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Werner Bock: High Tech LASER/MASER Weapons Being Used to Kill Livestock of New Brunswick Farmer
For Refusing to Knuckle Under to Agenda 21 Corporate Farming Takeover

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
June 4, 2012, Update Dec 15, 2017, Latest Update, Oct. 27, 2021

Werner Bock: High Tech LASER/MASER Weapons Being Used to Kill Livestock of New Brunswick Farmer For Refusing to Knuckle Under to Agenda 21 Corporate Farming Takeover (June 4, 2012)

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Important Update from Ken Adachi, Oct 27, 2021
I just discovered from searching on the internet, that Werner Bock (77), one of the most courageous, decent, and caring human beings that I've ever had the good fortune to know and talk with, was murdered by a high tech beam weapon discharged from a passing SUV on Dec, 5, 2019 while he was sitting in the passenger seat of his car (parked in the driveway of his home in New Brunswick, Canada), as his wife stared in horror from the driver's seat. Werner, like the vulnerable & innocent animals on his farm that he was trying so hard to protect from being radiated and killed by MASERS, TASERS and other high-tech, Directed Energy beam weapons for over three decades, had finally succumbed to the toll of Star-Wars-like weaponry being focused on HIM. Werner was a giant in every category of human endeavor and character.  Few people would have demonstrated the guts and fortitude - and the unbending determination - to right the monstrous crimes being committed against him, his animals, and his farmland that he had worked so hard to improve over a span of 45 years. May God Bless Werner Bock for all Eternity. He deserves our prayers and gratitude for defending the rights of animals and farmers to live on their own land in peace and in harmony with Nature, unlike the Canadian Government "Officialdom," who were trying to destroy him at every turn. We should ALL emulate his courage, decency and righteousness. 

Oct 27, 2021 Update,   A shocking Addendum:
While researching for more details of Werner Bock's death, I came upon more information that detailed how Werner had died. The email posted below was written by Werner Bock's wife,  Renate, on the day he died,  Dec. 5 2019. For the time being, I will only post her description of how Werner had died so you know the Truth of what happened to him at the hands of the cowardly, Satanic scum who murdered him. ( I did not know until today that Werner was living with his wife on his farm. I was under the impression that he was not married and living alone..Ken Adach)

[Email Sent on Dec. 5, 2019 by Werner Bock's wife, Renate] 
 Subject: Werner dead

Dear friends,

Early this afternoon Werner and I wanted to go for a drive and when he got into the car,  some brown or gray SUV passed the driveway and shot Werner with directed Energy and he screamed loudly, and I immediately gave him the Nitro Spray, but then he went into seizure convulsions and the air was pressed out of his lungs as always in a Grand Mal Seizure but he did not breathe when it was over. Then another car drove by and suddenly Werner’s face seemed to swell up and it went red and blue and purple and looked like it would explode, but really I think his heart exploded. I did some CPR and blew air into his lungs, at first it did still go in but then no more. At the heart area there seemed to be a bulge. I called 911 while continuing CPR.

    When the ambulance came, they took him into the Van and continued CPR but by that time Werner’s face took on the waxy look of death and I knew he was gone. When the Ambulance worker started CPR he said he felt a bone cracking.???!!

On 29th of November [2019] when we came home from a drive I went immediately to the bathroom and Werner went to the mailbox and two vehicles came by, both grey trucks. They shot him with directed Energy and Werner screamed loudly and I came towards the back door and he screamed for me to pull him inside which I did and he collapsed on the cat food box and leaned against the wall and rolled up his eyes, stopped breathing and died. I gave him COR by pounding on his chest and blowing air into his nostrils and he came back. It was a heart attack. I did not know.

We went to bed. The next day he could not breathe right and the day after it got so bad and all the moaning at night, I went to the Sussex Hospital with him. They told me it was a heart tack. We stayed until 12 midnight and they gave him some drugs and waterpills because his lungs were full of water.

Then they shipped us by ambulance to St. John where Werner was to be operated on.

In St. John they said nothing can be done until tomorrow. At 11 am on Tuesday the doctor came and explained the procedure and it was different than explained by the Sussex hospital and Werner got into a rut about telling his story and they classified him as a nutcase. The nurse asked me if we have running water at home and if he beats me. So Werner says “let’s get out of here” and we took a taxi home.

Now today the satanic creatures finished the job.

I am heartbroken and devastated. Despite our differences we did love each other. In the morning we were peacefully watching a documentary together.

Back to today, in the driveway where the ambulance and police were, the coroner came and I said I want an autopsy. Werner would have wanted that. I also demanded a picture of his heart, but they said it would most likely not be possible. Then the undertaker came and took Werner away. To the Moncton Hospital where they will falsify everything, I am sure, because that is the place where they tried to kill him before.

I am still in shock. Werner will go to heaven, I know that. His suffering ended.

I am writing to you because I want to document the incidence.

It is normal for TIs to get killed sooner or later.

Thank you for your shows, [name redacted for now]. I hope you are OK.

