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Sherri Kane's Restraining Order Against A. True Ott Is Riddled with Improprieties : Is It Legally Tenable?

From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 10, 2011

Sherri Kane's Restraining Order Against Dr. A. True Ott Is Riddled with Improprieties: Is It Legally Tenable? (June 10, 2011)

Update, June 11, 2011. Here is the SECOND set of set of temporary restraining order court papers which now include the two MISSING pages, conveniently absence from the first set of papers e-mailed to True Ott by Horowitz and Kane, as well as the MISSING signature of Sherri Kane, also conveniently absence from the first set of papers. You will understand the significance of sending the second set after you read the story presented below.

Update, June 10, 1PM PDT. I have never inserted an "update" on the same date that I posted an article, but I gleaned additional relevant information since writing (& posting at 6:30 AM) the article seen further below about the judge in this matter issuing a temporary restraining order without a written signature from Sherri Kane. Here's the latest:

True Ott receives an e-mail from Sherri Kane (c.c. to Len Horowitz and Ott's attorney) with the subject title of "TRUE OTT Complaint Relevant to Loughlen Murders." That e-mail included the court paperwork seen in this pdf file:

(This is the same pdf link which I posted in yesterday's article about the Kane temporary restraining order against A. True Ot.)

True Ott replies to Sherri Kane (and Len Horowitz and Ott's attorney) that A) pages 2 and 3 of court documents CH-120 (Notice of Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order) are missing; and B) he notes that there is no signature next to her name on court documents CH-100 ((Request for Orders to Stop Harassment).

Sherri replies back:

"All of the pages are there. Check it again. I will follow up with your attorney to confirm this. S"

To which True Ott replies to Len Horowitz:

"Very good. Still missing pages 2 and 3 of CH-120 form - as apparently you are unable or unwilling to provide them I will:" [snip] (full text provided further below)

True Ott next receives a lengthy e-mail response from Len Horowitz which now includes the missing pages 2 and 3 from CH-120 and also includes page 4 of the CH-100 form which NOW has Sherri Kane's signature on it. The full text of Len's e-mail to True will be reproduced further below, but for now it's important to note two things:

A) Len Horowitz tells True Ott to stop sending him e-mail about the restraining order business and tells Ott to only communicate with Sherri Kane since she's the "chief complainant", and said:

B) "The above attachment contains the omitted pages 2 and 3. The Court accepted the filing as was mailed to you, but it has now been updated as per your request." [snip] (underline and bold text are mine)

So here's the significance of these two items:

1. Len Horowitz is encouraging True Ott to send e-mail communications to Sherri Kane instead of him, despite the fact that they are talking about a temporary restraining order signed by Judge Corey S. Cramin on June 2, 2011 that FORBIDS True Ott from communicating with Sherri Kane via e-mail or any other form of communication.

2. Len Horowitz admits to True Ott that the court "accepted" the documents "as was mailed to you" (meaning sent by e-mail, E.g. the same documents seen in the above pdf link), "but it has now been updated per your request."

In other words, now that A True Ott brings it to Sherri and Lenny's attention that Sherri didn't sign the CH-100 Request form submitted to the court --which Judge Corey S. Cramin had already signed off on, and issued the temporary restraining order--that the court paperwork has now been "updated as per [True Ott's] request."

Based on Len Horowitz's words, it seems that Len asked Sherri to sign the CH-100 Request form after True Ott complained about it on June 8, and then forwarded a copy of her signed form to the court in order to be "updated" as per True Ott's "request." If that is what happened here, then we are looking at serious case of judicial misconduct on the part of the judge and conspiracy to commit fraud on the part of Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane.

Beyond the signature issue and the "updating" impropriety explained above, there are other problems with the temporary restraining order issued by Judge Cramin on June 2, 2011. Those problems include the California court's jurisdictional authority over A. True Ott, a citizen of Utah, and the legally required manner of "serving" True Ott the paperwork issued by Judge Cramin. It seems that Sherri Kane was under the impression that sending True Ott an e-mail copy of the Judge's orders constituted "service."

