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Message from Michael: Weather Manipulation

[Editor's Note: This is the second note that I received from Jane containing a channeled message from Michael. Jane reminds me that all of these comments are from the channeled source, not her. After her first note, I told Jane that I was interested in reading future communications from this source, but I have no way of knowing who she is channeling-nor does she. Therefore, do not assume that I endorse or lend credibility to anything written here. This information is for your perusal and consideration. After disavowing association with the Messages from Matthew, I'm very reluctant to take on anew another channeled source that may prove to be less than reliable. As it is, this info is a little too heavy on the Doom & Gloom-o-meter to suit me and you may know how annoyed I can become with the likes of misery maidens Amitakh Stanford or Sorcha Faal. We'll just play this one by ear and see what this fellow has to say, but I'm beginning to get a little suspicious. Time will tell...Ken]
November 1, 2007

Message from Michael: Weather Manipulation (Nov. 1, 2007)

Hi Ken,

Well, this is what I mean when I say sometimes I feel such despair when I take the words. I accept the message, but that does not mean I am not moved by it. To have a gift is to use it carefully. However, again and again I wrestle with angels whether it is necessary - and opened eyes are not always eyes of comprehension.

Being aware doesn’t equate to understanding. But awareness allows the opportunity to make choices and, any attempt to elicit awareness in those who will, gives them the chance to do so.

“Have Awareness, Will Act”, should become the motto of each being on this planet.


A Message from Michael

Events of a time of world chaos are drawing nearer, and the year 2012 will most certainly announce a global time of deprivation. In the climate change that will be more drastic, and in the underestimating of the resultant foraging for resources, the attendant severe controls that will be visited on them will have far reaching bearing on the inhabitants of this planet.

World climate looks to hold worsening of weather conditions - control of climate having long ago become a work of man. Weather is the result of mechanical manipulation, controlled by those who will most benefit from a forcing of it to behave at the whim of man.

Using a work of man to improve on Nature, is attempting to improve perfection, with a resultant destroying of balance. When a weather pattern is usurped, evolution is thrown into chaos. The accepting of a new pattern is causing underlying adaptation that ensures catastrophe.

Accounting not for the bringing on of these adaptations, is foretelling not the actual devastation and it will only be noticed when it is too late. Entire species will become extinct and in attempting to prevent this, weather manipulation continues unabated. Years of drought are followed by torrential rain, destroying the already weakened earth. Conditions before almost unheard of, are worsening … and world attention is focused on war.

War – another cause of climate change. Testing of nuclear weapons destroys the surface layer of the earth and reaches high into the stratosphere. Underwater testing increases the temperature of the already too warm oceans.

War takes seating of the lords-in-charge and places them at the table of the damned. Beyond their imagined destruction, lies a devastation totally unplanned for. Waiting for the dust to settle will only show more dust and vast continents of wasteland.

Vested attention has been moved from the planet and its health, to the contrived attempts to force the belief that the men of artillery are the men of peace. A perfect world is being held in disarray by voices that have not yet sent their final orders.

Weather manipulation is eroding the work of Nature and, in taking control of the already controlled, man has directly contributed to his own demise.

Control is a preventing of Nature to do its balancing act, and it undermines the work of the true craftsman.




----- Original Message -----
From: "Xa Ya" <>
To: Ken Adachi
Sent: Friday, November 02, 2007
Subject: serious doupts about Message from Michael

Dear Ken,

My name Is David Narayana, and we have already communicated in the past.

I am writing you out of concerns about the recent postings in the current news section, that is claiming to be a message from “Angel Michael” . I have many reasons to believe that this message is a deception, whether the girl who send it to you knows it or not.

Thus, I will firstly explain the reasons why I believe, from my own discernment, why I think and feel this is a deception, and then will provide a channeling from archangel Michael.

