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Ontario's Lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, First Destroyed Her Family; Now She Wants To Destroy Yours

[Editor's Note: Young boys need a father in their life in order to acquire a masculine personae. Whenever the father is taken out of the picture by the mother who wants a new boyfriend or worse, a new girlfriend, or her "freedom" to "be herself," then the young boys in that family will pay the price (of course, girls need a father too). If he doesn't become homosexual, he will tend to be passive and meek, afraid to shoulder manly responsibilities because he was never exposed to a home life with a father where he could gradually inculcate and assimilate masculine characteristics and unconsciously acquire masculine traits (which makes him attractive to girls). Because of an absent father, he will marry late in life because it takes additional years to germinate the emotional and psychological maleness necessary to attract a mate; a manly personae that could have been acquired in earlier youth by having his father present in his life. Self centered females, like the smiling degenerate cretins described here, feminist agitators, and feminist family court judges are the wrecking crew responsible for this carnage - which will adversely affect that boy, and society, for the rest of his life. ...Ken Adachi]

by Thomas Carter, (
February 28, 2015

Ontario's Lesbian Premier, Kathleen Wynne, First Destroyed Her Family; Now She Wants To Destroy Yours (Feb. 28, 2015)

Ontario's Radical and Perverse 2015 Sex Ed Curriculum Examined's-Radical-and-Perverse-2015-Sex-Ed-Curriculum-Examined27jan15.shtml#top



(left, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, right, and longtime partner, Jane Rounthwaite. Wynne is introducing a controversial "sex ed" curriculum that promotes homosexuality.)

When Wynne's oldest son, Chris, was eleven-years-old, his mother kicked his dad into the basement and moved her lesbian lover into his parent's bedroom.

The Illuminati goal is to destroy the nuclear family. First Kathleen Wynne destroyed her own family. Now she's going to destroy yours.

If you are wondering when Kathleen Wynne started destroying children, it started with her own. This is the Wynne family's own testimony in a 2007 study on failed marriages by Cate Cochran entitled Reconcilable Differences. 1

Of course that isn't how they try to spin it in the book, which is really about failure for failures, written by a failure. However, the author unwittingly provides us with several jewels of information. In the chapter devoted to Wynne's self-sabotaged marriage, the author includes quotes by all of the players in the sad affair. Once the quotes are extracted it provides a pretty clear picture of what transpired and a testimony to the character of our Premier, Kathleen  Wynne.   


cd.jpgAccording to the book, Kathleen Wynne and Peter Cowperthwaite were "university sweethearts." After graduating they lived together for a few years and got married in 1977.  Peter who was a successful accountant provided a good living while Kathleen stayed home and raised three kids.

"Kathleen loved being a mother. When the kids were young, she awoke each day with a sense of well being knowing that she was following all the rules for the first time in her life. She was reaping lots of approval, baking muffins, taking part in neighborhood garage sales, attending kids school council meetings, and thinking to herself, "I'm doing this quite well, Oh my God, how did this happen. I didn't expect to be living this perfect life." pg15


"They had beautiful kids, and affluence but the sexual energy had become muted, and Kathleen knew "there had been a wild women in me that hadn't been around for a while." (p.17)

whnneasyoungwoman.jpgSo, 13 years into their marriage, Kathleen Wynne decided to have a homosexual affair with her best friend Jane Rounthwaite. This happened when Jane accompanied Kathleen who was looking to purchase a family cottage. 2

"I know this isn't a story about how I came out as a lesbian but it was finding my sexual energy that led me to break with Phil." (17)

Notice, how Wynne uses the words "finding my sexual energy," like she was Luke Skywalker searching for the Force. Most people would use the words "sexual attracted to," but for the sodomite the term "sexual attraction" is way too connected to the rest of the natural order, i.e. having children.

Also if Wynne uses the term "sexually attracted to" as opposed to "finding my sexual energy," she's less likely to receive sympathy since most married couples are attracted to other people but honour their marriage vows rather than destroy their loved ones.


