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The Dark Side of Laura Knight Jadczyk &

[Editor's Note: This url was sent to me anonymously. I read of Laura Knight Jadczyk and her web site from the articles I posted at from Montalk between 2002 and 2004. I found Montalk's articles both interesting and compelling. They seemed to ring true. Montalk was associated with Laura's group when they lived in Florida and was crediting much of his info from their channelings. A few years ago, I got an e-mail form someone who told me about some very dark things concerning Laura and I started to wonder if all was well in Cassiopeia Land. That may have been the reason I stopped posting Montalk articles at my site. I can't recall exactly, but the info must have been sufficiently convincing that I thought it better not to promo the Laura material. This 2004 article seems to reinforce that view.

Anyone who's getting info through a Ouija. board is a dummy amd shouldn't be trusted. The other behavior outlined here seems to be typical of the cult mentality that often overtakes those who set themselves up as prophets of Dark Things to Come. The Doom & Gloom backdrop is really a big tipoff as far as I'm concerned. I was suckered into buying ZetaTalk and the 2003 Nibiru Death Planet Flyby scenario from 1995 right up to May 2003. It's fairly obvious now that the promotion of Doom & Gloom is a big part of the Illuminati's strategy to keep up locked down in fear. Sorcha Faal, Steve Quayle, the TV evangelists/ Armageddon /End Times crowd, etc-- Doom & Gloomers one and all.

Stewart Swerdlow said in his 2001 talk at the Bohdi Tree in Los Angeles that ALL channeled sources are controlled by the CIA and reptilians. This lady says the same thing. I don't know if that's true, but I do know that I have my discernment antennae mounted higher than ever. You should too...Ken]

By Colleen Johnston <>

Laura Knight Jadczyk - Grand Master Channel of the Cassiopaean Apocalypse

By Colleen Johnston © 2004

Authors note: I am an ex-cult member as well as one of the lead channels for a cult in which I was involved for about eight years. I was not the leader but was in what was called ‘The Triad’ (which was the group leader, another lead channel, and myself) within a similar group and feel fully qualified to speak out about the Cassiopaeans an the channelings of Laura Knight Jadczyk. I left the Council group in 1995 and have continuously researched similar groups. I can attest to the similarities and the betrayal by these group leaders, including the money scams the ‘Cassiopaeans’ and Laura Jadczyk perpetuates. It is similar to the group I was apart of because the ideologies are so similar. Even the catch phrase of ‘Knowledge Protects’ is similar to ‘Knowledge is Power’ that the guru I was involved with used. Because of my extensive knowledge into the trappings one gets into in such groups I see very similar’ revelations’ from the Council verses the Cassiopaeans. If I receive a response from the Jadczyk’s or other irate cult members I will also post them here. It’s time to expose these group leaders for exactly what they are – unscrupulous frauds with potential life threatening psychosis. This particular group is far from being a love and light - airy fairy type of ideology - they pose a real threat to people who are searching for something to explain odd events.~Colleen

The Web Weaved by the Master Channel on the Internet

My personal brush with Laura Knight Jadczyk was in 2001 while doing the radio show Nightsearch that aired on the Internet’s Nightsearch Paranormal Network (NSPN). I refused to have her on the Nightsearch show as a guest contrary to the pre arranged invite by ex-co-host Eddie Middleton. Middleton knowing my personal views and my very vocal stance on abusive cult agendas had the discernment of a rock to invite her on our show. I was angry and refused to propagate this insane woman’s confusing mixed bag of atrocious gloom and doom ideologies.

As far as the radio show that Mr. Middleton interviewed her on - to me it was obvious that she was making up details as she went along. I sat and listened to the whole interview and have it on CD as the Nightsearch Network was coming from my den. I have listened to it several times and can absolutely identify with her mind-controlled head-trip – she is a mirror image of my former guru as far as the paranoia and bad habits go.

I have been investigating her cult (as well as others) for a couple of years, and in very private communication with a few former members. Those members are going to remain anonymous in order to protect their identities. It takes a great deal of courage to come forward and to report such information.

According to her Laura, in 1994, after the Shoemaker-Levy comet slammed into Jupiter, Laura Knight Martin began to channel the Cassiopaeans via a trumped up version of an Ouija Board with fellow board experimenter Fred Ireland. The board used the same type of communication techniques as the original Ouija. In 1996 she divorced the father of her five children Lewis Martin claiming he was a reptilian zombie replacement sent to destroy her ability to evolve on her pathway with the Cassiopaeans.

