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North Carolina SB 31 Bill to Suppress Alternative Medicine Begins to Encounter Backlash
April 6, 2011

North Carolina SB 31 Bill to Suppress Alternative Medicine Begins to Encounter Backlash (April 6, 2011)

Subject: Update on N.C. Health Racketeers
From: Keith Howe
Date: Wed, April 6, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

re: NC Bill Threatens to Criminalize Alternative Medicine as a Felony (Apr. 4, 2011)

Hi Ken,

Here is a great response by Mike Adams to the Health Racketeers that have destroyed Health Care in America with their poisons and madness.

"North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun"

Keith Howe

North Carolina SB 31 bill seeks to turn healers into felons; but the health freedom backlash has already begun

by Mike Adams, Editor of

April 06, 2011

(NaturalNews) As virtually the entire North Carolina legislature now knows, NaturalNews readers have been loudly condemning the lawmakers there over the recent "stealth bill" SB 31 which introduced new language that would transform homeopaths, naturopaths, herbalists and midwives into criminal felons.
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It all hinges, you see, on the definition of "practicing medicine" without a license. SB 31 reads:

Any person who practices medicine or surgery without being duly licensed and registered... shall be guilty of a Class I felony. (

The pushers of this onerous bill have contacted NaturalNews with the claim that this is only meant to "harmonize" the penalties for in-state violators versus out-of-state violators of North Carolina law. But what they utterly fail to admit is the simple truth that makes this law a shining example of the medical police state hard at work:

The State of North Carolina REFUSES to license holistic health practitioners to practice medicine at all! You can't get a license to treat disease as a homeopath, an herbalist or even as a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Be sure you understand what I'm saying here: YES, you can be "licensed" as a TCM practitioner in North Carolina, but you are NOT licensed to actually treat disease. In fact, if you attempt to tell a patient that you are "treating cancer" (i.e. practicing medicine), then under this new law, you can be arrested and prosecuted for a felony crime.

State medical boards enforce the medical monopolies

This is an important distinction that no one is explaining to you: When a holistic healer says they are treating ANY disease, that act is considered "practicing medicine." And yet holistic healers are never licensed to be able to treat or cure ANY disease! The state medical boards make sure of that.

This is why this SB 31 bill is an assault on the God-given freedom to practice healing medicine. In fact, state medical boards are, themselves, a symptom of the "disease" of the medical police state. By what right does a state medical board have any authority to tell an herbalist that she cannot treat a heart patient or a diabetic? The huge assortment of herbs that can help reverse diabetes is astonishing, and yet the state medical board in North Carolina (and every other state) insists that degenerative disease can ONLY be treated with drugs and surgery. Anyone even attempting to treat cancer with herbs, for example, can be arrested and charged with a felony crime under this new bill.

This kind of medical police state tyranny has created the situation today where natural healers, herbalists and Chinese Medicine practitioners are scared to death of being hauled off to prison if they accidentally utter a disease name during a patient treatment session. Were you aware that the national certification boards for most holistic modalities even warn healing arts practitioners that they cannot ever, under any circumstances, teach patients about the deadly dangers of prescription medications?

That's how bad the situation really is out there: The holistic healers are being criminalized and condemned even though they are the ones with the true answers to affordable, safe and effective health care (rather than the Big Pharma "drug everybody" approach that's bankrupting the states). Meanwhile, states like North Carolina push their toxic drug-induced, Big Pharma-corrupted medication agenda that keeps conventional doctors in business because it keeps patients just sick enough to have to return for repeated treatments.

It's a clever trap designed to imprison holistic healers

And now, with SB 31, North Carolina is blatantly seeking to throw the natural healers in prison. It's right in the language: Anyone who practices medicine "without being duly licensed" will be guilty of a felony crime -- even though the state refuses to license natural healers to treat disease in patients!

Do you see the catch-22 here? It's a clever legislative trap, much like the old witch hunt tests. They bind your hands and throw you in the river, and if you floated, you were a witch so they burned you at the stake. If you sank, you were innocent. But dead, of course.