"Three months later, Jane moved in with Kathleen and Peter. Jane and Kathleen slept on the second floor where the children's bedrooms were located while Peter (Wynne's husband) stayed in the basement.[...] Jessie, who was nine, and Chris who was eleven, were livid." 

"Almost in the same breath, their children knew their parents were splitting up and their mom had a new partner, a woman." (18)

The book tells us that while this new arrangement made sense to the adults, "to the three little children whose lives were being turned inside out, it didn't. They were not happy." (18)


Wynne's partner was/is a woman named Jane Rounthwaite. The book says that "Jane had secretly been in love with Kathleen for 18 years and getting together with Kathleen was the realization of a dream.

1974-Track-team-cropped----Kathy-Wynne.jpgRounthwaite told the Toronto Star, "I waited 18 years for her, basically, from the time I met Kath in 1973, I was just waiting -- through her marriage, through my own relationship (with a woman) -- I just waited all those years." 3

She waited like a snake in the grass for an opportunity to destroy a marriage just to satisfy her own vice.

And of course the neighbors who shunned her were merely judgmental. Rounthwaite states.

 "There were people in the neighborhood who disapproved, so they said they were worried about the children, but I think their concerns went way beyond the needs of the children [...] I was the first lesbian many of them had ever met, and in this configuration I was certainly the home-wrecker so I had the experience of people really avoiding me on the street." (22)

No, it would never would occur to Rounthwaite that these people shunned her for seducing a married woman with three children. At least there were some decent folk in the neighborhood.


In Wynne's own words, "I was the bitch of the place, I'm the one who has the temper. I'm the one who is volatile.  I'm the one who cried the most and was the most difficult to deal with." (20)

philcowperthwaite.jpgPeter (left) thought he was sacrificing for the sake of children. But in fact he failed by subjecting his children under his own roof to his wife's deviant relationship. Perhaps, if had acted with more self respect, and kicked his wife out, he might have even rescued his marriage. Wynne may have quickly come to her senses. But he stayed for years in the basement tacitly condoning the perversity of the situation instead of trying to rescue his children, particularly his oldest son Chris, from witnessing the insanity day after day.


"Over the years the children have taken issue with Kathleen for indulging in a kind of myth-making... Maggie (Wynne's youngest daughter) says that Kathleen pretended  it was "perfect, and we have this family myth that it was perfect, but I know it wasn't."

Maggie struggled with her mother's need to look for the positive. To her, that relentless upbeat attitude restricted the range of reactions she could express over what she'd been through. "You can have your confrontations, you can have a fight, but you can't say, "I'm really, really sad that you and dad got divorced."' (29)

Wynne's delusional behavior highlights the psychological destruction of the individual that acts out a perverted attraction. No mind can both grasp the goodness of God's order and partake in sodomy. The whole world has to be turned upside down.


Cowperthwaite's oldest son, Chris, was eleven-years-old when his mother kicked his dad into the basement and moved her lesbian lover into his parent's bedroom.  What's an eleven-year-old boy to do?

chris.jpg(left, Chris Cowperthwaite today)

The book states that Chris "was constantly in head-on confrontations with all of the adults in the house. He felt that he had been dragged into his parents' experiment and expressed his anger and frustration with great drama [...] under his anger, though, there was a very scared little boy. On a ski trip, he plaintively asked if he could have his old family back. He wanted the experiment to be over and things to return to the way things were. It fell to Kathleen to disabuse him of the idea." (24)

Some time later, Chris "began to question his own sexual identity" and eventually comes out as a gay.  The boy's trauma on account of his mother interrupted his normal development to the point where he will never be able to have a normal relationship with a woman or have a normal family.

Funny how Chris' situation reflects many unpopular theories regarding the cause of same sex attraction. Dr. Ruth Barnhouse said the homosexual "has suffered from some deficit in the relationship with the parent of the same sex; and there is a corresponding drive to make good this deficit - through the medium of same-sex or 'homosexual' relationships".

