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Accepting the 'Government was Incompetent' Katrina Spin Will Kill Us

[Editor's Note: People, who I don't know, forward material to me all the time.They never identify themselves, nor do they ever explain to me even one word about the context of the material being forwarded. I'm expected to wade through it all and figure out the 'who", 'why' , 'what', and 'how' of whatever's being sent. I can't tell you how annoying this is for me.

You will notice that I've been 'volunteered' to be part of the mailing list sent by "human voice" who apparently is the coordinator of the "I Am My Design" (<>) group, whoever they are! This e-mail contained an attachment of the essay reproduced below. It's a good essay. It's not well written, but it hits the target and that's why I'm posting it.

One ordinary woman ("mom" I guess), comes to the realization that her government is in the throws of treason. Her government is betraying their own citizens in order to drastically reduce the population of this country and to LITERALLY enslave those who remain alive in the aftermath of the planned destruction and chaos that the government is coordinating. At the moment, they are mostly using OTHER citizens of the SAME country (the USA) to carry out this act of betrayal and genocide. We call these 'other' citizens New Orleans, or Boston, or Los Angeles, or Seattle, or New York, etc. 'policemen'. We also call these other citizens 'state police', or FBI, or NSA, or CIA, or military intelligence groups, or Homeland Security, or FEMA employees, etc.

We now find out -from the Internet- that ARMED soldiers from Mexico have now entered the United States. We will be told that they are here to "help" in the Katrina disaster. And of course , they WILL help, to some extent at least, in this early phase of the betrayal, but they will NOT always be here just to 'help' in the coming months. They, along with the GERMAN troops OPENLY stationed at an Air Force base in New Mexico (?) and perhaps the Chinese and Russian troops scattered throughout underground bases in this country will also show up on American streets to 'help' in the coming months as well, as more and more "unexpected' disasters unfold in America.

If you are reading this and have a personal or family connection to one of the 'other' citizens who are part of this huge betrayal machinery, then you must do something to convince them to STOP participating in the treason and destruction of their own country and fellow citizens. This evil COULD NOT continue without the cooperation and toil of these 'other citizens'. We have to become more savvy and sophisticated in our recognition of the planned manipulation. For example, Brown was INTENTIONALLY CHOSEN PRECISELY BECAUSE HE WAS SUCH AN UNQUALIFIED DUFUS. When the Katrina 'incompetence' spin is put out by the media whores, we then tell the American people that the 'problem' will be fixed by replacing Brown with a MILITARY man. How convenient! We can now all rest easy knowing that the 'incompetence' problem has been solved and we can go back to sleep.....Ken]

By Kerry Mosser
September 9, 2005

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Subject: HOT LEAD.....and a little fuel from a lady from Texas.

In the process of coordinating volunteeeres and programs, being slowed down by FEMA, my mom met a lady who told her a story about her son-in-law. He is a member of the elite RED HORSE Air Force Engineer Squadron...sitting on his ass in Las Vegas and told his mother in law that he is bewildered why he hasn't been sent in yet and there are armed, un-escourted Mexican Troops in Texas?

It all came in a flury of confusion and I have her backtracking to find out who this lady is.

Red Horse:

The following text is from an email that my mom sent sister and she had to forward it to me? Hey, whats going on here?

My mom is a Volunteering master, from "meals on wheels" to church and civic duties across the board in the area. Armed with a great sence of humanity and morality (not to mention a sence of humor), she's a hero to her firends and family and here is why that is so:

Placing clarification in ( ).

"I spent two days working at Reese (airforce base outside of Lubbock that was, for the most part, shut down years ago) with the hurricane group. And Yesterday I lost it. There are 400 people sleeping on the floor of an airplane hanger on blow-up mattresses. No privacy and being warehoused for ten days is an crime in my book. Especially when there are plenty of hotel rooms in this city. We ran out of volunteers yesterday morning between breakfast and lunch. Lubbock, of course, poured out the support but by noon Wed. they did not have enough people to get lunch ready and oh Lord, today the Govenor's wife will "serve lunch" wonder if she will stay and wash the dishes later! This just is not right. Old people should be in a care facility of some kind, and mothers have a 6 x 6 foot space to take care of kids. No one knows what is going on. Phones do not work.

