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37 Killed and 700 Injured in London Bus Bombing

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July 7, 2005

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At least 37 people have been killed and 700 injured in a series of terror attacks on London. There are indications suicide bombers were involved and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw said the attacks bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

The first blast hit a train leaving Liverpool Street Station between Moorgate and Aldgate East at 8.51am. Seven people are confirmed dead in the blast.

At 8.56am another blast hit a train between King's Cross and Russell Square, killing 21 people.

Seven people were later killed in an explosion at Edgware Road Tube station at 9.17am. Three trains are believed to have been hit.

At 9.47am a number 30 bus at Upper Woburn Place was hit by a fourth blast. Emergency services have confirmed at least two people were killed in this attack.

Injured treated at Aldgate

London hospitals have reported a total of 300 wounded arriving by ambulance after the blasts.

The city remained chaotic into the evening as millions of people struggled to make their way home - and come to terms with the bombings.

A previously unknown group calling itself the "Secret Organisation al Qaeda in Europe" said it carried out the attacks as revenge for British "military massacres" in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Forensics experts are combing the bomb sites to locate any evidence.

Tony Blair flew back from the G8 summit in Scotland to take personal charge of the situation - describing the attacks as barbaric.

The Union Flag will be flown at half mast on all Government buildings on Friday in recognition of the loss of life.

:: Casualty Emergency Hotline: 0870 1566 344

:: Anti-Terrorist Line: 0800 789 321
Last Updated: 22:44 UK, Thursday July 07, 2005

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