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Montalk on Coming NWO 'Lockdown'

By Montalk < >
March 17, 2003


3/17/03 - Get ready, the rollercoaster car has reached its peak - it's all downhill from here. What we are witnessing in Iraq is the culmination of a plan whose script was written decades ago. Those in Power are getting desperate to beat the clock, as things are coming which they cannot stop. To head off chaos they cannot control, they are conducting a series of PLANNED CHAOS to create a NEW ORDER that will allow total lockdown by the time the real crises happen. This war is one stepping stone toward that end, to further consolidate political and spiritual power. They are employing problem-reaction-solution methods to synthesize a global totalitarian government under the eventual leadership of "savior" aliens. Human elite are concerned about losing their political power, and negative hyperdimensional aliens are worried about losing their food supply - in the end, both will lose, but they won't go down without a fight.

So what factors are beyond their control? There are many, but they are doing all they can to prepare for contingencies. One is the increasing awakening of key sectors of the population, whether they are souls who were born here for the purpose to share knowledge and subvert the system, or others who are simply seeing manipulation for what it is. Another factor consists of earth changes they cannot prevent: solar flares, comet clusters, pole shifts, asteroid impacts, and stellar anomalies. Third is the onsetting reality shift and the exit of many humans from the negative food chain.

To counter this, negative forces are pulling out their best tricks: fear, terror, violence, electronic mind control, mass death and destruction...all to pave way for a false reconstruction and illusory sense of security under a New World Order. The lockdown that procedes will be aimed at keeping as many people in the food chain as possible, stripped of freewill and ability to resist.

Recall cliche bar-room brawls in movies. One second everyone's drinking and talking, and the next everyone is kicking, punching, flinging chairs and smashing bottles. This dramatic transformation describes what may eventually happen. There are millions of programmed sleeper agents in this country, and millions of souled individuals who will awaken to their true destiny and employ superhuman abilities to carry it out. Among us lies a war-in-potential, sleeper armies of all sides intermingling one day as normal people unaware of their roles, and all out chaos the next day as each awakens or becomes activated. Perhaps the transformation won't be as quick, but the results will be the same.

At present, the American people represent an obstacle to the plans of a New World Order, partly due to the number of freespirited individuals here with a positive destiny, and partly because of this country's libertarian foundations. Although most of our freedoms are gone now, there still exists cultural and physical resources for resistance. To bring this country down, it is likely that They will employ both internal division and external invasion. The elected government is a political symbol of our national sovereignty, and with its downfall comes the ending of that sovereignty - therefore, Bush and his puppet masters are acting psychopathically in order to build anti-US sentiments from within and without. This will trigger, or at least allow, an eventual destruction of this great country.

The US is being played against the world, and the world against the US and Israel - the latter two being the eventual targets of complete destruction. Just to speculate, Israel may be scorched off the earth, and America may be invaded by Russian, Chinese, and North Korean troops who already have numerous operatives in this country and countless reserve troops waiting outside our borders. The northern invasion has a high probability of coming through North Dakota and Washington, while the southern invasion through Texas and New Mexico. There is enough anti-US sentiment already that were such an invasion to occur, many would cheer as, in their minds, their envied and resented "bully of the world" is finally beaten. This, of course, synthesizes the single sovereign world power, the New World Order which can then begin arranging plans under the leadership and guidance of seemingly benevolent but ultimately hostile alien forces to consolidate final power in order to head off or corrupt the final stages of the reality shift.

Just realize that what's happening must happen, but that with each of us following our destiny and doing our part, all will end in victory for the forces of light. There may be much loss and suffering for some, but it is all illusion as this world is just a game and a school. Things may not get that bad, but always keep the Big Picture in mind and stay centered.

3/03/03 - Hope you enjoy the new site design. This website has undergone many changes since its first appearance on the net over four years ago. Many old articles remain which have not been updated yet. When estimating the accuracy of an article, please make note of the date. Newer articles are more accurate.

Events in the world are surely heating up. We have long crossed the point of no return. There will be much change this year, and many can feel it. While 2002 was the calm before the storm, 2003 appears to be a stormy year indeed. But rain is good; it washes staleness from the air and can make deserts bloom with new life.

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