Below is the information I wrote earlier this morning regarding the issue of Judge Cramin signing off on the temporary restraining order without Sherri Kane's signature (at the time, I didn't realize that Len sent True Ott another e-mail which included the two missing pages and a page which now included Sherri's signature). Following that section, I'll post the full texts of the e-mails that went back and forth between Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and True Ott on June 8 so you can follow the thread of what I've explained above....Ken Adachi

I received five e-mails last night from Dr. A. True Ott which included copies of e-mails that flew back and forth between True Ott, Len Horowitz, and Sherri Kane: some of those e-mails as recent as June 8, 2011 and others as far back as August 2010. In this posting, I will focus on the e-mails sent on June 8, 2011 between Len Horowitz and True Ott concerning the June 2, 2011 temporary restraining order signed by California Superior Court Judge Corey Scott Cramin from his courthouse in Laguna Hills, California.

There are many questionable improprieties about this temporary restraining order that need to be examined. The most glaring of all, as True Ott reminds me in his June 9 e-mail, is that there is NO SIGNATURE following Sherri Kane's printed name, even though there is a blank line on the California "Request for Orders to Stop Harassment" form CH-100, that says "Sign your name."

Is it possible that Judge Corey S, Cramin issued a temporary restraining order against A. True Ott, and the person requesting the restraining order, under the section where it says: "I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the information above and on all attachments is true and correct, " FAILS to sign her name, yet Judge Cramin issued the restraining order anyway?

Am I seeing what I'm seeing or have I entered The Twilight Zone?

In the article I posted yesterday concerning True's temporary restraining order, I called into question Judge Cramin's denial of due process that the US Constitution demands be afforded to A. True Ott before any court order against him is issued, but here we are talking about an even more glaring legal affront:

Sherri Kane submits a partially typed, partially hand written "Request for Orders to Stop Harassmentt" to the court, making the most outrageous and blood curdling allegations against A. True Ott, but she doesn't sign it, declaring that under the penalty of perjury that her statements are "true and correct."

How can Sherri Kane be prosecuted for perjury or false and malicious statements if she doesn't sign her name? How can True Ott sue Sherri Kane for damages if she didn't sign the request form affirming that her statements are true and correct?

Yet, Judge Cramin signed the temporary restraining order, anyway?

Folks, something really stinks here.

Here's the link for the entire temporary restraining order signed by Judge Corey S. Cramin:

And here is a cropped section of page 4 of the above mentioned Request form where you can see that Sherri Kane did not sign her name.

Sherri Kane non signature on restraining order request o fJune 2 2011

If you or I were to go to the Laguna Hills Superior Court facility and fill out a request for a restraining order against someone that included the sort of lurid and murderous accusations that Sherri Kane has included in her restraining order request against A. True Ott, would Judge Cramin, or any other judge in that facility, issue a restraining order on our behalf if we didn't sign the request form?

What are we witnessing here?

Collusion? Conspiracy? Judicial misconduct?

What we are seeing here is a huge scandal that is unfolding before our eyes. I mentioned in the aritlce that I posted yesterday, that it appears to me that A. True Ott was being set up for a trumped up "arrest" and indictment if he apprears in that Laguna Hills courtroom on June 22, and the glaring improprieties that we now witness in this error-filled restraining order is making that supposition more convincing than ever.

E-mail exchanges between A. True Ott, Len Horowitz, and Sherri Kane on June 6, 7, and 8, 2011

I'm reprinting below the full text of e-mail exchanges that took place between True Ott, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane between June 6 and June 8, 2011. I've only re-arranged the order of the e-mails so that they flow in chronological manner, rather then the way they appeared to me in the e-mail sent to me by True Ott on June 9, 2011.

The first e-mail seen is that sent by Len Horowitz to Fred Burke on June 6, 2011. Len is defending his accusations against True Ott, Ted Guinderson (and other "agenst"), as well as he alludes to the CRITICAL "admission of Hartwell who toured with Gunderson" and has "testified" that they were PROGRAMMED to 'disseminate intelligence of government corruption' yada, yada

(I can't tell you what a deep belly laugh that Ted Gunderson received when I told him that Hartwell had told Lenny that both she and Ted were programmed together. Ted has been in tremendous pain from his cancer, but it was great to hear him laugh so hard).

There are quite a few e-mails to read here, but I think you will find it worth your while as many insightful nuggets of information are revealed along the way. My comments will always be in square brackets [ ].


