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Mystery 'Person' from a September 1, 1944 Wartime Photograph

By Ken Adachi <Editor>
May 20, 2007                                                                                                                                          Photo #1                                

Mystery Guest from 1944 I was looking through some old photos that I had found on the Internet yesterday, and I came across a most unusual discovery. The fellow you see here in full left side profile has particularly dark shadows around his eyes and a sad looking, down turned mouth with a glum expression. You might also notice that there is a second, somewhat out-of-focus, portion of a "head' seen to the left of the man with the sad eyes. I'll give you a wider perspective view in a moment and you'll be able to see more clearly what you're looking at, but bear with me for the moment.

I wanted you to see this first frame exactly as I saw it when I initially enlarged the cropped section of the photograph I was working on. I was focusing my attention on something entirely different, but after enlarging the cropped section, I immediately noticed this guy for the first time from a lower section of the crop. I then cropped out the photo a second time and centered it on this guy  You'll see the original cropped photo shortly. .

The original photo was taken on September 1, 1944 in the Pacific theater of operations where we were fighting the Japanese. The photo was in color, but color photos of that era were relatively washed out by modern standards, so I found that I could reveal even greater detail by removing the color component completely and just work with a black and white copy. I used the "de saturate" tool in PhotoShop to remove the color.

I was curious to see more detail of the second "head" seen to the left of the man with the sad eyes, so I ran the crop section through 'Auto level" adjustment and the contrast improved significantly, as seen in Photo #2. . I then went back to the original photo and cropped out a new section seen in Photo #3, but now I was focusing  my attention specifically on the mystery guy and the other 'companions' that I was beginning to notice in the shot. .

I experimented with every adjustment and filter available in PhotoShop to see  what would happen. I got the best results when I ran the cropped portion of the frame through the "Auto Level" adjustment. The contrast really jumped out and now I could see the Mystery man in greater detail and I could also get a better idea of what the second "head" might be. It looks some sort of creature that seems to be facing the camera and has white looking eyes and mouth, with narrow, hollow cheeks.Alien? Demonic? I have no idea, but it does look like something out of the Star Wars Bar scene. There might even be a third entity seen in Photo #3 that's located closer to the camera, and in front of the second "head", but your guess is as good as mine. These photos are fascinating to study, but the story gets even more interesting when you see the original photo that I extracted these cropped images from (continue below)..

Photo #2                                                                                                              Photo #3

Mystery man wider view, contrast enhancedMystery man, contrast enhance, narrow crop



I was able to discover the mystery man seen above by greatly enlarging a a very small section of an original World War II photograph that measured perhaps 3 by 4.5 inches. The photo in question was of three Navy airmen who were the three member crew of a  Navy TBM Avenger Torpedo bomber. They were stationed on an aircraft carrier called the USS San Jacinto (CVL-30) in the Pacific and they were preparing to go on a bombing mission the next day, September 2, against Japanese targets on the Pacific island of Chichi Jima.

The Avenger is not a very big bomber as bombers go, since it only carried a single 2,000 lb torpedo, and up to another 2,000 lbs in bombs, but it required a three man crew all the same: radioman, gunner, and pilot. Two of the Navy airmen seen in the photograph, the gunner and the radioman, did not survive the bombing mission on September 2; only the pilot, the man seen in the center of the photo, was able to bail out and be rescued by a lifeguard submarine, the USS Finback. The pilot who bailed out and survived was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for what was described  to be commendable and heroic conduct under fire that day. The machine gunner who died, Lieutenant Junior Grade William White, was substituted that day for the pilot's regular gunner, who for some unknown reason, did not have to fly the September 2 bombing mission to Chichi Jima. The name of the radioman who died was Radioman Second Class John Delaney and the name of the pilot who bailed out and survived was 20 year old George Herbert Walker Bush.

Here's the original photo of the three Naval airmen posing together on the deck of the USS San Jacinto on September 1, 1944. This photo was only recently posted to the internet by a man named Eric Bermen who obtained it from Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's former body guard/spy/assassin (but that's another story)... .

John Delaney, George Bush, and William White Sept 2, 1944

The original section that I cropped from this photo was that of George Bush's head. I was hunting around on the internet for head shots of Bush at different ages in order to do a comparative study and determine whether a a particular photo I saw, was in fact Bush or someone else. After I cropped and then greatly enlarged the cropped section, the mystery man was staring straight into the left side of George Bush's face, as you can see from the photo below. For those of you who've read David Icke's book, The Biggest Secret, or Cathy O'Brien's book, TranceFormation in America, you know that GHW Bush is not exactly a normal person. .

GEroge Bush crop with etheric 'campanion' Sept 1, 1944  He has the habit of shape shifting into an alien, reptilian form from time to time and one has to assume that the etheric 'companions' who were able to bleed through into the third dimension and show up on this photographic print from 1944 are part of his DarkSider "baggage."  What 'part', I have no clue.

You might also be interested in knowing that Chester Mierzejewski was a rear tail gunner in another bomber on September 2, 1944. He was flying directly in front of Bush's Avenger bomber, less than 100 feet away and looking straight back into Bush's cockpit. He had a bird's eye view of everything that happened on Bush's plane that day and after keeping quiet for 44 years, he finally went public with the real story. His account differs sharply from the heroic puff piece that you will  read of our heroic shape shifter at Wikepedia  

Thanks again to the efforts of Eric, here is the reprinted text of Chester Mierzejewski's description of what happened that day:

"Chester Mierzejewski, an old war buddy of Bush, who said he was angered by the "false assertions" made by candidate Bush when describing the incident, gave a different account. After 44 years of silence, Mierzejewski, who also was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, told the New York Post that Bush had abandoned his crew to death when there was another choice. He said he was approximately 100 feet in front of Bush's plane as the turret gunner for Squadron Commander Douglas Melvin's plane, "so close he could see in the cockpit" of Bush's bomber. Mierzejewski's close wartime buddy was one of the two crew members in Bush's plane.

According to Mierzejewski, the squadron was in a tight formation bombing raid against a Japanese radio installation on an island reported to be heavily fortified. He saw "a puff of smoke" come from Bush's plane which quickly disappeared and was certain only one man parachuted from the plane and that it was Bush, the pilot. Mierzejewski said the Avenger torpedo bomber was engineered so that it could successfully crash land on water and that Bush doomed his own crew by bailing out and leaving the bomber out of control.

Other World War II veterans also expressed concern about Bush parachuting out of the aircraft. "He had a moral obligation to put that plane in the water in an emergency landing," Robert Flood, a former B-17 bombardier told the press. "He violated the primary rule for a captain of a multi-crew aircraft: The pilot never leaves the airplane with anybody in it

Although the heart of Bush's story about the incident remains the same, Mierzejewski is adamant Bush's account is not the truth and blames Bush for the abandonment and deaths of both men. "I think he could have saved those lives, if they were alive. I don't know that they were, but at least they had a chance if he had attempted a water landing," Mierzejewski said.

This horrible crime was perpetrated to help the young Nazi, George Herbert Walker Bush establish a false reputation for being a great American WWII hero. Hitler’s plan to take over the world was right on schedule. George Herbert Walker Bush, is not an American War Hero! He is a sabotaging nazi traitor! George Herbert Walker Bush should be tried for Treason."

Ken Adachi

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