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Filmmaker Was At Pentagon On 911

By Henry Makow PhD
May 28, 2008

Filmmaker Was At Pentagon On 911 by Henry Makow (May 29, 2008)

Book cover of Severe On Sept. 11 2001, Los Angeles filmmaker Paul Cross was doing post- production work in Washington DC when he heard about the "terrorist" attack. He visited the crash-site five hours after impact and could plainly see the official story was a lie.

"There was no passenger jet wreckage; the lawn wasn't scorched; lamp posts, fences and construction materials in the path of the jet were untouched." Cross told me. "If this was a hoax, then the attack on the World Trade Center was also a hoax."

Cross, 45, characterizes his pre-9-11 self as a "flag- waving patriot" who "voted Republican all my life."

He was crushed. "I love my country. I was in mourning for weeks, literally in tears for what has become of this country."

He decided to alert his fellow citizens by making the feature film "Severe Visibility" about a Pentagon accountant, Major Stanley Kruter, who is slightly injured in the attack. He "has his head buried in the sand" but begins to question the official story when approached by a British investigative reporter.

Cross opted to make a feature instead of a documentary because he felt documentaries preach to the converted. He wanted to reach ordinary Americans who could identify with the cognitive dissonance his hero experienced as he tried to comprehend the implications of the hoax and its mass acceptance.

Cross raised over $500,000 from friends and family. Many actors etc. wanted to participate and worked for less.

Cross wrote, directed and starred in the 90-min. feature. The film describes his own coming to terms with political reality.

Cross insists he identifies with the investigative reporter, not Kruter. But in an uncanny way, his own life now resembles the accountant who refused to pretend he saw a passenger plane.

Cross can't find a distributor for the movie. He can't get it shown at film festivals in the US. They say their corporate owners or sponsors would not permit it.

"I feel like I am in Nazi Germany the way some people in Hollywood are reacting to it. What is everyone so afraid of? Everyone seems to like the film but... most of the distribution companies I have approached... don't want to release a film with so strong a statement."

He can't get interviews or reviews in the mainstream press. This is tangible proof of how art and information are controlled in our supposedly "free" society.

(Many politically sensitive movies never see the light of day. For eg. director Henry Bean had to show his excellent movie, "The Believer" about a Jewish neo-Nazi, to a rabbi and some matrons at the Simon Wiesenthal Center in LA. They didn't like it and it never reached theaters.)

Paul Cross has received hate mail, and death threats. "The truth hurts," Cross says. "People can't face it."

But the film has been embraced abroad. "The media tells the truth in other countries," he said.

Cross has joined the select minority of Americans who awoke on 9-11. We are the child who says the Emperor has no clothes surrounded by conformists who won't believe their own common sense and eyes.

The other 9-11 movies like "Flight 93" and "World Trade Centre" are propaganda. They perpetuate the myths that 9-11 shattered. Oliver Stone is a shadow of the man who made "Platoon" and "JFK."


"Severe Visibility" is hard to watch. Cross said he meant it so. He wanted viewers to confront what happened on Sept 11, 2001. He wanted them to mourn the innocent victims and the demise of freedom.

The main character has a childish faith in his country. He addresses his diary to Thomas Jefferson as if the founding fathers were pristine. The dialogue and action are stilted. There isn't much of a plot and Cross is pretty long-winded. Incongruously, Kruter doesn't change the blood-stained bandage on his forehead.

I have passed the "cognitive dissonance" phase. I wished Kruter had been less naive and had told his interrogators, "Hey, I wasn't looking out the window."

Christ said: "See, I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. So be as cunning as serpents and as innocent as doves." (Mathew 10:16)

In spite of all this, the film is for some undefinable reason quite gripping. Kruter becomes a symbol of the much-lied-to and-abused American people. I was glad the film ended but I was also glad I had seen it.

"Severe Visibility" contains a lot of information about the Pentagon attack. For example, the 9-11 scenario had been rehearsed as a "terror exercise" numerous times. This is why the military allowed it to take place. (As if the "terrorists" would have been privy to this information.)


We have been colonized by an alien financial power, the London-based central banking cartel and their instruments, the colonial elite: corporations, intelligence agencies, government, the two political parties, universities, Freemasons, the churches, organized Jewry, Marxist Jews; Zio Cons; feminists, foundations; think tanks, and of course the mass media.

The "truth will set you free" so they suppress it.. That's why we must honor and support courageous if flawed works like "Severe Visibility." The only deterrent against another false flag terrorist attack, possibly leading to martial law, is for everyone to know the truth about 9-11.


Paul Cross will be interviewed Sunday 10 PM CT June 1 on my Internet radio show at


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Henry Makow

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the author of "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order." ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving your comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.

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