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More Black Beams in Southern California
March 19, 2007

More Black Beams in Southern California (Mar. 19 2007)

Subject: More Black Beams in SoCal! 3/18/07
From: David <>
Date: Mon, March 19, 2007
To:   Editor

Greetings again Ken,

It's with much excitement, but at the same time displeasure, that I send you another batch of pics in which the notorious "black beams" were captured here in beautiful Southern California. This was my first time seeing them in San Diego County, and it really amazes me how many I've seen and captured in pictures over the past 6 months. All people have to do is to be a bit more aware, and LOOK UP once and a while, and they'll be amazed at what is going on in our skies.

The story goes like this: My lovely girlfriend and myself had planned a camping trip out to the Carrizo Badlands on the edge of the Anza-Borrego Desert this past weekend. The goal of this trip was to take advantage of a few of our passions (hiking and camping)and also to hopefully catch some good photographs of nature which would fulfill another passion of ours, photography. We ended up in an area just north of Palm Spring (not Palm Springs; Palm Spring) just off CA RT S2 and had a great time hiking and taking pics. Come Sunday morning, we got up early and planned to head back up towards Julian for some breakfast. As I was packing up our gear and getting ready to leave, I noticed a spew plane to the north that had
recently taken off and was tainting the perfectly blue sky with it's stream of God-knows-what.

We started driving on the S2 heading north, and I noticed a 2nd trail being spewed, just to the west of the first trail. A few miles of travel later, at exactly 7:30am while driving north on S2, we both saw the black beams at exactly the same moment! I immediately pulled the car to the side of the road and grabbed the camera, and well- here are the results. If anything it hard to see, I'm sure you can make it more prevalent in photoshop. Also, these are resized, and if anyone would like the full 2592x1944 versions of these pics, please let me know.

Here is the first beam, from the first trail I saw:

San Diego Balck Beam Mar 18 2007

Another angle of the same trail/beam:

Black Beam 2 San Diego Mar 18 2007

You'll notice that the beam doesn't seem to be in line with the chemtrail, but it is (as you'll see in the coming pics). The part of the trail you see now is the"beginning" of the chemtrail, before the plane corrected it's path in line with the beam. Here is one more of the same beam/trail. If you look to the far left, you can see the beginning of the 2nd trail and also the 2nd beam:

Black Beam 3 San diego Mar 18 2007

Here's a shot of the 2nd beam/trail, you can see the first beam in the right hand corner if you look closely:

Black BEam 4 San diego Mar 18 2007

And lastly, both beams and trails present in the same pic:

Black Beam 5 San Diego Mar 18 2007

Previously, I had the idea that these beams were coming from the ground. Seeing these 2 beams at the same time in the same plain of view has only reinforced that theory. If you follow the lines to the ground, they obviously would not meet at"surface" level, but they would meet not too far underground. Something to think about.

More than a few people have emailed me about my pics, and many of them suggest that the black beams are "shadows" of the chemtrails. I really question the logic of these statements for an obvious reason: When has anyone ever seen a shadow being cast, of ANY object, onto free floating air? This makes absolutely no sense to me, whatsoever. Misinformation or misunderstanding, take your pic I guess.

It really amazes me at how many of these beams I have been able to not only see, but also capture on film, just here in SoCal within a 6 month time frame. Imagine how many I haven't seen?!

If people would just carry a camera everywhere they went, or even more importantly, LOOKED UP once in a while, I'm sure they'd be surprised at what is going on in our skies.

If you could link my other 2 threads to this one so that new viewers to your site can follow my unplanned-yet-ever-developing photo journal, I'd much appreciate it. Thank you again for what you do, and keep at it.

'Black Beams' & Chemtrails over Los Angeles, Dec. 25, 2006 (Jan. 4, 2007) LA25dec06.shtml

'Black Beam' & Chemtrails in So. California, Oct. 28, 2006 (Dec, 2, 2006)

Love and Light- David in San Diego


Subject: Dark chemtrail follows my flight
From: Jeff
Date: Tue, March 20, 2007
To: Editor

Just got off a flight from Seattle to Anchorage. One hour forty-five minutes approx. into a four hour flight. (Today was a 5+ hour flight due to head
winds.) At 32,000 feet I looked over my right shoulder expecting to see cloud bank, and noticed a dark grey, not quite black streak below the 737-900.

The sight caused me concern as it resembled a chemtrail as viewed from the ground. Distance below the plan appeared to be no more then 200-300 feet. The origin of the streak was approximatly even with the tail of our plane, but was shrouded in a visibly brighter haze, compared to the rest of the soft white cloud bank. I continued to look back to verify it's speed matched ours for nearly two and a half hours.

It's speed slowly reduced until it was not visible, about 40 minutes from Anchorage. My times are all estimates, without a watch, but my immediate opinion was a second aircraft tailing us and leaving a dark chemtrail, the most curious aspect being that the craft was shrouded from view by the slightly brighter glow. I've read reports about dark trails on this web site, but always viewed from the ground, and the photos I've seen on this web site don't resemble today's plane trailing pollution.

Any similiar occurances?



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