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Report on Your Neighbor
(& Let's Repeat Nazi Germany All Over Again!)

[Editor's Note: Unless you grew up in the 1940s or 50s, you never get to see World War II era films on espionage and intrigue There were a ton of those movies made and they always showed the ordinary German citizen being frightened about saying anything critical about the Nazi government in front of their children or at work or at shcool. The Nazis encouraged children especially, to report anything "suspicious" that they might hear their teachers or parents say and report it to their Nazi youth leader or directly to the Gestapo. The 'Report your neighbor' theme was used by American film makers at the time to illustrate the difference in the climate of freedom found here in American versus the heavy hand of fascist repression found in Nazi Germany.

Rather than follow the advice given below to play some tit for tat game and e-mail or fax your complaints about pro-Israel, NWO minions to the Department of Hardcore Sellouts, I think it's far more productive to voice our complaint about the entire propaganda push by the Gestapo-like DHS and their minions which encourages Americans to rat on their fellow countrymen. We should have Town Hall meetings and parent/teacher get togethers and voice our unanimous CONDEMNATION of these Nazi-like "policies" and vehemently criticize those who are encouraging it, beginning with Janet Napolitano ...Ken Adachi]

By Jim Kirwan
December 15, 2010

Report on Your Neighbor (& Let's Repeat Nazi Germany All Over Again!) Dec. 17, 2010

Original Title: Snitch City Incorporated

'Tis the Christmas Season' and children (of all ages) are singing

"Making a list
and checking it twice,
gonna find out
Who's been naughty or nice?"

Which brings us back to that Declaration of Independence FROM Israel that has begun to make the rounds on a lot of very different sites. The problem it seems, is that people want to know how the signing of this simple document could ever change anything; especially now when there really is no "law" anymore, at least not for the filthy rich or their protected moles and spies that hold dual-citizenship passports and just happen to work for the current government simultaneously. (1)

It seems the answer to this problem can be found in a recent news release concerning Wal-Mart of all places.

"A new iPhone App with the misleading name 'PatriotApp' attempts to draw on the power of the patriot movement, turning smartphone users into a gigantic snitch network.

You might think an app with such a patriotic name might have useful functions like a pocket constitution or quotes from our forefathers. But contrary to the services one might expect, this app allows users to report any 'suspicious' behavior directly linking them with top government agencies. Much like the new DHS program 'If you see something, say something' this app is meant to turn average citizens into a network of spies feeding information back to the federal government.

Citizen Concepts, a company formed by insiders from DHS, defines the use of such an app on their homepage:

"Citizen Concepts announces the launch of PatriotAppTM, the world's first iPhone application that empowers citizens to assist government agencies in creating safer, cleaner, and more efficient communities via social networking and mobile technology. This app was founded on the belief that citizens can provide the most sophisticated and broad network of eyes and ears necessary to prevent terrorism, crime, environmental negligence, or other malicious behavior.

Simply download, report (including pictures) and submit information to relevant government agencies, employers, or publish incident data to social network tools."

Key Features: Integrated into Federal Agencies points of contacts: FBI, EPA, GAO, CDC, Custom integration with user employers, Fully integrated with Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Multiple menus and data fields View FBI Most Wanted, Simple graphical user interface Uses: Enable citizens to record and communicate: National Security, Suspicious activities, Crime Government Waste Environmental Crime or possible violations, White collar crime, Workplace harassment, discrimination, or other violations, Public Health concerns PatriotApp encourages active citizen participation in the War on Terror and in protecting their families and surrounding communities

Watch video of Alex Jones exposing other government programs meant to turn average citizens into snitches in the ever expanding control grid." (2)

One of the things we have to do as individuals is to turn this particular aspect of Homeland-Tyranny on its head: Use the system to jam the system by turning in those people that you know will turn you in, if given the chance.

