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Being Drugged and Harassed by Law Enforcement:
A Letter from Joey

{Editor's Note: These letters are real. I've changed the name of the sender, but otherwise have left all of the information intact. This person's situation is not unique. There are many people being harassed and tortured in this country in a similar fashion as described by Joey. These people have implants which allow the tormentors to talk to them in their heads, or cause them nightmares or any manner of physical and psychological torture. The harassment he encounters in public locations by teams of tormentors is usually called 'street theater' by mind control victims. The people engaging in this activity are usually victims of mind control themselves. Don Croft calls the the younger version of these 'teams' "MKkids", meaning adolescents programmed using MK Ultra programming. It's common to hear from other victims of this sort of organized harassment of 'teams' moving in next door and setting up in the neighborhood, to drive the victim nuts and keep up the torment around the clock.

Al Bielek has said that there are many millions of young people who have been programmed using the techniques perfected at Montauk, Long Island under the Montauk Project. In the earlier phase of its development, the victims of this programming were called 'Montauk Boys' (later, they added Montauk Girls). Al says that there are now Montauk style programming centers in every major city of America, and at least two million new mind controlled victims are being programmed each year under the Montauk style of electronic programming (there are other types of mind control programs being applied to military special forces, government intelligence operatives, 'presidential model' sex slaves, CIA types, etc.).

As Ted Gunderson, Don Croft, and scores of mind control victims have noted in their writing and lectures, many law enforcement personnel -federal, state and even municipal-are dirty and cooperating with the traitors ( not all, of course. We have some friends in law enforcement at the level of police chief, but their numbers are few and far between). As shown in the Nebraska Franklin Cover-up case, often the chief of police and key people within a department are satanists and working with the traiotrs to exploit victims. The use of orgone generators, the Succor Punch, and the Powerwand, seem to help people who find themselves in this situation. More to follow...Ken]

From Joey
October 18, 2004

----- Original Message -----
From: Joey
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 11:08 PM
Subject: PLEASE HELP!!!....Being Drugged and Harassed by law enforcement

Dear Sir/Maam,

My name is Joey. I'm a White male 49 years old , married with 4 Kids, 9 To 22.

.I Am of SOUND MIND............I have been awarded Disabillity and am recieving checks every 2 weeks.

I have been given a drug that scared the hell out of me, rendered me for a period of 2 years toatally paranoid, and am currently still recieving a dose or two of what I now believe to be scapalomine.........

I know who is involved with this tourture. They are regular citizens being paid from Law enforcement officials to carry out these atrocities. I have their Tactics and routines instilled into my memory. I am extremly angry and fear if they do it again, I will seriously fight back and somebody will get hurt. I want to know who I can talk with to help me defend myself against these, ASSHOLES.........

My story is extensive and Truthfull, I am not or have ever Imagined anything that has happened to me. I want to fight them with every ounce of strenghth I have to muster. I want to expose those responsible and take all actions necessary to see the have justice served back onto them..............

.Please, if you have any means of helping me, I would be forever in your debt

.Respectfully, Joey

[contact info deleted]

----- Original Message -----
From: Editor
To: Joey
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 1:29 AM
Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP!!!....Being Drugged and Harassed by law enforcement

Hi Joey,

Can you relay your story in a more linear manner? I'm willing to read what you have to say, but start from the beginning and take me up to your present situation in a logical sequence, so I can understand your circumstances more clearly.

How did it all begin?

Who gave you the drug in the first instance and why?

Give me an overview or a summary first so I know what's going on.

What sort of work did you do?

Were you in the military or law enforcement , etc.??

What's the disability for? Is it connected to this treatment?

Fill in the details for me.

Regards, Ken

----- Original Message -----
From: Joey
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2004 2:49 AM
Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP!!!....Being Drugged and Harassed by law enforcement

Dear Ken,

Thank you for your reply. This is very hard for me to put in order, I have a lot to say and am quite anxious to say it....., But, as I am learning of the Tactics used on me, a Picture has developed over the years........

Ok, here goes.....

I was working for a Drug Packaging plant for 10 years in Philadelphia, I am a Printing Pressman by Trade, also a Cabinetmaker, and rough Carpenter. I started working for this company in 1980, I was injured in 1984, I lifted a very heavy skid and my back was hurt. In 1987, I re-injured the same problem, I would reinjure the Back every year after that, untill, 1990 I was squatting in between Printing units and sneezed, I felt a tear in my lower back and the real Nightmare Begun.

