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The Nature of Disinformation
Gatekeepers’ perceptual gap turns our lives into predetermined fiction

By John Kaminski <>
June 17, 2006

The Nature of Disinformation by John Kaminski (July 4, 2006)

The Mindlock, Part 5: The nature of disinformation

Have you ever tried telling one of your neighbors about what you think really happened on 9/11, or in Iraq, or in New Orleans, as opposed to the way your local TV news reported it? Observe the stress on the faces of people considering these questions. Pain, followed by evasion, and a shuffling of the feet. Most people know, but are afraid to say it.

Welcome to the gatekeepers’ perceptual gap, better known as the mindlock. As our thoughts become frozen by ambivalence and fear, no one can really answer the question of why we choose to believe lies, when the truth is right in front of us.

On the one hand, the world runs on the predetermined commercial lies we are told every day. But at the same time, we also think — after first suddenly lowering our voices and glancing furtively around to make sure no one inappropriate is listening — that we don't really believe the stories our government and TV people have told us is true.

In the silence of this dichotomy dwells the fear everyone is feeling. It is impossible to feel both things and stay sane, and the political condition of the world reflects this confusion.

This is the gap between spin and substance. It is run by the gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are those who process information but withhold some crucial detail. In pursuit of self-advantage, we are all gatekeepers, in some respects.

More recently, gatekeepers has been the word chosen to denote phony patriots like Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky, and phony websites like Truthout,, and 911truth, which pretend to be in hot pursuit of truth, but inevitably wind up down some dead end street with nothing to show for the words invested except debunked fantasies and endlessly debatable lists of minutia that prevent people from keeping their eye on the ball.

The key to the solution of many of the world's problems — which is Jewish control of the money and media supply — is deliberately avoided by these gatekeepers. They hammer free speech into autism by creating laws that make no sense except to those trying to limit and control the thoughts of everyone else. And we worry ourselves into early graves, speeded along by the poisons from which so many predators profit.

Gatekeeping is intrinsic to human behavior. If you don't love someone, or if you don't respect them, then they very often become enemies, or prey, mostly in the financial sense. One can't be expected to not act in one's best interests, now can one? So that information presented by anyone becomes a probe for personal advantage. And taken species-wide, that has never kept the peace, has it? Exploitation is the lifeblood of humanity.

Trouble is ... as Americans we grew up with a certain degree of civility, a process in which most of us truly believed. It was only when we got past 30 that it began to dawn on us that this smooth veneer of civilized society with which we had been presented was — and had been — anything but that.

It generally takes perspectives from around the world to profoundly perceive the behavior of the USA over time. Most Americans have no clue about the validity of the phrase "we are as others see us."

Fact is, Bubba, the rest of the world sees Americans as conscienceless, drug-addled, sex-crazed killers. Yet American media portrays Cowboy Bush and his mad-dog, Israeli-coached saboteurs as heroes worthy of status and praise. Now that is the power of the Jewish media. A vivid glimpse of the gap of the gatekeepers.

Judith Miller of the New York Times single-handedly got the U.S. into the poisoned war in Iraq with her phony source stories in this beacon of American journalism. a Jewish enterprise if there ever was one.

William Randolph Hearst famously said, "You furnish the pictures; I'll furnish the war." His father hit it big in the California gold rush, and always consulted Jews before proceeding in business.

Jewish-generated hatred of Muslims expressed through thousands of TV anchors into the minds of the populace got most of us to believe that Islamic terrorists ran planes into the Twin Towers. Five years later, there exists not a shred of evidence to prove this was so, except for what has been fabricated by the Israeli-controlled Pentagon.

So, where was it you said you got your information?

TV and newspapers? Only now, five years later, is the Los Angeles Times running regular stories about the “possibility” of a 9/11 scam?

The deflective apparatus has been put in place. Phony Palestinian talk show hosts. Jews posing as Israeli critics. And a 9/11 skeptics movement that has been stonewalled, denigrated and ripped apart by calculated infighting. Sure, the New York Times can write condescendingly about college professor conspiracy theorists at a conference that was set up not to address the real issue in the first place.

A double layer of gatekeeping doublespeak.

So you seek refuge, some kind of sanity, on the Internet? And how do you determine who's real and who's not? Answer: you very often don't.

But you know the guys on TV are fake. Just listen to how they never criticize Israel. Even as Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian children in the head for sport. Even as our own American army is being destroyed by poison ammunition given to them by their own erstwhile leaders. Could I please have an "Amen! That's treason!"?

Yet, the newspapers yammer on about American bravery. What is the name of the latest fabricated terrorist? Who are our heroes all coming home in boxes or at least deformed in some profound way? And what do our leaders say about it?

Let’s ask Madeleine Albright, another closet Jew who supposedly “discovered” her ethnicity only recently. “We think the cost was worth it,” was her famous line about the deaths of a half-million Iraqi children BEFORE the real invasion of Iraq even happened.

And what newspaper did you read that in? Maybe one or two, but you sure as hell never heard it on TV. And then if you did, you probably didn’t listen to it anyway.

Who do we not want to hear the words we really feel inside? What penalty will we incur if our inmost thoughts reach the wrong ears?

And what are we actually permitted to say making honest observations about American behavior, and not get thrown in jail? What are we actually allowed to think?

As Donn deGrande Pre once said, the enemy is way inside our gates.

Perhaps it may be that only until we see accurately inside ourselves will we be able to accurately realize what has been done to the world in our names, and hang our heads in shame.

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John Kaminski

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, watches the weather compulsively during hurricane season, and writes essays that appear on certain courageous Internet sites. His capsule of 9/11, The Day America Died, and his new collection of essays, “Recipe for Extinction” are both available at


Sanctifying Slaughter by John Kaminski (July 4, 2006)


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