In 1997 she met and married a man named Arkadiusz Jadczyk who is a theoretical physicist from Poland whom she met over the Internet. He seems to be a legitimate physicist but is enamored with the channelings. Laura and her husband Ark (they married in 1998), lead a few dedicated followers of the cult after the move to France and they all live on a small farm. It is unclear just how many members live on this farm to date.

Repeatedly, Laura has used typical brain washing and mind control tactics over her members with strategies listed below:

* Leadership comes in a pyramidal structure with all information coming from the top leadership (meaning Laura).
* Blends ideologies such as Christian, so called Divine mastering, etc., and other types of spiritualities, including a dangerous pro-apocalyptic agenda.
* Leaders uses hypnosis as a tool to further ‘Cassiopaean’ agenda by removing disembodied spirits from clients. (This was also done in the group I was in)
* Leader uses disaster scenarios via writings to keep and obtain membership.
* Claims exclusiveness of The Cassiopaean Experiment and a ‘you’ll miss the boat’ ideology if you do not become involved.
* Uses personal neediness, charisma to gain income and dedicated followers.
* Uses knowledge that comes from the exclusive channelings from Laura so called communications, as factual and other interpretations of channeled information are either ignored or not valid.
* Uses anger, humiliation on members when they ask questions she cannot answer.
* Uses outright lies to maintain belief structure and manipulates as well as twists what others Members say.
* Uses times-line events but quickly changes ‘channeled’ information to suit the situation as supposed ‘event’ nears.

Reality Roll Call

Former members that wish to remain anonymous, also claim they were scammed out of large sums of money when the Jadczyk’s suddenly uprooted the Perseus Foundation from New Port Richey, Florida and moved it to France leaving many a bewildered cult member feeling emotionally raped by their experience and financially taken advantage of.

The Jadczyk’s raised well over $100,000.00 to $150,000.00 from a bogus raffle to sell their home (AKA the Perseus Foundation) via PayPal then split with the money, leaving an unverified winner unknown to members but close to Laura. According to 2003 documents the home is still up for sale and a former devoted member lives there as caretaker showing the property. Laura is in legal trouble with fraud and embezzlement if she returns to the USA. Many members would sue her if they could get her back here.

As one member told me they began to wake up as soon as prediction dates that came from the Cassiopaean channelings came and went, and began to speculate that Laura was making things up via her channeling board just to keep the paranoia going and the money flowing. Laura was noticeably unable to follow her own set of lies and began to trap herself in them by getting dates confused and changing previous information.

Quantum Schools and Borrowed Tools

I have noted that although Laura is fairly intelligent, a majority of her info is a rip-off from other similar groups. On the Cassiopaean website (which is pretty slick looking) Laura has a newsletter called, ‘Signs of the Times’, filled with apocalyptic ‘what ifs’ which are ominous enough to influence an already depressed society and especially those who have anomalous trauma and are trying to find answers to unusual events. The Cassiopaean web site is full of articles and other threatening messages of the end are near. One of her many scams that she (via the Cassiopaeans) has answers to earthly ailments and needs humanities help via her PayPal donation to continue onward. She has actively solicited funds from her website. BEWARE if a raffle is launched – there are absolutely no winners and the scam has been used before. Below are some of the tools she’s I believe borrowed from others.

* Edgar Cacey – similar ‘sleeping prophet’ channeling ( which in my opinion may have been the ONLY legitimate channel).
* JJ Hurtak – ‘Academy of Future Sciences’ and the Quantum based ‘Academy of Light’ Teachings
* Christian prophecy – the book of Revelation
* Melchezadek Teachings from other gurus and books on the subject
* Edith Fore – spirit attachment and de-possessions (she calls them)

Her Quantum Future School (not unlike JJ Hurtak Academy of Future Sciences School but less technical) is a serious undertaking in which she claims “None of us are going to get out of here alive”. She seriously banks on people who are at the end of their own personal ropes, emotionally bankrupt and are looking for answers.

In the kingdom of cult-dom, leaders prey on the folks who are easily manipulated due to their depression or desperate situations. They give them hope and continue to rape trust from them, often badgering members to give all they have for the cause. The school appears to be nothing more than a pricey message board type set up with a list of rules that govern what can be talked about. On the site she notes that there are prerequisites and conditions for acceptance to the school.

