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More on Mission 1017 (Oct. 17) from Raphiem/Blue
Posted Oct 5, 2006

Subject: 10/17 cosmic trigger event
Date: Wed, September 27, 2006 5:56 pm
To: Editor

Hi Ken,

This is Jeff Mckinley. you had previously and graciously posted an article of mine on your site a while back when I wrote you about mitigating haarpicanes. my message today is in regard to your posting of Yasmine's article on the cosmic trigger event, 10/ 17 or the 818 gateway.

I see you placed it in the "of special importance" slot in your "current news" section. I was wondering if you might like to know the source of this info as I do not see it cited in the piece. It is by a psychic named Raphiem/Blue and is a google email group that I have been with for about five years."Blue" is the intelligence that communicates with "R" and I have always appreciated the relative purity of it. You can see for yourself at a website called "Mission 1017" I would hotlink it for you, but that function doesn't work on my operating system now. The addy is approximately: 1017

I figure you might want to get this from the horse's mouth so to speak since there is more info than what Yasmine has sent, being that you consider it to be important. I think it might be good for all to know the source, and get the whole scoop. I don't mind if you post this. I wonder if Yasmine is in this email group too? I got this email from Raphiem last August sometime. Raphiem's group used to be called Foreverblue I think and has a lot of interesting info.


Jeff Mckinley


October 7, 2006 e-mail from Jeff Mckinley:

Subject: Re: Re: 10/17 cosmic trigger event
Date: Sat, October 7, 2006
To:   Editor

Dear Ken,

I thought you might have been interested in all of the info regarding the 10/17 thing. I study these things too and try to keep a discerning eye on such things. One thing I noticed is that the guy Raphiem now has a slick website, whereas before it was just a little email group, and I don't think it was on yahoo either. He always used to complain also about how hard it was and how much time it took to maintain his mail group, meaning, he kind of considered the blue voice to be a sort of nuisance that he had to deal with.

Blue communiques were always in riddle or poetic and quite terse. the messages had to be figured out... That was part of the fun. The new stuff is all spelled out and sounds similar to the old stuff, but as I said I keep a discerning eye (I hope I do) on any new info. After all , 90% is disinfo. I am pretty sure now, that this is indeed a disinfo campaign.

I was initially excited at the prospect of it's viability as truth but I have since changed my mind. Here's why: consider the drastic effect emotionally on all the new age types that if on their day of consideration or soon thereafter or before, an apparent natural disaster occured killing many people. That would totally reinforce their underlying fear that the world was indeed going to pot. See the scenario? It's diabolic isn't it?

The psychics at etheric warriors discovered this plot and then we took care of the problem. I think Don's discernement meter is much more finely tuned than mine, and I appreciate his patience in dealing with my questions and inquiries. More than that , he and Carol are my friends and I have sincerely enjoyed my association with them and will so for the duration.

Yasmine's piece prompted me to provide access to all of the information for interested people, since there were other pieces by the same author, but, like I said, I have changed my opinion as to the source and purpose of the 10/17 thing. I just have to learn to be more discerning.

Jeff Mckinley


818 Activation / Thought to Matter Accelerator

Fri, Sep 8 2006

By Raphiem/Blue <>

About 7 weeks ago during sleep, I had less of a dream and more of an OOBE. I was hovering way up in space looking down on the Earth. As my view moved to up over the Earth rather than down (the Sun was behind me) I could see a huge brilliant lumiscent shape ultra-violet with magenta edges pulsing very far in the distance. The shape appeared to be like a that of a cross (3 cross-bars) with some outer edges which i could not make out at the time.

I had a very positive feeling from this OOBE/dream. Later the blue voice in my head said that this was a beam eminating from the Cygnus star cluster region, however not in this universe but a higher frequency in Universe2. Same space-time co-ordinates as Cygnus but higher dimensions. Blue kept repeating "818 gateway". A minor detail i recalled in the OOBE was that this pulsing cross-figure8 was slightly to the right of Jupiter in alignment with Earth, but above it. i.e. in this OOBE i could see Earth and make out Jupiter was in line with Earth and this "818" gateway.

2 weeks later, I had another dream (less OOBE and more vivid dreaming) ... In this dream I was flying over a crop field, I don't know if i was in a helicopter, plane, some other craft or just my body, all I recall is that i was flying over the crop field, from high above I could see a crop circle which looked like a figure-8 (but more serpent-like figure) with a cross though it. What was weird in this crop circle was that it was in colour and appeard 3D'ish. It wasn't like your normal boring wheat crop colour, but it was brilliant lumiscent colour like that of my previous OOBE. Perhaps viewing it from another level/dimension crop circles are in colour.

818 CrossI've drawn it up quickly here in paintbrush. In the OOBE above in space it 3 horizontals and 1 vertical.

In this dream, the voice was talking to me and told me this was the 818 activation gateway, "a thought to matter amplifier". I had heard/known of 11:11 and 12:12 etc gateways, but not 818. The date to be was 17th Oct, 2006.

A friend in the UK, Lui Di Martino  http://www.omtron,com/mirror/ who is a musician and sacred geometry researcher who has spent most of his life researching mirror universes and dimensions had taught me quiet a bit about the mirror of numbers and number gateways. In Lui's language, 1 is the mirror to 8 and visa versa. According to Lui's Mirror Maths 10/17 is also another way of saying 1/8. This matched up perfectly with 818 and 17-Oct-2006 (8-1-8).

