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Ruling Elite is Behind Mexican UFO Acknowledgement

by Amitakh Stanford
May 14, 2004

Today there is overwhelming evidence of extraterrestrial life. After more than fifty years of controversy over the existence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and alien abductions, the majority of the people on this planet are still oblivious to the secret, nefarious activities of hostile aliens and what they have done and continue to do to earthlings with co-operation from various governments on Earth.

UFO and alien visitors and invaders do not always conform to the laws of our three-dimensional reality. Without becoming deluded or blinded in the process, we need to expand our minds and allow our perceptions to accommodate thoughts, perceptions and realities that are very foreign to our own. It is then that we can begin to rationally explore the outer limits of our physical minds.

Presently there are thousands of reports from all over the world claiming not only the sightings of UFOs, but actual physical contacts with aliens. Some of these contacts have been classified as friendly while others are reported to be hostile and are associated with horrifying experiences of abductions, sexual invasions and scientific experimentations. Some victims describe continuing physical, emotional and mental abuse long after their first alien abuse.

Governments have been withholding UFO and alien information from the population at large for many decades. While there have been a few "officially" leaked reports involving UFOs and/or aliens in the past, a report of a UFO incident in central Mexico on March 5, 2004 has reportedly been officially endorsed by the Department of Defence of Mexico through its Secretary of Defence, General Clemente Vega Garcia, who is reportedly also the commander of all armed forces in Mexico. This type of UFO report from a high-ranking Mexican military official is unprecedented in ufology.

The said incident involved a Mexican Air Force fixed-wing craft on routine anti-narcotics operation. At approximately 17:00 hours the airplane's instruments detected a very fast unidentified flying object on its radar and recorded also by its onboard infrared gear. As the military plane approached the UFO, the crew could not make visual contact with it, however, it was detected by radar and infrared equipment. The military craft was soon encircled not by one or two, but by a total of 11 UFOs, all of which appeared on the radar screen but none could be seen visually. After several stressful minutes, theobjects disappeared from the screen. At no time could any of the crew members see any of the objects reported on the screens.

It has been speculated that there is a planned silence among governments of the world to suppress disclosures of UFO sightings. Some think that there has recently been a rift in this global management of UFO/ET affairs demonstrated by Mexico's recent unprecedented acknowledgement by its Department of Defence. Others speculate that the U.S. government will try to cover up this incident. The truth is that there is no rift between the Mexican and American governments, and while it may appear otherwise, they are indeed acting in concert regarding this incident. It is all a staged show.

There has long been a contingency plan to pit humans against extraterrestrials. In the Report from Iron Mountain commissioned by the U. S. government in 1963, this possibility was casually mentioned as a political substitute for real wars. The report stated that: "An established and recognized extraterrestrial menace" could be considered. This plan was only mentioned in passing, so it had obviously been considered in greater detail in other government reports. The "ALIEN MENACE" plan has apparently been implemented with Mexico taking the first public step. Some governments may pretend to be debunking the Mexican UFO event at first, but the plan is to eventually accept it as a hostile-alien event.

Acknowledgement by the Mexican government that UFOs are real may be welcomed by UFO supporters and researchers throughout the world. However, few suspect that this acknowledgement has a nefarious agenda attached to it. The real purpose of alerting the general population to an "extraterrestrial menace" is to EVENTUALLY justify the need for a single world police force.

True UFO researchers know that there are extraterrestrials on Earth. They do not need governmental acknowledgement or approval of this fact, which makes it all the more suspicious that this matter is being launched in the alternative media instead of being given directly to the conventional media or to the scientists of the world.

It is nothing new to the world to have aliens delving into human affairs - this has been going on since ancient times. For many years now, there have been numerous reports around the world of bleeding crucifixes, stigmata (aliens often use female human blood to stage the spontaneous bleeding phenomenon), weeping statues of Mary, images of the Immaculate Lady appearing in the clouds, in the leaves, on rose petals etc. While these incidences may be very exciting and awe-inspiring to Catholics, the non-fraudulent incidents are created by alien technology. The same is true for non-fraudulent crop circles, which are also created by alien technology.

The aliens expand on these types of signs at times by using holographic projections and voice recordings of what is supposed to be Mary, Mother of Jesus. These are done to fool people. These phenomena were witnessed by people at Fatima, Lourdes and Medjugorje etc. These types of "visions" are usually accompanied by fundamentally similar messages which instruct people to repent, convert, return to the church, believe in the Gospels, and to be saved.

Of course there is ample evidence that the Gospels have been tampered with and altered by the Pesher method and in other ways so that they are mainly the words and thoughts of humans. The visions and their respective messages are the works of the Anunnaki, who want everyone to believe in and participate in their created religions so that they can better manipulate and control the minds and actions of believers.

All these Christian phenomena have a common theme, which is to warn and remind people to repent and to return to Catholic Church for salvation. This itself shows the source of the messages is not of the Truth. Anyone who recognizes the evilness associated with the church such as the crusades, the inquisitions, witch burnings etc. knows that the True God would not insist upon people following a specific religion in order to be "saved from damnation." The proliferation of "spiritual" signs shows that the aliens are very active and highly supportive of Catholicism.