From: [Len Horowitz]
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 23:06:54 -1000
CC:; [True Ott] [Sherri Kane]

To: [Fred Burke]

Dear Fred,

Thank you for caring.

True Ott just posted an open letter responding to the facts published by Kane and I regarding his initiation, with Greg Szymanski (alias Eric Samuelson) the libelous and fake Knights of Malta list/propaganda piece targeting me, beginning in 2007.

Fred, please read ALL the evidence, including the precise addresses used by True Ott's aliases that he stupidly is claiming sources from others, that Sherri Kane has published. Also, think carefully about "Dr. True Ott's" misrepresentation of his credentials, and Gunderson's lie about being married to Church of Satan heiress, Diana Rively.

True Ott will have a great chance, on April 22, 2011, to tell his story to the California Superior Court judge. So will I. We'll let the judge decide who is vilifying who, and who is simply defending against a clear and present danger of a CIA/FBI/NSA COINTELPRO organized effort to discredit a humble and faithful servant of God/Jesus, and possibly worse, being involved in a satanic cult conspiracy to assassinate Judge Roll and shoot 20 people.

Also, read Gunderson's latest affidavit. Then ask yourself, has Stew Webb been right about Gunderson all along? Webb has been vilified by this same group targeting me since 2007. This group has done a great job of libeling Webb all over the Internet.

Make note of the CRITICAL admission of Hartwell who toured with Gunderson, and has testified they were PROGRAMMED to "disseminate intelligence on government corruption." Ask yourself: "Why would the CIA/FBI/NSA group of rogue agents administered by Gunderson in collaboration with True Ott, "disseminate intelligence on government corruption" on the government's payroll? Then ask yourself, why
Gunderson suddenly retired to become a chief critic of the agency he directed and/or officiated for so many years?

Then, finally, watch Gunderson's shifty eye movements during the Geraldo interview wherein Michael Aquino lambasts Gunderson for never having an arrest in matters of satanic cult child trafficking and sex slavery.

I pray that God will give you optimal discernment.

Len Horowitz


[I removed redundant question marks wherever found]

On Jun 7, 2011, at 5:57 AM, True OTT wrote:

What are you smoking, Lenny? April 22, 2011 is long gone.

All you have on Gunderson is "shifty eye movements"? Could it possibly be a case of stage fright from being on national TV? Please comment on the sworn testimony of one Clay Douglas concerning your interactions years ago. He publicly has sworn that you did some very strange things in an elevator when you turned homicidal on him.

And what exactly do you mean by my "initiation"? "Precise addresses"?

Surely you jest. IP addresses can be traced back. You KNOW they are not mine!

"Humble and faithful servant of God/Jesus"? Wow. There are MANY adjectives I would use to describe you, Lenny, but HUMBLE is most definitely not one of them. You are simply one of the most egotistical and mercurial people I have EVER had the displeasure of knowing.

Accusing me of murder, FALSELY, and also Don Nicoloff who you at one time were partnering with --- is simply crossing the line of rationality and credibility by ANY sense of honesty and integrity.

What do you expect me to do -- roll over and ignore such hateful, paranoid dribble? Do you AGAIN deny you were Knighted into the "Hospitalers", Lenny? That dog simply doesn't hunt anymore. Truth, you see, is a tough task master.



Subject: Service Delivery by E-mail
From: [Len Horowitz]
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 11:50:17 -1000
CC:; [Horowitz Attorney Joe Rearden]

You are right. The correct Court date is JUNE 22, 2011, according to the paperwork you were served with via e-mail today by Kane.

[bold highlighting is mine]

Here is another copy of the service:

Bring the paperwork you claim to have, including proof that you have not been using aliases in libelous mailings to us, if that is what you choose to plead in your defense.

Leonard G. Horowitz


On Jun 8, 2011, at 8:56 AM, True OTT wrote:

Dear Mr. Horowitz:

Please inform Ms. Kane that her "e-mail service delivery" is incomplete. Upon review of the attached documents with counsel, pages 2 and 3 and any"supplemental evidence" attached to the complaint is glaringly absent.

Please remedy this situation immediately, and send the missing documents if you would be so kind.

True Ott


Subject: Re: INCOMPLETE Service Delivery by E-mail
From: [Len Horowitz]
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 09:52:45 -0700

Check it again.


On Jun 8, 2011, at 8:34 AM, True OTT wrote:

2nd request. What is your physical address, Mr. Horowitz?