This UV wave which your Earth will encounter on the 17th Oct, 2006 operates on an ultra-dimensional level. In simpler terms, it operates at the soulular / cellular level. The nexus point between thought and matter. It is a stellar activation occuring in universe2 that will affect the Earth morphogenic fields as Universe1 comes into alignment with it, raising the frequency of all matter as well as that for other planets in your solar system for the duration of its activation.

All thought particles encountering this UV wave will be magnified 1-million fold. In this radiation much can be transmuted. In the transmutation comes the manifestation of matter.

This is an opportunity for humanity to take back ownership of itself. To be creators of its own destiny from inside rather than outside.

This UV wave is the first of many triggers, let us says tools for humanity to expand its conciousness from social to super. We would like to call them gifts. These gifts are unconditional. You can choose to open it up, use it to any effect, be to negative or positive, as will be the case on 10/17. Obviously we are resonating to those who read this message for peace and love.

To partake of some "thing" you must be in resonance with that "thing". The cross roads are upon you. Choices made today will affect the outcomes in your years to come as the choices made in your yesteryear have brought you to the path you are on today. This is not ot be judged but it is what it is
and where you are. Regardless, many souls are crying out, screaming out, praying out for a change, for help, for assistance and this is opportunistic.

We will not bore you with cosmic laws, but suffice to say that a gift is just that, "a gift", it is not interference, it is not manipulative, it is not obligated. Simply it is unconditional. As is the 10/17 UV activation wave. What you do with it and whether you choose to use it is purely up to you.

Imagine a torch, a beam of light, approximately twice the size of your Earth. As your Earth passes through the ultra-dimensional wave, all points will experience approximately 14-17hrs touched by the wave. [all I see is like ocean waves washing in over Earth, so is difficult to explain if it is a beam or a wave or maybe both]

There will be 5 other ultra-dimensional activations occurring between now and 2016 as all 6 universes begin to line-up and mesh, but they will be of a differing nature. This 818 activation will be the only one of its kind where you will have an opportunity to create, change and affect your current reality in an ACCELERATED fashion. Think of it as a one-off TURBO assisted BOOSTER for manifestion.

Many wish analysis-paralysis of this. It is simple. Although you do not remember, aeons ago you, yourselves set many alarm clocks and triggers to wake you up and assist you along your journey. Just like your alarm clock next to your bedside table, you can choose to ignore it and go back to sleep or you can get up to a bright new day. So many choices.



The Transition of Transmutation 1017
Tues, Aug 29 2006

By Raphiem/Blue <>

Mission 1017 One of many cosmic triggers is occurring on Oct 17th, 2006. These events rarely occured in the past but as humanity approaches 2012, the frequency of the triggers will be on the increase. What is unique about the cosmic wave occurring on Oct 17th is that it is a magnifier and accelerator fo thought to matter. Thought to Reality. You have an opportunity hear to make a change to love and peace if you choose to do so.

In every process of growth and expansion, energy is assimilated and released. That which can not be released is termed un-resolved and has to be stored until further in your time where the energy can be resolved and released. As above so below, unresolved energy is stored / accumilates in the body as waste matter or as dark dense matter. The longer it is stored the more energy is required to release it.

Your physical in one sense is stored unresolved matter, so as is your earth, solar system, galaxy and essentially your universe. Unresolved matter accumilates and becomes toxic, physically, mentally, emotionally as in your body so to your Earth.

You came here to learn the art of transmutation and articulation. Your Earth is stretching and re-aligning herself in days to come in your time. So as is your solar system and universe. The cogs and keys are all beginning to line-up as you make the transition from separation into oneness.

Since the fall of your Mu or as some call Meru that which you know as Mars to the Jehovan war lords 1.8 million years ago in your counting, and again the fall of Lemuria to the Jehovan strong hold Atlantis 500,000 years ago, humanity has been governed by false perception and a frequency of fear. As you approach the frequency of love of peace and oneness, have you not noticed how the fear machine ramps up, revs-up with another fear, another distraction.

This continual projection of the fear of life, of love, of articulation, of creativity through various mediums has turned humanity into a ready made sweat shop. Your religions ignore to tell you that your intent of thought is what creates your holographic reality. To change your reality your must first change where and what you focus your thoughts on.

Again we re-iterate that the cosmic wave occurring on your October 17th, be used wisely to assist you and Earth make the shift, the transition a harmonious one, with less suffering and more peace.

The choice is yours. The wave is going to occur whether you know it or not or whether you choose to believe it or not. Which ever you choose to do, let it be known that all thought and intent will be magnified a million-fold as explained in previous post.

The frequency of love is far more efficient than the frequency of fear or hate. Thus it takes less energy and effort to perpetuate love and peace intent than it would to perpetuate fear and hatred intent.

It is important that if you choose to participate in this event of October 17th, that you begin preparation beforehand, practice focusing your thoughts, your hearts your intent for this day.

Imagine at least 1- million people laser like focused on love and peace intent and good will on the October-17th, 2006. Use whatever medium comfortably available to you to spread this message.

Many laugh or ridicule the above notion. Some have even accused that Mission 1017 is some kind of ground work laid for some money making scheme. No where does Mission 1017 ask for any donations, nor are we peddling any books, videos or merchandise of the sort and nor will M1017 ever do so. Any one peddling such merchandise is not related to nor supported by Mission1017 and we suggest you buy nothing of the sort from them.

Very soon in your time there will be scientific break-through which will reveal/find this cosmic wave.  In any case the choice is always freely yours.

Mission 1017 is a gift. Whether you choose to open it and use it is your choice.



Cosmic Trigger Event To Occur October 17,  2006 (Sep. 25, 2006) 


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