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An Illuminati Ordered 'Terrorist' Attack In London

By Michael Shore - Israel
July 7, 2005

Today is 7/ 7 2005 {2+5} or 777, a "perfect" day for the insane Illuminati to do one of their dirty deeds. One thing the Illuminati are into is rituals and numbers. The Illuminati like to leave their secret markings on their crimes. Remember 911?

Bush and Blair desperately needed some kind of new "terrorist" attack because they were losing the support of their citizens for the war in Iraq.The "Downing Street Memo" was a problem for both Bush and Blair and was not going away.

The G8 anti-poverty demonstrations were also a negative factor for these two men and the other six G 8 members. So what better way to divert the people's attention than to "order up" a "terrorist" bombing in the U.K.

All this may sound pretty unbelievable, but it's no different than the Illuminati engineered 911 killing "mass casualty producing event", but on a much smaller scale.

You have to watch the initial news reports which were purposely confusing. After all if you control all the news media, you can report just about anything you'd like to report for your benefit. From the news reports, it sounded like there weren't as many deaths as the Illuminati had expected. First there was a report of only two deaths, which is much less than this insane group of killers and gangsters had expected. Check out the following news headline and see if you notice anything strange:

"U.S. law enforcement sources say the British government has said at least 40 people are dead in bomb attacks." On the same page you will notice "two confirmed dead".

Plus what is "US law enforcement sources" { whatever that means} reporting so quickly on how many dead there are in London? Why wouldn't the London police report something like that themselves?

From the way the news of the bombings were reported, it sounded that possibly a few of their bombs did not go off as planned. There was a report that there were two buses that had blown up, when only one bus was confirmed and pictures were shown.

"12:35 Scotland Yard revises the number of blasts down to four, three in the underground system and one on a bus. These are: Russell Square and Kings Cross Underground, Moorgate, Aldgate and Liverpool Street Underground, Edgware Road station and Tavistock Square where there was an explosion on a bus."

Then you have the typical claiming of responsibility by some unknown bogus "terrorist" group called " the "Secret Organization group of al Qaeda Organization in Europe," who claimed responsibility in a Web site posting. The authenticity of the claim could not immediately be verified." People will not even remember the name of this bogus organization by tomorrow.

Plus it was not even claimed to be a "suicide" bombing, so any of the US or British "black ops" killer government groups could have easily planted their bombs on the trains and bus and remotely detonated them. Since it already has been established that this was a supposed "terrorist" attack, there will be no need for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION to find out where the bomb parts came from and WHO made the bombs>>>CASE CLOSED, no more investigation needed here.YEAH RIGHT SURE!

The People will never notice this one BIG major give away for the real "black ops" perpetrators of the killing act to get away "scott free" in so-called "terrorist" attacks. One need look no further than Israel to see this kind of Modus Operandi by government controlled "black ops" small groups of individuals. So called "suicide" bombings in Israel and elsewhere go un-investigated thoroughly like other crimes, if it is called a "suicide TERRORIST" bombing". People would never want to believe that their gangster leaders would kill their own citizens for the benefit of the "elite" super wealthy Illuminati "rulers" and their connected web of gangsters,killers and thieves. But one only has to look at 911 to see this possible TRUTH!

There were even reports that Scotland Yard knew about the attacks before they took place, which is very strange. How could Scotland Yard have such information and possibly know who, what, where, when the attacks would occur and then DO NOTHING to stop them or warn their British citizens? Obviously an investigation is warranted.

The Illuminati desired damage had been done. They got their "TERRORIST DID IT" headline in their corporate controlled news media, which scared the shit out of the British People, who will now call "for something to be done" Tony Blair is temporarily off the hook for the "Downing Street Memo". Bush can ride on this "terror" coat tails because Americans can relate to riding on buses and possibly being blown up too. FEAR is being used here big time. Support for the bogus "war on terror" will increase again unfortunately and these gangster killers can continue their sick insane war in Iraq and steal billions of taxpayer dollars from the multi-billion dollars of weapons sales and bogus multi-billions of dollars of contracts to rebuild Iraq.

Probably the most sickening thing of this whole killing event is to hear Tony Blair and Bush call this London killing act "BARBARIC", while the US military has 'shock and awed" with their deadly precision bombs; and had their military BARBARICALLY KILL OVER ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND innocent Iraqi children, women and men, and wound, maim and torture hundreds of thousands more in this unnecessary horrendous SICK "war for oil and profit" in Iraq!!! How can the Illuminati supported Bush and Blair get away with their BARBARIC ACTS of killing on such a grand scale and the People not see this hypocrisy???



Michael Shore

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