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"Malaria Finally Defeated" ~ Jim Humble Newsletter, May 6, 2013

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[Editor's Note: Jim Humble has been trying to tell the world for over a decade that MMS COMPLETELY cures people of malaria - usually within 24 hours. You will see from the Youtube video embedded further below, that all 154 Ugandan test subjects, verified to have malaria with a blood test, were completely cured in a day. The majority, 143, were malaria-free the very next day upon re-testing. The 11 patients who still had the malaria parasite, were given a second dose of MMS on Day 2, and by Day 3 were completely free of malaria. It's important to realize that the success demonstrated in this video with curing malaria could also apply to many other "incurable" disease conditions - besides malaria. You can read all about MMS at this link and learn to make a convenient version of MMS called CDS Water at this link. Forward this article to everyone you know. This is tremendous information and the entire world can benefit from the germicidal capabilities of MMS. ...Ken Adachi]
May 6, 2013 (Forward courtesy of J Leary)

"Malaria Finally Defeated" ~ Jim Humble Newsletter, May 6, 2013

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Malaria Finally Defeated

The worst disease of mankind, malaria, a disease that has killed more humans than all the wars of mankind, was finally defeated and the defeat was proven a fact by the Red Cross on the 16th of December 2012. The location was Africa, in the country of Uganda, Luuka District.

The test was conducted by the International Red Cross, the Uganda Red Cross, the local health authorities, and other Ugandan scientists and laboratories. Total scientific testing was maintained throughout the 4-day operation. There were doctors to sign off on the blood tests, malaria test strips to show malaria, and official microscope technicians to even verify the number of malaria parasites present in each malaria victim. The microscope technicians have officially identified malaria parasites on a daily basis. Other personnel present were nurses to help the doctors, video technicians, people to serve as observers and various other personnel.

Klaas Proesmans, a prominent Red Cross figure and CEO of the Water Reference Center of the International Red Cross, told me that he had wondered if there might be some truth in the claim by the Genesis 2 Church that MMS (chlorine dioxide) actually killed malaria and returned health to malaria victims. He finally decided to personally finance a full scale malaria clinical trial in the jungle on actual malaria victims rather than laboratory rats.

Klaas Proesmans came to our seminar in Mexico that teaches the use of chlorine dioxide to cure diseases. He arrived here in Mexico about 2 months before the actual clinical trial of the 4 days that was from the 11th to the 16th of December, 2012, in Uganda. He said to me at that time that he really didn’t think chlorine dioxide worked to cure diseases but he felt it was his job to prove it one way or the other. At the time of this clinical trial many diseases were treated, but the disease of interest was malaria.  And 154 cases of malaria were given doses of MMS which, of course, was chlorine dioxide. All 154 cases were free of malaria within 24 hours of taking the dose, with only 11 cases requiring a second dose. This was all recorded on DVD and on paper with signatures of doctors and technicians. There was no chance of mistake. One hundred and fifty-four cases of malaria were made well. We have the original DVD’s, plus copies of the DVD’s, copies of the signatures or even actual signatures, as well as copies of all papers and signatures of those who were cured. All of this will be recorded on YouTube with the exception of the signatures of the malaria victims, as that takes individual permission, but the signatures are available for use in court if needed.

There was some worry about possible side effects to people taking MMS, but since chlorine dioxide is used to purify water in thousands of municipal water purification systems and used for treating vegetables around the world, there are numerous tests showing the safety of ingesting chlorine dioxide. Millions of people have been ingesting chlorine dioxide for nearly a hundred years. At this time as many as 10 million people have used chlorine dioxide to overcome diseases. For the 15 years since I first began to treat people for diseases there have been no recorded deaths or permanent damage to a single human being.

Some further details: I can’t praise Klaas Proesmans enough for his forward-looking, personal responsibility towards the human race. That he would personally arrange this malaria clinical trial by first insisting and then financing the clinical trial itself is monumental. If the information gets used, Klaas will have saved thousands of lives, many thousands, even millions of lives. These malaria victims, children and adults, who are at this moment dying, are no less valuable than all the other people of the world. Who knows, one of them might grow up to save the human race. We can save them so why don’t we?

