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Movie 'Zeitgeist' - Illuminati Critique Or Psy-Op?

By Henry Makow PhD
September 16, 2007

Movie 'Zeitgeist' - Illuminati Critique Or Psy-Op? by Henry Makow (Sep. 16, 2007)

Throughout history, paganism and true religion have struggled for the soul of mankind. This age-old battle is drawing to a close with a magnificent victory for paganism. For the naïve populace, this collective death march is masked as "secular humanism," and "modernism." It is directed and financed by Illuminati central bankers, who are the leaders of cabalistic secret societies associated with Freemasonry and Communism. (see "Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony"

They wish to redefine reality so that the human race will serve them instead of God. This is the essence of the "New World Order."

In this perspective, it is hard to decipher the movie "Zeitgeist" ( which has received wide exposure on the Internet reaching beyond the conspiracy-conscious.

The film is divided into three parts.

Parts II and III are generally excellent exposures of the Illuminati-controlled banking system and the Illuminati-instigated 9-11 attacks. The film shows how the latter provided the excuse for fascism and how the Illuminati intend to enslave us.

The puzzle is Part I: a vicious, gratuitous attack on Christianity comparing it to the frauds of 9-11 and the Federal Reserve. The film argues that Christ was created in the mold of numerous pagan sun gods that predate him, and the historical Christ never actually existed. Citing Achaya S, Rimpoche and John Lennon, "Zeitgeist" intones a New Age mantra: "Religion divorces man from nature. It is slavery. Religious myths are used to control and manipulate society."

This is essentially the pagan message. Since they want God's job, the Illuminati's primary purpose has always been to destroy Christianity. Another recent psy-op is Mother Teresa's confession (in letters) that she had grave doubts about her faith for most of her life. This story was front-page news in the Illuminati Zionist press where the Catholic Church is always fair game.

Is "Zeitgeist" also a psy-op? Why not hide an Illuminati message in an excellent anti-Illuminati documentary? After all, the 9-11 and Fed information is already out there. What better way to turn the young generation against religion?

I don't think this is deliberate on the part of the filmmakers. The Illuminati generally fund people who already are unwitting agents of their agenda.

More interesting to me is why so many smart people have such a problem with Christ's teachings. Why does the Gospel of Brotherly Love arouse so much hate?

Yes the church has been subverted and has discredited Christ. But surely we can separate Christ's teachings from the people who fail to represent them.


Christ's teachings give the lie to Zeitgeist's claim that he is another pagan symbol. Unlike Christ, Horus et al did not express the Spirit of God.

Millions of people experience the Sprit of God directly. They can confirm that Christ indeed is a messenger of God. I am a (non observant) Jew and do not belong to any Christian church but even I can see this. So can Muslims and Hindus who also honor Christ.

Before I talk about Christ's teachings, I want to speak about religion in general. Try not to zone out as you've been programmed to do.

True religion differs from paganism in that it is essentially moral in character. It is concerned with what is true and good, what is right and wrong. It worships (serves) God; not nature, not the sun. It is basically a spiritual discipline designed to attune us to the Creator's presence and will. By necessity, it is otherworldly, i.e. it rejects the priorities of this world, mainly power, money and sex.

Instead it teaches us to aspire to spiritual ideals such as truth, justice, peace, love and beauty as the ultimate reality. Love of God makes us seek these ideals.We know God when they are self-evident to us.

(The popular image of God -- a Santa Claus who watches over us and answers our prayers -- is the straw man atheists create. How easy to reject such a juvenile concept.)

Whether we are atheists or not, we cannot escape God. God is NOT nature. God is a moral dimension. Everything we do, everything that happens to us, falls along a spectrum of good to evil. We can't escape that. In fact, we are always striving for some kind of ersatz "good" (usually leading to some very real evil.)

We were put on earth to do God's will, i.e. discern and implement what is genuinely Good. If we don't, we bear the consequences and have only ourselves to blame.

We have no trouble recognizing when we are hungry. Our stomach tells us. But when we are despondent, we cannot seem to trace the problem back to our soul because we're not supposed to have a soul.

The soul is as real as the stomach and the proof is that our hunger for purpose, harmony and meaning is just as great, and much more durable than our hunger for pizza.

Spiritual hunger is what defines us as "human." Without spiritual ideals, the ability to distinguish right and wrong, we are little more than animals. That is what the Illuminati want, so they can enslave and destroy us.

When a culture no longer fosters a free discussion of what is true and good; when there is no longer a consensus and desire to achieve these ideals; it is marked for extinction.


"Zeitgeist" says that Horus and numerous other Sun Gods were born on Dec. 25, died on a cross, had 12 disciples, rose after three days etc. etc.

Did they also teach us to love our neighbor, that God is Love, that all men are brothers, and to treat others as you would have them treat you? Did they teach:

"No man can serve two masters...Ye cannot serve God and Mammon." (Matt 5:24)

"Be ye therefore perfect as your Father who art in heaven is perfect."/ (Matt 5: 48)

"God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth." (John 4:24)

"Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.." (Matt 5:44)

Did they teach worldly denial and escape from the prison of the ego?

"For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (Matt 16:27)


"Zeitgeist" seems to disguise an essentially pagan New Age message in a credible attack on the Illuminati. While decrying two Illuminati frauds, it is perpetuating a third one. Along with religion, it also assails nation and race in passing, 3 out of the 4 on the Illuminati hate- list. (No mention of family.)

Just because we reject the juvenile concept of God, we still have souls that intuit immanent Truth and Purpose. Hopefully viewers of "Zeitgeist" will recognize that faith in God answers a very real spiritual hunger.

"Seek and ye shall find."