HOMELAND INSECURITY operates on a fear-based premise that assumes only their targets will get caught up in the system: However if people begin to think it through all kinds of these dual-passport Israeli operatives that are inside the government can also be turned in as potential spies that threaten the national-security interests of the United States because they are foreign people that in many cases have sworn allegiance to Israel over the United States, who they are currently employed by, and yet are actively working inside the US government at all levels. Some of these people that have actually spoken publicly at AIPAC meetings, declaring "their absolute loyalty to Israel above all else."

This trend was begun when government failed to grill members of secret societies such as Skull & Bones, about their Secret Oaths, that so exactly mirrors what the Zionistas are doing now by subverting this government, by following the goals of their secret societies, over and above the interests of the United States of America. These people too are traitors, one and all: Turn them in because they are definitely part of a ring of sleeper-agents that are working to overthrow this country. (Lists of these people along with those high-profile government officials that are dual-citizens with Israeli Passports can also be found by searching the net). These people are the people that most need to be confronted with the need to sign this New Declaration of Independence from Israel. To make the best use of your time stay with the management in each department of government at all levels.

How to make this effective? It's simple. We are a technological society, send them email, bombard them with faxes, email and phone calls demanding to know when they will sign this Declaration of Independence from Israel. Attach your own form of this idea:

'I am a citizen of this country and as such I outrank you. As someone who is supposed to serve me I am asking you to sign this document, because at the end of the day you actually are supposed to work for me-and lately your loyalties to this country have become unclear. Therefore, if you chose not to sign this, or chose to ignore this request, then you will be put on the List. This has become necessary because all other avenues to rid this nation of these traitors inside this government have been blocked by those collaborating with these spies. You have ten days to comply with this notice.(or words to that effect)

Sincerely _____________'

If they refuse or do not respond then begin to make your own enemies list. The government keeps innumerable lists of ordinary people, such as the No-Fly List (over two million on that one) which is totally bogus and represents a massive infringement upon each and every one of us - many have complained and all have been ignored. So: Is it now time to begin to coordinate with others in your own community to begin to list the people that have become extremely UN-American ­ who need to be reported to HOMELAND Security because they are all potential traitors?

When TSA THREATENS to put YOU on their No-Fly List, they are attempting to use the FEAR of that to coerce you into compliance. Wouldn't it be interesting if people began to ask them ­ "Do you want to be put "on the LIST? "What List?" "The people's LIST of those that are a threat to the existence of this country!" But whether you choose to mention this or not-publicly ­ such a list needs to begin to exist for real.

If freedom is to ever exist again in this country the people need to begin to get very creative, very soon or that window too will be slammed shut forever ­ so please use your own instincts and find some ways' to use what they have created to use against all of us. This video has clearly destroyed the lies that were told concerning 911, isn't it time that you and I began to do something about that crime that started this War-on-Freedom! (3)

The current US government is huge; pick the top levels of every major department and rotate your emails on a daily basis over the Holidays when they are on vacation (treat them just as they always treat us) and by the end of the Holiday, there will no doubt BE a LIST that can be called to account by as many people as have chosen to participate in this rather novel approach to the largest problem that faces this nation to date: Namely who are the real enemies of this state.

Obama, Hilary Clinton, & her husband, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney, George H.W. Bush & his most-evil son, Bush Junior, along with Condoleezza Rice, and all those others who have already gone on-the-record before a foreign organization (AIPAC) to deny their support for the USA while swearing to their loyalty to Israel. Watch the video below and ask yourself how you can use this Declaration to begin to rid us of these very public moles throughout the government at all levels.

Because if we do not begin to resist these invasions into our lives then these images of almost forty-years ago will no doubt begin to become everyday facts that most of us will find it impossible to remove.

Jim Kirwan <>


Helping Big Brother: Reporting on Your Neighbors
Nov. 1, 2004

by John W. Whitehead

Many people associate military patrols, martial law and summary executions with the concept of the police state—something obviously not present in our everyday activities.