The greatest cause of poverty in Africa is malaria.  The millions of sick people are needed to work in the fields.  Without malaria poverty will be almost non-existent.  Imagine if there were 80 million people sick with malaria in the US.  We could easily soon have the same poverty rampant in America.  So we need to save those lives.

But to save lives we need your help: We must get this information out to the world. If you never help ever again, this time humanity needs your help. Mankind must know about this development. This is one time that what you personally do will have a direct effect on saving lives, not theoretically, actually. It is so important that we get this information to our friends, magazines, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, web radio stations, and government officials such as Mayors and Governors because thousands of lives depend upon it.

More than 3000 children die from malaria every day. Science has proven again and again that it can solve any problem presented to it. The idea that we need to allow our children to suffer to their death because there are too many people on Earth is totally repugnant, but there are people who suggest it. I know that there are medical people who would spend years testing MMS while children and adults die from malaria, but ask any one of those who are dying if they would rather die than maybe have some minor side effect that has not yet shown up. And of course you will find that no one wants that.  So since I have already tested it for 15 years, are we going to go ahead and save those 3000 who die each day or do we spend another year testing while more than 1 million die from malaria?

You know the answer to that. We have to save all that we can save right now.

But the real question is, WHAT IS THE RED CROSS GOING TO DO?

I’m not going to say a lot right now because we want to give the Red Cross time to do the “right thing.”

Let me ask you again but a little more to the point. Please, please, send this NEWSLETTER out to as many people as you can. This is one of those few times that what you do will make a difference. No matter who you are or where you are, if you will send out this newsletter to friends and just anyone, the chances are 99% that you will affect at least one life in Africa. They could be saved and that would be at least one person who no longer need suffer. And chances are very high it would be a lot more. And maybe, just maybe, the letter you send out will go to the right person and it will cause a million lives to be saved.

Please understand. Right now we are dealing in human lives. This NEWSLETTER is dealing in lives. What you do now will determine how many live and how many die. And I mean you. Of course, I know there are thousands of others besides you, but you will still have a direct effect. I am not begging for a few dollars, or a couple of dimes. I am asking you for someone’s life that will cost you only a few moments of your time. THE RED CROSS HAS HAD THE ANSWER TO SAVING THOSE LIVES FOR 5 MONTHS NOW AND NOT A SINGLE LIFE SAVED SINCE THE TESTING. If enough people learn about this, a voice will go up loud enough to get something done, and there will be people who want to do things themselves to help. If you have never sent any kind of a humanitarian letter anywhere, and if you have never given a beggar a dime, or helped an old lady across the street, and you will never do a thing in the future in a humanitarian way, now is the time to do just this one thing. Do something; send this letter out to as many people as you can. That’s all I am asking, send this letter out, please.

Red Cross World Sensation! Malaria finally defeated!

Red Cross 4 Day Trial in Uganda in Dec. 2012 Proved Chlorine Dioxde Is a 100% Cure for Malaria

Published on May 2, 2013

Malaria is finally defeated. This clinical study conducted along with the Red Cross in Uganda demonstrates the efficiency of MMS (chlorine dioxide) against malaria. Every 40 seconds a child dies of malaria - there are 2,000 children a day worldwide. In Africa, the tropical disease remains one of the main causes of death. The solution is so simple but the pharmaceutical industry is not interested. If the truth comes out, that a cure for malaria is possible with a simple water disinfectant, it would not be profitable or patentable. In this clinical study with 781 subjects, fo which 154 were confirmed by blood tests to have malaria, 143 were healed in just one day with a single dose (18 drops for adults)! The remaining 11 malaria cases were cured the very next day after being given a second dose of MMS in which the patients were carefully monitored to be sure that they drank the entire dose. A world sensation! We must congratulate the Red Cross for having the courage to innovate!

Archbishop Jim Humble
Founder of the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing – Serving Mankind

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Jim Humble 8/16/13: Red Cross Trying to Cover Up 100% Cure of 154 Milaria Cases Using MMS in Documented Uganda Trial Conducted in December 2012 (August 16, 2013) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc.

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