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Loretta Fuddy Receives Subpoena to Produce Original "Typewritten"
Obama Birth Certificate on June 27, 2011

From Ken Adachi, Editor
May 24, 2011

Loretta Fuddy Receives Subpoena to Produce Original "Typewritten" Obama Birth Certificate on June 27, 2011 (May 25, 2011)

After being denied by Hawaii's State Registrar and Chief Office of Health Status Monitoring, Alvin T Onaka, a May 9, 2011 UIPA request (see letter reproduced below) to examine the original, typewritten birth certificate of Barack Hussein Obama II, Attorney Orly Taitz turned to the The United States District Court, District of Loretta FuddyColumbia and obtained a subpoena for Loretta Fuddy, Director of Hawaii Department of Health, to give a deposition at her office on June 27, 2011. The subpoena was issued by Judge Royce Lamberth in case number 11-cv-402, TAITZ V. ASTRUE and said:

"You are commanded to produce and permit inspection and copying of the following documents or objects at the place, date, and time specified below (list documents or objects)

Original 1961 typewritten birth certificate # 10541 for Barack Hussein Obama II, issued 08.08.1961, signed by Dr. David A. Sinclair, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama and registrar Lee, stored in the Health Department of the state of HI from 08.08.1961 until now

Place [of deposition]:

1250 Punchbowl St., Room 325, Honolulu, HI 96813"

Undoubtedly, the Indonesian Usurper's Damage Control Team will now feverishly labor in league with the corrupt Hawaiian State Health Department officials and the equally corrupt Hawaii governor's office to do everything possible to prevent Loretta Fuddy from appearing for a deposition because there is no "original 1961 typewritten" Hawaiian birth certificate to examine and revealing that on June 27, 2011 would ultimately result in the indictments of Loretta Fuddy, the governor, and numerous other Hawaiian government officials for felony conspiracy to obstruct justice.

So I don't expect the deposition to take place, but this could be the 'beginning of the end' for the corrupt and complicit jackals who shame the people of Hawaii and disgrace the offices of the Hawaiian State Health Department and governor's office. It might also be the first domino to tip over in the long awaited denouement of the most ineligible and contemptible scoundrel to ever enter the pages of American history, Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama II.

It's hard to get over the hubris, arrogance, and criminality of these Hawaiian State Health Department officials. Do they not understand the meaning of the words "public record"? The reason that legislative bills, police records, real estate records, and vital statistic records-including birth records are all -under law- classified as "public record" is to allow any member of the public to examine them. The idea is that in a representative democracy, these records are available to the public to insure transparency and freedom from malfeasance through public scrutiny. The ludicrous defense presented of "protecting" the privacy of the record holders is untenable and contrary to established law.

Ken Adachi

P.S. While I do not know if she will give a deposition of June 27, I am quite certain, however, that Loretta will have no problem with "irregularity" for the next 30 days.

Letter from Alvin T Onaka, dated May 19, 2011, rejecting Orly Taitz's UIPA request to see Obama's orginal typewritten birth certificate:

Orly Taitz request denied by Hawaii Registrar


Supoena issued by Judge Royce Lamberth to Loretta Fuddy commanding her to give deposition on June 27, 2011 at her office in Hawaii:

Loretta Fuddy supoena



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