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Rima & Bert's Panama Shangri La,
Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
Posted to on October 29, 2008

Rima & Bert's Panama Shangri La: Brother, Can You Spare a Dime? (Dec. 15, 2008)

[Psychiatrist Rima Laibow and former Army Major General Albert Stubblebine have moved to Panama to set up a "Valley of the Moon (TM) Eco Community Demonstration Project.". They need a third of a million fast. Maybe you can help them achieve their goal? They're looking for a Few Good People. Things seem positively delightful down there on the new "finca". Apparently setting up in Panama instead of the United States signals that they know something that you and I perhaps are not privy to. Wonder what that could be? Perhaps you should read this story to find out..Ken Adachi]

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Natural Solutions Foundation <>
Date: Wed, Oct 29, 2008 at 7:29 PM
Subject: [NSF-Panama] Good NEWS! The search is over!

Bert and I have spent more than 16 months coming to Panama, ultimately moving to Panama, looking for land for the Foundation's Valley of the Moon (TM) Eco Community Demonstration Project.

We have found land, gone to signing on land and been confronted with surprises that made us stand up from the table with the contract unsigned.

We have found stunning land only to find that we were being offered a fraudulent deal because the land belongs to the people of Panama: it is a National Park.

We have seen properties which looked good, seemed good, but had a bad gut feeling (and later found out why!)

We have looked and looked and looked. And you have all been looking, either boots-on-the-ground here with us or vicariously through the Forum and the Conference Calls.

Initially we thought that we would have a single piece of land for the community, the medical center and the farm/farm school. That changed as circumstances, and finances, presented themselves.

We have all suddenly been hit by a market convulsion which meant that people whom we have commitments from for BICs could not meet those commitments and people who wanted to put BICs into place suddenly found themselves with very different options available to them.

We have many people who are ready to come work and participate but needed a place to come TO so that they could help make the collective vision a reality, but lacked the means to purchase a BIC directly. For them, not having the facility meant that they were not able to begin the process of investing their talents and energies into the process of earning a BIC. Now there is a place. Y'all come!

But the search is over! The perfect property to get us started and situated, humming and growing, fell into our laps, nearly literally! This evening we made the first payment on the purchase of a highly suitable property (see Ralph's posting just before this one of the Letter of Intent). Tomorrow we will go to David, 45 minutes away, to visit, first of all, a local lawyer and second of all a notaria who will turn that LOI into binding instructions for the attorneys.

What have we begun the process of purchasing?
1. A 2 acre piece of land bounded by a road on one long axis (the land is a rectangle) and by a river in a green and lovely glade on the other long axis.
2. A 1640 ft2 house with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, large front and back porches and a beautiful working fireplace, dining room, spacious
living room. Ceramic tile floors throughout and a view of Volcan Baru!
2. An 1800+ ft2 house with 3 bedrooms, one office, 2 1/2 baths, a large dining room and spacious living room (15' x 18'), long tiled veranda.
3. A jaguar (honest! it has paws, not wheels!) which is beautiful, full grown and needs a much larger home - perhaps a large enclosure with a pool on the finca?.
4. A working farm of 2.5 hectares.
5. 7 or 8 large commercial greenhouses with irrigation installed using three different sources of water including a natural water source, rainwater and town water.
6. A clean and open duck and chicken house where up to 5000 birds can be raised. This provides outstanding manure for natural growing and fertilizing as well as eggs and foul. Vegitarians do not have to eat them. But they sure will appreciate what their manure does for the crops they do eat.
7. A legal slaughter house to dress and prepare the birds for sale. 8. A farm building which can be easily modified into an office with phone and internet, a farm school classroom, and dormitories. This building, like the others on the farm, has electricity and water.
9. Two caretaker houses where a single caretaker lives and a caretaker and his family live. These also have water and electricity.

We need to come up with the following payments to take possession of the property and have the corporation which owns the titles to the two pieces of land transferred to us:
1. $286,000 to pay off the mortgage so that the title can be transferred to us
2. $64,000 to allow the elderly owners of the houses and farm to move to another house and, while there, build a new house for themselves. We anticipate taking posession of the first house on or about November 15!
3. $5,000 good faith money which we paid tonight.

That means that we need to come up with $350,000 in a short time. We have $300,000 on hand once I transfer my IRA to Panama.

4. $270,000 to complete the purchase. Upon payment of that money we will take possession of the producing farm and be able to reap the culinary, nutritional, educational and financial rewards of owning it in fact as well as in name.

