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Missouri Highway Patrol Fascists Pull Back (for now)

[Editor's Note: As the Illuminated traitors on both the federal and state level continue to install the scaffolding for the New World Order takeover of America, they run trials balloons to see what the goyim will accept. This attempt, using the Missouri Highway Patrol as the bagmen, failed because enough people were sufficiently outraged by the imposition of Nazi controls on free speech in Missouri, that the manipulators retreated; all the while pretending to have no idea who was responsible for implementing this action in the first place. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder is even "calling" for the suspension of the Director of Public Safety until they find out who was behind this! Right. Now there's a Profile in Courage for you.

You'll notice, that the Bush Team, after the disasters of 911, Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the Imposter Obama Team, always pull out the Incompetence card whenever their NWO strings are showing too blatantly. In Barry Soetoro's case, he prefers to use the "asleep at the switch" card, but it accomplishes the same thing.

It's annoying to hear the same AM radio talk show hosts who were all Gung-ho for the Bush Team invasion and slaughter of Iraqis and Afghanis, , now comment with befuddlement and wonder about how we got into "this mess"? How was so much money misappropriated and no one was taken to task (etc., etc.)? The poor dears; they haven't got a clue. They "just can't understand it." Tsk, tsk. It's tough carrying water for the Illuminated Ones...Ken Adachi]
March 29, 2009

Missouri Highway Patrol Fascists Pull Back (for now) Mar. 29, 2009

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Subject: Fw: MIAC Report Completely Retracted, You Did It!
Date: Mar 29, 2009

UNITY is a powerful thing - especially in TRUTH - that's when Creator lends us a hand :)...Aho!
Subject: MIAC Report Completely Retracted, You Did It!

March 28, 2009

From: John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Although it sometimes seems that freedom is shrinking everywhere we turn, the fact is a powerful grassroots stand can still stop Big Government bureaucrats in their tracks.

That is exactly what happened to the Missouri Highway Patrol this week after being forced by your vocal outrage to retract the incendiary Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) report.

This report identified peaceful, freedom-loving Americans as possible security threats, simply for supporting Ron Paul or opposing tyrannical government.

Faced with an overwhelming public outcry, Missouri officials quickly started backpedaling, removing references to Ron Paul and Campaign for Liberty.

Then, just hours before Dr. Paul’s plane touched down in St. Louis to lead our Celebration of Freedom rally Friday night, the Missouri Highway Patrol officially retracted the entire offending document.

The Missouri Highway Patrol will be performing an investigation into the origin of the report.  Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder has even called for the suspension of the Director of Public Safety until those responsible have been identified.

Click here to read the news report.

It is no surprise that oversight and accountability are in short supply at the MIAC, a Big Government “fusion center” combining federal, state and local agencies into an unconstitutional mess of a bureaucracy.   But government disorganization is no excuse for making political profiling and persecution into official policy.

This victory for the grassroots freedom movement, coupled with this weekend’s Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in St. Louis, marks a great moment for liberty in Missouri and all of America.

This week we saw that politicians still respond to the voices of their constituents.

This week we saw that freedom can triumph over tyranny when we unite to take a stand.

In Liberty,

John Tate
President, Campaign for Liberty

P.S. This week Campaign for Liberty showed that freedom-loving Americans will not be silenced by political persecution.  We successfully fought for the retraction of the MIAC report, and we met in St. Louis to celebrate freedom’s victory over tyranny.

Please click here to donate so that Campaign for Liberty can always afford to stand up against tyranny in all its forms.

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