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Letter Sent to Henry Makow from Ken Adachi, posted on Jan. 28, 2012, re. Jim Stone's Fukushima Article
& Commentary on Jim Stone's Career as a "Freelance Journalist"

From Ken Adachi, Editor
E-Y Posted on Feb. 22, 2012

Letter Sent to Henry Makow from Ken Adachi, posted on Jan. 28, 2012, re. Jim Stone's Fukushima Article & Commentary on Jim Stone's Career as a "Freelance Journalist" (Feb. 22, 2012)

The letter seen below from me, Ken Adachi, was posted in the reader comments section of this article:

The Argument that Fukushima Was Sabotaged (Janary 27, 2012)

Ken Adachi said (January 28, 2012):

Hello Henry,

Jim Stone did not break the Japan nuke story when he published his article for the first time on May 28, 2011 claiming that the March 11 Japan Tsunami was caused by undersea nuclear explosions. Nor did he break the story on May 28, 2011 that the Fukushima, Daaiichi reactor containment building explosions were caused by planted nuclear devices (rather than an explosion of hydrogen gas).

I broke both of those stories fully TEN WEEKS earlier, BEFORE we ever read a word from Mr. Jim Stone, ex-NASA analyst.

I published an article on March 12, 2011, ONE day after the Japan event, Japan's 3/11/11 Mega 9.1 Earthquake: Another Illuminati Production? (Mar. 12, 2011)

From Ken Adachi, Editor
March 12, 2011

in which I said:

1. The tsunami was not a genuine, earthquake-provoked tsunami, but rather was a sea SURGE that resulted from planted undersea nuclear devices.

2. The Daiichi explosions were due to mini nukes that were planted inside the Fukushima facility in order to CREATE the APPEARANCE of a massive nuclear leak (as in Chernobyl) in order to perpetrate a Radiation psyops HOAX upon the world. The purpose was to turn public opinion against nuclear power plants in favor of the "safer" gas turbine plants that Merkle's Germany announced a few months ago would now become the norm in Germany as they phase out nuclear plants (does this sound like a setup to you? Think there's any connection to that natural gas pipeline that Russia wants to run from the Caspian sea across Afghanistan, etc?)

3. i reported on March 12, 2011 that the March 11, 2011 Japan seismographs were NOT showing a natural earthquake release, but rather the sudden vertical spike that can ONLY be seen with underground nuclear explosions, not natural earthquake activity.

4. I also reported that the radiation being detected in the sea water was not coming from Daiichi, but rather was due to the undersea nuclear explosion that created the sea surge that was erroneously reported to be a tsunami caused my a Richter 9 earthquake.

All these claims were made on March 12, 2011 at

I re-posted Jim Stone's May 28 [2011] article on my web site on June 1, 2011 . I was somewhat miffed that he did not mention my web site or my March 12 article in his piece, but I felt the story was too important to ignore as he CORROBORATED and affirmed what I had already stated 2.5 months earlier.

No one ever heard of (or read anything by) "freelance reporter" Jim Stone before he "broke" the Japan nuke/faux earthquake story with his May 28, 2011 article. Now that I know of his NASA affiliation, I have greater suspicions as to WHY he didn't mention my web site or my March 12 article in his write up.

[I had sent more info and links in that same e-mail, but this was all that Henry posted on his web site. James Farganne immediately sent a rebuttal to my letter. Here's what Farganne said:]

Farganne said (January 28, 2012):

Author reply to Ken Adachi below:

You posted your opinions on Fukushima, which were accurate, and which you backed up with some seismogram analysis and testimony of psychics.

Jim Stone was 10 weeks later than you because he spent more than 500 hours compiling hard evidence to back up his claims.

As for your assertion that he never published anything before his Fukushima report, simply search "Tainted Nightmare" at Google:

He is not an ex-NASA analyst. He claims to have been an analyst for the NSA. You insinuate that his work history makes him untrustworthy. That is ad hominem and naive. There are good and bad people in every agency. Evil is not monolithic, but highly compartmentalized. TPTB are very good at harnessing intelligence. If they get hold of a brainiac with principles, they will employ that person to perform specific tasks while keeping them in the dark about the more nefarious things that go on.

Jim Stone produced a massive report based on lots of research and real, hard evidence. You gave opinions, with almost no evidence. There's a big difference."

I had planned to write a much longer retort to Farganne's denigration of my March 12, 2011, scoop as "opinions" while his Horatio Alger hero, Jim Stone, only dealt in facts, apparently, "based on lots of research and real, hard evidence," but due to my inability to spend more than two minutes at the computer keyboard, thanks to ground-based and satellite psychotronic weapons being leveled at me (at the time) to fry my nervous system by the treasonous slugs and thugs working for the DHS, I couldn't do it.

The fact that I published the same facts on March 12, 2011 that Jim Stone posted ten weeks later on May 28, 2011, doesn't seem to hold much water with ardent fan (and apparent publicist) James Farganne.