Some of those are:

* A subscription to Casschat – a chatroom discussion headed by Laura or another designated member
* A person must put all their sacred beliefs aside.
* A person must have read all of the wave series and adventures series on Laura’s website
* Suggested (although not a requirement) buying and reading Laura’s books.
* A requirement of a person being monitored by the Admission Committee is a minimum of three months participation in the public Cassiopaea Forum, Casschat..

Rules of Engagement:

1. No insults and vulgar posts (which is reasonable)
2. Open Discussion of sharing the ‘free will’ Cassiopaean information (other discussion off topic or between individual people is discouraged and told to be done in private).
3. Discussion of topics related to the cosmos, sex, angels, demons, good verses evil, etc are posted (IF it follows her ‘Knowledge Protects’ policy and is based on the Cassiopaean Initiatory Teachings.
4. No post on belief systems outside of the Cassiopaean guidelines.
5. Postings are monitored and deleted if objectionable.
6. Disinformation Operatives (people who complain or object to Cassiopaean materials) are warned, then expelled from the school and banned from the list.

Laura also claims on her own website as a precursor to getting involved in her ‘school’ that a choice has to be made now, without question! That statement is enough to call her a dangerous threat to others.

According to an ex-member, Laura uses extreme mind control by plucking out the headlines from the unrest within the world news then 'channels’ disastrous information dealing with worst case scenarios of apocalyptic weather, the September 11,2001 tragedy, terrorism and plays upon the fears and hopes of her followers. This ex-member was chastised for bringing up a valid question in which Laura made an example of her by scorning her in front of others. This is typical of abusive tactics used to control others if they begin to think for themselves.

On her website at, she readily admits that people want to be stupid and deceived and kept from learning the truth. Perhaps this is a Freudian slip and that ‘truth’, depends on the truth of the giver. Laura has clearly (and repeatedly) demonstrated her inability to tell the truth and is mealy-mouthed about her own crooked and disturbing past, filled with child abuse and trauma according to several former members who knew about it. I would also recommend that one search her background too. There are several sites on the Internet which discuss the dangers she poses.

Trail of Lies - A Wake-up Call

In my personal observation and because of living in the midst of a cult in my own past for about eight years, I found her mental instability to be verging on paranoid psychosis; it manifested in a similar way with my past guru whereas people (or an unseen enemy) are out to 'get her' and to destroy her and the group members. She is as large of a threat, as was the Heavens Gate cult led by Marshall Applewhite, or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians and Jim Jones as leader of The Peoples Temple. I seriously believe she has suicidal, self-destructive tendencies, because of several previous attempts at suicide. She might in time – potentially create a fearful scenario for the cult members to join her in ascension by leaving their bodies.

Hopefully one day we’ll not read about the death of the Cassiopaean Experiment members. Her record of mental abuse, monetary infidelity, getting caught up in lies and general discord stand as a testament to just how dangerous she and her ideology can be.

According to some of the ex-cult members, Laura is very high strung, smokes and drinks while ‘channeling’. She then creates very frightful scenarios for her followers. Her website reeks of tales of disaster situations coming in the future. It is almost verbatim of some of the info given via channeling to the group I was involved with in which I have 12 volumes of the channelings BEFORE the entities allowed their true nature to become known.

Laura Jadczyk’s channelings are made up and falsely influenced by what she reads, which, again is exactly what my former guru did. There's a cookie cutter ideology being pushed as well as a pro agenda by these creatures. It’s possible that a dark entity attachment resides within her - who is indeed giving her information to pass on to followers to keep IT empowered.

She has recanted some of her earlier claims and now claims that the information is coming to her from the future Laura. The endless lies just keep getting bigger and the twists in this parody just keep getting more insane. Laura's saga isn’t over – her website is alive and well in France and she is gearing up the illusions of grandeur dealing with the Cassiopaean Experiment once more. Let's all watch what happens!

If you are an ex Cassiopaean follower, please email me below: I am interested in publishing your survival story in an upcoming book. All info will remain confidential as an alias can be substituted.

I also believe that dark alien forces are behind ALL groups who channel without exception. They can and will take over a person to bring about their own sordid agendas. I discuss this in great detail within my book ‘Surviving the Fall: A Journey within the UFO Cult Mindset’ to which in part this website is about. Email me if you'd like the book information.

