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Should We Prepare for the Worst?

By Henry Makow, Ph.D. <>
July 11, 2009

Should We Prepare for the Worst? by Henry Makow (July 11, 2009)

My answer is "No." But let's read the question first.  Recently Bill and Alice wrote:

Dear Henry,

I've read Dr Days transcript 3 times, I've been a student of the Elite since late 70's. What is your take on the complete "take over"..we are retirees 64 & 66,and I have Greg Evensens's dvd on order..He writes in news with views and gives seminars; he thinks it's "any time" now...we live right in town of 80,000 or more. The power grid may be the key to martial law, along with flu, blaming stuff on Muslims to confuse the masses..many folks cannot move and refuse to..I also read Jim Rawls survival blog. I have read others scenarios (terrorist attacks in larger cities, etc...We've been getting supplies and "purging stuff we don't need" in our house..should we sell our house and rent? real estate will then be worthless and gov will turn fascist 100%.."

This was my quick response:

"No one knows the future but I think you are overreacting. This is a thousands-year-old plan and we are not likely to see it fully consummated in our lifetime. Martial law is a stupid idea because it would just upset the sheeple. The gloom-and-doomers are running a business. Don't get taken in."

We "patriots" suffer from a cognitive dissonance. We have been colonized by a Masonic Zionist private banking clique dedicated to totalitarian world government. They plot wars, false flag terrorism, plagues, dysfunction, decadence, depressions etc. yet the mass media (which defines reality, and they own) ignores all this and says we live in a democracy. 

I'm no clairvoyant so I might be wrong, but my policy is "don't panic." Seek some sanity in the mindset of the trusting sheeple. We might be more successful if we act as if everything were OK: pursue careers, make investments, get married, buy houses and have children. Don't  be stymied by your knowledge of the dark side. 

If you move to a cabin in the woods or a secluded valley in Ecuador, do it for its own merits. Don't assume we are going to hell in a hand basket in America, at least not anytime soon.


The martial law scenario feared by Alice and Bill is not likely to happen. The US has its hands full pacifying the rest of the world without trying to administer a police state at home. Foreign countries are not likely to volunteer for service in Kansas any more than Afghanistan.  Americans are armed to the teeth. The elite's biggest asset is the illusion that we are free. They are not going to shatter that illusion. Oppressed people are much harder to manipulate.

The guiding image is the frog in the pot. They are gradually increasing the heat. They are gradually removing civil rights and wholesome examples. They are re-engineering the population to embrace a candy-coated servitude. Martial law would be like turning the heat up fast and having the frog jump out.

What could interrupt this peaceful transition to tyranny? Domestic rebellion and targeted assassinations could. Is this likely to happen? No. For over 100 years Americans have taken their medicine like good children. There has been nothing resembling insurrection. The macho American male is incapable of violent resistance unless he is given a uniform, a rifle, a flag, a pension and a Sargent who instructs him to shoot Iraqis.

Could the elite fake acts of domestic terrorism? Certainly. But they are terrified because everyone knows they are responsible for 9-11. Everyone knows that they organize terrorism around the world. Everyone knows, or should know, they fund the other side. Moreover, as I said, they do not have the means or desire to put the US in a lockdown.

The elite have a symbiotic relationship with the masses. We are their "human resource." We are their debt slaves. We create the demand for their products. We are their cattle. They need us. They enervate, degrade and herd us, and occasionally have a cull. But generally speaking they are still buying us off with government debt. Life is still good for those on the government teat, which is almost everyone these days.

Sarah Palin's resignation is an indication that the Zionists do not have a martial law-doomsday scenario. (Then, why should we?) They are looking ahead to 2012 when people will be disillusioned with Barack Obama. Sarah Palin will be presented as the next savior, and the Zionists will stage a "Conservative reaction." Palin has been adopted by the Neo Cons and bought off with lucrative book deals.

Instead of running around like Chicken Little, Patriots ought to alert and educate the Intelligentsia and the masses to the New World Order and organize non-violent political resistance. We should form political action groups ranging from one to six people who will protest loudly every time a leader talks about "world governance." Who will protest whenever patriots are identified as domestic terrorists. We need to expand our grass roots movement with speakers, films, meetings and demonstrations.

The political forum is now the realm of education and propaganda. We can thwart the globalist agenda by exposing it. The elite depends on keeping the majority in the dark. We can enlighten them.

Henry Makow

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