Henry Makow

Henry Makow Ph.D. is the inventor of the game Scruples and author of "Cruel Hoax: Feminism and the New World Order." ( His articles can be found at his web site He enjoys receiving comments, some of which he posts on his site using first names only.


Dear Henry,

I have been visiting your site for about four years now and am grateful to you for having the courage to research and to report the truth. I was very pleased that you wrote an article about the movie Zeitgeist, as I had watched the movie a few weeks ago and was struck by what I saw as a clear psy-op. Thank you for giving voice to what many of us have believed, but have felt hopeless that there aren't others who see the reality we know to be true.

When I watched Zeitgeist, I too noticed the glaring incongruence between the first part and the later parts of the film. It is clear that the producers of the movie were using the truth of the later parts to undermine Christianity by crudely juxtaposing the segment about the faith next to the truthful segments about 911 and the Fed. This juxtaposition is a coarse propagandist's trick. The movie's slick production and the millions of views that the online film has rapidly accumulated reveal a professional propaganda campaign, rather than an independent truth-seeker trying to get an urgent and honest message out to the public. It is an underhanded yet conspicuous attempt to bait the people who suspect the truth about the currency/credit cartel and to inoculate them (brainwash them) by turning them against their true source of salvation, which is the living God. The only religion that the cartel will tolerate is their own satanic humanism.

I almost did not finish watching the movie because the content of the Part I, in spite of its impressive graphics, soundtrack, and air of scholarship, was beneath ridiculous. For example:

(1.) The movie describes the Sun moving "north" toward the constellation Crux and displays with the flashy computer graphics the Sun moving upward from the horizon, that is, away from the earth, as if "north" means "up" from the ground. This is kindergarten silliness!

(2.) Any high school astronomy student knows that the Sun never, and has never, gone anywhere near the constellation Crux. This is never observed, and has never been observed, ever, in the Holy Land or in any of the areas where the authors of the books of the Bible or Egyptian myths have ever lived. In fact, it has never been observed anywhere on the planet. The Sun has never ventured into proximity with Crux-even with precession of the equinoxes that movie rightly points out. But don't take my word for it; look it up. Better yet, keep an eye on the sky.

(3.) The movie childishly plays on a modern English-language homonym having nothing to do with the ancient religions. The movie describes how "Sun" was replaced by "Son", i.e. the Son's rebirth represents the Sun's rebirth in the springtime, explaining the origins of the homonym thus:

"God's Sun (Son), the Light of the World, the Savior of Humankind," at 11:48.

"The Sun (Son) died on a cross, was dead for three days, only to be resurrected or born again," at 18:40.

"Jesus is the Sun (Son), the Son (Sun) of God, the Light of the world, the Risen Savior, who will come again as it does every morningS" at 20:38.

This is "scholarship"?? We're talking about ancient myths and ancient historical events predating the modern English language by millennia. The modern English words did not exist at the times of those developments. The Hebrew words for Sun and Son are "shemesh" and "ben", respectively. Zeitgeist's demonstration of how modern English homonyms are interchangeable to create an elementary English-language pun proves nothing but how stupid the public can be for buying into such nonsense.

(4.) In addition:

The star Sirius is always aligned with the stars of Orion's belt, not just on December 24. Sirius and the stars of Orion's belt have never pointed to the spot where the Sun rises at dawn; you just need to step outside and take a look at the sky yourself this December to confirm that. The Bible never says that there were three magi; the Bible says that magi (no number given) brought gold, incense, and myrrh, which are three types of gifts. The Bible never says Jesus was born December 25. Tradition says that Bethlehem is the city of David, not Virgo, and David was by no means a virgin. "The concept of the great Flood is ubiquitous throughout the ancient world" (as Zeitgeist states) because the Flood indeed occurred in the ancient world. The life of Jacob's son Joseph parallels Jesus' because Joseph was a prophetic type fulfilled by Jesus. If Christianity were a "Roman story developed politically" and historized by the political establishment "for social control" as Zeitgeist says, then why were the Christians fed like chopped liver to the lions by Rome prior to 325 AD? Etc., etc., etc.

If a person or the devil himself wanted to counterfeit the true faith in order to deceive mankind, wouldn't he try to make it as similar to the original as possible-why wouldn't he? Of what use is a counterfeit that looks nothing like the original? The closer the counterfeit resembles the truth, the more convincing the counterfeit. This by itself can immediately explain many of the parallels which do exist in comparative religions, each claiming to be the real deal. Furthermore, I believe that there probably are astronomical reasons for similar myths occurring in comparative religions, but Zeitgeist doesn't mention them with respect to Christianity. Rather, Zeitgeist tries a bit too hard to denigrate religion, particularly Christianity, and ends up revealing its ulterior motive while looking foolish in the process.

It is difficult to reconcile the truthfulness of Parts 2 and 3 of Zeitgeist with the stupidity of Part 1. But the currency/credit cartel knows that the unthinking sheeple would go for it.

I concluded after the watching the movie that the juxtaposition of the truthful evidence of the cartel's plot with the baloney "debunking" Christianity in the Part I was to finger true Christians who, contrary to what Zeitgeist says, knows full well the evil of the mystery and have been warning the nations about it since biblical times. See Revelation 13:17 which prophecies the credit/currency monopoly.

Today's powers that be are like the emperor Nero who said when the tall buildings of Rome were burning to the ground: "the Christians did it". The Romans referred to the Christians as "atheists". It goes to show you who the emperor is, and that the emperor has a religion (Satanism) which hates all "unbelievers". The real emperor today is above the President, and the President is merely a puppet and a scapegoat at whom the cartel can point the finger once it becomes apparent to the public-at-large that clerics living in caves might have had some help closer to home when carrying out their plot.

Thank you Henry, and keep up the outstanding work!



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