick up a few items. After getting out of the car, I see the biggest Sylph imaginable posing for me in the form of a Flying Crane. It was the ONLY thing in an otherwise cloud-free sky.

The second time I got a first hand message from Sylphs was a few months ago while participating in a 'boosting' session with Lilly Ochescu and other members of the Women Warriors boosting group (we are all sitting at our computers and we can read each other's comments and post our words during this group chat session). One of the members, Tony I think, was counting down from "5" to "1" after invoking a solicitation of help from Sylphs to aid us in the boosting effort at hand. The moment he finished typing "one" on the computer, I heard a thunderclap overheard and it rained for about 30 sesconds (this was at night). That was something (I had earlier noticed that the stars had been out and the sky was cloud free).

The Congressional Treason Show
I briefly heard on the news this morning that the actors posing as US legislators were soundly and vigorously calling Bush to task for his Iraq 'policy failures' while "hammering out" their NON-BINDING RESOLUTION to tell him what a "Bad Boy" (Lou Costello line) he's been and how they're not going to put  up with such things for much longer. Isn't that wonderful? At last! We have a lot of presidential hopefuls and new Democratic legislators who are going to wag their finger at the Bush Team while he continues to go forwad with his Betrayal of America and its citizens.

Thank God, the last election has at least made a meaningful difference in the direction of the undeclared War in Iraq. Now we will get a NON-BINDING RESOLUTION  that will tell the whole world just how serious we are about addressing the criminal acts being perpetrated on the people of Iraq by the Bush regime and those who abetted him. Of course, we can't limit or cut off funding for the war effort because we "would be putting our men at risk" -don't you know! (Oh, pay no attention to that kook Sen Russ Feingold-you know, the lone nut case who voted against the Patriot Act in October of 2001. He doesn't know what he's talking about when he put forward a bill to cut off fuding for the war while assuring his constituents that the troops will in no way be jeopardized or placed at risk as more than enough money is already in place to assure their needs are met).

(I have some other comments I'll try to add later. I wish I had more time for this..Ken)


January 29, 2007


After a week of solid blue skies, we got hit with a very heavy spraying of chemtrails today. It's been a long time since I've seen such a heavy chemtrail bombardment in this area. There was a noticeable blue opening in the center of this chemtrail soup roughly centered over our 5 gallon chembuster and other orgone toys scattered about, but in every other direction, it was thick and dark (DOR clouds), and it mostly obscured the sun. I'll post some photos here so you can see what it looked like (

The anti-war, 'No Funding for Iraq War rally and demonstrations on Jan. 27 in Los Angeles and Washington DC seemed to be well attended. ABC TV news devoted about 1 minute of coverage to both the Los Angeles and Washington DC demonstrations. The lead story for the night was rain. They spent about 6 minutes discussing the rain 'storm' that was bringing much needed precipitation to southern California.

Hiliary Clinton is more than rediculous, she's absurd. The willingness to tell bald face lies while smiling at the camera has reached an unprecedented height. She actually told reporters a few days ago that she was against the war from the beginning and I think it was Counterspin that reported that she


January 16, 2007


Monday, Jan. 15, and today, were both deep blue sky days , free of chemtrail spraying. What a joy not to see chemtails.

You think we've got it bad with chemtrails? I got an e-mail from a lady in British Columbia, living near the airport, whose house has been hit very hard by a jelly like toxic substance from chem sprayer planes in May, November of 2006 and again in Jan of 2007. The sprayings have made  her and her dogs extremely ill. She said that it sounded like hard rain when her house was drenched in this toxic goo and now she's getting blasted with some type of bright metal particles that "shine in the night sky". She said that the dousing "sucked the oxygen right out of her lungs". I'll be posting the details shortly.

On the radio:

Heard a very good speech given by Bill Moyers on the fight to maintain freedom of the internet and the need to take back our public airwaves from the corporate mob. He spoke at a weedend conference in Nashville , TN on taking back media control. You can find it on Amy Goodman's web site

Glad to hear of the growing ranks of military personnel who are publicly resisting the Iraq War and the coming Iran War. Hope there are more Lt. Watada's out there. It takes GUTS to resist the military mentality --while you're in the military.

It's easy to be a brainless flag waver.

Later in the afternoon, I heard Ralph Nader on KPFK give an even more powerful talk about breaking out of the "growing up corporate" mentality given to a student group at UCLA in October 2006. .

I was also sent a patriot-style, pro-constitution tabloid newspaper (many thanks to Sid Sargent of Lincoln ) from Arkansas called The  American Family Voice edited by Loretta Weston .

PO Box 127
Russellville, AR 72811
E-mail: <>

One good article after another! I'm going to scan and post a few articles from the January edition. I need to list on my web site the name, web site, and address of similar pro-liberty, local publications around the country. Grass roots activity is the ONLY HOPE TO SAVE AMERCIA, now that we are in the eleventh hour of our betrayal.

Hope to post more later..


January 14, 2007

I guess I should have started a daily journal a couple of years ago since it's a good way to post quick thoughts and daily observations without getting into the formality and time required to write an article. I'm not sure that I'll have the time to post something here everyday, but it will at least be a concurrent log of short bits of information that would otherwise not be posted. I hope you'll find this information of interest to you.

I like to listen to a portable radio through ear buds while I'm working. I listen to KPFK (Los Angeles, Pacifica station) in the morning and National Public Radio (on KPCC in Pasadena) at most other times. NPR is a full bore propaganda operation that tells me precisely what the Tavistock Institute wishes me to accept as a natural unfolding of daily events (formerly thought of as 'history'), instead of the planned, scripted, and engineered "reality" that's being delivered to us 24/7.

I've tried on several occasions to run through every AM stations to see if I could find even one talk show that had some miniscule interest in revealing the truth about what's going on in the world and in this country, but there are none. There are only shrill and grating propaganda motor mouths like  Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannuity, or savages like Michael Savage. AM radio is truly a Wasteland

It's only slightly better on FM radio. At least I found two talk radio stations that I can listen to without being driven up the wall.

I'm just waking up to the advantages of pod casting, but I haven't read much yet to know all the details. For those of you who already do know the details, tell me if it's possible to buy a portable "ipod" player (or receiver) and listen to Internet ipod broadcasts, like one might do with a portable radio. If that technology already exists, then I'm going to be a very happy and relieved fellow.


Today is the second day we are free of chemtrail spraying (so far, 2:30 PM) in this area. It's such a delight to see the sky a deep blue and free of the phony "contrails clouds" raining down poisons on unsuspecting and innocent citizens around the world (except for China, of course, and other "chemtrail-free" protected locations)

I heard Cindy Sheehan being interviewed early this morning (3:30-4:00 am) by Owen Bennet Jones of the BBC World News (Tavistock mouth piece) which I only hear on KPCC (NPR radio station) during the early morning hours. She did such a magnificent job of telling the truth about the Iraq War and the Bush Team, handily resisting (and rebuffing) Jones' attempts to goad and bait her into an emotional reaction to his jabs. What a wonderful mother, human being, and American patriot Cindy Sheehan is. I can't praise her enough. If you can go to KPCC radio and find the archive of her BBC interview, you will see what I mean (send me the link if you find it).

more later ...

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