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How Fritz Springmeier Was Framed

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
January 3, 2011

How Fritz Springmeier Was Framed by Henry Makow (Jan. 3, 2011)

Fritz SpringmeierIn 2003, Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier was sentenced to 111 months in prison on the basis of no evidence. His experience suggests that at any time the Illuminati can put away anyone who irritates them.

Springmeier was convicted because a bank robber, Forrest E. Bateman Jr. testified that Springmeier visited his house on the same day as Bateman discussed the robbery with two accomplices.

Bateman received a reduced sentence for this testimony. He did not say he had discussed the robbery with Springmeier.

Bateman was turned in by his friend and accomplice Tony Huntington. Huntington also implicated Springmeier and received no sentence for the bank robbery. Over 120 years of prison time for drugs and guns were also forgiven. Pretty good incentive to lie?

At Springmeier's trial and appeal, James A. Redden, the sentencing judge, kept repeating -- "circumstantial evidence can be used to prove anything."

Indeed, Springmeier's case is in the law books as an example of the low standard of evidence needed to convict someone. Ann J Brown, the first Federal Judge to hear the case, had said, "There is no evidence against this man."

Springmeier received an extra five years because a firearm was used in the robbery.

Forrest Bateman fired a rifle into the ceiling to get everyone's attention when he and two accomplices robbed $6000 from the Key Bank in the Portland [Oregon] suburb of Damascus Oct 6, 1997.

Ten minutes prior to the robbery, a "bomb" exploded at the Fantasy Adult Video Store, located six miles west of the bank. No one was injured in the explosion but police investigators believe that the bomb was set off as a diversionary tactic.

The "bomb" was a propane tank. Springmeier was nowhere near either event and had no prior knowledge of either. At the time he was working at a print shop in Eagle Creek, 10 miles SE. However the proprietor refused to provide an alibi because Fritz had offended him by criticizing Billy Graham.

The point is that Fritz served seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was sold out by his lawyer, Pat Birmingham, who, when given a copy of "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" exclaimed, "Am I in this?"

There was no evidence connecting Fritz to this crime. Yes, he knew Bateman (from a Bible Studies class, of all things) but there was no evidence he knew about the crime. Bateman and his accomplices got reduced sentences for implicating Springmeier.

These days, if you're an Illuminati researcher in the US, you are guilty until proven innocent.

Last October, Fritz was released to a halfway house in Portland.

In order to regain his freedom, he needs to find approved employment and accommodation.

Until then, this gifted opponent of the New World Order is in a guided cage, unable to leave the premises except on job expeditions. He needs to find a job within a 100 miles radius of Portland. If you can help, write to him at


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