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The Swine behind the “Flu Pandemic'” pass Martial Law in Massachusett Senate

From: Keith Howe <>
May 4, 2009

The Swine behind the “Flu Pandemic'” pass Martial Law in Massachusett Senate (May 4, 2009)

Massachusett down, 49 states to go as Nazi traitors use fake flu scare to take your freedom! See :

The same mad scientists that dug up and weaponized the 1918 Spanish flu virus ( the CDC ) are going to repeat the 1918 Spanish Flu slaughter. First they introduce the virus by vaccine, just as in 1918. See:

Then they recommend anti-fever, and other dangerous medications/drugs.

See facts and dangers with Tamiflu at:

Fever stops viral replication. Stopping fever with aspirin is likely what killed millions in the 1918 vaccine induced flu epidemic. Bravo, CDC!

Paul Revere time folks!

Watch these videos. Send them to everyone you know and take action! Or, you can wait for soldiers with guns and nurses with syringes full of deadly substances to show up at your front door next flu season, to put a needle in your arm, or a gun in your face! Either way they are going to give you a shot! Both will be deadly! It is already written as law (according to the psychopaths that passed it ), called MSEHPA [Model State Emergency Health Powers Act.]! Refuse, and you go to a quarantine (prison) camp. Resist, and you can be shot. It has been declared a felony to resist forced vaccination, and the use of deadly force has been authorized!

This is not a joke, and all of this can be quickly verified on google. Details below. Wake up, take action, or suffer the consequences of fear, denial, laziness, and stupidity!

Alex Jones Tv: Weekend Special - “Exposing The H1N1 Hoax”

Dr. Stan Monteith at Radio Liberty states:
"Why do good men do wicked things? Last month's Radio Liberty letter dealt with the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act. The October 23, 2001, versions of MEHPA allows government officials to impose criminal sanctions on people who refuse to be vaccinated during a "declared" public health emergency. If there is a biologic attack or an epidemic, routine public health measures will be needed to control the spread of disease. Infected people should be quarantined, and everyone who has been in contact with the illness should be isolated until officials are certain they aren't infectious. The problem with MEHPA is that it gives public health officers the authority to imprison, isolate, or quarantine citizens who refuse to be vaccinated."

Dr. Len Horowitz gives details on vaccines as bioweapons!


Government “Template” for Mass Vaccinations
by Kurt Nimmo Infowars April 27, 2009

It’s called “ring vaccination” or “traced vaccination” — a round ‘em up and vaccinate program forced on the population by the government. DHS and FEMA have plans in place to accomplish this, as D. H. Williams wrote for the Daily Newscaster in February. An Indiana county municipal official in the vicinity of Chicago revealed a plan to “vaccinate the entire population within 48 hours” as part of a Hazard Mitigation Plan. (click the link below to read the actual document)

Regional Counter Terrorism - Points of Dispensing (POD) Template Plan

In 2006, a pastor came forward and told Alex Jones about a nationwide FEMA program designed to train religious leaders on how to pacify their flocks in the event of a national crisis. In addition to a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation, the FEMA program envisions mass vaccinations. “In the event of an outbreak or a bio-terrorist attack, there’d be a mass vaccination… they have a program nationwide ‘Pills in People’s Palm In 48 Hours’,” an anonymous pastor told Jones.

In 2004, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, along with ten county health departments, organized a series of exercises designed to assist local health department officials to exercise plans to mass vaccinate entire communities. It was dubbed “Flu-X” and it encouraged participants to get a flu shot.

Now we have a “template” to be used for mass vaccination. In a document released by the Regional Counter Terrorism Task Forces, “specific dispensing site operational plans and standard operating procedures” for mass vaccination are put forward:

The dispensing of medications/vaccine is a core function of the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) plan and preparedness. It is the most complex and challenging of all the functions since large numbers of persons must be provided medication/vaccine in just a few days when an event occurs. The key to survival for most people is to provide antibiotics/vaccine as soon as possible and/or before an individual begins to show any clinical symptoms. This plan describes the dispensing of medications to a large number of people for prophylaxis of asymptomatic individuals as well as treatment of symptomatic persons.

The SNS is the United States’ national repository of antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, and who knows what else. It is jointly run by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Homeland Security.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano mentioned the SNS stockpile when she declared the so-called Mexican swine flu outbreak a public health emergency.

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