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Lilly Ochescu & The Women Warriors on
Hurricane Wilma, Avian - Bird flu, FEMA, Venezuela Invasion, & Austalia Crops

By Lilly Ochescu <count90210@yahoo.com>
October 23, 2005


Wilma, Avian - Bird flu, FEMA, Venezuela invasion, modified crops in Australia

The Women Warriors worked at etheric level on "Wilma" hurricane for a few days . Once we saw an angry demon, red-yellow colors spinning counter clockwise, manipulated energy dark elementals, US government's "eagle" with aura black like a shadow, and FEMA "boys" behind this storm.

There were 4 people behind Wilma, watching this storm in their comfortable chairs. One of them we found out is a media mogul who is in charge with the "NEWS". Another one looked like a scientist who was talking about "artificial intelligence" trying to introduce an "experiment". I heard the words" brain", "storm" damage". We took care of these bad boy boosting them with Ark/Heart heart island energy using Steve Baron's mega cloud buster (etherically) asking God for help.

Donna smelled something burning, a burnt wires smell, when she was reading Samuel, chapter 22 - "casting demons out" - a very powerful technique which I like to call "exorcism". This is what's happening: some of the girls experienced this before. When we boost from the heart and we are right on target, we create damages to their fake machines which are used against us. We call this a "drac smell", but I believe it is actually their machines burning.
The energy works wonders. You don't have to believe me; try it yourself. You just need a pure heart, determined mind, and a personal connection with God

I have a personal connection with etheric geese, and in this particular session, they showed me on the sky a word "Leland" or Leyland" or something similar, meaning the "land of free".

I have also seen these "good guys" holding guns defending themselves. They looked like the resistance people. I got a connection between "Leland" and HAARP facilities underwater. Anne felt these people know more about Wilma and they are actually defending themselves, protecting their families. Yasmine got "frontline defense". They are prepared for "martial law" and they will fight for justice and freedom. We connected etherically with these people, boosting them and their land. While there, we boosted all leylines.

Avian Bird-flu
We looked into a man made virus- "Avian Bird flu" and we got that bad boys want to declare "medical martial law" making vaccination compulsory.

Donna mentioned the birds being vaccinated, without birds causing the flu. The migration of birds happens from North to South or vice versa. How come these birds come from Asia? Migrating east-west? Even kids in school will laugh at this. A few of us got messages and warnings in real time or via dreams from birds in the past weeks. We've been working on this warnings since then. We asked God to transform, void, cancel, and destroy this "flu"- transforming it into clean, fresh air.

We did some work on a "future invasion of Venezuela". For few months I keep seeing Dick Cheney in Venezuela on an oil platform trying to get a deal there. We saw Dick as Napoleon's reincarnation. We sent Dick as much "love" as we could, asking the 12 apostles, other civilizations to help us.

Australia Crops
After Argentina had a lucid dream of a "blue light in Australia", we worked on that. In her dream she saw "sexually oriented bugs" with human features. We got that these bugs were modified genetically to infect crops and destroy vegetation and animals in Australia. There was an ancient pyramid where the blue light was coming from. We did a lot of work on the "bugs" and after we've seen them dead, that blue light coming from that pyramid spread all over. Our intuition told us we managed to prevent something from happening.

"THEY" are trying desperately to declare martial law, to get FEMA in power.



IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!" Repeat that every day you remember this, praying, boosting, visualizing.

We are stronger than we think we are! Please keep that in mind. The predators try to make us adopt their fake thinking based on fear. No! no! no! Refuse that!

We have to use our mind power and personal connection with God, no need for "spiritual brokers" to link us with God. The evil is not going to win, God has the power. We need to stick with his powers and we'll win.

Boosting, praying, visualizing in groups will eventually destroy evil powers. In past months, the bad boys got really desperate creating all kinds of man-made hurricanes, earthquakes, man made viruses etc, trying to declare "martial law". We have to act globally and not get lost into details and distractions. Arm yourself with etheric guns, love, orgone generators, sense of humor, connect with pure hearted people around our planet.

We need unity. There is no time for arguments, ego fighting, drama, we have to stop this mess we are in and we have to stop it NOW!!

May God bring peace upon all of us.



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