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Gay Adoption Satire is Exhilarating

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
December 26, 2011

Gay Adoption Satire is Exhilarating by Henry Makow (Dec. 26, 2011)

mahogoney.jpg(left. Seven-year-old "Mahogany" is left in car alone while gay parent leaves for bondage sex.) 

"Buyer's Remorse" is notable for confirming many "prejudices" about gays and gay adoption


The truth is exhilarating and, God knows, we rarely find any in the mass media.

Exhilarated is how I felt after seeing "Buyer's Remorse" a politically incorrect black satire on gay adoption by gay screenwriter/director Christopher Landon, 37, son of Bonanza's Michael Landon.

Like Jews and anti-Semitism, gays are the only people allowed to criticize  without being libeled and smeared as "homophobic."  Nevertheless, for "Buyer's Remorse," Landon has been labeled homophobic and racist to boot!

The satire is one of five short films (about 25 minutes each) in a movie called "Burning Palms" depicting degeneracy in contemporary Los Angeles. I would not recommend the other tales. The film's tag line is "Five Tales that Will F**k You Up for Life." 

gayparents.jpg"Buyer's Remorse" stands out for its witty depiction of a financially secure white gay couple ( actors Peter Macdissi, left, and Anson Mount, right) who adopt a 7-year-old African girl (played by Tiara McKinney) from some Russian child traffickers. The child, who they name "Mahogany," refuses to speak.

The film is notable for confirming many "prejudices" about gays and gay adoption. The gay couple is totally promiscuous, flirt with every male in sight, and have extramarital sex whenever possible. Sex has become jaded and requires drugs, in this case crystal meth.

The couple parody male-female roles with the female (Macdissi) taking it up the ass. There is actually a sex scene which conveys the disturbing character of homosexual intercourse. 

The Macdissi character, who assumes the mother role, is irresponsible. He jokes about "finger-f**king" Mahogany, in her presence. The male role-character is forced to shut him up saying that child protection agencies are on the look-out for this kind of talk.

The Macdissi character cranks up on Chrystal meth and goes out for bondage sex, leaving Mahogany sweating in the car on a hot day. She finds the meth and tries some. When the Mount character comes home from work, the child is drugged and tearing her dolls to shreds.

landon3.jpg(Christopher Landon, left)

Mount suspects Macdissi of infidelity and they get into a wrestling match.

Mahogany appears at the door and utters her first word: "Faggots!"

At this point, the couple realize they are not cut out for parenting. Since the child appears to be feral, a Zulu warrior-child, they decide to abandon her in a national forest with a supply of energy bars. She seems happy and they adopt a dog instead.

This is refreshing dark comedy which Stalinist America cannot understand, condone or forgive. The film has gone directly to cable and DVD. Ironically its only theater debut has been in Romania.

Movies are a place for propaganda and maudlin sentiment. Without honesty, there can be no inspiration. But occasionally something honest slips through the filters. When it does, it's exhilarating.

Thank you Christopher Landon. 

Scene from "Buyer's Remorse"  (Vid)

Henry Makow


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