I just went out there Tuesday to find out about a job fair, and deliver some forms, next thing I know I am directing the volunteers who have come to work. Lots on Mon, Tue, fewer on Wed, and I am really scared to think of what the week-end holds. I told Steven(our dad) everyone is suffering from disaster envy. They want to do something. But after they spent a few hours they are tired like everyone else and do not sign up again. To me is it like Lubbock just got a new petting zoo. No one seems to think warehousing 400 people in a crisis is dangerous and wrong.

Yesterday some lady showed up with 100 carnations. We thought that was nice so we sent her to the dining hall to have the volunteers there pass them out or put them on the tables. She came back later and said the man from the Salvation Army said they could not do that because they did not go throught the proper delivery channels. I told her BS and sent her back, the girl that went with her said they just put them in a big box and left them. I knew that this wouldn't be good so I went and got them and gave them to the Mormon kids that I got to load a truck with the supplies that no one wants. It is a scary day in Lubbock, so I think I will go hang out with the cowboys and Indians instead. We will get it all done, later."

My mom wrote this and she rules.

She's my hero.


Original Title
Essay on the Acceptance of Incompetence in Our Government and in Our thinking -It's Killing Us.

By Kerry Mosser September 9, 2005

I am not going to allow anyone to continue the chatter around me that the Katrina disaster relief effort DISASTER was just incompetence. Sure Michael Brown, sophomore director of FEMA, should be fired, no doubt. That should just be the start.

My bro, love him, could not accept that this was a deliberate act of our GOV, (NO ONE WANTS TOO, and no logical father and husband wants to even consider this is what his kids have before them). Incompetence he could understand. Everyone makes mistakes. In agreeing that Brown is not qualified for the position gave him call to say that it's Brown fault. True dat, to some respect. I am reminded of a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, ‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

State and local officials have never been abandoned by the FED in a catastrophe before, ever. Nor has the FED ever tried to make the GOV and Mayor of a city sign over power of their jurisdiction over to the FED, that we know of. They made them sweat it out for 4 days, possibly expecting them to crack under the pressure.

It is irresponsible and pigheaded to try and lay blame at the local level. FEMA and Bush must have missed the repeating coverage of the pre Katrina, "Get the Hell out of the City, Suzy!" press conferences. What can't be forgotten, is a strong fact (and should raise more questions) new (2nd year) to the position or not, IS THE FACT THAT standard procedures have been in place for the past 60 or so years, if not longer. That relief and rescue are put into place before the storm on its safe side and when the damage is done, send in the help immediately. Season after season this has worked this way. They did not have to recreate this procedure, it's a script. Follow the game plan, it has worked every time.

Bush openly told this guy, "GOOD JOB." and he meant it. Michael Brown is where he is to be a "YES" man and did as he was told, despite the risk and "after heat." Well, I say Brown followed the plan and did exactly as he was told. This is not the first hurricane the Bush administration has seen, nor Mr. Brown’s. This goes to the top. The only difference here is the level of destruction and the level of needed help. Could that increased need shut down FEMA and the GOV’s relief efforts completely? (links to Michael Brown’s past at the end of the essay)

YOU have already forgotten that Mr. Brown was involved in a scandal as head of FEMA last don't remember do you, I didn't? South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported and started the investigation that would be virtually ignored by congress that "FEMA, under Brown's management, inappropriately gave away $31 million in disaster relief funds to people in the Miami, Florida, area even though they were not affected by Hurricane Frances, which made landfall more than 100 miles away."

I am so pissed that my hands are shaking, making it hard to type.

This is the second time in 4 years that procedures that are in place to insure NATIONAL SECURITY were STOPPED and the citizens of the US were killed in the thousands because of it. IRAQ is such a mess that I don't even have to go there.