Werner was always passing out a pamphlet posted by Barry Trower, former MI5, who was present at the Microwaving of US diplomats at the Russian Embassy in the 1960s. He is an expert about microwave weapons. Very old now but still sharp.

Here is what the pamphlet loos like. It is too explicit, almost an “how to” manual and I did not want Werner to pass it out. The pamphlet shows clearly what was done to Werner and what frequency was used.

Yahweh Bless,


Agenda 21 Power Clique Attacking Canadian Farmer's Cattle with Directed Energy Weapons While Complicit RCMP/Justice Dept Stonewalls

Werner Bock in 2017 74 year old Werner Bock, who had farmed on rented land in Germany for 10 years, emigrated to New Brunswick, Canada in 1971 and bought his own farm. Local government encouraged immigrant farmers to take over non-productive farm land so it wouldn't return to forested growth. For a while, Werner thought he had landed in paradise. Through hard work, he brought back the soil and started to enjoy a productive organic farming operation. He was a good neighbor and always helped local farmers who needed his assistance in any way. However, he started to have trouble with the local power structure who wanted to tell him what to farm and how to farm. He said he didn't move from Germany to be "bossed around" in the Land of the Free. He preferred the organic way of farming. That's when his problems started (1975).

Werner says that the small, local farmers are being forced off their land in favor of big, commercial farming enterprises who will play ball with the Agenda 21 planners. He told me so many mind numbing things on the phone this morning that it's hard to know where to begin, but the torture, mutilation and killing of his dairy herd using high tech directed energy weapons (MASERS/LASERS Beam weapons) is simply ghastly and bears all the earmarks of satanic psychopaths at work. The local RCMP, veterinarians, and government officials all play the Deaf, Dumb, and Blind routine as soon as they get a phone call at the very moment that Werner is trying to explain his predicament to them. This guy's life reads like a Bourne movie script. There's much I'll add to this story, but for now, you can watch the Youtube videos posted below in which Werner is explaining (with photographs) the horrific abuse (and rapid killing) of young and healthy cows The psychopaths even hit his cat with a directed energy weapon. Fortunately, the cat survived. Naturally, they're trying to beam Werner into an early grave as well, but he's learned how to outfox them to a certain extent. Werner refers to "gassing" in many of these videos. He's referring to one of the high tech weapons used to wound and kill his animals. A beam weapon that Werner believes shoots a high power UV beam that ionizes the air near the mouth and nose of the farm animal and causes a large amount of ozone to be produced which is burning the breathing pathways of the animal. Nitric Oxides are also being formed from the nitrogen in the atmosphere and is causing the production of concentrated hydrogen peroxide in the mucous membranes of the animal, also burning the animals.

Werner has done about 6 internet radio shows to date. I'll try to find the audio and post those interviews on this page (if anyone has a paid subscription to RBN, please let me know. Many of Werner's interviews are with RBN).

There's much more to this story. I'll add more details as time permits.

Ken Adachi

June 14, 2017 Podcast: Werner Bock recent podcast interview with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock sponsored by The Barnes Review (1 hour)

[Ken Adachi Note: This is a good interview. Werner does a great job of reviewing the Big Picture of what's been taking place in Canada and New England since the mid 1970s 's by the hidden hand of the JWO Marxist communists who have steadily and stealthily inserted their sellout whores, complicit freemasons, and fifth columnists into positions of power, authroity, and regulation in local government to enforce their UN (Rothchild/Rockefeller's UN) Agenda 21 policies to systematically destroy and eviscerate independent, self-sustaining organic farmers; right along with the nuclear family unit, and the moral values of Western Christian civilization, to replace it with the dumbed-down, transhuman automaton-inhabited communist Hell Hole that they are creating in America and Canada.]



Werner Bock - Agricultural & Eco-Terrorism in New Brunswick, Canada
Published on Sep 22, 2013

Videos from 2007 - 2014

2007 videos

Recorded Sep 26 2007
at Werner's Property
3345 Rte 890
Petitcodiac, NB, Canada

Werner Bock Video 2007 Part 1

Werner Bock Video 2007 Part 2

Werner Bock Video 2007 Part 3

Werner Bock Video 2007 Part 4

Werner Bock 2007 Part5

2008 videos

Warner Bock Video 2008 Part 1
recorded on July 3 2008

Warner Bock Video 2008 Part 2
Published on Feb 25, 2013

Environmental sabotage:

"Poverty" weed seed being surreptitiously planted in New Brunswick Canada fields and along roadsides to choke out more productive hay fields intended for animal food source.