I might add that Jim Stone's "500 hours" of "hard evidence" research did not contain much (beyond the Stuxnet virus angle and claimed Israeli involvement) that I did not mention in my March 12 , 2011 article. On March 12, I posted seismographs of the so-called Japan quakes which showed the tell-tale evidence of a nuclear explosion spike and not the "bell" shape pattern seen with genuine earthquakes. I also mentioned that the USGS was notorius for falsifying the Richter amplitude and epicenter location of so-called massive 'earthquakes' when it served the propaganda requirements of the US intelligence agencies and military sectors involved in these acts of sabotage, as was seen in the 2004 Sumatra phony quake/tsunami hoax reported by Joe Vialls in Part 1 and Part 2 (and at, in 2004 and in 2011).

I was not aware that Jim Stone had any previous employment history with the US governmetn until I read a letter posted at Henry Makow's web site in which the letter writer identified Jim Stone as an ex "NASA" employee, so that 's why I used the term NASA in my letter to Henry.

When Jim Stone posted his May 28, 2011 article about the Japan tsunami and Fukushima sabotage, he only described himself as a "Freelance Journalist," with no mention of his NSA background. I now harbor even greater suspicion about the reliability, believability, and sincerity of Jim Stone knowing that he worked for the NSA. In this day and age, anybody who goes to work for the NSA is as thoroughly "vetted" as you can possibly get. The NSA knew exactly who and what they had in Jim Stone when they hired him. They aren't going to take a chance on any "whistle blowers" who leave the NSA. They are all "made" people, in my opinion, just like the CIA only employs "made" people. I would trust them as far as I could throw them.

I posted somewhere between 25-30 articles between March 12, 2011 and May 28, 2011 which addressed the issues of the faked March 11 Japan tsunami, the faked Fukushima "hydrogen gas" explosion, the faked Fukushima reactor "meltdown(s), the faked worldwide radiation scare psyops, the faked "dangerous" increase in Tokyo radiation levels being falsely claimed by Arnie Gundersen, Lauren Moret, Christopher Busby, et al. in the days immediately following March 11 events, and the falsified claim that the radioactive sea water surrounding the northern portion of Japan was coming from the Daiichi faciliteis, when in fact the sea water was made radioactive by the undersea nuclear devices that caused the so-called "tsunami". I also posted at least six radio interviews in March and April 2011 that included myself, ZS Livingstone, Don NIcoloff, and Jim Marray in which we all vented the details of the massive hoax, subterfuge and sabotage that took place in Japan in March of 2011.

ALL of this was posted at BEFORE we heard a single word from Jim Stone, the "freelance journalist" who would like the whole world (especialy Japan) to believe that he broke the faked Fukushima/tsunami story. The only person who embraced the faked tsunami and Fukushima radiation psyops within a few days of March 11, 2011 was Benjamin Fulford. I saw no other web site or article alluding to the same charges that I was posting at about the faked events in Japan until someone sent me Jim Stone's May 28, 2011 article (which I re-posted at my web site on June 1, 2011).

I don't know whether Jim Stone is being harassed and pursued as he claims. It may be true; it may not. I do know that I had 3.7 MILION hits at my web site in March of 2011, another 3.8 MILLION hits in April 2011, and 4.5 MILLION hits in May, 2011 and I had given top billing to the Japan sabotage story in the 2.5 months before Jim posted his article.

I did a WhoIs search and a Wayback Machine search of Jim's web site. The WhoIs search says that his web site was created on 19-feb-2007, but his first web site crawl shows up on the Wayback Machine as March 28, 2008 where Jim Stone identifies himself as a "Freelance Photographer" and his article is limited to talk about digital cameras and his photos. The Wayback Machine archives shows the same Jim Stone, Freelance Photographer page and digital camera article posted in 2008, 2009, and 2010. and even up to Feb. 7 2011.

Jim Stone Freelance Photographer  logo

I also looked at today and found that Jim's web site,, has an Global web ranking of 528,642 and a United States ranking of 246,492. I have to assume that on May 28, 2011 when Jim first posted his Fukushima article, that his Alexa ranking was even more obscure than his current ranking (the higher the Alexa ranking number, the less activity and visits to the web site) because it seems that his career as a "Freelance Journalist" was launched in May of 2011, the same month he posted his Fukushima article.

Now, why would I be irritated with Jim Stone?

Simple. He STOLE my exclusive and original scoop on the Japan sabotage events posted at in March, April, and May of 2011 s and now wants the world to assume that he originated the discovery -- and I'm not going to let that fly.

I'm especially concerned that he's an "ex" NSA employee who just happened to change his career vector from Freelance Photographer to Freelance Journalist within 10 weeks of my posting numerous articles about the faked events in Japan--particularly the US military (and alien) involvement in those events, shifting the entire blame to Israel (who may have been involved, but they certainly didn't lead the parade)

Ken Adachi

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