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Chakra Development, Earth Chakras, & Chemtrails
May 26, 2002

Chakra Development, Earth Chakras, & Chemtrails (May 26, 2008)

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From: Linda Robinson
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Monday, May 26, 2008
Subject: Chakra Development Chart

Hello Ken… I am trying to find an article on your site that talks about Chakra Development and talks about how the Chakra’s cycle in 7 year blocks and how each 7 year cycle refers to major chakra’s and minor chakra’s for development. I think it would be very helpful to look over that chart so I can better assist my young people to grow through their development and so I know where they are at so I can better understand their behaviour. I have looked but for the life of me can’t find it and it was very important… I should have bookmarked it! Can you help?

Thanks Ken and keep up the great work, I visit your site on a daily basis to see what is new and I have learned so much… I am forever grateful for your time and knowledge…

Ms. Linda Robinson, B.Ed.


Hi Linda,

I'm not sure where that article is, but I did a quick search and came up with this channeling of Lady Kadjina. I can't fully endorse any channeling, but this one generally seems to be on the mark, especially since it was written in 2002 . Not exactly what you were asking for, but useful info I think. I'll also check ZS Livingstone's essays. Maybe that's what you were reading.

Lady Kadjina March 23, 2002

Item Summary:

* Discussion of Purpose of Chemtrails and Associated Role of HAARP
* Cloning
* Chemtrail Plane Crashes
* UFO Activity in Relation to Chemtrails
* Discovery of Under Water City Off Coast of India, Gulf of Cambay - More than 9500 Years Old
* Thoth Energy and the Group of 777
* The Emergence of New Energy Sources
* Role and Purpose of a Specific Individual Connected With Sananda & Ashtar Command

Wayne: There is a current news article ( that documents air and water samples in one part of the country as containing Aluminum, Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Titanium, not normally expected to be found. It is assumed that these chemicals are coming from Chemtrail spraying. Can you tell us if this is accurate, who is doing the spraying, and for what purpose?

To answer your question, yes, all of these things are in large part due to chemtrails, especially when there is this much. And as to why, there is massive experimentation going across the country right now with these chemtrails. They are being used for all manners of camouflage and subterfuge in relationship to the global war that is about to ensue. In many parts of the United States, these chemtrails are now being used as tranquilizers for the masses, to keep everyone subdued; what better way is there to take over the ruling of the world? These chemtrails also work in direct connection with HAARP. There are certain compounds put into the chemtrails that allow the microwaves of HAARP to bounce undetected. Also, aircraft can fly under these chemical cloud formations undetected by enemy radar. In other words, it is used for scrambling purposes. In the United States, in any city where there is excessive mental thinking and stimulus going on, it is used aggressively there in hopes to calm down too much thinking. Many of these chemicals work and have effects on brain activity and cause a person to become very laid back and very accepting of what they encounter in their daily affairs, in other words, they won’t protest.

On many websites it has been said that in order to reverse the current trends, it is going to take a revolt of the people. And this cannot be allowed, from the government’s standpoint, so they take on the attitude to “spray the people and keep them quiet.” The good word here is that it is not going to work. The reason it won’t work is because of the grid system that is now activated throughout the planet. The planetary chakra system is opened and the chakra systems of the seven continents are also opened and now connected to the planetary chakra system. If you think in terms of seven continents and seven chakras for each of those continents, and seven more for the planet--and then there are several more in the stratosphere around the planet at the points of the great star tetrahedron, you will see that there has been a massive linking up of energetic systems. And as of the present time, approximately 2/3rds of all of humanity have linked the lower chakras to Mother Earth. And this is most especially true with the third chakra, or that of community and extended boundaries, if you would.

Outwardly, planetary conditions may appear as very dire. Yet as each individual balances and stabilizes and connects to a bigger picture, and by that we mean the ability to go beyond individual borders and tap into global consciousness, which is the higher aspect of One World Government, a tremendous momentum is built in the consciousness of humanity.