Incompetence can not be allowed to be an excuse. Government officials DON"T have that convenience. Look at history. This is the first stretch of time in HISTORY that the U.S. general public has stood by and accepted this as an excuse. Johnson accepted his mistake like a man and resigned (after millions were dead, let's not take that long). Nixon? Resigned. I don't recall anything under Ford or Carter, but I haven't looked either, yet.

For the next 25 years, issues like Oliver North keeping his mouth shut for Reagan/G.H. Bush during Iran-Contra, then the HUD scandal, then there was the Reagan/Bush Franklin Securities Cover up in the Washington Times(research that one or do you remember the summer of '89? I doubt it. I didn't). Clinton, charisma or not, lied about a blow job and tried to separate himself from Whitewater and damn near got impeached. And he should have, not only because what he accomplished against the American people behind closed doors for financial gain is deplorable, but because since then, it is obvious we have learned to accept actions like that from the ...PRESIDENT? GW Bush's lead of an administration of public deception and lies is so common place that I am forced to say that WE ARE LOST.
Do your own search to remind yourself. Don’t just trust one source then look at where or who is saying what.

On the inquiry by the Senate on claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction not found by the Senate committee, George Bush told you, "We thought they had them, you thought they had them, but we can't dwell on that. We have to move on."

It's has been stated that GW barely won this past election, 51% to 49% of the vote. Are we supposed to believe that the 49% of the population is dumb, uninformed and ignorant? Or is that the representation of the remaining moral and ethically based individuals that fight and die to reinstate moral and ethically correct politics as it was set up to be (if there is such a thing) with a strict guideline of checks and balances.

In less than one year his approval rating has dropped to 13% think he is doing an excellent job.,,SB112481890611420718-_YHqCe_oM7fXMITSkTO2yCR8ZiM_20060824,00.html?mod=blogs
Do we live in a country where we accept that type of job rating from our highest dignitary? Maybe most of the 51% realized they were lied too and misinformed by the main stream media?

What happened? Was it the placement of cooperative Presidential administration members, advisers and council into the positions of power like David Gergen and others? Maybe or maybe not. Not sure if FOX News applies to this standard, I'll have to look for myself.

The tough road we have to take to inform ourselves defies everything we have been taught. The media used to be based on FACT, good journalism and good sources. That was its basis of existence. It served its country and purpose separated from the government, holding our GOV official directly accountable for their actions. That time has gone, for the most part. You can’t go to just to one news source anymore, although the main stream media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and yes, even FOX News has been able in time of dire human suffering has reported stories that goes against their general game plan. Where they let the public down is by following orders and not following up on a story, killing the buzz and relying on the forgetfulness we have proved to share.

Today, faith in independent journalism is much like religion. It’s a leap of faith. I have found that you have to be careful here too. That leap of faith, unlike religion, can be bolstered by fact. But those facts should and are naturally going to be under scrutiny because of what we have been conditioned to know as reliable news sources are the main stream media outlets. So you have to look at the story, the journalist, and the journalist past work, the source and the multiple reports from other sources about the same subject. Then we are forced to check those sources because they may not have the 60-80 years of history in the business. But they might be part of the 49%. Educated, intelligent journalist that work on a basis of truth, ethics and morals, not the for the job, fame or money and against massive odds. Have you ever asked what these journalist and “whistle blowers”, in a capitalistic society, could possibly gain from going against the main stream and the establishment when that establishment has proven over and over again that they can just find you and kill you? Have you ever thought to do a search on the increase of journalist killed lately?,5936,11433640%255E1702,00.html
Or here is a fun one:

I sit here, honestly concerned about my employment future after I send this out. I’m not paranoid that I will be killed. But now, in America, is that fair that I have to be careful what I express openly in thought of concern for my well being and future? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY? You think I am paranoid? Ask a journalist or DJ for a corporate company if they have had to out weigh fear for their financial future over personal opinion against company policy?

