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Kevin Annett, Fruadster Behind the "International Common Law Court of Justice" Is Nailed

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
October 22, 2014 , Updated Jan. 14, 2018

Kevin Annett, Fruadster Behind the "International Common Law Court of Justice" Is Nailed (Oct. 23, 2014)

St. Kevin of Annett ("But for the children")                        

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[Editor's Note: Oct. 22, 2014 (updated Jan 14, 2018): Kevin Annett strikes me as a Zionist Lefty recruited, funded, and protected disinfo tool, in the mold of Eric Jon Phelps, tasked with making the Pope and the Catholic church (and his own Protestant sect) look evil. Annett also exhibits many telltale characteristics of people who are under mind control. The bizarreness of his conduct and statements bear witness to that. If not programmed (and I think he is), then he's certainly mentally unbalanced because sane people don't engage in such delusional behavior. He just makes stuff up out of thin air, and runs with it as if it's certified, historical fact, sucking in hordes of gullible and naive people (especially women) who buy his ~ "Poor Me, I'm Such a Suffering Truth Crusader" ~ Dog & Pony show when the guy is a mentally unhinged con artist from head to toe. .

I'm amazed at the number of people who STILL believe that this lunatic is legit, fully SIX years after others started to question his outrageous fabrications going back to 2012 or even 2011.

His two-faced backstabbing, and his penchant for sowing dissent, ill will, and arguments among whatever group he ingratiates himself with, is also another strong tip off of personality disorder or mind control programming. He's obviously under protection of the RMCP and the Organized Jewish power structure who control Canada because anyone else who had committed such outrageous acts of fraud in soliciting donations under fraudulent pretenses, would have been shut down and indicted years ago ~ but this guy gets a pass, no matter what he does!

The World Conquerors want to defame, discredit, and marginalize the Catholic church above all other religions and they use mostly paid, but also sayanim volunteer disinfo agents to fabricate outrageous scandals in order to engender relentless negative commentary over the radio and internet towards Catholic priests, Catholicism in general, and especially towards the Pope and the Vatican. ...Ken Adachi]

Heather Martin and 3 Other Panelists Review the habitual Fraud and Deceit of Kevin Annett (2 hours)

Exposing Kevin D. Annett

Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett, Alfred Webre, & Eric Jon Phelps (Dec. 2, 2012)

2008 Vancouver Sun Editorial Slams Kevin Annett and His Promoters for Accepting Annett's Wild Accusations of Church-sponsored "Genocide" With ZERO Supporting Evidence (March 22, 2008)

Kevin Annett is the Fruadster Behind the "International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ)" Claiming Pope Francis Found 'Guilty' of Child Trafficking, etc. (Oct. 23, 2014)

Kevin And His ITCCS Court’s Kangaroo Process Proven With His Summons Documents (April 24, 2014)

The Lunacy Of Kevin Annett’s ITCCS followers (Jan. 10, 2014)

Kevin Annett Demonstrates How The “Collective” Smears To Retain Control/Power (Nov. 15, 2013)

Kevin Annett’s Fraud Is Finished (Oct. 21, 2013)

Kevin Annett Exposed by Freedomcentral (Oct. 16, 2013)

Kevin Annett Destroys Lives (Oct. 4, 2013)

The Prophecy of Kevin Annett (UPDATED) (Feb. 27, 2013)

Kevin Annett’s multiple personality disorder issue ("Jeremiah Jourdain" does not physically exist) (Aug. 28, 2012)

There are many web sites which debunk Kevin Annett, but these two will do as well as any: [no longer online, but archived here]

and (From Greg Renouf)

Kevin Annett’s Nutbar Supporters Invade UK Church…

Occupy Toronto Promotes Indigenous Abusing Con-Artist (feat. Kevin Annett, Carrie Lester & Judy Rebick)

Dear Roseanne Barr: Please Stop Promoting Kevin Annett, He’s A Monster

David Compan Is In A Mental Hospital, And Roseanne Barr Is Part Of The Problem (Kevin Annett)

International “Common Law Court” Indicts The Pope While Sitting On The Toilet! (Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett Bedazzles South Dakota Hicks! (Eugene Richard Hidalgo & The Antichrist!)

Kevin Annett Over-Celebrates 4/20, Declares He’s Dissolved the Catholic Church! (Henry Makow)

Six Nations Elected Council Denies Kevin Annett's Assertion That Mass Graves or Children Skeletal Remains Were Discovered at Woodland Cultural Centre
or Other Former Residential Schools in Brantford (Oct. 18, 2011)


[Updated] Port Alberni Residential School Mass Grave Is Another Sick Hoax (Kevin Annett)

Debunking Kevin Annett’s Kangaroo Courts (Dec. 20, 2014)

[Satire] Breaking News From Kevin Annett And The ITCCS! (Stromboli)

Further Evidence The Vancouver Observer’s Linda Solomon Is The Worst Kind Of Hack (Kevin Annett)


The Reverend St. Kevin of Annett's New Novel to Recount His Courageous Struggle to Rescue the Ahousahts from Capitalist Vampires (232 pages of dare-devil adventure for only $15 )

Kevin Annett ~ Psycho Con Artist: Alfred Webre Now 'Exposes" Kevin Annett After Promoting His Insane Lunacy for Five Years Running (Jan. 2, 2015)

Report on Kevin Annett (well worth watching) from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada-'Unmarked Graves' Part 1

Report on Kevin Annett from the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) in Canada-'Unmarked Graves' Part 2

Original 1907 'Report on the Indian Schools of Manitoba and the North West Territories' by Dr. Peter Bryce (Misquoted and falsely embellished by Kevin Annett)

Kevin Annett, Fruadster Behind the "International Common Law Court of Justice" Is Nailed (Oct. 23, 2014)

Reader Questions Regarding Kevin Annett, Alfred Webre, & Eric Jon Phelps (Dec. 2, 2012)

The Truth about Kevin Annett and Aboriginal Abuse (Jan. 7, 2016)

How Kevin Annett Lost his Minister's Position in 1997: Formal Hearing Report from the United Church of Canada 

Responces by The British Columbia Conference of The United Church of Canada to Claims Made by Kevin Annett

The following are the official BC Conference responses to claims made by Kevin Annett and articles in community newspapers.
    June 25, 2001 "letter from Deb Bowman to churches in BC Conference"        
    April 17, 2001 "letter from Deb Bowman to members of BC Conference"
    July 18, 2000 "Holocaust Denial In Canada", Times Colonist, July 16, 2000    
    September 26, 1997 letter from Roger Clark, Secretary General of Amnesty International stating that Amnesty International is in no way involved in the "case" of the Rev. Kevin Annett        
    September 24, 1997 letter to the Vancouver Courier by Keith Howard        
    September 16, 1997 letter of Brian Thorpe    
    September 16, 1997 letter of Brian Thorpe to the Vancouver Sun.
    Formal Hearing Panel, August 1996 Decision that Kevin Annett be placed on the Discontinued Service List of the United Church of Canada

Ken Adachi

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