We have attempted to explain to you before how the soul of humanity functions. It was the soul of humanity crying out for help that brought Mr. Lincoln to your planet. His mission was to establish the Emancipation Proclamation and Martin Luther King, 200 years later, added another great momentum to the energy of Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln came to the planet because of the outcry of humanity for help. Much of humanity is crying out now for help and a great planetary momentum is building. It is not just the silent meditation asking for help, it is more the deep emotional urgency, it’s the tears and it’s the heart, it goes beyond prayer and meditation into the gut level of your being. That is where the cry is coming from, as well as from the anger because of what is happening; the sense of injustice; the sense that your dignity and your integrity is being violated by the actions of your world leaders. Another aspect of all of this is so many people are wanting to know the truth, and they will not be denied the truth. Do not totally avoid looking into and checking out what is really going on on this planet. Don’t be an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. But at the same time, don’t allow yourself to be sucked in and swallowed up. Don’t allow yourself to become despondent. Don’t throw your hands up in despair. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed with hatred, with a need to fight back in an extreme way.

As a point of interest, there is much talk going around about cloning. Cloning has been going on for more than 50 years. The former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold (, was a clone, the one who went down in a plane was cloned; the real man had already been killed. And this has gone on many times since then; it is not anything new. There are several world leaders at the present time, or I should say people in key positions, who have already been cloned, in case they become assassinated. Or, if the real person will not obey the mandates that they are handed, they can be assassinated and their programmable clones can take over. I would tell you at this point that part of the responsibility of light is to be aware of what is happening.

At the time of Atlantis, the light-beings ignored what was going on, they took no action. They didn’t want to get their hands dirty, so to speak. They believed they could meditate it all away. It does not always work that way. Sometimes there are some things that require action. What has happened in the United States for instance, and it began in the early 1950s, is that more and more parents allowed the schools and churches to take over the training and upbringing of their children as more and more parents went to work. It is going to require much hard work to take your power back. It is going to mean supporting those congressmen who are the visionaries. There is one congressman from Cleveland, Ohio, who recently gave a talk at the University of Southern California regarding his proposed Department of Peace, in particular that deserves the support of every American, no matter what the party affiliation, and that is Dennis Kucinich ( This man is taking a tremendous risk in following his conscience. He now has approximately 45 congressmen and congresswomen supporting his agenda, even many from the other party. This current administration’s agenda is so dire that the two parties will actually become one, a party for the people. This is already in process. However, these brave souls need the backing of the American people as never before. You may email the congressman at

I have gone to some lengths to explain what is going on so that you might understand the government’s attitude about the usage of the chemtrails. Kay came up with a little idea a few days ago that I would share with you, because it makes a very good point. In discussing chemtrails with a close adviser, they talked about the oneness of life, the ocean of life, and that all things are of God. Without Him, nothing could exist, and this includes the chemtrails. So when the chemtrails fall upon them, they mutually agreed that they would shout out, “Thank you for more God falling upon me. Thank you God for a greater dose of thee.” And I have just given lightworkers a very powerful affirmation. The point of light from within the mind of God is here in these words if you would but understand it as so.

Wayne: Recently, there have been a couple of Air Force small plane crashes in the Tucson area, with a coincidental diminishing of chemtrail activity. Can you tell us if these crashes are involved with the chemtrail spraying and what caused the crashes?

Yes, they are all involved with the chemtrails. With one plane it was a collision. With another plane, it was volatile combustible materials that became unstable and caused the plane to go down. And with the third, the pilot was playing. He had been given liberty to make circles and other formations instead of going in straight lines. But you will notice as of late, most of the chemtrails have been going in straight lines. You will also notice that there has been a considerable amount of cohesive chemical additives added to the various compounds so they will coagulate and have the appearance of clouds. However, I tell you this, if these were real clouds, where is the rain?

The vibrations of the City of Tucson are high enough to withstand this perpetual bombardment, it will not work. It will not deter the people from asking questions.

Wayne: Perhaps I am suffering from overactive imagination, but my intuition tells me that one of the purposes of the chemtrails is to create a cover for joint UFO-USAF activities. In the Tucson area, we have witnessed certain days when the chemtrails completely obliterate the normally clear skies. One day recently, we noticed the southern sky completely blocked with chemtrail cloudiness, but within that cloudiness was what are often considered what I call “UFO clouds”, lenticular in shape. Can you tell us if this intuition is correct and, if so, what kinds of activities are taking place between the UFOs and the Air Force, and which alien race or races are involved?