I am not a lawyer but this is how I understand this situation. Truth is the absolute defense of liable. Here we have a little more to help that leap. Consider a scenario like this: A claim is made against an individual who is super rich and has many lawyers waiting for something to do, like the government. That source goes public with the information. If the information is incorrect, they are immediately open to liable lawsuits and normally retract the story and post a public apology not to mention possibly being ousted from the field or in other words into today’s world, that’s a journalist’s employment suicide. Ask Dan Rathers. Now, if the GOV denies the claim on public record, they themselves are open to a lawsuit. If they follow that claim of defiance they are forced prove it in either a Congressional hearing or in court of law. And that is where these journalists want it to go, in the open public court record, if that exists any more. There are other option for the GOV in this scenario, one is the use of its powers to use the IRS and continuous lawsuits against an individual to destroy monetary means of defense and destroying the individuals ability to operate business. Ask Catherine Austin Fitts. Who is she and what’s her story?

Regardless, GOV officials are supposed to be held to a high standard of rule and ethics. It’s supposed to be cut and dry. Do a bad job, get fired. Steal, get fired. Lie, get fired. Don't show up for work, get fired. Treat your co-workers or clients inhumanely, get fired. Piss off the clients, get fired. Run the business in the ground, get fired. Assign a White House press pass for 2 years (Post 9/11 National Security era) to someone who's background check starts at 1999, goes by an alias, has no reputable press credential and has a male prostitute website for weekend military type escort service for $1200, allow that person to walk freely in and out of the White House and refuse to comment on it, get fired. Sound reasonable? (research: Jeff Gannon or ask me for the copy of the NY Times article(s) or do your own search, damnit.) .

These are the experts, the people that we are supposed to trust with the safety and well being of its citizens first and for-most. OUR GOV HAS USED THE "HUMANS MAKE MISTAKES, WE'RE HUMAN BEINGS," over and over. How many mistakes at your job do you get when it costs the company BILLIONS? How many times do they have to say "OOOOPPS!" before we say, "Wow, maybe you shouldn't be running things?" and show back up at the White House and protest in the millions like our predecessors DID?

I strongly suggest, with the current pressure on Venezuela, for you to get or see “The revolution will not be televised.” 2002 Documentary. It’s hard to find …but I have a copy. I don’t care what your political preference is. This is “IN YOUR FACE” journalism by an Irish team on the pressures a young democracy can face while fighting against U.S. global tactics. Check out, The Film / Awards.

WHEN, you watch this film, ask yourself, “When was the last time you saw a Bush Cabinet member, or Bush himself, drive down a public road completely open in the back of a truck with thousands of people everywhere following and chanting support without the secret service combing the area for days in advance and without oppression of protesters? Does that sound like a democratic society? Bush couldn’t even get out of the limo at his own inauguration. Carter did, I remember that. He walked on the streets to get there. You think GW Bush trusts the general public? Or for that matter, cares about the general public? Judge the man by his actions.

You want the easy way out, fine. Use "incompetence" as the icing and ignore the cake. If it gets Michael Brown fired then fine.

Me? You make continuous immoral/unethical decisions, kill thousands of people in our country and abroad because of it, lie about it, deny the citizens the truth, refuse to apologize, you should get tried for murder, treason, securities fraud, perjury and crimes against humanity after getting fired, of course. Whoever knew it was happening and did nothing is an accomplice. Michael Brown is an accomplice and maybe he's just DUMB, who gave this dude a job? HE is definitely dumber because they obviously don’t think we are out here looking in.

And on the other side of the coin, do a good job honestly, morally and ethically as a public servant, you get killed or ruined? THIS is what WE have let our country turn into and there are plenty of places to research that. And the even more shitty thing is, in the eyes of the world, we are accomplices too. And I, as a citizen of the US, can't wait to clear my name before it’s taken out of the phone book for good.




Katrina aftermath media not to be forgotten, it's CNN of all places:
Don't know Mr. Brown’s history:
What he says about himself:


Footnote to the Editor on the Katrina/Government Incompetent Spin Story (Sep. 12, 2005)


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