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National ID Card, Database Speeds Towards Final Congressional Approval

From The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)
October 25, 2004

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Vienna, Virginia

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BL Fisher Note:

NVIC signed a joint letter early on in this process of opposing an attempt to establish a national ID and build a national information database operated by federal agencies to track the personal details of citizen's lives, including their movements. One reason NVIC has joined with the ACLU, Eagle Forum and other organizations committed to protecting individual liberties over the years is that we know the long term plan that the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has to tag, track and force multiple vaccines on American citizens without allowing their voluntary, informed consent. I have been speaking for years about this plan, which has included suggestions by some politicians and government officials that parents not be allowed to file for child tax deductions on income tax returns unless proof of vaccination has been provided. We have grave concerns about a national ID linked to the driver's license because proof of vaccination could be required to get the driver's license, particularly if vaccines defined by the government as "bioterrorism" vaccines are one day listed. The right to an education, to health insurance and to government entitlement programs for the poor have already been jeopardized by mandatory vaccination laws. The driver's license may be next.

NVIC urges all who are concerned about this, to take the action and make your voices heard in Congress.


ACTION ALERT: National ID cards and database about to become law

The Liberty Committee
By Kent Snyder
October 22, 2004

Establishing a national ID and building a national database to hold information on every man, woman and child in the U.S., has been a priority of big-government elites for years. Those elites are just about to get their way. Those of us who strongly object to their plans for us and want to preserve the American way of life had better act today.

Two weeks ago, we alerted you to the U.S. House's vote on H.R. 10 -- The 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act. That act takes the final step to establishing a national ID to track American citizens and authorize the creation of a national database to hold the information collected.

Unfortunately, H.R. 10 passed in the House. In a slightly different version, it also passed in the Senate. Now, a House-Senate conference committee is meeting to iron out those differences and come up with a final version.

H.R. 10 would:

1. Create a master database containing personal information on every American man, woman and child (section 2173). The content of this database would be within the exclusive discretion of the bureaucrats, but could include medical records, confidential financial records, library records and gun records.

2. "Standardize" or nationalize the process of issuing state driver's licenses -- an action which takes the final step in creating a national ID (section 3052).

With a national ID, master database, and the new powers granted by Patriot Acts I and II, politicians and bureaucrats, in office today and in the future, will have unchecked access and power over the American people. We must stop the national ID. Please do three things:

1. Urge your U.S. representative to get the House-Senate conference committee to remove the provisions that will create a national ID and master database. Use this link to send your message:

2. Urge House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to intervene and get those two provisions removed. His office telephone number is 202-225-4000 and fax number is 202-225-5117. An e-mail form is at

3. Spread the word. Forward the following link to family and friends:

The House-Senate conference committee will continue to meet over the weekend. Therefore, we must act today to get the committee to remove the national ID and master database provisions before the House and Senate vote on the final version. That vote might take place as early as Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

Kent Snyder
The Liberty Committee

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