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How to Set Up a Micro-Broadcasting Station for Under $700

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From Drew Malone; Raines III
May 1, 2011

How to Set Up a Micro-Broadcasting Station for Under $700 (May 2, 2011)

Subject: TODAY's Radio Show- Build Micro-Broadcast Station
From: "drew raines" <>
Date: Sun, May 1, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

SPECIAL SHOW TODAY:::: 2100 GMT or for unedumacated: 4pm Central USA

Drew's Rant on NEWS EVENTS ---AND--- Guest Rodney Rodgers - "Micro-Broadcasting Specialist" discussing the Need and Ease of Setting up a Radio Station in the Micro-Broadcasting Field for UNDER $700.00 US Dollars. and Do So WORLDWIDE.

Rodney's Email is

Call in for QUESTIONS -- Press 1 --- 347.308.8047 OR just Listen phone bridge is open to the first 499

Semper Fi,

Drew Malone; Raines III




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