Let me clarify. Pages 2, and 3 of the CH-120 "Notice of Hearing" form labeled at the bottom, "This is a Court Order' (showing pages 1-4 inclusive). You sent page 1 and page 4, but omitted pages 2 and 3. YOU double check the attachment, please. I will notify the court by phone and registered mail that I have not been legally nor properly served by THEM as required by law and thus request dismissal of request on these and other grounds.

I have the info as to the legal identity of "David Main" et. al. in Northern Idaho, including phone numbers. I will be getting his statements on this matter to forward on to the court, along with my bill for my time and travel expenditures to date (including all legal fees) as also granted by court order for such spurious complaints.

Also, please realize that E-mailing docs by YOU or Ms. Kane does NOT constitute legal "serving" -even in Laguna Hills. If the court continues with the hearing without proper legal "serving" -- they will of course be held liable for any orders executed. Furthermore, my counsel advises me that since I am a legal resident of Utah, this California court has absolutely no jurisdiction over me in executing such a non-specific rambling "restraining order" especially when the complainant "address" seeking protection is a Mailbox Etc. location and I have NEVER met the individual. (How can you hope to stop me from going within 5000 feet of a Mailbox Etc. strip mall?)

[Note to the reader: Sherri Kane listed her address as 668 N Coast Highway, #144, Laguna Beach, CA 92651 on the CH-120 court documents. Apparently, it's a Mailbox Etc. address]

BTW --- why didn't Ms. Kane sign the Request for Orders form CH-100? Is she afraid to perjure herself perhaps and open herself up to possible criminal prosecution over this?? Also note the CH-100 section 3 - Can't she follow instructions?? This is only for "Family or household members" who also need "protection". You, as Kane's "Business Associate" have no "Family or Household RELATIONSHIP" or do you?

True Ott


Subject: TRUE OTT Complaint Relevant to Loughlen Murders
From: [Len Horowitz]
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 09:21:43 -1000
CC:;; [San Francisco FBI office]
To:; [True Ott's attorney, C. Canning]

Dear Mr. Ott:

You were given the proper contact address in the Court papers for communications. The Court understands cyber-stalking, and the Plaintiffs' risk of providing any additional address.

A process server met with your wife, and tried to deliver the papers, but she said you were not there, and does not know when you would be returning. So please contact Joe Rearden at the e-mail address cc'd above:, to make arrangements for this personal service.

The above attachment contains the omitted pages 2 and 3. The Court accepted the filing as was mailed to you, but it has now been updated as per your request. The Court will find that your knowledge of Mr. David Main's "legal identity" as relevant to the proceedings, as may the FBI.

You suggested a remedy to this matter in a previous mail. The attached NOTICE OF DEMAND provides such a remedy. It is attached in Word document and pdf format. This notice includes a demand to cease and desist libel, harassments, and threats associated with cyber-stalking involving you, "David Main," and many third parties you have recruited over time damaging my person, partnerships, and businesses. I, therefore, expect to receive, from now on, only mailings from you concerning these legal matters, dignifying a professional courteous reply.

Also, please mail Sherri Kane, not me, from here on regarding this instant Complaint. I may be filing one myself later, at which point mailing me exclusively would be appropriate. For now, Ms. Kane is the chief complainant, and should be respected by being included in your communications relevant to this upcoming hearing.

We both look forward to receiving your response to the attached NOTICE.

Leonard Horowitz


Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 13:44:27 -0700
Subject: Fwd: TRUE OTT Complaint Relevant to Loughlen Murders
From: [Sherri Kane]

All of the pages are there. Check it again. I will follow up with your attorney to confirm this. S


On Jun 8, 2011, at 12:39 PM, True OTT wrote:

Very good. Still missing pages 2 and 3 of the CH-120 form - as apparently you are unable or unwilling to provide them I will:

[includes partial comments to Len Horowitz in this reply to Kane]

EAGERLY await service of the hopefully complete paperwork via my attorney's office, Ms. Canning and will in short order prepare our own DEMAND LETTER OF YOU and Ms. Kane at our earliest convenience.

Once again, how you can attribute the postings and writings of others to ME is understandable only by the fact that in your mind, I am a COMPETITOR of yours in business. Your motivation is becoming clearer now.