The types of aliens that are most involved with Catholic religious phenomena are the big Greys and the green Reptilians. Although other groups of Anunnaki are also involved in Christianity, the Greys and the Reptilians have predominant roles with the Catholic Church. The Reptilians also play games with the Hindu and Buddhist believers. The Muslims have brown Reptilians and Vulturites manipulating their faith. The Olcars ultimately have the most control over all the major religions and certain organizations, including the Freemasons. Other minor groups influence the indigenous people's religious practices around the world. The world's religions are truly alien battlegrounds amongst the aliens themselves, which is evidenced by the friction caused by the aliens that result in religious wars. True spirituality comes from within the person regardless of the faith they follow. That is why there are always some truly spiritual people in any given faith. Religious observance is not to be confused with spirituality.

The same groups of aliens that control religions also play the opposite game with the sciences. The aliens make the two fields appear to be contradictory by design. The juxtaposing of religions and sciences by the same groups of aliens purposefully causes turmoil, conflict and confusion. Many of the religious debunkers in sciences are aliens or are influenced by aliens to work for global disharmony until it is time for the implementation of the One World Government.

Likewise, many of those who appear to support peace are really warmongers. Be warned that not everyone who writes against the New World Order is opposed to the NWO. Many of them are NWO accomplices who appear to write against the NWO in order to gain the trust of people so they can effectively spread misinformation and disinformation to the unsuspecting population.

The ruling elite have long been preparing people for the possibility of an alien invasion, with among other things, the screening of UFO related movies such as: Independence Day and The Arrival. Older movies such as: Invaders from Mars and Earth Versus the Flying Saucers prove that this agenda goes back a long time. Up till now, the U. S. government has followed a policy of scoffing UFO reports. Many other governments have done the same. The controlled media has played down and often made fun of UFO sightings. This is by design - alien design.

The surest way to stop people from worrying about something is to debunk it. This is seen in the case of people arguing that the Devil does not exist. The same is being argued by the claim that there are no aliens.

UFO sceptics are in many fields, including the medical and the scientific professions. Mass UFO sightings have often been explained away by the so-called experts as "mass delusions". According to most psychiatrists, nearly anyone who mentions an alien abduction is already classified as schizophrenic because a single mention of such a "delusion" qualifies for that diagnosis for all mental health professionals who follow the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV (1994)). In other words, the mainstream mental health professionals view alien abductions as delusion-based schizophrenia. Under the above-definition, anyone who is clairaudient will be classified as mentally ill.

All this must change now that Mexico has blown the lid off the UFO phenomenon. Psychiatrists will have to change their definitions of delusions since "invisible" crafts, hence "invisible" beings are officially acknowledged as real.

The ruling elite has ordered the release of the Mexican UFO incident to the public. There was always a contingency plan to do so at some time. The recent Mexican incident is just one that fits the designs, needs and timing for the plan. This incident is being made public because of the emergent circumstances today. If one plan fails, there are many more in the background to bring forward.

There are handlers for the ruling elite who deal with UFO events. Many UFO researchers have been bribed or silenced in other ways. However, now, the silence about the reality of UFOs has been broken by order of the ruling elite. However, most people involved in the acknowledgement of the UFO incident are unaware of the ruling elite's agenda.

There are many handlers working for the ruling elite who have bits of information that they pass through their agents to disseminate the information. Neither the handlers nor the agents are given full information. The U.S. government knew of the March 5, 2004 Mexican UFO incident. In fact, an American who claims to have prophetic visions was told by his handlers to spread terror along with the message that April 20, 2004 was a significant date that would commence the unfolding of cataclysmic events for the next 30 days.

Jaime Maussan, the Mexican UFO searcher and top journalist, was co-incidentally given information about the March 5, 2004 incident by General Clemente Vega Garcia, Mexico's Secretary of Defence, on April 20, 2004. This date of April 20, 2004 is just too neat a co-incidence. All true psychics know that such dates are not generally available, which adds more suspicion to the inter-relationship and the agreement between the U.S. and the Mexican governments to spread this particular story beginning on April 20, 2004.

If memory serves correctly, several years ago, at a private meeting in Mexico, Jaime Maussan revealed to a few people, including me, that he was originally a UFO sceptic who had been commissioned by the Mexican government to debunk the existence of UFOs. However, in the process of carrying out the assignment he was "converted" after he and hundreds of others witnessed a UFO in broad daylight. Subsequently, when he reported to the authorities that UFOs do exist, he claims that he started to get threats. It is interesting that now the government would choose him to reveal this unprecedented release of an official acknowledgement of UFOs reality. However, it is not surprising knowing how governments work.