I stopped working in June of 1990; Had surgery in 93, and was awarded Total-Partial Permanent disabillity by work comp of New Jersey. After a period of time, the second injury fund took over the task of sending me the checks.

I have always noticed people following me from the beginning. They became agressive, and I am not one to tolerate harassment. So, I started to give them a hard time of it. It basically got out of control, I was trying to cope with the injury, I was startng to use drugs that I was unfamilliar with, all the pressure of not being able to work and these jerks were really being a pain in the a%#. I lashed out at anyone who I suspected of being a TRAITOR towards me.

I couldn't fathom the full scope of their Grapevine or, the power they have on citizens. When I moved into my new home in Philadelphia, For Sale signs went up in the area. New folks moved in and became my friends. I now realize these PHONEY FRIENDS were there to investigate me. Everything I did was recorded and forwarded to someone in authority. I started noticing gentleman in suits questioning neighbors about me.

The reason I know it was about me was, I overheard some of them say to the Guy's in the suits, "Here he is Now" as I was comming towards them, and they would both look in my direction. I started to notice wherever I went people were there observing me. I love to fish, and people's conversations are easily heard over the water, this was a great help to me, as I heard many conversations reguarding me, I would act like I wasnt listening and they Gave me alot of information.

Basically I was countering their Counters in intelligence...... One neighbor in perticular was actually bringing me to places where they could double team me, and deliver the drugs to me....... they would do weird stuff to me and act like it didnt happen. I noticed bubbles comming up from my coffee after returning from the Bathroom, and when I drank it, I couldnt sleep that night, I moved to decaf and the sleepless nights persisted, I now know this was part of a plan to wear me down Mentally, It really kicked my butt........One day, I asked this "friend" to go with me to get a Coffee, as usual he had to run into the house to get something. He asked me where we were going, and I said it was a secret, I wanted to surprise him, as I was driving , he was calling out the Names of the streets, saying things like, 'I know where we are were at Grant and the Boulevard, He did this many times.

I stopped in a Parking lot that held a Dunkin Dounuts, He said, OH! You took me to Dunkin Dounuts in so and so shopping center......he wanted to go right in, I said My back was hurting and asked to sit there a Minute, I noticed about 3 cars there nothing to mention, BUT, in about 5 minutes 8 Cars pulled up, and Parked.

The thing that struck me was, Every one of them entered the lot Looking for something, and when they saw my Toyota Tundra, they became surprised looking and Parked right away, they stopped looking around, as if they found what they were looking for......., then all of them went into the shop

While I was in there, every one was acting really suspicious, and when I drank my decaf coffee,.. Bam, I felt the hairs on my neck rise, as If I ate 50 No Doze [tablets]...........My ears would ring really loud, at times I couldn't hear the person talking to me..........I became very jumpy...........I was sure then, my "friend" was involved with the INSURANCE PEOPLE..........

.I have come to realize, EVERY person that has come in contact with me on a conversational level is one of these VIGILLANTE private eye wannabe's...........I've had old friends give me the drug that mimics drunkenness (Scopalomine).

I can taste the difference in say, my drink,... it has a bitter chemical taste.

I went to a reunion of old friends and was drugged. I almost couldn't drive home safely, which tells me they tried to get me killed in an auto accident , and blaming it on the drinks I had that evening. I know my limit, and I was not even close to it.

.After tasting the drug, I said "this tastes like chemicals", and the guy standing next to me said UH OH!!..... Later, I hugged this Black Guy's girlfriend and I didn't even know them, That in itself could have gotten me hurt or killed......

My Neighbor, couldn't keep his big mouth shut at times, Thank God....., and would tell me morsels of what was happening to me. He would say, I'm not the only one this is happening to....He told me they have drugs that when given to a cat, it would run from a Mouse.........

He also said when this president comes into office ( Meaning BUSH), things would really start happening in the way of my treatment. Clinton was in office then, and I now realize that the " ASSHOLES" were placed there to do the recount of the punch cards, that is how the Maniac Bush got in office.

They are professional Liars. They will lie directly to you as if they were absolutely telling the truth, But, I know they are not. They also have a way of determining if they are speaking to each other. This is going to sound like I'm nuts, but it's what I've wittnessed:

They stare into each others eyes for a few seconds. They don't smile, they dont talk. Their faces are emotionless, like they are staring through each other, and when they are satisfied they are playing on the same team, they go back to the conversation as if nothing happened.

They will also give a Gift, anything in their hands at the time, I saw a girl roadside vendor,,,,give one " friend" I suspect as an ASSHOLE, a "Tomato" after the stare.......