What do you get if you join this project?
1. Visionaries get to participate in the creation of a model and educational project
2. Health professionals get to practice what they are expert in within a supportive and forward-looking center where the affluent, the locals and the indiginous peoples are served.
3. Food is BeyondOrganic, inexpensive, sustainable and fresh from our farm. We will have a kitchen and a restaurant on the premises providing outstanding food for us all in the future, as renvations allow.
4. A place of refuge if you need it, a place of retreat when you need it. Everyone who is a committed community participant has a doorway to jump through if you need it quickly. Come home! We have the light on for you!
5. A community of like minded people working with you.
6. The opportunity to create an enterprise with the Foundation as a partner or on your own (as long as it does not conflict with the ways in which the community supports itself).
7. A source of income through interest payments on the investment or BICs which you have purchased.

What do you get if you use your IRA to support this project? Your IRA is invested in something you believe in and you will receive a return on that investment through the BIC (or fractional BIC) interest payments. You will recall that the enterprises of the Foundation (the Spa and Medical Center, the Seminar and other Educational Programs, the agricultural products, devices, herbal products, etc., etc.) are all designed to be profit making and that the Foundation is permitted to increase the interest payments above the rate set by Banco National to reflect that success and share it with the BIC holders and other supporters. Thus, the financial return will be, we anticipate, significant. Of course, this is not a promise, since we cannot see the future. But it is our strong, unbending intent!

Next, your fragile dollars are now in something precious and practical: land, food and shelter. If you come to the Valley of the Moon(TM), you will have a place to stay and BeyondOrganic food to eat, a community to participate in and a job to do in building a model for others to take home with them and emulate whichever part of they like. You can also just live there.

Third, you will have protected your retirement income from: inflation, stagflation, recession, depression, stock market failure, bailout backfires, and, perhaps most important, the rumored government take over of all IRAs and 401Ks to turn them over to Social Security to administer. I personally am eager to get my money (what is left of it, anyway) out of the US and into land and real estate from which I can anticipate a meaningful return.

Fourth, it is my understanding that this investment should qualify you for various levels of long term visas, depending on its magnitude. This needs confirmation by our legal team and will depend on your particulars. A donation may or may not qualify, but the IRA investment certainly would. Long term visas can lead to Panamanian Citizenship if you want that but do not have to.

Under the IRA rules, you cannot receive direct benefit from that input so your investment would go for the Medical Center, for example, or for the Finca, or the Seminar and dining facility, etc. That way, your IRA is still behind its tax-deferred shield and your own housing, for example, is separated from the investment you have made. (There has been some confusion about this and I hope this straightens it out - Please call Ralph Fucetola, 973-300-4594, if you need more information on this option.)

If you own a full or partial Founder's BIC, conferred in thanks for a donation, you either have the right to, or are on your way to the right to, select a buildable lot and build a home. That lot is yours as a perpetually renewable lease and is part of the Valley of the Moon(TM) Land Trust. The house that you build on the lot is yours to sell (the VotM has First Right of Refusal), to will to your heirs or dispose of in whatever way you like with community approval (You probably could not sell it to a known drug dealer, for example).

If you are willing to offer us a friendly loan, now would be a really good time for that! You will be paid back from the proceeds of the businesses and from other funding sources. Ralph can draw up the agreement. His email is In case you have not noticed it, we now need that friendly loan.

Can you commence building on the 2.5 H finca? Not yet. It is our plan to bring in experts to help us lay out the land use. About 1/2 of the land is occupied in green houses. We need to have Father Godfrey of Songhai come to Panama to lay out the zero emissions farm and site the houses and other land use features. We need to have permaculture input. We need to consider many aspects of how to use the land best and most sustainably. But it is our intent to acquire the two neighboring farms as well (which are available) when we have the money, or option them as soon as we can, and then the homes go on the high ridges where the views beggar all attempts to describe them. You MUST see them for yourself!

When we have the funds, we will begin the construction of the Medical Center and spa on the two acre parcel in town. It lends itself to that usage wonderfully. There will be facilities for people to stay, eat, do yoga, body work, meditation, dance, etc.

Both pieces of land have stunning views of the dominant feature of the area: Volcan Baru. I have been coming here, and have lived here now, for quite a while. I never tire of the ever-changing spectacle of the clouds and the peak, the sky and the greenery. I find it thrilling every time I look at it.

As you probably have gathered, I am pretty excited. I hope you are too!

I am about to mount pictures and tomorrow morning, on the way to David, we will stop at the farm and take some more pictures.

Bottom line: The Valley of the Moon(TM) has a home.

Warmly, and with great enthusiasm,

PS: Don't forget to order the Valley of the Moon (TM) chemical free coffee for yourself and everyone on your gift list who is a coffee drinker (or uses it for detox: it is pristine!). Here's the link:


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