However, the basic tools for sustaining a police state are economic controls, restrictions on the use of private property and discouraging political dissent. Above all, control is maintained by punishing disobedient citizens. Since the police cannot be everywhere, neighbors, friends and associates are enlisted to report violations to the police—something we see happening in present-day America.

This is a real concern since our government has a near paranoia about dissenting citizens. “The Administration and campaign of George W. Bush,” writes former Congressman Bob Barr (R-Ga.), “is squelching any possible hint of disagreement or protest at every political rally or gathering.” For example, people with t-shirts that hint at disagreement are not allowed anywhere near the events or even on the route traveled by the presidential motorcade.

But now things have gone even further, and the Secret Service has become active in ferreting out possible troublemakers. “In the last few months, evidence has been mounting that special agents are showing up at the homes and offices of potential protesters,” writes Barr, “casting suspicion upon them in front of bosses, colleagues, family, friends and neighbors. During these visits, the special agents ‘interview’ the potential protesters to determine if they—or anyone they know—might be planning any political demonstrations.” And, “The final question the FBI agents ask is this: Does the interviewee know that withholding information on whether they know anyone else who might be planning a demonstration or ‘disruption’ is itself a crime?”

The key element is enlisting private citizens to inform on their friends and neighbors. Sadly, there are many who are now getting in the spirit and are all too willing to inform on fellow citizens to the police.

Take retired phone worker Barry Reingold, for example. After criticizing the war in Afghanistan in the locker room of his health club, some fellow members called the FBI. A few days later, Reingold had some unexpected visitors.

Reingold, age 60, heard a knock on his door. “I said, you know, ‘Who’s there?’ And they said, ‘It’s the FBI,’” said Reingold. The two agents wanted to know more about his locker room outburst. “Someone’s reported to us that you’ve been talking about what happened on 9/11 and terrorism and oil and Afghanistan,” Reingold said the agents told him.

Concerning this incident, as CBS reports, “The FBI insists agents do not interview people because of their political views. But since 9/11, the agency says it needs to cast a wider net than ever in its search for information.”

Derek Kjar found himself tangled in the net when he said that he did not intend to harm President Bush with anything more than a vote for John Kerry in November. Just to be sure, though, agents from the Secret Service paid Kjar a visit, telling him that his neighbors had alerted them to a potentially threatening bumper sticker on his car.

The sticker, which can be found on a number of websites, features a black-and-white likeness of Bush with a crown tilted slightly on his head. Under the image are the words “KING GEORGE – OFF WITH HIS HEAD”—a reference to the infamous King George of colonial days.

This message, of course, is pure political speech, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution and, thus, would never qualify as a true threat under the law. But Kjar didn’t know that. Kjar said the agent he contacted in response to a cryptic message left on his voice mail would not even say why he wanted to talk—only that he wanted to meet Thursday morning.

That’s when Kjar began to cry. “I didn’t know what was going on,” he told the Salt Lake Tribune. “It made me so nervous.”

Kjar said two agents visited him at his job at a dry cleaning service, where they asked him if he had any ties to terrorist groups or enjoyed reading historical accounts of assassinations. They also asked Kjar about his friends and family and even wanted to know how he paid his monthly rent.

The agents finally left after Kjar gave them the sticker. Kjar said he feared the agents were going to “take me away.”

Since 9/11, it has been consistently drummed into our heads by the government, with all its alerts and alarms, that terrorists are everywhere. This necessarily means that your next door neighbor could be one. The government is using fear to promote its agenda of Orwellian control.

But none of this is really new. The former expatriate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, speaking of the Russian people in the old Soviet Union during the Cold War era, noted that not only would they inform on their neighbors, they would also kneel inside the door of their apartments, pressing their ears to listen when the KGB came at midnight to arrest their neighbor. He says that if all the people would have come out and driven off the secret police, sheer public opinion would have demoralized the effort to subdue a free people. But fear and their own personal security were more important.

Yes, the only way they can succeed is if we cooperate. Will we?

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