Thank you for sharing.



Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 13:30:15 -0700
Subject: "Our Conversation" and "I try to look for the positive in people as much as possible."
From: [Sherri Kane]

True Nott,

The fact that you claim to know the whereabouts of David Main, who has sent us threatening emails, and who is obviously using an alias with a PO BOX that you claim is not yours, implicates you in this conspiracy.

There is no way that David Main could have written emails with the same line and cc verbatim, if you were not involved.


Ms. Kane:

How does hiring a private investigator to locate the address and phone number of David Main (a real person) implicate" me?? Please explain how seeking to defend myself and my good name against your spurious claims in my official court response in any way"implicates" me?

Unlike some people I could name, I don't jump to conclusions base on hunches or feelings - but rather seek to substantiate facts before casting slanderous aspersions. It would seem to me that you would be happy and grateful to find out exactly who is in reality making these threats against you - because it surely is not me. It would also seem logical that the FBI would also be quickly able to determine exactly WHO sent those e-mails to you. Why is this so upsetting to you? It would appear that you are targeting ME for harassment?

Whether you choose to believe it or not, I don't condone stalking or harassment of any sort. I have been an advocate protecting victims from this sort of thing in the past. Sadly, I cannot and should not be held responsible if somebody writes something offensive or threatening to you, and merely hits the CC button on the e-mail. Hopefully the court will only hold me responsible for what I personally have written - not for what others may send TO me. (Receiving a CC'd e-mail in no way makes me a"partner" to anyone -- especially when I delete the post immediately.)

Now, when the court is shown conclusively that David Main is NOT an alias of A. True Ott, that he is a real person with a real home address (not a p.o. box) in Ponderay, how do you think that will play out?

What other evidence do you have that I have "stalked" you over the last year that you would care to share with me and my attorney? We can easily settle this thing by you issuing a simple apology, you know - before more expenses are paid.

True Ott


{after True Ott receives the 2 missing pages and the signed form, he replies to Sherri Kane:]

Subject: RE: TRUE OTT Complaint Relevant to Loughlen Murders
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2011 15:05:47 -0600

Thank you Ms. Kane ---

The missing pages are now there - showing certain requests as "Denied Pending Hearing" as well as a new copy of the CH-100 now signed by you as being true and factual UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY. That is what I was looking for.

Thank you for resending the accurate documents. You do NOT have my permission to contact Ms. Canning in this matter. She will contact YOU when necessary.

Please have your "servers" contact my office - [xxx-xxx-xxxx number removed] to schedule the delivery at your convenience.

True Ott

P.S. Please don't continue to harass me by disrespecting my surname, if you would be so kind! I have never disrespected you, despite your baseless claims, so please reciprocate.

[End of e-mail exchanges]


There's much more to this story than what's revealed here in these e-mails, but I think you can get an idea of the sort of hip shooting that characterizes Len's self-assured bravado, and the shallow intellectual depths that Ms Kane is forced to navigate her ocean liner-sized ego through. I'm sure that future voyages on the Good Ship Sherri K will produce equally harrowing and drama-filled adventure.

Be sure to stay tuned.

Ken Adachi


Setup: Horowitz & Kane Obtain Restraining Order Against Dr A. True Ott Over Alleged "Death Threats"(June 8, 2011)

Horowitz Gone Wild ( June 7, 2011)

Open Letter to George Noory of Coast Radio on the Slanderous Accusations by Len Horowitz Against Ted Gunderson (June 5, 2011)


Subject: Dr. Ott
From: Anthony
Date: Fri, June 10, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken:

Been awhile since writing you. Just to say again Thank you for your work and hope you are well.

Now to Dr Ott: My impression is there was no hearing and the TRO [temporary restraining order] was issued perfunctorily by the clerk of the court. Not knowing the local rules of court or procedure there that would be my impression.

Also, as you stated it is not signed and her filing that way is a nullity. He needs to hire a local lawyer and retain him{it appears she will be responsible for his fees} He needs to answer by affidavit and further needs to file a "motion to dissolve the TRO" and get a new hearing date as the lawyer will take care of as needed. He could call her as a witness but it may help her petition survive. I would take her sworn deposition as I think she would be all over the place.

Those are my quick thoughts. Hope it helps.

Sincerely, Anthony I

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