I saw one give a tee-shirt after the stare..........Really weird stuff, don't you think?.But, if you give it some thought, it's the perfect way of identifying one another, without talking, and possibly giving up their organization.

.I had a woman give me a serious stare in a McDonald's window, and when I returned the stare, she became very friendly and gave me french fries for free. I want to do it in a Bank.....LOL.

Please Ken, Im tired. Keep this as Letter 1 and I will get back to you later today after I've rested, OK?......

.Thank you for listening..........Joey

----- Original Message -----
From: Joey
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2004 1:11 AM
Subject: Re: PLEASE HELP........Letter # 2 from Joey

Hi Ken,

I am at my shore home, it's 3 am....

Last Night I was with the Guy who was given the "Tomato" I talked about earlier. I now think he will be the one who delivers the drug that kills me. I feel I'm being set up for that in the near future.

Your second question was ' who gave you the drug in the first instance and why?'

I told you. I became agressive when I found out friends were observing me. I think this was the reason of the first action, to calm me down and teach me a lesson..

At that time, I was at the point of realizing they either had listening devices somewhere in my truck OR, they were very good at retreiving my verbal proclamations within earshot.

I was in my truck. I had been noticing Two ASSHOLES on me that day. I told my wife I was going to a local steak shop to get some cheesesteaks. I didn't say it very loud. When I arrived at the steakshop, the two I had noticed following me, were sitting inside. I ordered and made a note of it to the cook " I wanted the hot sausage sandwhich" it would be for me.

I, at this point, didn't realize I was being given drugs. My family ate their steaks in Philly, I saved my sandwhich for the shore home, we were leaving for the shore at that momment . When I ate my sandwhich, I first felt my stomach become upset, then, it felt like I took an overdose of caffeine, to the point of a serious burning sensation on the left and right side of my cranium. It felt like my brain caught fire. I thought at that point I was about to die. When the burning subsided, I was completely out of my mind with paranoia. I started to wipe door handles down and act like a paranoid schitzo that required a mental institution. I was seeing patterns on my ceiling with many colors.

I now believe that to be LSD was mixed in with the concoction they gave me. The next day, it took all my inner strength to take myself to the hospital. I was scared out of my wits. Remember the cat running from the mouse? A 4 year old, could have intimidated me at that point. I went to Ocean county hospital in Manahawkin NJ.

While in the emergency room, I was noticing people observing me in a relevant manner. Not just glances,,,always negative looks. Never a smile.

For instance, a woman was talking on a cell phone and while she was looking at me, she gave a very serious look as if to say, 'I hate you'.......When I told my wife to look at this woman, and I didn't let the woman see me tell her that, as soon as my wife looked at her, she turned her head and started smiling and acting as if she was having a friendly conversation a total reversal

As soon as my wife turned back around, the woman became agressive and mean looking towards me again. I now realize that this is the woman who I witnessed getting a TEE-SHIRT after "the Stare" some months before

This tells me they work as a TEAM, and not just one but many, I also know they are Global.

Question # 3, an Overview.......
I am on work comp [workmen's compensation]. I am being harassed by people who are working together as a Team. I am on some kind of list that, any one of these people can look at to see who is the TARGET of the Month and see if they want to become involved with attacking that target.

I have survived their initial attack. I know people who haven't

They Murder people. They certainly inhumanely tourture people.........

They are local law enforcement, and groups such as Town Watch, and Neighborhood Watch.........

.I know, any IDIOT can participate.I know they are drugging people. They are hurting people in nursing homes, hospitals.While people are under anesthesia, they let these ASSHOLES have their way with them..I know certain psychologists cooperate with them, and have been for over 25 years.

I know they teach children as young as 2 years old to HATE the BAD MAN. I know certain individuals of the Church are involved with the tourture. I have survived something I was not supossed to. I have tripped over the Tip of an Iceburg so goddamm big, it would make your head spin.........And Im fighting back............

I believe I've answered the rest of your questions, But, I haven't even begun to tell what I know.

It is going to take great trust on your part to believe what I'm saying is Fact and not some psychotic paranoid fantasy. They use mental illness as a COVER. I am of sound mind and need to sit, be taped, and just spill what information I have aquired.

I believe we are being hurded by this group of Psychotic Fanatics. As far as I can tell they seem to be extreme Right wing, But, sometimes I receive information that tells me it's opposite of that. This goes way back before Kennedy. I've had a PHONEY FRIEND tell me, he's been through 7 presidents. He's from Rotterdamm, so that is how I know its Global, and GROWING...............Please contact me..........

Thanks for your time............Joey



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