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Amazing Shielding/Protective FREE Software (Metatron Technology)
from an Amazing 80 Year Old, Ron Hall
July 7, 2013

Amazing Shielding/Protective FREE Software (Metatron Technology) from an Amazing 80 Year Old, Ron Hall (July 7, 2013)


Uploaded on Jun 20, 2007

Ron is an entrepreneur and a visionary dedicated to planetary transformation and service to humanity. The founder of Global Coherence, Inc., Ron is creator of Metatron Technology™, a computer-based software that provides a vortex for a new Divine Light to enter the earth plane, enlivening the environment wherever it is applied.

He has also created the Metatron Healing Programs™ that use this Divine Light to dissolve the stubborn blocks to growth and healing that reside in the subconscious and unconscious layers of human consciousness. This technology is also delivered via the Internet to reside on one's computer.

From the time he was a small child, Ron knew he had something important to do. During the early years of his business life, he practiced traditional methods of doing business, along with some small entrepreneurial ventures. At 39, he began a meditation practice that led him from years of un-belief to experiencing GOD.

The hazy awareness of a mission he was destined to fulfill remained in the back of his mind, regardless of what he was doing. And at age 59, his soul destiny began to be revealed as he was introduced to a technology known as "Quantum Technology," which transformed chaotic electro radiation into coherent electromagnetic fields that are in harmony with the human body and all life.

In August of 2005, after 12 years of co-developing and marketing the Quantum Products™, Ron experienced a breakthrough creating a computer-based technology that is a tool that brings a new powerfully transformative Divine Light into our environment. A significant side benefit of this new Divine Light is its transformation of the destructive man-made electro radiation into coherent life-supporting fields that enhance the environment. Ron's mission is to spread this technology around the planet as soon as possible to assist with the Global transformation that is now happening. Metatron Technology™, by merging technology with consciousness, is the vehicle for this mission.

Global Coherence, Inc. "Our Name is Our Mission"

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