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Michael Forrest of Jaguar Enterprises Jailed by FDA for Selling Harmless Bioelectrification Devices

[Editor's Note: Michael Forrest made a Bob Beck style bioelectrifier after attending or seeing one of Bob Beck's lecture given at many health expos in the mid 1990's and cured himself of serious chronic fatigue and other health problems. He became an enthusiastic supporter of bioelectrification and Beck's work. Michael started initially selling the Beck design through his web site, but soon modified the original design with additional frequencies and then added Rife frequency generators to the mix. I lost touch with him a few years ago, but I know he moved to South America to avoid the FDA who was going after him for making 'false medical claims' and selling an 'unapproved medical device', the usual specious smokescreen they use to shut down competitors for their overlords in the pharmaceutical racket. I believe Michael was arrested in Peru, but he is now jailed in Wisconsin; the same state which jailed Dr. Hulda Clark a few years ago on charges of making, you guessed it, "false medical claims", blah, blah, blah. Dr. Clark eventually won her case after a million dollars or so in legal fees to fight the bottomless pit of prosecutors, attorneys, and taxpayer funding which the government can array against you when they have you in their cross hairs. Let's hope that Michael is as fortunate in raising the legal war chest that Hulda's supporters were able to muster. Someday, in another age, our descendants may find themselves living in a country where freedom of medical choice is taken for granted and the pharmaceutical shills masquerading as government agents of the FDA are a distant and shameful memory, relegated to the dustbin of history when contemplating the worst examples of government abuse and tyranny in America...Ken]

From Cindy <> (The Rife Forum)
January 9, 2005

Forward courtesy of "Chris Gupta" <>

Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2005 03:55:41 -0000
Subject: Michael Forrest is in jail for making and selling electromedicine devices...

Michael is the creator of "Jaguar Enterprises", and made and sold Electromedicine Devices. See his website:

He was arrested September 26, 2004 and has been in jail since then. I called and talked with Brian Mullins (Michael's attorney) Wednesday 1/5/2005.

Michael was arrested for
1) Selling medical devices not approved by the FDA
2) Exaggerating their effectiveness (a federal criminal offense)

His trial is scheduled for May 2nd, 2005. The judge scheduled for this case is Rudolph Randa.

Michael and Brian are looking for anyone who has bought and used his products and had success. Please send your written testimony to both Michael Forrest and attorney Brian Mullins. Michael and Brian are also looking for an expert witness to verify claims; if you'd like to offer, please let me know and I'll forward the information to Michael and Brian.

Michael is currently defended by:
Brian Mullins, Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin, Inc.
517 E. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 182 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
Telephone (414) 221-9900
Fax (414) 221-9901

Michael's address:
Michael Forrest
Dodge County Detention
216 W. Center St.
Juneau, WI 53039

If you write him and would like a reply, please send a self-addressed envelope with stamp and paper. Also, if anyone wants to send him any books they have to be new books and sent from a bookstore. There was a package containing books and a package containing cassette tapes from two clients of his that had to be returned to them because it wasn't directly from a bookstore. The only things he can receive directly from people are letters, cards, & pictures. If anybody wants to send him money, it could be sent directly to him in a MONEY ORDER. Michael said that the FDA agents that arrested him kept the $265 he had in his wallet instead of forwarding it there to be put in an account for him.

Also, the Rife Forum people are collecting money for his legal defense. Go here for more information:

Or here, at the top right of the page, to donate:

Please forward this to anyone interested.

Thank you.


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