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U.K. Morgellon's Victim Gathering Evidence of
Monsanto, BASF, and Tom Delay Complicity

By Andy Coyle <>
February 25, 2007

Date: Sun, February 25, 2007
To: Editor (

My name is Andy Coyle and I have suffered from a disease that has come to be known as morgellons disease. I have received no help from the medical community even though I recently presented them with video evidence see ( ) of this organism emerging from my head, and over 100 still images of these organisms. at the address given therein.

I was forced to research the cause of the disease myself and discovered to my horror that its cause is due to the genetic modification of a predatorial organism and its homicidal bacterial passenger, by US scientists through a convenient loophole in US law. They have subsequently sold and released billions of trillions of these transgenic organisms into the environment and made billions of dollars as a result of their sale as pest control agents.

The research I have done has been submitted to The Lancet infectious Disease website and can be viewed at ( ) It is being considered for publication by them and I have attached a copy for you to read if you choose to do so. Within this report it was made clear that the FIFRA ACT (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) made it possible for transgenic organisms to be created and released without suitable oversight or debate.

I am currently investigating the links between those who stood to benefit most from the FIFRA Act. Already I have found the fingerprints of Monsanto, BASF, Tom Delay (former pest control agent then House Majority Leader Republican), The US Republican party and of course the Bush family! Already I have unearthed considerable facts and evidence that I hope to have ready to submit to our UK Prime Minister on the
petition delivery date.

The threat to the UK is real and upon us now. The 112th MEETING OF ACRE ((Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment) sic)) IN ROOM 6A/B, ASHDOWN HOUSE, LONDON, took place on THURSDAY 7TH DECEMBER 2006, and was followed by another on the
Thursday 22 February 2007 at 10.30am in Ashdown House. This committee is nothing more than a ratification body for Monsanto and BASF, their advice for permissions to be given for GMO potato crops planting in the UK, DESPITE THEIR BEING NO PUBLIC INTEREST IN GMO FOODS! shows that nothing will stop them in their pursuit of cataloguing and controlling species in order to profit from the control of nature!

I ask that you help me get this investigated by signing my petition to the UK Prime Minister at ( )

If you are not a UK resident, or citizen, please sign my international petition edition at ( )

Finally thank-you for taking time out of your day to read this letter. With your support something will be done.

Yours Faithfully and Sincerely

Andy Coyle

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