Today, in North Carolina, if you claim to be "practicing medicine" (i.e. treating any health condition whatsoever) using any holistic modality (including nutrition), you are instantly a criminal felon. But if you don't claim to be treating anything, then there's no reason for people to visit you for health treatments then, is there?

A warning to those who would seek to crush the freedoms of the American people

I have a warning for the legislators of North Carolina and every other state that is persecuting natural healers, herbalists and homeopaths: What you are seeing right now in terms of the public backlash is just the beginning of the info war that will ultimately see the reestablishment of our health freedoms and the collapse of the pharma poisoning of our nation.

We, the health freedom movement, proclaim that no state, no government and no entity has any authority whatsoever to criminalize or imprison those who practice holistic healing modalities, and that any attempt to engage in a witch-hunt criminalization of those who practice natural medicine will result in a popular revolt against your false authority and your broken, bankrupt systems of chemical-based medicine.

Criminalize the pharma executives, not the healers

Western medicine has failed. It is a broken, hopeless system that only breeds bankruptcy and suffering. It does not produce health, nor does it prevent disease. Every family, city, state or nation that depends on western drugs-and-surgery medicine will eventually collapse under widespread financial destitution and chronic degenerative disease. You cannot drug your population into a state of health. Over the last several decades, the rise of Big Pharma has led to the downfall of public health.

Only holistic healing modalities have the real answers to the long-term health and productivity of any given population. If North Carolina really cared about its people, it would criminalize the pharma drug pushers! Throw the Big Pharma executives in prison and unleash health freedom across the state so that natural healers can finally get down to the business of teaching people how to reverse cancer, reverse diabetes, eliminate heart disease and avoid osteoporosis, Alzheimer's and other chronic degenerative diseases.

The real criminals in North Carolina today are the Big Pharma drug reps; the pharma marketers pushing poison medications and even the wildly misinformed doctors who treat disease symptoms but never the root cause of the disease. The conventional medical system is, by itself, a criminal racket that should be prosecuted under federal racketeering laws. Yet, instead, North Carolina is now going out of its way to turn non-licensed medical practitioners into felons, thereby imprisoning the very people who possess the only remaining solutions for lasting health!

Why monopoly medicine is itself a crime against humanity

That's how insane our world has become today, friends. The poison-pushing physicians who offer only poisonous medicine and the psychiatric drugging of innocent children are given the monopoly "right" to treat disease, while the holistic healing arts practitioners who actually know how to help people heal are being criminalizes as felons.

And North Carolina is the state with the remarkable town of Asheville, too -- one of the most famous and abundant healing centers in all of North America! To think that North Carolina could sweep into Asheville with law enforcement vans and start handcuffing all the homeopaths and herbalists is the kind of thing that absolutely demands a unified resistance from the People.

It is not merely our right, but our duty to stand against tyranny, against monopolistic practices and against the corrupt, dangerous and criminally-operated pharmaceutical industry that virtually controls the medical boards in every state in America today.

Legalize health freedom!

If North Carolina lawmakers had any sense whatsoever, they would be working on laws to legalize health freedom in the state, not criminalize those who practice it. The state medical board should be stripped of its monopoly over all medical practice and limited to just regulating the pharmaceutically-inclined doctors who, of course, have virtually nothing to offer the population in terms of lasting health. That's why such a monopoly must be kept in force by the drug pushers, you see -- because if North Carolina's population was given a free market choice over the kind of medicine they really wanted, most would choose holistic medicine!

Holistic medicine is cheaper, safer and far more effective than pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy. But this is precisely why the extremely corrupt state medical boards all around the country will fight tooth and nail to maintain their monopolies: They know that if consumers were given a free market choice over the kind of medicine they really wanted, conventional medicine would collapse overnight.

