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Imminent Signing of Treasonous S-1867, Natl. Defense Auth. Act, Unknown to Sleeping American Public

By Ken Adachi, Editor
December 20, 2011

Imminent Signing of Treasonous S-1867, Natl. Defense Auth. Act, Unknown to Sleeping American Public (Dec. 20, 2011)

It's only five days from Christmas and the most blatantly treasonous piece of legislation ever approved by congress in the history of this nation is merely awaiting the signature of the Indonesian Usurper in order to become law. Obama is due to return from his absurd 'extended vacation' somewhere around Christmas. Don't be surprised if he signs this treason-laden, fascist wet dream into law during Christmas week.

For the infinitesimally small handful of American citizens who might happen to read these words and are only now beginning to awaken to the Constitution-busting treasonous "amendments" contained within S-1867 (approved by the US Senate 93-7 on Dec. 1, 2011), let me make it easy for you:

1. There are two subsections, Sec. 1031 and Sec. 1032, of "Subtitle D: Detainee Matters" of this bill which contains language that is blatantly in violation of at least three, and possibly four foundational freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Those constitutional rights being stolen from us include:

A) The right of Due Process: If you are accused of something, you have a right to know what the charges are, who is making the charges and be given the opportunity to defend yourself in a court of law. All these rights are taken away from you with a stoke of Obama's pen if he signs this bill into law. Under this bill, any American citizen could be abducted from his own home in the middle of the night by military personnel and whisked off for torture, rendition, and interrogation --for an indefinite period of time--merely based on a "suspicion" that you are a 'enemy combatant' or "terrorist' by whatever loosely defined definition-du-jour that the President's secret council wishes to brand you.

B) The freedom to be safe and secure in your home. You no longer have to be accused of a crime and a warrant for your arrest procured before you are snatched and abducted from you home for detainment and torture at military bases overseas.

C) The use of military personnel within America for the purpose of abetting or augmenting civilian law enforcement is a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, enacted 13 years after the the Civil War with the close of the era known as the Reconstruction. The Act was passed due to the egregious abuses upon civilians by military soldiers who flooded into the South following the Civil War. We will now re-live that nightmare, but with the advantage of high tech weaponry and 'modern' detention facilities.

The wording of Section 1032 was cleverly drafted in order to deceive and befuddle the morons and knuckleheads of this nation who actually think that these horrendous provisions won't apply to them because the wording in 1032 says that "The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States." Gee, that's wonderful, but there are a few caveats to consider:

The real authorization of the bill is spelled out in Section 1031, not Section 1032. Section 1032 YIELDS to the higher authorization contained in Section 1031 by stating the following:

" COVERED PERSONS.—The requirement in paragraph (1) shall apply to any person whose detention is authorized under section 1031 who is determined— (A) to be a member of, or part of, al-Qaeda or an associated force that acts in coordination with or pursuant to the direction of al-Qaeda; and (B) to have participated in the course of planning or carrying out an attack or attempted attack against the United States or its coalition partners."

Of course, the government can claim that anybody is a "suspect" of an "associated force" that acts in "coordination" with a suspected al-Queda support group. Maybe that's a Mosque or humanitarian relief somewhere in your town that you gave a donation to. But perhaps you still aren't too worried because you're a member of mainstream America with no connection to Moslems or Arab groups. You're just an ordinary citizen who writes a blog about the growth of fascism and the police state in America. Maybe you wouldn't classify yourself as a 'threat' to the "national security interests," but perhaps some military or government bureaucrat does and to be sure that your 'threat' doesn't flourish unabated, he will have the Secretary of Defense categorize you (and similar un-American misfits) as a threat under Section 1032 Wavier capabilities authorized by this bill:

"WAIVER FOR NATIONAL SECURITY.—The Secretary of Defense may, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, waive the requirement of paragraph (1) if the Secretary submits to Congress a certification in writing that such a waiver is in the national security interests of the United States. "

So if the current Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta (former CIA director) or someone of his NWO breeding, like Donald Rumsfeld, decides that you or your ilk are a detriment to the "national security interests' of the corporate USA, then it's off to Guantanamo with you, my friend, the Constitution be damned.

Thankfully, some web sites like Alex Jones and understand the gravity and peril encoded within this bill, but they are solitary voices in the wilderness compared to the deafening silence of mainstream media on this national affront to basic constitutional guarantees. Where are the "constitutional scholars" of this country? Why aren't law schools screaming about this? Is every university in this country composed of cowards and sellouts who dare not rock the Federal grant gravy train and say something to defend Lady Liberty in her hour of need?

Say Goodbye to Constitutional America after this horrendous bill is signed into law. Things may get very rough in 2012 as they start using the fascist impositions authorized by this bill. People will suddenly "disappear" in America exactly as it happened in Argentina some years ago, never to be heard from again. The worst nightmares of the Stalinist and Nazi eras are about to once again befall humanity, but this time in America, the Land of Liberty; a nation of fools, ignoramuses, and sheep that 'gently' sleep (but not for long). .

Ken Adachi


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