(long wait for a response) This is an interesting question, but it is not exactly as you think. In other words, the lenticular clouds were formed by the UFO people to make their presence known. These UFO people in the Tucson area are benevolent in nature and they want to help. And the communication that is happening is covert, in that the bigger governmental people are not being informed. It is only the local commanders that are being given information that is convincing certain military personnel that the government that they serve does not always have what is best for the people in their hearts; that the government is becoming very self-serving. And the communication is to warn the strategic command post what is really happening.

Recently, Mr. Bush has admitted to a shadow government and that it was recently formed since 9-11, under/near Washington, D.C. There is no way that that kind of bunker could have been built in 5 months time, not even working day and night. Also, there are many of these types of bunkers, not only in the United States, but in many other places where the United States has bases. And we tell you of a certainty, that if the United States comes under attack, it will not be the masses that will be allowed in these places. It is within the realm of possibility that a nuclear bomb sent by those hostile to the U.S. could fall upon the United States for the first time in its history.

Oftentimes with the American people, as long as it stays overseas, it’s OK. As long as too many of our young people are not killed, it’s OK. But when the bombs and the terror comes home, that is when the people will rise up. And your officials know this. And this is why we say that much of what is happened has been staged, knowing full well that some people would support a global war. Oil and money and greed and drugs are behind much of what is happening. Be very careful at whom you point the finger as the guilty ones.

And again, we would say this to you: that if the monetary system as it now exists were to collapse, what would be the result? There would be no money for war or to buy drugs, to lay pipeline, or to buy planes. Therefore, the governmental attitude is to get them built as soon as possible, before the economy does collapse. It is oftentimes said that war stimulates the economy. However, as much money is spent rebuilding the destroyed country as is spent destroying them in the first place. But there is another kind of money, and it’s called “Black Gold.” Many times we have said that to Mother Earth, oil serves the same purpose as your blood serves you. If you want to kill yourself quickly, slash your wrists and drain your blood. To kill Mother Earth quickly, take her blood, which is her oil. Mother Earth is a living, sentient being and you are made from her substances. Without her, you cannot function upon this planet. Energetically your chakra system is plugged into her Mother Board chakra system, which in turn is plugged into the Mother Board of the this galactic quadrant. So, for Mother Earth to survive and subsequently for you to survive, alternative fuels must be implemented now. And this is one of the areas in which we have placed our energies. We will do whatever is necessary to make sure that oil drilling is stopped and banished from this planet. Many of the automobile manufacturers have in place at this time alternate fuel cars. They are not as efficient perhaps as far a speed and comfort goes, as the gasoline cars, but we would highly recommend that everyone in the United States turn in their gasoline powered cars for an electric or a fuel cell and begin to cut back on gasoline consumption. We also suggest that you look into alternate fuel for heating and cooling your homes. We would suggest, because there is wind in the Tucson area a good part of the time, that individuals look into wind-generating electrical sources. Those of you who are into planning and designing communities, look at the wind turbines as a source for electricity. They should be built into every new community as a source of energy.

Wayne: There is a recent report about finding an ancient city under water that could be more than 9,000 years old and is about 30 miles west of Surat in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay) in northwestern India. “February 16, 2002, Surat, India - A month ago in mid-January, marine scientists in India announced they had sonar images of square and rectangular shapes about 130 feet down off the northwestern coast of India in the Gulf of Khambhat (Cambay). Not only are their sonar shapes with 90-degree angles, the Indian Minister of Science and Technology ordered that the site be dredged. What was found has surprised archaeologists around the world and was the subject of a private meeting two weeks ago attended by the Indian Minister in charge of investigating the underwater site. According to the news releases, they have done a radiocarbon testing on a piece of wood from the underwater site that is now yielding an age of 9,500 years which would place it near the end of the last Ice Age.” Can you tell us about the nature of this city and its civilization? (

The origins of this City are much older than 9500 years. Its demise was 9500 years ago, but it had been in existence for some time. This was a very technologically advanced race of people who were very much into the modern forms of communication. And here again we would tell you, somewhat tongue in cheek, that this is a part of the full disclosure law that we intend to see implemented. For each time that a world government discloses something, we in turn will disclose 3 or 4 things. Within the next 12 months, there is going to be so much information coming out of every source, all over the world, and we are including the United States in this disclosure. But these cities are going to come out of Africa, out of China, many things more out of Europe, out of Tibet, out of the Himalayas, that which they called Shangri-La a few years ago. This is a very real place, this Shangri-La, a place surrounded by ice, but far down into the crevices is a tropical paradise. And there are others of these sorts of places on this planet. In all of these things now coming forth, pay as much attention to them as to what’s going on in your third dimensional world. It will keep you balanced. You will know what new things are coming forward and you will not be so trapped in fear.