Uploaded by Jokertattooo on May 30, 2011

Canadian Cattle Rancher Werner Bock Discusses Agricultural/Ecological Terrorism perpetrated by mindless minions of the Military - Industrial complex/Mega Farming Mafia. The collusion of treasonous globalist governmental officials is blatantly obvious demonstrating once again that the systems, agencies and administrations that are supposed to protect us are weaponised against us.
This is another part of the covert global domination & population reduction agenda. If you aren't familiar, read Agenda 21, Article 200 and read any of the many statements made by globalist front men Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brezinski, David Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, etc

November 2012

Werner Bock VideoNov Part 1
Published on Mar 16, 2013

Werner Bock Video Nov Part 2

Werner Bock Video Nov Part 3
Published on Mar 17, 2013

Werner Bock Video Nov Part 4
4 mins, 36 secs, 68 views
March 2013 upload

July 2013 videos

Werner Bock July 2013 Part 1
Published on Aug 2, 2013

Werner Bock July 2013 Part 2

Werner Bock July 2013 Part 3

Werner Bock - Raw Interview - May 10th, 2014
1 hour 9 mins
Published on Jun 1, 2014

LAND GRAB? Arrested Rancher Werner Bock Lived in Mineral-Rich United Nations Biosphere Reserve


Darren Weeks & Nancy Levant
Coalition to Govern America
September 22, 2013

The rancher in Canada, arrested on the charge of neglecting his cattle in 2011, and who has been a long-time caller and guest to many of our patriot radio shows, lived on a United Nations Biosphere Reserve, according to information publicly available on the Internet.

Werner Bock lives in the Petitcodiac area of Monckton, New Brunswick, which was named the Fundy Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO on September 21, 2007. The designation was named after the nearby Bay of Fundy, which separates Nova Scotia from the New Brunswick province of Canada.


Map of the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve, colored in beige.

The Biosphere Reserve has as its mission "conserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable economic development" and to "create a diverse network of partners and stakeholders who will work to assist communities and resource sectors on the upper Bay of Fundy achieve a greater level of sustainability, while preserving the area’s natural heritage," the official website for the Reserve states.

biosphere ecoregion1

Another map of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve, from Parks Canada. Petitcodiac is included in the designation.

In an announcement posted on the official Fundy Biosphere Reserve website on February 23, 2011, they brag:

The region of the New Brunswick side of the Upper Bay of Fundy recently received one of the most significant designations in the world when it was recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This UNESCO designation acknowledges our unique environment and cultural heritage and recognizes this region as a truly special place on this planet. As UNESCO is one of the most credible and respected brands in the world, there are many ways this region can benefit, from an increase in tourism to promoting best practices in sustainability and acting as a living laboratory to showcase how humans and nature can live in harmony.

 Full announcment can be read HERE.

 Indeed, Werner Bock's recent arrest does showcase how harmonious humans will be permitted to live with nature when the full implementation of Agenda 21 is realized. Under Agenda 21, humans are to be forced out of rural and "protected" areas and forced to relocate to heavily-populated urban areas. Werner was no enemy to the environment. He has long been an organic farmer, choosing to use non-modified seeds and raise his cattle in as natural environment as possible.

 Werner lives in the Petitcodiac River Watershed, which is managed by the Petitcodiac Watershed Alliance, who describe themselves as a "non-profit environmental science and education organization that works to enhance and maintain the Petitcodiac and Memramcook Rivers and their tributaries," and that "encourages the community to take part in identifying environmental problems, and follows through with actions to restore and protect the watershed."

 The group issued its Water Management Plan in 2012. (pdf)

 The area is also the site of uranium mining projects, which could serve as  possible explanations for the sickness and death of many of the cattle.


0 Michiganjane 2013-09-29 19:30

Yes, enochered, you are 100% right. With most nations fighting for resources, they lied about protecting nature. They are, in fact, anti-nature, and they are destroying the entire planet.
0 Michiganjane 2013-09-29 19:25
Yes, enochered; you are exactly right on the money. The reserves are also places where they can test for the actual damages caused by transnational corporations (think Monsanto), radioactive fallout, loss of flora and fauna (insects and birds), and geoengineering damages to the planet (soil, snow, water, tree bark, etc.)in private. And they are also removing campgrounds, roads and bridges inside of the reserves.
+2 enochered 2013-09-23 12:35

Down here in France, we are starting to feel the lash of the UNESCO whip. They are far from being one of the most respected brand names in the world around here. There are proposals to drill for Schist Gas in or around many Natural Parks,from where the residents are all ready being forced out. The idea that UNESCO is trying to preserve nature is a farce, they are part of the drive to take control of the earths resources, wherever they may be.

Copyright © 2017. Coalition to Govern America - Govern America with Darren Weeks & Vicky Davis


Subject: Attacking Canadian Farmer's Cattle with Directed Energy Weapons
From: John (Netherlands)
Date: Wed, June 6, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

An even shorter message then otherwise. It's exactly the same here in the Netherlands. Every aspect mentioned. I recently listened to a radio show on wolfspirit.com I believe it was and they mentioned all kinds of physical stress in there bodies and pointed to the ascension of the Earth. Well it is a bunch of satanists that is pointing energy weapons to them and create a long muscle tension that takes your breath and all the other things like bad eye sight etc. etc. Nothing to do with the Earth changes nothing at all. I sad it before and you also described it the Earth is not there to harm us it will be gradual with very litle stress to yourself if you are a good spirit.


The Netherlands

PS There is yet another day with good vibes and little stress in the air. They must have done something with the mobile phone towers/digital TV transmitters to cause these feelings or they just didn't and switched something off.

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