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Review on the Coming Military Draft

From Ken Adachi <Editor>
April 27, 2008

Review on the Coming Military Draft (April 27, 2008)

I'm prompted to write this short essay because of a recent e-mail received from an anonymous critic who was asking why my 2004 essay predicting a coming military draft had not yet materialized. His tone was derisive, so I couldn't respond to him directly as I never honor abusive and/or anonymous mail, however, it's an issue that should be briefly reviewed for those who don't understand the Big Picture.

After ten years of posting articles on the Who, Why, What, Where, and How of the New World Order takeover of America, I would think that's it not necessary to re-state the obvious, but it is necessary, I suppose, to remember that new readers are always coming on board and the level of perception of the NWO game plan will range from rank beginner to tenured professors. So, for those who don't know, let's review the basics:

1. America is being subverted from within to break this country spiritually, economically, and militarily in order to transform this nation into a totalitarian police state which will become a mere vassal of a larger One World government. When the takeover is complete, America will no longer be a world leader in anything. China will become the dominant nation of the world and what is left of the United States (to be renamed the Union of North America) and its people will be a shadow of its former self. Most of the American population will be destroyed through disease induction (chemtrails, vaccines, microwaves), internment and liquidation (FEMA 'detention' camps), and for those who remain to become obedient workers for the NWO, they will survive at a subsistent-level existence with Big Brother monitoring every second of their lives.

2. Foreign troops (largely Chinese and Russians, but also others, including Pakistani, Turkish, and German) dressed up in UN uniforms will round up American citizens on the Red list and Blue list for internment and eventual liquidation after being delivered by railroad cars to AMTRAC depot facilities set up for the purpose of identification and transfer. Those on the Yellow list will be microchipped and mind controlled.

3. The Illuminated NWO traitors-already installed into every decisive echelon of government and military-will use the pretext of a national 'crisis' or national 'emergency' to suspend constitutional freedoms and impose martial law--"temporarily" of course, "until the crisis is under control". It might be limited to only a certain section of America in an earlier stage and then proceed to include all of America in a later stage. They will create the 'crisis' by either staging false flag sabotage operations similar to 911, The Oklahoma City bombing, or the first World Trade Center "terrorist attack" in 1993, or they will use Tesla earthquake technology or HAARP weather modification technology to create earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes which will bring massive destruction and the "need" for FEMA (and Blackwater mercenaries) to step in again, much as they did in 2005 in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. Except, the destruction will be so wide scale the next time around, that they will have to call on the UN to "send" troops to help us out. Just so you know, these UN troops are ALREADY billeted here in America: in deep underground bases and deep forest bivouac facilities. In fact, they've been in North America for well over a decade, just waiting to be called up for "duty." Somewhere in the midst of this engineered chaos, we will also be subjected to the Extraterrestrial Threat scenario laid out in Project Blue Beam which will further escalate the "need" for emergency controls and suspension of constitutional guarantees. . .

4. In order to prevent strong American youth from resisting or rebelling against having their parents and family members loaded onto prisoner railroad cars for delivery to FEMA concentration camps by our UN saviors, the NWO orchestraters plan to remove most fighting-age American youth from American soil by drafting them into the military in order to have them die by the millions in endless Middle Eastern bloodbaths (and perhaps in other parts of the world as well)

Anyone who takes the time to review news articles posted on the Internet in the past four years quoting military commanders or military planners, will read the same mantra about 'concerns' that there will not be enough troops available "to defend democracy" in the wars yet to come beyond the disaster of Iraq. For the time being, they are bribing citizens and non-citizens alike to join the U.S. military with easy-to-print Federal Reserve fiat money, but the day will come when the expansion of war into Iran, Syria, etc. will "require" a huge expansion of military forces and that's when the draft will come quickly ("national emergency", you know)--and STAY --for years to come.

Following the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq in 2002 and 2003, I had expected that the fascist jackals occupying the Executive would push forward with their plans to invade Iran, but the disaster called Iraq created enough impediments to slow down the advance, coupled with the 2006 election, which at least shuffled around the deck chairs on the Titanic for a brief respite.

Now that the multi-cultural bird brains known as the American Left have finally come to realize that Democrat traitors march to the exact same NWO cadence as Republican traitors, we are once again on a firm warpath footing. We just need to wait for the November election to install one of the Three Stooges, and then it's "Yee-haaa" as Slim Pickins would say, as he's riding down that plutonium bronco heading straight for Armageddon.

Ken Adachi

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