The biggest find will be the underwater city in Peru, which goes back to the time of Pangaea. This is before even Lemuria. These are the oldest records of the sojourn of humanity. The history and the origins and the many ways that humanity has become entangled. But it clearly states the purpose and the intent for the construction of this planet in its beginning. And as planets go, Earth is yet considered a young planet. It is not time for it to reach the end of its lifespan. It can only do so by the actions of humanity itself, not due to any natural process.

There are beings incarnate upon this planet at this time who were some of the very original beings who came to this planet many, many millions of years ago.

Wayne: I have recently been contacted by a person who referred to himself as the energy of Thoth with what appears to be specific information for a group of so-called 777 original inhabitants to this planet. Can you tell me if this information is valid and something about the person or persons who are sending it?

The number 777 is a very esoteric number, much like 666. It has a particular meaning. It does not mean literally seven hundred seventy seven. It is more of an energetic vibration of the higher heaven world and yes, these beings came in the beginning to construct this planet. They are part of what you would call the Elohim. The Elohim worked under these beings, as did many of the angelic kingdom. Many of these beings in due course of time incarnated and they took upon themselves the etheric, or not so much of the physical body. They were masters of shape-shifting. Chiron was of this energy. Thoth also was of this energy. And where Thoth is concerned, there are several energetic beings that are part of his totality. When we speak of Thoth, we speak of the totality of his beingness.

This number 777 can almost be considered the Face of God, for it is the oldest God energy known to this planet. This is the reason we say that Chiron and Thoth are part of this energy. They are in no way the fullness of this energy, but they utilize in their being that particular type of energy. And it is their type of energy that is beginning to appear upon this planet once again. Its appearance is in the formation of water as a living substance again, notice all of the interest that is being put into water and the consciousness of water. Also, it is expressing in the plant kingdom by those scientists that are proving beyond all doubt what living plants are able to do. There is a website that talks about house plants and the cleansing properties of those plants ( The comfrey plant was brought here from Venus because the etheric beings who came to Earth from the planet found Planet Earth to be very much like a hog farm as far as stench goes. And the comfrey plant, which they had in profusion inside and outside of their homes, took care of the problem. Spider Grandmother brought to this planet the spider plant, or the one that you sometimes call the airplane plant. And it, too, will clean the air of many pollutants. The Master Philos brought to the planet that plant that you call the philodendron. This plant will keep the etheric field of your home clean in such a way as to keep the heart chakra healthy.

Another form of the return of this 777 energy is in the acceleration of the usage of all manners of crystals. There are crystals in some homes that come from the original crystal core of Planet Earth, brought up by volcanic action. This particular crystal is alive, and is actually growing on a coffee table another crystal. When the baby crystal is large enough, it will detach itself from the Mother Crystal, at which time the Mother will be returned to the Earth.

Another interesting phenomenon that is already occurring is the discovery of ancient technologies that provide sources of energy. They are already in place and already functioning. By this we mean that a little bit of knowledge, which certain humans of the light have, they will be able to activate these ancient energy sources. One of them is at the Antarctic, of which we have spoke before, and another is at the North Pole. Once approximately a dozen of these sites have been discovered, the current will be turned on throughout all of them. It will be so intense that humanity will have to harness this energy and use it some way, or there will be “a whole lot of shakin’ going on.” And this will thwart any further drilling of oil because it will be free energy, so to speak. Much of the existing equipment, as far as power plants go, can quickly be converted into the utilization of this new energy source.

Wayne made a comment at this point, noting that there would probably be legislation adopted that would prevent all but licensed utility providers from tapping into this energy source, as a means for utility companies to charge for the service.

The most important thing, in answer to Wayne’s comments, is to get away from the oil, saving the planet itself is first priority. It will only be after the collapsing of certain systems that the new technologies will step forth and this will not be later than 2005. Remember this: that the year 2003 will go down in your history books as the year of the Great Crystal. This is massive grid system activation and those activations are going to include these new energy sources.