So I challenge North Carolina lawmakers who are reading this: I challenge you to unleash a true health care free market in North Carolina and let your own people decide what kind of "medical practice" they wish to undergo. Your state medical board is a medical police state monopoly racket, and if you support that state medical board, you support an anti-American, anti-free-market monopoly system that deprives consumers of the cost savings and benefits that naturally flow from open market competition. Why not let the people of North Carolina choose their own system of medicine to treat disease and protect their health?

It's funny how especially Republican lawmakers claim they support the free market in just about everything -- cars, finance, agriculture, consumers goods and so on -- but never medicine! Nope, medicine must be tightly controlled by a monopolistic, tyrannical state medical board, because free choice cannot be tolerated in the medical industry, you see.

SB 31 is all about eliminating the healing arts practitioners in that state by either motivating them to move out of the state or arresting them and sending them to prison. Of course, if you call the North Carolina legislators' offices, they won't admit to any of this. They just want you to ignore this bill until they can get it passed, and then once it's the new law, they sweep in with the police vans and the plasticuffs to start arresting the herbalists en masse.

The true tyranny of the monopoly medical racket

This is how the medical system really, really works: We've seen it with the forced vaccinations in Maryland, with the multiple armed FDA raids on vitamin companies, with the U.S. Marshals sneaking into Mexico to kidnap alternative cancer doctors, and even with the U.S. State Department hiring thugs to kidnap cancer herbalists in places like Ecuador so that they can be flown back to the United States and thrown in prison ( NaturalNews has documented each of these items. None of these are fictions. If you want to read just the history of the FDA raids, check this:

The North Carolina legislators, I assure you, have near-zero knowledge about the true history of the medical police state in America today. They know nothing about how many people have been assassinated, imprisoned or run out of the country in their fight for health freedom. They are ignorant of the waters of medical tyranny into which they have now carelessly waded.

But let them be warned: The health freedom community will not go peacefully into your prisons. We will not stand by idly as you criminalize our healing modalities and attempt to keep us enslaved under a broken system of toxic pharmaceutical medicine. We will fight for our freedoms and our access to holistic healing modalities. We will stand up to tyranny and be united in our defense of liberty and health freedom. We will defend Mother Nature's healing gifts even in the face of the most powerful, evil and corrupt pharmaceutical influences over the legislature of any state, including North Carolina.

Enemies of health freedom are enemies of America

Let the state lawmakers of every state in America be warned: The health freedom movement will no longer tolerate being criminalized for bringing our healing gifts to the world. We will stand unified against your poisons, your corruption and your monopolistic racketeering on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, and we will be victorious in achieving health freedom across this great land known as America.

Those who oppose health freedom in America are enemies of America, enemies of natural law, enemies of liberty and enemies of health and happiness. They have no role to play in the future of our society -- a future which shall see the fall of Big Pharma and the rise of both liberty and justice in the name of Natural Law.

We are watching it unfold even today, and it is unstoppable. It is the inevitable resurgence of health freedom as a backlash against a century of medical oppression in America at the hands of the FDA and the AMA. No law created by Man can strike down the Natural Law rights and freedoms that are now self-evident: That all people have the right to choose the health modalities they believe can assist them; that we all have the right to buy, sell and consume raw milk; that no law created by Man has any authority over a plant created by God and Mother Nature (such as hemp); that no government can extinguish the natural healing gifts and talents that have been suppressed for so long across the human race.

We the People answer to a higher law than government law. We answer to God, Mother Nature and the very fabric of the universe itself which says that we are all connected, and therefore healing itself must be holistic. The age of compartmentalized, chemical-based "medicine" is fast coming to an end. And beyond it, on the other side, a new golden age of health freedom and natural healing is just waiting to burst forth and enlighten the human race with its compassion, wisdom and advanced healing modalities that will make today's chemical-based "sick care" all but obsolete.

Today's "felons" in North Carolina, you see, are tomorrow's advanced healing practitioners. No wonder the pharma-influenced state medical board is trying desperately to have them all branded as criminals.

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