Colleen Johnston

All rights reserved © MAAR - Malevolent Alien Abduction Research 2004 Disclaimer


Subject: Re: The Dark Side of...
Date: Sun, November 5, 2006
To:   Editor

Hi, Ken.

I do not know these people, though I was reading Laura Knight's posts even before she got acquainted with A. Jadczyk and was still residing in FL. They really do have amassed some quite startling material over the years. Even if you don't take into account the part about the Cassiopaean channeling what is left includes some very interesting writings, many of which have the ability to make you think and try to look under the surface of what we call reality.


1. "On her website at, she readily admits that people want to be stupid and deceived and kept from learning the truth"

G.I.Gurdjieff says the same

2. "Laura Jadczyk’s channelings are made up and falsely influenced by what she reads"

There is no proof of this statement

Cheers, Rolando


Subject: Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Date: Sun, November 5, 2006
To: Editor

Saw your reposting of the two-year-old Colleen Johnson article on Knight-Jadczyk and thought it very funny that you were taking the word of Johnson who believes she is being abducted by "Lizzies", and who, if her related discussion group is anything to go by, seems to be in two minds whether she thinks it is a good thing or not.




Subject: Hello Ken
From: "Aamil Qureshi" <>
Date: Tue, November 7, 2006 7:35 pm
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

Hi, this is Aamil again. I know you're probably busy with other things right now however, I just wanted to e-mail you quickly because I have a question to ask you. I understand you mentioned something about how Sai Baba is a fake in one of your previous articles on Amitakh Stanford. I only wish to know any information you have on him (and any possible connections he may have to the powers that be) that you have gathered up so far. I have done previous internet searches but none proved to satisfy my curiosity. There are only two factors that make me wary of him. One is his view on the Vedic cycle of time (a roughly 432,000 year cycle instead of the 24,000 year cycle proposed in Swami Sri Yukteswar's book "The Holy Science"). Another is that my mother attributes good things that happen to her, to Sai Baba. I know I should'nt judge people's beliefs like this, but it's becoming a little unsettling to me whenever she does that.

I would also like to offer my two cents on Laura Knight Jadczyk after reading your recent article on her. I encountered her website and the
Cassiopeian literature by accident, roughly a year or two ago while researching the grim subject on UFOs and animal mutilations (who was
responsible for something so sick, and why). One of the dialogues between her and the "Cassiopeians" covered this topic. I don't remember everything I read in that dialogue. However, I can say that the attitude of the"Cassiopeians", or whatever they really are, towards the victims of such
mutilations was far too callous for my liking. I also remember reading another dialogue where Laura and the Cassiopeians are discussing the subject
of food. At one point in their discussion, Laura asks the Cassiopeians if it was spiritual to be a vegetarian. The "Cassiopeians" replied along the lines
that it was not spiritual to be vegetarian as it focuses too much on the body. At this point I knew something was up and I left her and her literature for good.

Feel free to e-mail me back anytime. I hope I'm not bothering you in anyway.

Sincerely, Aamil.


Hi Aamil,

Good note. Listening to your own intuition is always the wisest course.

With Sai Baba, I don't think it's wise to condemn as much as be aware of the complete picture. There is no black and white. I'm sure he is developed and advanced in many areas. I've read enough about the strong allegations of sexual involvement with young male devotees that I have to be very concerned. If he is compromised in that way, then he's certainly not someone who should be held up as a holy man or an avatar. Stewart Swerdlow says that he's implanted from head to toe and much of his 'performances' are illusions, rather than bona fide apparitions. I don't know one way or the other, I'm just repeating what Swerdlow said. However, Swerdlow seemed rather confident in his information which he said he got from CIA and upper level Illuminati contacts. Swerdlow also said that he was tasked by the Illuminati to monitor Sai Baba psychically and he says he's under mind control.

I would tend to place more faith in the writings of Sri Yukteswar, a true avatar, than in Sai Baba, but that doesn't mean that Sai Baba cannot be a vehicle for the spiritual growth or realization of others. Those who work with a purity of heart will gain the spiritual benefits regardless of the flaws of the messenger. It's universal law, so I wouldn't discount your mother's assertions about gaining things because of her connection to him. It's HER purity of thought, action, and intention that is directing the Law of Attraction THROUGH Sai Baba, if he is playing a role.

Yea, the picture with Laura and her channeled friends seems to be getting darker.

Regards, Ken


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