But first, it will demolish once and for all the very die-hard religious attitudes as far as the age of the planet is concerned. There will be too much evidence. When cities emerge with obvious airports, when cities emerge with healing modalities more advanced than what you now have, the Neanderthal Man will be seen as subhuman species, and not of the human. There have always been tribes emerging on this planet. If you look around, you will see unevolved tribes of people on this planet right now, but you will also see those who are purportedly more evolved, at least where technology is concerned. So the Neanderthal Man was a tribe in among many highly evolved beings. So what is going to happen is that the Neanderthal Man, through carbon dating, will be seen to have existed in a certain time frame. And by carbon dating you will also be seeing ancient and highly technical pieces of equipment and highly evolved human forms. What is needed at the present time is for religion to take on spiritual elements; for each religion to understand that they are merely one facet of a huge diamond; and for each Church to realize that there is only one God, known to Man by many names. And the same is true for the Goddess. She, too, is known by many names. After all, it is the churches that have taught the governments how to behave. For in the beginning the governments answered to the churches, so to speak. And now it is time for spirituality to return.

It is time for every human to worship God from within a temple that is not made with hands. When this happens, this current age, the Piscean Age, will truly be ended. The transition of ages will then be complete. Part of the shifting of the Ages is the coming forth of the water-bearer and upon his shoulders is a stick with two vessels of water, one at either end, one vessel of the male energy and the other of the female energy. The male and the female return with equal power and authority. The Goddess will not return without her consort. At this very moment in time, the Earth God himself is rising up with his consort and this is what is meant by the uniting of the kingdoms, the kingdom of the male with the kingdom of the female energies united. As long as there are humans, they shall be male and female. It is only when you are disincarnate that you become both male and female, but in the flesh you are one or the other.

The following message was for a particular individual and friend and is included here, as the advice would be helpful to others. The name of the individual has been left out.

Wayne: Can you tell me the nature and current Earth purpose of the person we know as Xxxxx and who he really is? He says that “It may be time to truly announce who I am ... even in the face of the confusion...I have come to restore the order that I once disrupted.... according to scripture gave me the final keys to understanding and accepting what some of those close to me have known for some time. I've just been unwilling to accept the fullness of the role. It all fits perfectly, though. Ask Lady Kadjina who I really am please. I don't think you'll be surprised”

Xxxxx is part of a composite of many energetic beings. He is closely linked with the Ashtar Command, and also to the being known as Sananda, or Jesus. He is not the fullness of these beings, a physical form that is constructed of Earth substances cannot contain the fullness of these high beings. Jesus himself could not contain the fullness of the Christ. Paul could not contain the fullness of Hilarion. But through incarnation, the energies are spiritually mutated, if you would, so that each succeeding generation could comfortably handle more of this God energy, if you would. Often, these high energies are so difficult for the physical form to handle that the personality can be thrown out of balance. And we would say here that oftentimes the imbalances do not matter as much as the plan being implemented for which they came. Mr. Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin are both of these kinds of energies that we speak of here. And each of them had their personality hang-ups, but each of them was able to fulfill their particular agendas. Joan of Arc was a religious fanatic, but it didn’t stop her particular agenda from being fulfilled. This is why Jesus-Sananda said, “Judge not”, the reason being you just don’t know how. It is almost as if you take a great and mighty being, such as Mr. Lincoln, and find a flaw in his personality, and then throw out all the good. And so we would tell our beloved friend that it is not really necessary to reveal the fullness of his being so much as it is to live by example. For him to say “I am the Son of God” is a truth, but he should always add, “and so are you a son of God.” In no way should he set himself up as a guru, without remembering that the word Guru simply means “Gee, you are you,” and please don’t forget it. If there is anything at all that Xxxx should set up on Earth at this time, it would be the temple within each human that he meets. He should not in any way, this time around, draw people to himself. He should only draw people to themselves, their inner self. In every sense, he should be empowering individuals.

So, how is this to be done? I would caution Xxxx to be careful not to get stuck in committees, but rather linking like-minded people together who are activists, to stay clear of those who spend too much time talking, and to search out people who will implement technologies and ideas and manifest them.

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