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The Obvious Murder of Michael Hastings
August 14, 2013

The Obvious Murder of Michael Hastings (August 14, 2013)

The OBVIOUS murder of Michael Hastings posted on June 23 2013


Loudlab News video camerman arrives shortly after car explosions and before firetrucks arrive

Addendum, August 20, 2013:

Michael Hastings Car Crash Examination

[The woman who uploaded this Youtube video titled "Michael Hastings car crash examination" and goes by the name "ritamrtnz," nailed the correct sequence of events in the Hastings bombing on June 29, 2013 and deserves credit for discovering that an underground residential water feed pipe had burst from the impact of the explosives detonated in Michael Hastings car.

1. Bombs, likely C-4 plastic explosives, were planted under the car (under the floor of the car, but above the engine area) and on the firewall. The biggest blast occured in the southbound lane that Hastings was travelling about 20 feet before the final landing area when the car "jack knifed" (as one witness reported with those very words) upwards into the air from the blast under the car, simultaneously hurling the engine, transmission, and drive shaft together about 170 feet towards the North while the nose of the car was still in an upward incline. The power of the explosion eliminated the dash and firewall completely, exposing the burnt corpse of Michael Hastings, viewed from the front and widened the left and right fenders to a width of roughly 12 feet.

2. The big blast (one woman resident to news reporters: " It sounded like a bomb went off and my windows rattled ...") that hurled the engine. transmission, and drive shaft 60 yards to the North also caused an underground, residential water pipe feed (located immediately adjacent to a water meter well in the grassy center median) to rupture from the impact of the blast, causing the 3 foot high mini geyser of gushing water (located about 15 feet distance from Hastings car and easily seen in the Loudlab video). The water was NOT gushing from a sheared off fire hydrant as some might assume. There was NO fire hydrant there on the night of June 18 when Michael Hastings was murdered with planted car explosives. ]

(turn off the audio because the edgy music is annoying, but the sleuthing investigative work is admirable)

Young Turks on Hastings expose of Petraeus and the Pentagon's press chippies

Reader Comment:
Relativisticism 1 day ago
His name sounds like "betray-us." Coincidence? Naaaaaahhh..

Fox News chubby blonde: "You know how people are going to react to this. They're going to say that the Tin Foil Hat People think the government killed this journalist by taking over control of his car, ehhh, or doing something to his car , ehh, and the other peole are going to say; there are other people who are going to say 'that's nuts'..."

[Of course, that would only apply to the "people" who waste their time watching the quislings of Fox News]




UK Daily Mail-Online: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA's John Brennan at Time of His "Mysterious' Death (August 15, 2013)
Hastings' Wife Knows the Score & Wants to Live: Says It Was 'Just a Really Tragic Acccident')

Report: Michael Hastings Was Investigating CIA Director John Brennan When Killed by Car Explosions (August 13, 2013)

Michael Hastings Fatal Car Accident: Setup Crash Using Remote Control Technology? (July 12, 2013)
("cellular internet connection in all cars 2005 and later")



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