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Daily Knee Squats Can Increase Youthfulness and Longevity

From Ken Adachi, Editor
July 3, 2011

Daily Knee Squats Can Increase Youthfulness and Longevity (July 3, 2011)

I've never taken human growth hormone (HGH) sold on the internet or at health food stores, but I know you can obtain greater attributes of youthfulness (retard aging) and increased muscle tone with elevated amounts of HGH (which normally decreases as you get older). Many people take the precursor supplement of HGH, known as DHEA, but it's simple enough to get your own body to produce more HGH by simply doing knee squats on a daily basis.

There's a Japanese actress named Mitsuko Mori who's over 90 years old and is seen in Japanese commercials all the time. She looks like she's in her early 60s. She said her secret of youthfulness is doing daily knee squats-of the right kind.

The Correct Way to Perform Knee Squats

In order to properly flex the upper thigh muscle (which is what causes the body to produce more HGH), you need to perform your knee squats with both feet planted flat on the floor (do not rock forward on the balls of your feet). This is important to remember. You spread your feet out about shoulder width and slightly splayed outward. You squat down until your thighs are parallel with the floor (ideally, but work up to it if it's too much in the beginning) and then you come up. Do not allow your knee caps to extend beyond a plumb line drawn from the front of your toes to the front of your knee cap. The correct posture for these knee squats is the same way you lower yourself to sit on a toilet bowl. You can practice this by sitting on the edge of a folding chair and lowering yourself to the point of almost sitting on the chair, but not actually sit on the chair.

I roll my arms up in front of me to offer more counter weight so I don't have to lean forward too much. I try to keep my head up straight and avoid having my knee cap extend beyond the front of my toes as I do the squats.

Ideally, you want to do at least 50 knee squats per day. You can start with 25 squats a day and gradually work up to 50. If it makes you too tired to do 25 squats at one time, then do 10 or 15 and finish the balance after an hour or two. Always listen to your body when trying to use weak or unused muscles.

The key to success is to do the squats regularly and make it a habit.

A good time to do them is right after taking a shower in the morning.

Try it. You will begin to notice good things!

Ken Adachi

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