 Dr. Robert Stoller said that sexual  perversion often resulted from trauma at an early age. This could be the death of a parent or physical abuse. In a sense his father and mother died. Some youths find constructive ways to deal with the conflict whereas others succumb to perversion.

And now Premiere Wynne, who failed at the most important job any woman can have (motherhood), who took all the blessing received in her life and subordinated them to her unnatural vice, wants to impose a sexually explicit curriculum on all the children of Ontario from the age of six- years old. She simply has to be stopped.


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Reconcilable Differences
2 "found themselves involved with each other in a way that would change everyone's life forever."
Kathleen Wynne's not-so-ordinary family | Toronto Star

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I find this presentation on The Sisterhood "Illuminati" fits Wynne's situation. 

The Sisterhood "Illuminati"
First Comment from Lena-

Home education doesn't have to be expensive and ordinary people can do this even if they have to sacrifice some of the luxuries they currently view as necessities. The 'system' is corrupt and where parents are ostensibly given a say, it is only windowdressing and a farce. They don't care about what parents have to say. Even if parents 'win' a round, it will come back, as this curriculum clearly demonstrates, having been tried once before. In a few years, there will be a new crop of already indoctrinated parents, so what do they care what the current crop has to say?

In Ontario there isn't even standard testing for home educated children. If your children have not yet been in the school system, you don't have to notify anyone; if they have, you simply write to the board to notify them of your intent to home educate. You might even get away without that but that is up to the individual to decide so I won't advise that. Best to be as far off the government radar as possible though, in my opinion. But you do not need any special qualifications, you don't need to report after the initial letter of intent, and you can teach what you want to. I suggest searching the Internet for "self-teaching curriculum", but there are others out there of course.

Realize that it is the parents who enable these perverts by supporting the system with their own flesh and blood. Remove that support by removing your children; don't let the vampires feed on them.

Comments for "The First Child Kathleen Wynne Destroyed "

Ray said (March 1, 2015):

If this happened back in the "old days," he'd have run Jane Rounthwaite out of the house and the Provincial authorities would have supported him. These days, women have the upper hand.

Kathleen and Jane must have threatened him somehow, and I would guess any scandal would not have been good for his career. The Ontario authorities would have automatically come to the rescue of the lesbian pair if Peter had threatened to kick out Old Janie, the home most likely being in joint ownership with Kathleen having just as much say as Peter in who stays in the house.

With the penchant of modern courts for surrendering the children to deviant couples, maybe Peter figured that staying in the house with the kids was the better alternative. There are no classes in "what happens when your wife turns weirdo," and hindsight is 20/20.

Let's pretend Peter said, "OK Jane, but you sleep in the basement." Kathleen, I suppose, would have called the police and said that Peter was being threatening or violent, whatever it took to remove him. And we all know have that would have ended up.

The modern state is in the business of busting up families. Boys (fortunately not all) become psychically damaged, disoriented i.e., homosexual, because of family breakups. Homosexuals in turn seem to adore the cause of their psychic woes, the state, because it employs homosexuals, validates their weddings, and enforces their rights to perverse practices; it is mightier and more permissive than Dad. Let's pray for all these people.

David said (March 1, 2015):

Henry, what mystifies me about Wynne's political ascent is the same reason the reelection of Obama to a second term mystifies: how such nonentities and abject failures as leaders keep their jobs! Where is the decent majority that should have rejected them like the body's immune system does a biological attack?

KPR said (March 1, 2015):

Ms. Wynne’s actions were atrocious, but as a father myself I cannot begin to comprehend Peter’s complete and absolute failure to safeguard (to the best of his ability) his own flesh and blood. Bad enough when one parent is deranged… and the fact that his own son became gay, well is that a surprise? With such a weak, effeminate father the poor boy had no one in the household worth emulating.

I do want to take issue with Al Thompson’s comment below, specifically where he writes: "There is no reason ever to be nice to a homosexual. They chose their perversion so they'll have to live with the consequences. The sad part of this story is the unbelievable trauma that has been unleashed on the children.”