It is quite significant that General Garcia did not send the tapes and information to scientists for evaluation, but instead, released them on April 22, 2004 to television journalist Jaime Maussan. The 30 days of the American psychic now come into play, as the episode was televised on Great Mysteries of the Third Millennium on May 9, 2004, and an international press conference was called on May 11, 2004. This timing is just too co-incidental. It follows the American "psychic's" dates too closely. And, incidentally, the American was thoroughly discredited after giving out his prediction that things would commence on April 20, 2004. However, that does not stop the international agenda as the same plan is going forward with other agents given different roles. Some undercover news people are deeply involved in the ruling elite's agenda even though they outwardly appear to be against it.

The fact that there were 11 invisible UFOs encircling a military craft shows the intent to cause great alarm because it means there are a great many aliens here and they have command of huge forces to be able to muster such a formation on short notice to intimidate a single military aircraft. The fact that the UFOs were all invisible to humans only causes more panic.

This UFO story has all the footprints of an internationally orchestrated plan, which the ruling elite hopes will eventually lead to a One World Order.

The Vatican too is heavily involved in promoting - albeit quietly - that the alien visitors are friendly. The truth is that these aliens are hostile and evil. As stated earlier, the movie industries are deeply involved in this agenda also because they are controlled by the ruling elite, who serve the evil aliens. Channellers, knowingly or unknowingly, are used to promote the fraud that "friendly" and highly advanced aliens are coming to assist earthlings. Some of the beings channelled include Kryon and Bashar who offer messages that appear to contain love, hope and charity. They always appear to be concerned about human affairs - wars, pollution, diseases, upcoming cataclysmic events, etc. Yet, these are Anunnaki astral beings playing a two-faced game with humans. Additionally, Shirley MacLaine helped popularize benevolent alien connections with humans.

There are many reasons why the deliberate acknowledgement of UFOs has occurred at this time. Among them are: to prepare the general public of the reality of aliens amongst us for their own agendas; to instil fear in the general population about vulnerability of the planet; to have an excuse to impose laws to further control the people under the disguise of security; to blame aliens for a lot of things that happen in the world; to unify humans under a single banner against a common enemy because the governments today have made such a thorough mess of everything including conflicts amongst nations, economic slowdowns, breaking down of all systems; and ultimately to implement a One World Government.

Many have claimed that the governments of the world allow aliens to abduct and experiment upon humans, animals and plants. This shows that they are consciously dealing with evil alien beings.

But, the world is already controlled by aliens. The plan to fight an alien/human war was designed and is being initiated by aliens. The aliens hoped they would be able to initiate a gradual and friendly acceptance and assimilation of aliens into the human society. This was to be followed by alien-orchestrated human/alien friction leading to an all-out conflict. There would simultaneously be other scare tactics used by the ruling elite to control and further enslave the earthlings. However, if circumstances would not allow that plan to be implemented, then the aliens plan to have immediate alien/human hostilities as an excuse to commence an alien/human war under a unified world government.

Because the Light has intervened and caused disruption to the aliens' plan, things aren't working the way the hostile aliens have intended, and they are rapidly losing control of the situation. That is why the hostile aliens have gone to the emergency contingency plan of having immediate alien/human hostilities as can be observed by the March 5, 2004 Mexican/American UFO incident. There will be many conflicting reports issued from the same camp which are designed to confuse people about this matter.

Genetic engineering has been going on secretly for quite a while, but it has only come to public awareness in the last few years. This is another alien activity. Hostile aliens are interested in the human mind. They have tried to tamper with the human mind, which they have experimented widely, weakening it at will. They are very keen to continue investigations on mind energy in humans. It appears that their immediate interest is in trying to make replications of the human mind. They want to download a living mind into a totally mechanical robot. This is one way they try to clone the human mind.

Audible and inaudible sounds have been released throughout the world by aliens or by governments that are sponsored by aliens. These sounds are weakening the immune systems of humans and sometimes the sounds are altering genetic patterns and immune systems. they cause depression, anxiety, anger, fear, hatred and other negative emotional feelings. These effects are felt by people of all ages, even in the very young. While it easy to explain away with social/economical and other reasons for the problems, what most people do not suspect is that they have been attacked by invisible beams and inaudible sounds that are deleterious to the human body and mind.

Mental problems are on the increase throughout the world. These days, even very young people are increasingly suffering from depression. This is mainly due to the effects of the sounds that have been purposely released by the aliens. Other things the aliens are behind are genetically altered foods, impure water and air which all add to the problems. However, the deleterious sounds will ultimately drive a great many people insane and cause them physical illnesses. Terminal madness will mark the time of chaos.

Some of the Attas (a singular and plural term for Rescuers of Light) amongst us are able to see beyond the basic spectrum of light. This allows them to perceive otherwise "invisible" aliens on the planet. Some of the Attas can also hear beyond the basic hearing spectrum and are able to perceive otherwise "inaudible" sounds. The Attas can also read the minds of the Anunnaki and know their plans.

The Attas are here doing their best to assist True-Light beings at this time. Those who are True-Light beings should go inward to connect to the Truth within. This will be a great comfort in the trying times ahead.

Amitakh Stanford

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