First of all, there is no such thing as an Angel called Michael. Angels are the lowest creatures of the angelic realms, those closest to the human beings, and are under the authority of many orders of higher Angelic beings, the best known ones being Archangels. Michael is the name of an Archangel, that is the leader and master of many Angel legions. An Angel claiming to be Michael is an usurper, most probably a fallen Angel who would like to have or claim the power of Archangel Michael. The fallen Angel may have taken Angel qualities in order to fool the channeling person.

The title, ‘Message From Michael’ also reveals another hint at deception. Michael is the name of the Creator son of Paradise that is the ultimate leader, administrator and personal creator (under the direct guidance of god) of the NEBANON super universe, that is the super universe we reside in. Michael took flesh in the context of his final bestowal under the identity of Jesus of Nazareth, on our cherished planet. (This information is revealed in the URANTIA BOOK). Now it is clear that either consciously or unconsciously, we will be lead to believe a message from Michael, because he is the personal manifestation of God in our Super Universe.

I have personal experience with communicating with beings from the Angelic realms, and also with the Christ himself (that is Paradise creator Son Michael) and know the beautiful vibration of truth and self-soverignty emanating from their messages, and I can tell certainly that this vibration is not present in this message (“MESSAGE FROM MICHAEL”), and certainly does not connote heart vibration or Christ ic Love vibration neither.

In the message, Nature and human beings are depicted as being helpless victims, and prediction of ‘impending doom’ are being thrown, when we know that divinely inspired Human beings in coordination with benevolent Aliens, higher dimensional entities, legions of Sylphs, angels and dragons have been successfully fighting and countering the man made weather manipulation, for years, being more and more successful at it (as shown by the very quiet hurricane seasons in the last two years). Victimization and despair ARE NOT a part of DIVINE TRUTH. If the message was truly coming from a divine being, as a true warning, it would have come with SOLUTIONS. Simple awareness of impending doom only creates fear and despair if no solution are offered. When people are lead to believe that this will actually happen, their FAITH automatically turns from supporting a bright future to supporting a future DOOM, and this is what this message is truly about.

The only DOOM and DISASTERS that are to come is for the crumbling DARK GOVERNEMNT and their dying Masters. We are witnessing their destruction, dissolution and death. This is the end of their world, and they are trying to convince us that OUR world is ending with theirs, to bring us with them in their downfall.

As if this was not enough, the message is warming us against man made weather control, when basically anyone who reads your site already know about it, so this message, if it was genuine, should be directed toward the illuminati, but god knows they don't care about any result of their actions, as the driving force behind them are beings that are seeking absolute and final SELF-annihilation, as this is the only possible outcome of total identification to SIN (going against God’s law and will intentionally ). Those who are behind the Dark government have been offered remission and forgiveness countless times, yet they have rejected it with more vehemence every time, knowing quite well the final result of this behavior, that is absolute and final dissolution of their higher SELF.

Following is a (not so) short message from Archangel Michael

“ Dear courageous children of Urantia Gaia. I Love you as always, and pour onto you infinite thankfulness for the miracles you perform day after day, that is to extinguish the fires of the HELL ILLUSION you were stuck in, with your unprecedented bright faith in the Divine Truth, as revealed to your hearts by the Creator himself, directly in your hearts.

I am saddened to see that some of my Angel children have turned themselves against God, against Life, against their own Bliss, but be informed that in these times of trials, some fallen Angels are claiming to be something they are not, to fool the emerging Human discernment ability. They are very skilled at it, just as True angels are skilled at revealing the Divine nature of Humans and natural events.