So in Mr. Thompson’s world the populace would be mean, nasty and unmannerly (antonyms of ’nice’) towards Chris because ‘he chose (his) perversion and (will) live with the consequences.’ Yes, Chris like every other human being will live with the consequences of his or her choices, but it should be clear to any awake person that many choices made are false choices, as most people are successfully managed and guided via school, the media, clubs and churches. The sad reality is the vast majority of homosexual men made that ‘choice’ due to sexual and sometimes physical and/or mental abuse they endured as children.

My heart goes out to Chris and his siblings. Both parents failed their children miserably. Neither of them should ever be in a position to influence others again.

Bill S said (February 28, 2015):

Interesting article. My first thought was the father was lucky his wife "allowed" him to live in the basement! For anyone claiming he would have kicked her out of his house and protected the children, it doesn't work that way! Once a male gets married or cohabits with a female, she legally becomes his BOSS. Prenups mean nothing in court. The inversion of male authority is complete. The husband understood this (perhaps after consulting a lawyer). he chose to sacrifice his emotions and pride for the sake of the children. He is a saint. Do the kids appreciate it - NO. Do other men support him - NO. It's about time we do.

Al Thompson is quite the bigot, eh? "There is no such thing as a nice homo. All homos are depraved and there's no good in them. All a homo does is to destroy themselves and anyone who happens to cross their paths. There is no reason ever to be nice to a homosexual." Talk about painting with a wide brush, yikes! I have a business associate who is a lesbian. She is nice and honorable. Nicer and more honorable than many heteros I have known. She is attracted to women - that's all. She is not harming anyone else because she controls herself. In the article, the wife's gay friend also controlled herself. It was the wife who gave in to temptation. She is the sinner because she broke her marriage covenant and ruined her family. Everyone has sexual energy - that is a good thing! It's how you handle it that counts. Al needs to grow up and make a right judgement.

Al Thompson said (February 28, 2015):
I can't believe the dad actually lived with his trashy wife and her she-bitch. If it were me, I'd tell her she either straightens up, or I'll take all of her things and throw them on the front lawn. I'd kick her butt out of the house; and I'd change the locks.

Homos are relentless in pursuit of straight people. And they don't give a rat's ass about the damage their perverted behavior brings upon the children or the marriage. This is why I think people cannot mix with homos. Homos are anti-social and they wreck everything in their paths. There is no such thing as a nice homo. All homos are depraved and there's no good in them.

I would never allow my children to even be around anything that suggests homosexuality. This is something I wish I never knew about; it is absolutely disgusting just to even think about it. All a homo does is to destroy themselves and anyone who happens to cross their paths.

There is no reason ever to be nice to a homosexual. They chose their perversion so they'll have to live with the consequences. The sad part of this story is the unbelievable trauma that has been unleashed on the children.

MA said (February 28, 2015):

This article is probably the best I have ever read regarding this woman and homosexual marriages / families.

This woman effectively destroyed not only her marriage, but tortured her own children. You have to feel bad for her children who suffered because of her relationship, especially Chris. Her sons constant outbursts expressing his emotional trauma is evident to this torture. That she brought her deviant lifestyle into her home, and subjected her children to this for years is criminal.

And now her son is 'gay'. Not a big surprise, the author puts it well I think when he writes, "The boy's trauma on account of his mother interrupted his normal development to the point where he will never be able to have a normal relationship with a woman or have a normal family." I hope he can recover from what his mother did to him, and have a future relationship with a woman.

Her father should of defended his children, but even if he did, what chance would he have in Canada today? Homosexuals are defended as if they are victims - they aren't victims... they make victims through their unchained 'sexual energy'.

Now Wynne is forcing a curriculum that is promoting this behavior as acceptable, grooming children to accept 'sexual energy' as normal. ITS NOT NORMAL, and when children are brought into these relationships it is CHILD ABUSE.

We need a curriculum that teaches children about having a good marriage that will result in a fulfilled, happy, and fruitful life.



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