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Josef Mengele Medical Experiments Involving Thyroid Hormones

By Mrs. Jana Vydra-Dusek
February 23, 2006

Forward courtesy of Steven Zakrzewski <>

Considering the strange non-instruction of most family physicians to recognize, diagnose and treat yet another auto-immune disease, HASHIMOTO'S THYROIDITIS, I thought it would be appropriate to re-visit the role of T3/T4 early Josef Mengele medical experiments involving T3 and T4.

It is ell known that Mengele operated for the CIA, throughout the US and Canada until his death in 1979 [Note from Ken Adachi: Mengele's 1979 demise may have been hoaxed-as was Hitler's death in 1945. Cisco Wheeler-who was programmed by Mengele-told me that Mengele more likely died in 1989, within months of the death of her own father-who was Mengele's understudy and co-programmer]. His residency in Montreal during 1962, suspectedly to work in setting up MKULTRA experiments at the Alan Memorial branch of McGill University in Canada was later covered up by the DesChenes Commission. However, there are many eyewitness accounts.

Misdiagnosed Hashimoto's and Graves' sufferers are often referred to psychiatry; a portent of things to come.



Early Josef Mengele medical experiments involving T3 and T4

By Mrs. Jana Vydra-Dusek

I wonder if illegal and covert substitution of unknown subsatances, (in this case it was a substitute for thyroid T3) are still going on?
--Complaint to the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights.  (Mengele medical experiments involving T3 and T4)
Heimberg, May 5th, 1998

I make reference to the Helsinki Convention concerning the protection of human rights and basic freedoms which is an extension and specification of the Recommendations formulated and issued by the Nuremberg Court after the conclusion of World War II with the intent of limiting any further heinous torture in terms of perverse medical experiments. I am also filing a complaint against: Switzerland Czech Republic Medical Societies of these countries The Helsinki Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Basic Freedoms is being ignored by the governments of both countries especially in the following points:

Article 2: The Right to Life

Article 3: The Right to physical inviolability prohibiting torture or inhuman or degrading treatment which also extends to the execution of medical experiments on humans.

Article 10: The Right to freedom of Expression.

I request International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights for protection and help. I request the intervention of both countries to immediately ensure the observance of the obligations resulting from Article 2, 3, and 10 of the Helsinki Treaty, in the sense of: Recognition of my claim for reinstatement of my human dignity, for an apology from both countries for the damaged health and inhuman, degrading treatment. Recognition of my claim to request justice and observance of my human rights and civil rights.

The abandonment of the Constitution, valid laws, and international treaties represents another kind of torture conducted directly by the state because I am estranged from the human community as a result of this illegal measure. Immediate stoppage of this perverse experiment in the spirit of Dr. Mengele, further observation, lying, and cruelty not only in my case, but in the case of other "human guinea pigs".

The accused countries are committing a crime against humanity: They were carrying out and concealing inhuman pre-clinical experiments of the effects of thyroid hormone T3-Triiodothyronine, that should have been used for other purposes. This experiment and its results can be compared to heinous experiments, carried out by the Nazi surgeons in concentrations camps during the World War II. I have also found others affected in the Czech Republic. This experiment has not yet been finalized even today.

The latest query from a patient receiving pure T3-Trijodthyronin was made with me on March 19th, 1998. From 1970 to 1983 I was even protected by political asylum in Switzerland Prof. Studer M.D. et al. decided that this experiment should have been completed, i.e. I was supposed to die and serve as an object of section, if possible pregnant.

I am a victim of very hard torture, carried out by two medical societies, and I fight for my life. The Convention on Human Rights, signed by both countries in question - was broken, inter alia, in the following points particularly:

Right to life Inviolability of human body, as hard and intentional torture was carried out, in the sense of: illegal secret experiments, similar to those performed by Dr. Mengele

The worst possible intervention to the private life Very serious health impacts are ignored, using the methods: Brain washing Mending or hiding Organized criminality passing across the borders of countries."

Mrs. Jana Vydra-Dusek

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