I want to inform you that the DIVINE UNIVERSAL LAWS are being slowly brought back on your Planet, and some call this reawakening of the Perfect God Made Administration of this planet the coming of heaven on earth, that has nothing to do with Illuminati deceptions. Millions have asked for Divine Justice, mercy and goddess to be reinstalled as the one and only law on this life sphere, and you are now witnessing the arrival of this natural, birth right, blessing. As the DIVINE REALITY is rapidly taking place on URANTIA, all illusions and hallucinations that are considered by the human collective memory as being the Reality are disappearing rapidly, just as Darkness naturally disappears when the dawn comes. For those of you who still identifies themselves with the goals, illusions and hallucinations that has been set by the traitors as being the only reality, the apparent events are bringing you to think that the end times are upon Us. Truly, this is the final end of of a long nightmare, and you are now being asked to simply forget your Dramas and sacrifices and simply accept the truth of Love, beauty and goodness, that are basic manifestations of God’S perfect administration. As a long held prisoner, you should rejoice as you prison is being destroyed, instead of contemplating with fear your newly acquired freedom.

Finally, it shall be known by all of you that the Sages of the Universe, after an official meeting and negotiation with the emissaries of your Planet’s dark government, have decreed the impending End of this long held planetary deception. They (the dark government) are rapidly loosing all their powers, as direct and instant Divine justice is being applied instantly on themselves (Divine mercy having been rejected by them countless times), they will cripple themselves completely with the amplified version of the afflictions they are trying to cast on Humanity. Simply walk out of your fears, because if a member of the Dark government tries to harm you, he will harm himself before he can touch you, and if one tries to kill you, he will die from his own intent before being able to carry it. The only harm that can occur to you is the Harm you would inflict on yourself trough fear and self-created hallucinations of self-damaging dramas. Those who simply choose to LOVE no matter what and to anchor solidly in the Faith of Divine free-will are from now on absolutely invincible, because the Divine free-will Law, that is now being fully implemented of your planet, prevents any possibility of one causing harm to another. You are the only one who can now harm yourself, just as you are the Only one who can decide to enter in the realm of pure divine Bliss that is now the emerging planetary administration.

As a final word, when you are looking to discriminate between Truth and deception, one and single sign can permit you to correctly see the truth for the truth, and the deception for the deception, and that is SELF-RESPONSABILITY of the individual. You are responsible (or co-responsible) for everything that happens within your field of consciousness. Anyone trying to tell you that you are a victim of someone else that is more powerful than you is lying to you. Within you lies the Master of your own LIFE, and you can choose either to amplify this life by making God’s Will, or destroy this life by choosing to go against. If someone is taking the appearance of an enemy, on the outside, it means there is a part of yourself that is working against you. If you choose to act within yourself and Love this rejected part of your being, the outside threat will disappear, vanish, just as the Dark government is vanishing as some human beings attain Unity consciousness on the planetary level, creating unity within themselves creates Unity on a planetary level, and this unity stands against Tyranny and Sin, just as God, just as YOU.

This does not mean you should sit in your lazy-boy and think everything will be fine. To be at peace with yourself, you must act accordingly with your Dharma, that is the plan you co-created with God before incarnation. But know that through your external actions, you must always establish internal peace in order to encounter external peace, that is an absence of obstacles between you and the realization of your destiny, that is to End World tyranny and darkness, by simply turning the light switch on and taking the place that is yours, to the Service of the whole, putting your gifts and abilities to the best service of Humanity, and subsequently the whole Cosmos.

Truth Is Love, beauty, mercy and Justice
In total devotion of benevolent service
Archangel Michael”

Thank you for your incredible work as a bringer of Truth. I hope this will support you in your work and help some people discern truth for deception.

If you decide to post this, I do not mind you putting my full name and e-mail address, I fully stand for everything that has been said there. This should not be taken as a personal attack by Jane.

My full name is David Narayana Moreau Bastien, residing in Fairfield, Iowa, USA,
And I am ‘working’ as a full-time YOGI for the Global country of World Peace (, within the INVINCIBLE AMERICA COURSE ( That is for transparency about who I am and what I do .

Best regards,
David Narayana
Xaya Xolarom

P.S: I know that my e-mail address "time for a riot" sounds incoherent with my message, but it is very old, and any other e-mail address I create are either shut down or important messages will not go through, so I decided to keep using this address anyway.

Also English is not my native tongue, so if you decide to post my message, feel free to correct major mistakes, I am sorry for that.

thank you

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